how do i get rid of scabies once and ...

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#3543 Apr 27, 2013
not sonew2this wrote:
Umathr how do you apply the DE to your scalp?
"Healed" how do you use an iron on your head?
Not sure if it's scabies but still have sensations on a partcular are of the front part of my head (not the back part that initially had all the burrows months ago)
ALSO wonder why I still get gunk and little specks coming out of this or that finder from time to time. Wonder if reinfection or lengthy cleaning out process of body.
Will try the Nu-stock sulfur treatment
Aloe gel organic works really well on your face and its harmless to humans its actually good for your skin.

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#3544 Apr 27, 2013
I just put the DE in a grated cheese glass shaker that i got at walmart (just like the kind u use at the pizza place to shake cheese on ur pizza). I shake it into my dry hair at night b4 bed.....i make parts throughout and shake then rub it in, then do the rest of my hair to ensure its saturated w the DE powder. Then i put it in a bun. Takes 2 min total. In the morning I was my hair (occasionally adding a tsp of dry mustard to the shampoo or a bit of borax. The flat iron u can buy next to the curling irons and hairdyers at walmart. They look like a curling iron but are flat. They're to straighten hair. Get the one that gets the hottest. Yes, the Nu-stock is strong so be careful. If you use it all over 1st dilute with a carrier oil to be sure its not too strong for you. You can spot treat full strength tho. I do for the worst areas. Remember, it may cause dermstitis if too strong, which can be confused with the mite problem. May our loving God heal you in Jesus' Name.

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#3545 Apr 28, 2013
Reading these posts makes me very sad. I went through my own personal hell with scabies in 2007. I had it all over, but for some reason it was worst on the tops of my feet (the rash from scratching I mean. I know mites don't burrow there). I had slept with a girl who revealed to me a few days later that she had scabies. A couple weeks after that, the itching began and I went through 6 months of denial (in the back of my mind I knew). Once all my roommates were infected, then after I moved out, my parents, I knew I had it. I remember during that time coming to this website and reading horror stories about how people just couldn't get rid of them. Nothing worked they said. I see people here resorting to all sorts of craziness, like ironing their skin or taking bleach baths.

When I finally went to a doctor, I was prescribed Permethrin, and was skeptical because I had heard on here that it did not work. But after applying the cream (as did my parents) and washing every piece of linen we could possibly wash, we started noticing a significant decrease in itching and about a month and a half later we were totally cured. I still itch when I think about scabies.

What I'm trying to say here is, sometimes the best and most effective remedy is the most obvious one. I'm not sure why Permethrin doesn't work for some people. But please, don't just read the horror stories on here and take them as truth. Go see a doc if you haven't yet and ask to try Permethrin because we had immediate success with it.

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#3546 Apr 28, 2013
HappySun wrote:
<quoted text>Had for 3mos and now are down to 1-2spots.
We found one product helped the itch and the eruptions under control-from the site the liquid 8 drops you put it in a bath for 20-30min, then you can put it on full strength for spot treatments. They also have a cream but it is very strong w/sulfer 10% but very helpful. We also make our own brews used in shower turn water off cover entire body head to toe leave on 5-10min or more babyshampoo no tears about just over a half cup add 4-8 drops neem oil (health food store about $8), TeaTreeOil4-6drops 100%(health food store about $8-10 they say you can get it at Walmart for $4-5), LavenderOil100% double to triple drops of neem, stir well put on entire body to every crack work into and under nails(important)finger & toes. We also painted ourselves between sulfer treatments when skin was too burned with a home made wash of essentially the same additives as w/the baby shampoo only replacing it with water and applying it to the body with a hair paint brush, another was replace the shampoo w/cocoa butter shea(suave body lotion)w/5-8-10% Flowers of sulpher(from compounding pharmacy $8) to help your skin between sulfer treatments wo the sulfur. Best help was limit the space you use in your hse, use air matress and hard surface areas avoid carpets. Use borax in laundry and sprinkle dry everywhere. Get vinyl pillow covers-put pillow in dryer on high for 30min ev day. Another home remedy we actualy picked up from a man treating his dog w/the mange which is a sarcoptic mite also. USe nitril gloves for laundry and treating one another wo fail. This is contagious if you don't treat it as contagious you will prolong the infestation. We learned the hard way not understanding what this mite is capable of surviving. Check the forum and pick & choose what fits BEST your situation. Best of luck to you in your battle w/the pesty mites.
This is actually very good. Things that you need to know:
the total cycle of the mite is 21 days. so if you bag anything up, dont' touch it for ATLEAST that.

There are different types of scabies. Depending on your situation will depend on how much you have to do. Encrusted scabies requires the most attention as it has hundreds or thousands of mite. the more mites you have, the harder it will be to get rid of. More mites, more eggs. More cleaning. Heat treat on hottest setting everything everyday in the dryer for 30m to 1hour. ie, bedding, clothing, towels, dish towels. Everything you touch.

Tea tree oil is more effective than permethrin(which is considered the most effective treatment in medical profesion.

Neem oil is A NATURAL insect repellent and insecticide, antispeptic, parasiticide, pediculocide.

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#3547 Apr 28, 2013
<quoted text>
Everyone follow these steps!!! I was cured overnight!!!
Thank you Jenny!! These steps worked great for me too and I was also cured overnight!!

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#3548 Apr 28, 2013
Itching will still last awhile after treatment. Be sure to wash everything. You can buy other creams ect to help ease itching. If all fails reuse medicine given by doctor. But like i said, itching will still be there after the mites die.

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#3549 Apr 28, 2013
ive had scabies for about 2 years now

i seem to have a mild case, maybe because i am young and relatively healthy so they dont get out of hand

i cant get rid of them though, ive tried permethrin cream and also tea tree oil baths

can anyone recommend any other remedies that are safe to try?

i live in canada and we can't get ivermectin here

Ottawa, Canada

#3550 Apr 28, 2013
oh also ive tried dermisil which did nothing but make me smell like sulfur

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#3551 Apr 28, 2013
Ok all, me and my 3 girls went through a scabies outbreak about 6 months ago. Fortunately we caught it right off the bat and I was able to get rid of it within 2-3 weeks. It was so emotionally depressing and really impacts your life so I would like to share with you how I was able to get rid of it. First of all, go to the doctor and get your permethrin. I am a firm believer in natural products and hated putting the poison on my small children as well as myself, but ANYTHING to get rid of those things. Take a SHOWER before you put the permethrin on. The shower is where it all starts. I first washed myself with flea and tick shampoo, yes, dog shampoo. And I scrubbed myself raw to make sure the permethrin in the dog shampoo (which is a very low dose) penetrated my pores. Secondly, BLEACH. Put bleach on a rag and scrub everywhere except your privates. Even a diluted form of it in your hair and scrub your scalp. Head and shoulders is a good shampoo to use with scabies. When you're finished, get out of the tub, dry yourself off and immediately spray the shower and shower curtains, sink, floor, ANYTHING YOU TOUCHED with a diluted bleach liquid. Immediately put that towel and your clothes in the washing machine. Wash all garments, bed sheets, everything in boiling hot water. If you have things you cannot wash or dry, pour boiling water ontop of them and sun dry or iron. After you've finished your shower and have put your soiled garments into the washer, cover your body in the permethrin, careful of your eyes and lips. The permethrin will kill the live scabies currently living on your body but it will not protect you from scabies that will invade your body later nor will it kill the eggs that are already on you that will hatch. YOU HAVE TO REPEAT THIS PROCESS DAILY UNTIL THEY ARE GONE. I went and bought peppermint oil, clove oil, and tea tree oil and made a mixture of all of these and water. There isn't a perfect solution so just mix a generous amount. I put about fifteen drops of each in a spray bottle and filled the rest with water and sprayed everything, EVERYTHING, even myself. I will warn you, this solution does burn your skin. And repeating the bleach, dog shampoo and the essential oils everyday did dry my skin out but I worried about that after the scabies were gone. Iron your bed sheets, pillowcases and clothes for everyone in your home. Make sure you do this before you wear anything and I went as far as ironing my bed sheets and pillow cases every single day. Steam clean your upholstery everyday. I didn't have a steam cleaner so I used the steamer on my iron for my couches, pillows and comforters. Realize it is not easy to do this everyday. I was exhausted but if you want them gone YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Bleach your sinks, bleach your floors, countertops and tub everyday. Use germex throughout the day all day long. Vacuum every room twice a day and do not allow your children to share anything with anyone. Spray the bleach solution on your matress and steam your matress with an upholstry steamer or the steamer on your iron as well. I can't stress enough how much the ironing, steaming, bleaching and the use of the essential oils really helped in ridding us of these things. I think the eggs incubate for three days before they hatch so if your putting the permethrin on our body for at least a week and doing all of the rest these steps to ensure you don't spread any, kill as many as you can and don't leave any behind, the permethrin should kill all the ones hatched on your body. Lastly, after I was sooo exhausted I thought I couldn't take it anymore, my husband (who oddly never got them throughout the whole process) put his hands on me and prayed that they would go away, and after all of that, I accomplished what seemed to be the impossible.

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#3552 Apr 29, 2013
here is my very unprofessional recomendation for getting rid of scabies. This is only if the tradtional medical route fails you as it failed me

I1. Invertrin horse paste depending on how bad your symptons are try a little bit every day for a week and then phase off.(go to tractor supply or order online make sure nothing but in invertin is in it.)

2. Buy 20 mule team Borax from the store and put it in the wash.

3. Wash all your clothes constantly and change your sheets and blankets as much as possible. Maybe wash and store some of your clothes elsewhere so you can be sure to keep them clean.

4. vaccum and clean other surfaces

5. Buy a bed bug protector for your matress, and pillows so you can be sure the mites cant hide there.

6. Use lotion and neosporin on skin

7. Take skin immune supplements

8.If you are worried about infecting someone else(like someone you shared your bed with), try making up a fake email and warning them, or if you see them a lot watch them for symptoms(thats what i did with my roomate)
YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR REPUTATION RUINED BECAUSE OF THIS. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG TO GET SCABIES AND SHOULDNT HAVE TO SUFFER ONCE YOU ARE CURED. Guilt and fear of spreading them was one of the worst parts about having it and step 8 helped me.

9. Above all else be concious that the mites will casue you paranoia and maybe depression but remember ABOVE ALL ELSE THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANYONE WHO HAS SCABIES THERE WHOLE LIFE YOU WILL BE CURED

10. Remember stay strong you will get through this

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#3553 Apr 29, 2013
Thank you cba. Need encouragment.....very depressing situation. Mine has returned with a vengeance. The manuka seems to no longer be working. Are u completely cured now?

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#3554 Apr 29, 2013
healed wrote:
Thank you cba. Need encouragment.....very depressing situation. Mine has returned with a vengeance. The manuka seems to no longer be working. Are u completely cured now?
Have you tired perm? What are your symptoms? How long were you itch free till you thought you were cured? This crap is very depressing keep fighting you will win

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#3555 Apr 29, 2013
I don't have the all over itchy-crawlies I think bc I keep a topical on at all times (manuka or clove oil or sulfur). But I am covered from neck to ankles with bites that are now small sores from scratching. The bites are in rows or shapes-- some "c"s, some circles, some horseshoes, etc. I had no bites for about 2 wks (ab a month ago) and thought the manuka cured me. Maybe the star anise was what helped. I don't know. I've had this 5 months now and can't hug my little child. But I'm workin on building my faith in God.

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#3556 Apr 29, 2013
The derm thought it was der matitis. Haven't used permeth for that reason and bc would be afraid to w so many open sores. A decade ago had this (or some mite) and tried permeth many times w no effect. What cured that time was 10% sulfer and iver for a couple months. That didn't work this time.
not sonew2this

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#3557 Apr 29, 2013
healed wrote:
The derm thought it was der matitis. Haven't used permeth for that reason and bc would be afraid to w so many open sores. A decade ago had this (or some mite) and tried permeth many times w no effect. What cured that time was 10% sulfer and iver for a couple months. That didn't work this time.
is there something in your house or car that might be reinfecting/infesting you?

I think it's time to use the permethrin.:) If you are scratching alot, take some benydryl. Am not sure the open sores will get inflamed by the permethrin --maybe a tiny dab of petroleum jelly could help there, just a thought. Let's see what works best. God bless you too.

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#3558 Apr 29, 2013
If the dr won't precsribe I don't know. I have 1% permeth nix wash from over the counter but havent used it yet...figured that would be too weak and just might strengthen them. Had such a terrible reaction to the permeth a decade ago...madr them worse and seemed to effect my nervous system, gave my skin red and brown "beauty" marks that never went away. Also, i really am covered suddenly with open sores. Suddenly, today, feelin better n hopin the clove or manuka maybe did help that I kept on past few days...if the sores heal a bit I may try it. Used so much iver. Kind of concerned ab my liver/ kidneys. Also, 5 months of constant clove/ sulfur can't be good for them either. Is there a store where I could get 5% permeth wo a script?

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#3559 Apr 29, 2013
By the 1st suddenly i meant in the last week and a half! The second suddenly was today.

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#3560 Apr 29, 2013
not sonew2this wrote:
<quoted text>
is there something in your house or car that might be reinfecting/infesting you?
I think it's time to use the permethrin.:) If you are scratching alot, take some benydryl. Am not sure the open sores will get inflamed by the permethrin --maybe a tiny dab of petroleum jelly could help there, just a thought. Let's see what works best. God bless you too.
healed i agree with not so newtothis. Your prob should try perm. The longer you have it the worse off you will be. I know how much you miss you baby I miss my little one so much. I see her and all I want to do is hug and kiss her, but I don't.

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#3561 Apr 29, 2013
My cleaning regimen is insanely meticulous (i posted it above about a month ago). So i think its just me. No one else in the house has it. Same as last time.

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#3562 Apr 29, 2013
If your in the US you need a script. If you know someone who lives in Central or South America they could mail it to you. It's only $10.00. I used the perm on my sores and it healed up nicely. I would just recommend, taking Epsom salt baths after you use the perm it will help heal your skin. You should try it even before you do the perm.

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