how do i get rid of scabies once and ...

Beaumont, TX

#3775 Jun 25, 2013
well the old timers told me 2 take a bleach bath. I have had them twice last time the bleach cured them n about 5 days ...This case is worse but i'm still usin a bleach bath n it is helping just slower this time.Although i use a 1//2 cup to a full bath and i use antibacterial soap a brush n scrub my skin really good.. They are off my legs n such n now went up to my back so i lay down n tub n soak a good 20 mins at least.These sukkers sure have become resistant to me it seems. I'm gonna get em tho sooner then later..

Beaumont, TX

#3776 Jun 25, 2013
Ken Addams wrote:
@umathr, It might seem nutty to you, but it works! The hydrogen peroxide (H202) reacts with the sulfides in epsom salt (MGSO4),and boric acid (HB303),activating them. The sulfur (in the form of magnesium sulfate, and calcium sulfate) have been used for years to treat scabies. Boric acid, also called hydrogen borate, boracic acid, orthoboric acid and acidum boricum, is a weak acid of boron often used as an antiseptic or insecticide. Together it is a powerful and effective treatment for scabies.
"Do not judge what you don't understand"-John Lennon
That remedy i may just try old timers here told me 2 use bleach water n full tub of bath antibacterial soap n scrub like mad. It has worked b4 but these seem really resistant for some reason..Thanx 4 the info..Bri

Macomb, MI

#3777 Jun 25, 2013
I am an old timer
Use sulfur soap, work it into the skin with a bath brush or wash cloth
let it dry on your skin
do this 2 times a day
start taking worwood its an herb
also take zinc gluconate take 60 to 90 mg a day
wormwood zinc and sulfur soap are cheap
also start using aloe vera gel the organic kind
this worked for me
it does not take long
good luck with your beach baths

Colorado Springs, CO

#3778 Jun 26, 2013
motherof2girlies wrote:
I am in Colorado Springs as well and would like to talk with you and see if we are suffering from the same thing. I have been at it for months and do understand some things about it now but have not been completely cured by anything yet. Please let me know if there is a way to contact you outside of this forum. To everyone else: keep fighting and stay positive. This thing robs you of your quality of life. You have to use everything in you to maintain some normalcy for your family while fighting it every day (moment by monment). God bless.
im in the springs
as well and suffering from " The Itch"
Beto S

Dallas, TX

#3779 Jun 26, 2013
WARNING! not all can do this but if u have skin tough as nails and work out doors this is for you. I am a roofer and its common for me to get a rash but scabies I get it a lot. After creams and home natural remedies didn't work. I wanted to go sit I'm a hot tub but was advised not to. I turned the shower to the hottest it could get and got the shower head and put it to the mOst infected areas of my body arms, hands, groin, and chest. Yes it hurt like heck but I sucked it up and fought the pain. Did every infected area for about ten minutes or more was not keeping time. I stopped half way let my body cool down and I knew that this killed off what I had. But to be safe I did it again for another 20-30 min. After I was done I pattee my self dry and put rubbing alcohol in the infected areas. Felt small stings. After I felt good as new. How I know this works? Because I could not spend more than 5 seconds in tge back of my ears or face, and finding myself itching there and no longer my arms, groins, chest, and hands. Again DO NOT DO THIS TREATMENT ON KIDS! I only recommend this treatment for tough skin adults. If this does not work in you let me know. To recap: shower only in hottest temp you can get or withstand (DO NOT BOIL). Each infected area for at least ten minutes. Take a cool down break. Pat down dry and put rubbing alcohol. Please be careful!

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#3780 Jun 27, 2013
Today I feel so overwhelmed! Cleaning, washing, bagging, and always doing a mountain of laundry.
We have just started this battle-I will be praying for you all. We are on our first round of Permethrin cream, my hubby is also doing bleach baths and also the borax/epsom salts/hydrogen peroxide baths. So much fun-NOT!!!

Our son had this in April-we think he got this from his dorm-as others there had it also. Well when he came home he brought it with him-thanks a lot son ;-) My husband has many bites, so far I only have 2-that I can see.

I believe we may try the ivermectin pills, going to call the Doc today. We have the tea tree oil-maybe we will try the clove oil and maybe the vicks!

This stuff makes you CRAZY..I am a "clean freak" so I am just going nuts right now!!! I am trying to keep this in perspective and count my blessings. I will put my trust in God on this rugged and uncertain path today and not have a pity party-I will work-work-work to get rid of this.

"So my spirit grows faint within me; my heart within me is dismayed. I spread out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land. Answer me quickly, O LORD; my spirit fails. Do not hide your face from me or I will be like those who go down to the pit. Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul." - Psalm 143:4, 6-8

United States

#3781 Jun 27, 2013
steph wrote:
hi, i need people's help... me and my boyfriend have been itching for the last 3-4months... he went to the docs and they brushed it off as bed mites or something so we spent a fortune on stuff for that and nothing happened... we both went and they said we had scabies... they gave us Derbac M. you cover your body in it for 24hours then wash it off and the same again a week later. we did this and we're still scratching... i am not allowed to work until im totally cured and i cant afford to take any more time off work... plus, im covered in scabs and blood is always on the bed covers from itching at night. please somebody help me, coz it is actually driving me mad. and you read about these people who have had it for years and i couldnt cope with it. please help. thank you!!
girl you need to go back to the dr and get the cream again and leave it on 24 hours and you have to wash all your clothes with detergent that has bleach in hot water and your bedding and dry it all on high heat. You also have to go buy some spray that kills scabies or mites and spray your couch or anywhere y'all sit really well and vacuum it. Also go to the pet store and buy some carpet sprinkles that kill mange sprinkle all over your carpet and don't vacume for a few days also do your car the same and never wear the same clothes twice you have to wash them right after you take them off. Also anything you can't wash spay or put in trash bags tie them tight and don't open them for at least a week spray your mattress and buy a cover for it there cheap at Walmart you have to kill all of them or you will keep getting it also buy tea tree shampoo for your hair.

Accra, Ghana

#3782 Jun 27, 2013
nissan wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello, I have battling these little bastrads for 4 years and after trying everything...only just recently found a cure. I almost don't want to share my cure on here because of so many ass wipe trolls on here and I feel as though maybe I should charge for the cure and become a
You sound real and in desperate need of I am willing share my cure with you...all you trolls and non believers just go to hell!
here it is - red onions
send me a message if you interested in how to use them
Hi I am from Ghana and really interested in how red onions are used to cure scabies..please help?

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Mountain View, CA

#3783 Jun 27, 2013
umathr wrote:
<quoted text>This really seems nuts to me. You get the fruit cake of the day award.
I have to say, two months ago, I applied 10% camphor from head to toe and I was going nuts from the crawling, now I know why..if it indeed wakes up the dam mites, I immediately woke up at 3am and took a shower then applied my normal clove/coconut, maybe the vicks from head to toe then jumping in the borax bath is not so nuts, maybe we drop the ball too soon, on somethings we don't have enough knowledge of hmmm? I got the 10% camphor from an Asian market.

Greensboro, NC

#3784 Jun 27, 2013
Just a little FYI for those out there without a doctor and are SELF TREATING scabies (or what you think is Scabies).
Last year I had scabies, confirmed by a clinic, and because I have a weakened immune system due to Thyroid Disease, I catch it often. What I didn't expect that made a HUGE impact was SECONDARY INFECTIONS: with scabies comes scratching and with raw exposed skin, comes all sorts of nasty infections. After my second visit to the clinic when I was SURE there still were bugs in me, we discovered that while the mites were dead, I had STAPH INFECTIONS in different ways and FUNGAL infections too. Cellulitis, Folliculitis, Yeast, and bacteria were found in the area where we killed the mites as well as the leftover dead bugs with bug poop. That is a recipe for discomfort! I had to STOP over-treating with pesticides and start treating with anti-fungal and antibacterial medications. I would have never thought that the bugs were gone and kept on treating them which was making my skin weaker to fend off the Staph and Fungal infections that looked like more Scabies. BEWARE of self treating as you just don't know what can grow on you!
NOw here am again a year later after staying in a cheap motel and contracting Scabies again, with Yeast fungus and all the other cooties. Mostly licated under my breasts and in my butt crack. I am on my 1st Permethrin round, with anti fungal powder accompanying it. Keep your skin DRY as best as possible to combat the fungal cooties! And use Anti Bacterial cream (Neosporian) in the days after a Permethrin round to HEAL YOUR SKIN. DONT think you can solve this alone: get to a clinic and don't be stupid!!!
Saved by Grace

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#3785 Jun 27, 2013
evangelist akins wrote:
I know this might sound crazy;however, Ive worked in a nursing home for 9 years, and I know all about Scabies.To treat them I would run a bath (as you usually would) Take bleach(of any kind)and place about 5-7 caps full in the bath.The bleach is deluted in by the water,so you won't have to worry about it being too strong.Take a bath as you normally do. The bleach may dry your skin and may be a little harsh on your skin;however the itching will cease and the scabies will be gone. Do this a couple of times (at night)
How long should I soak in the water. Can I put my head and face under the water.


#3786 Jul 4, 2013
Please tell me that the bleach really does work? I need to get rid of it I cant work or go to tafe and I hate it.
I live in two places 3days a week with my dad and the rest of the week with my mum which means I have two houses to clean frantically. I just want to cry all the time. Im 18 and im at a fragile part of my life. I need help something I can do that is simple and cheap. My family will not help me keep the house clean becaude none of them have it and they dont have to put up with the itchyness. It keeps me awake at night and wakes me up when I do sleep. I cant deal woth it any longer. This is my cry for help ill do anything that I can do that is possible to do by myself.:/
Dane d

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#3787 Jul 12, 2013
Ask for some pills to resist scratching, that just makes it worse. After you apply the lotion it takes about a day to kill all the bugs on your body but you skin is still reacting so after applying the lotion it will be about a week before you stop the itching

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#3788 Jul 14, 2013
I got it I'm 14 I acksidently gave it to my dad he popped them all an put alkohol on his and they were gone in 1 to 2 days

United States

#3789 Jul 14, 2013
Jeff wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi I am from Ghana and really interested in how red onions are used to cure scabies..please help?
help please

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#3790 Jul 14, 2013
I started a new treatment. My new treatment is to use a hair dryer on my skin. Heat kills scabies and I hope destroys the eggs. So far I think it is working. I have been doing it for a few days now and it seems to work. Just be careful to not burn your self with the hair dryer. I use the hair dryer on my whole body. I also have been putting on coconut oil which should help too. I put it in my hair too since it is a good conditioner.

I hope in a few days these things are done once and for all. I am tired of trying different things and finding they don't work for me to finally completely get rid of them. If this works I promise to let you guys know if they are gone for good.

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#3791 Jul 14, 2013
don't put coconut oil on tell you are done blow drying. Coconut oil is probably flameable.

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#3792 Jul 14, 2013
The great thing about the blow dryer treatment is that you can use the blow dryer on your back which is hard to reach with other methods.

Use on the whole body and hair. I even do my face. Just be careful not to burn your self with the dryer it can get pretty hot. Worth the risk for me. It never really got hot enough for me to worry about it.

Auburn Hills, MI

#3793 Jul 14, 2013
I focus on areas where I itch. If I feel an itch I hit it with the blow dryer and the itch goes way.

Kurnell, Australia

#3794 Jul 16, 2013
Hey i have all these red bumps all ovet and really itch is there a way till i get the loction to stop the itching please help

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