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#3452 Apr 12, 2013
to "healed"Also, the DE doesn't absorb into the skin like oil and creams rubs right off. Has it completely cured you?"

Hi - sorry for not replying sooner, I am no longer getting notifications in my email. Anyway, YES, I believe I am cured and am so grateful to God! However, I do have fear that they are not really gone so I pray out loud every day "I sought the Lord and He heard my cry and delivered me from all my fears." Ps 34 And now the fear is going away too!

When I put the DE in my bed, it stays put because it is between top sheet and bottom sheet. I don't put it on my pillow. I wake up with a coating of powder. I rub more into trouble spots - for me it was my shoulders - it stays on all day! When I get undressed at night, I can still see it. Maybe you were not rubbing it in?

Anyway, I hope this works for other people because it is so easy. I'm going to continue to put it in my sheets for awhile because it gives me peace of mind.

Blessings to all as you fight this battle.

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#3453 Apr 12, 2013
Praise God! I'm so happy for you schemedream! God healed you I bet because of your faith...and with an inexpensive remedy! No, I wasn't rubbing it in. Are your lungs ok? Do u have any cough?

Umathr: I was nor talking about manuka honey but manuka oil. Very different products for different purposes. Are you cured yet?

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

#3454 Apr 13, 2013
healed wrote:
Sorry manuka natural! I appreciate you because your product is great and works and helped me so much BUT I wasted my 1st packet by following your directions to only use 2 nights then wait 7-10 days etc...n also wasted it by following your directions to use the oil only on rashes and cream (much weaker...mostly tea tree), on rest of body. For me, that made them run to the cream area and infest. And the packet was expensive. I learned on my own that covering whole body with the oil, day and night, for days, worked GREAT with no side effects, burning, stinging, poisoning, etc etc. So great product but only the manuka oil in the packet was effective for me and it had to be used more.
where you ordered Manuka?

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#3455 Apr 13, 2013
From the website:
It works! Kills the mites and heals your skin, but it takes a while...maybe 5 days using the oil all over twice a day after each shower. But then use it longer if you can for any unhatched eggs. Don't buy the kit...too expensive and has extra things in it that don't kill it. Just buy the 50 ml. bottle that is 10% manuka and 5% tea tree (rest is almond oil). Buy more than one ($30 each!). That worked for me...using 5 bottles. But I know that is expensive ($150). But no more than a worthless doctor visit, plus it works...OR you can get it much cheaper by ordering the 10 ml. pure 100% east cape manuka oil on amazon for $18 each and add your own carrier oil and tea tree if you like.
As to umathr's oil comment, your right that few oils work at all. There are 4 that I believe do, though: manuka, clove, star anise and anise (the regular anise). The problem is that clove will burn u terribly if you don't mix it right. Lilacs explained it finally...25% clove to 75% carrier. I would think maybe 25% clove to 25% anise to 50% carrier would be good, also, since anise doesn't burn like clove. Anise burns if u dilute...only do it a little or its not effective. Manuka is mild and great for our skin but deadly to mites...perfect! But it did not work overnight. Took a few days for me to see a difference, then a few more days to be FREE!!!

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#3456 Apr 13, 2013
Oh, and you can get clove bud oil ($6-7) and often, anise or star anise oil ($11) at your local health food store and/ or whole foods,etc. Manuka, too, occasionally (not near me). I always use grapeseed oil($4) as my carrier but any will d.o

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#3457 Apr 13, 2013
My opinion is that manuka, tho a bit more expensive, will cure you in a week or 2. The other effective, cheaper oils I mentioned would probably take several weeks or more.

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#3458 Apr 13, 2013
Lilacs, how long did the clove mixture take you to completely cure? Thanks for telling how to mix it. I always used clove undiluted with a qtip to spot treat and kill those mites and eggs.

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#3459 Apr 13, 2013
For anyone new who hasn't read my previous couple weeks' posts, I also ate horsepaste $7, from the local farmfeed store double dose for my weight every 4th day. But I'm not saying do this as who knows what it did to my liver, thyroid, pancreas, nerves etc. Also, I had used it with no effect for months at regular dosage. It is bad for your immune system too, so a balancing act, which is why i only did every 4th day.

New York, NY

#3460 Apr 14, 2013
healed wrote:
For anyone new who hasn't read my previous couple weeks' posts, I also ate horsepaste $7, from the local farmfeed store double dose for my weight every 4th day. But I'm not saying do this as who knows what it did to my liver, thyroid, pancreas, nerves etc. Also, I had used it with no effect for months at regular dosage. It is bad for your immune system too, so a balancing act, which is why i only did every 4th day.
Yes unfortunately we have to be guinea pigs in this situation esp those of us with difficult cases/resistant and/or non-scabies mites. Wish there was more data/studies. Regarding oils I did see studies that indicated that tea tree is effective in killing mites, though so far I think I find sulfur more effective-- when left on for long periods-- sulfur is harder to put in hair however, it does not flow.

My latest outbreak a week ago -- took horsepaste again and treated skin and so far results are good. Was finding scrubbing with rough dish washing pads (NOT steel wool! the green color ones from the 99 cent store) helps considerably-- don't just put on cream with some deep rubbing. From sensations (and evidence) I think I had some mites hiding out in my knee areas for a while now I hope they are gone. I also tried to really, really treat my privates, which may have been needed but resulted in a bit of a rash on upper thighs. This happened once before. I wish we had some scientists here where there are no doctors! Still for me I feel this is going in the right direction and I hope close to done. Bought some sulfur powder (cheap) to see if a stronger concentration might finally do the trick and also to put on scalp. Any risk there?

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#3461 Apr 14, 2013
So sorry u are going through this. Sulfer is usually considered safe and effective. Too much may burn your skin some. 10% is standard. You could try a bit more and see how you react. A decade ago I got some kind of wicked mite through a relative who visited. That time, also, none of the drs remedies helped at all (2 iver tablets, permethrin, lindane). But what did work was 10% sulfer ointment all the time plus regular dose horsepaste once every 4 days for a couple months. This time around I have a different strain (from volunteering with homeless). I used sulfer constantly for months with the regular dose horsepaste and it didn't help much. But the manuka helped. Nothing else did very much. May God, our Creator and Healer have mercy on you all and heal you all, in Jesus' Name, by whose wounds we are healed.

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#3462 Apr 14, 2013
my kids have scabies and idk wat to do helpp....

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#3463 Apr 14, 2013
Read the last few pages of posts Jackie! You will need to was their clothes and bedding in hot water and dry on high heat til bone dry. Wash them with sulfer soap (mexican aisle or online), you can try sulfer ointment 10% from walgreens (some walmarts), or u can try a doctor, tho they didnt help my strain. The best is manuka oil....see my above posts...but it will take a week or so to get to you and is very effective but pricey.

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#3464 Apr 14, 2013
By "them" I meant ur kids...not the clothes. Use laundry detergent n borax for clothes. It might be a good idea to encase their matresses with plastic covers

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#3465 Apr 14, 2013
Jackie, the manuka oil and the sulfer treatments are safe for kids over 2. But do not use the ivermectin or other oils on them. Too strong! You could only use the other oils if u diluted them enough...and u would have to ask an expert about maybe someone who works at your local health food store who sells the oils.

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#3466 Apr 14, 2013
Kids are much easier to cure. Get urself some latex gloves to protect yourself.

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#3467 Apr 15, 2013
Jackie thr sulfer ointment can actually even be used for younger children safely I've read. But don't ever get it near eyes. You can easily get it. It comes in a 2.6 oz jar. $4. A white jar with a yellow label. It says Sulfur ointment 10%. It's made by De La Cruz. It says acne medication but it's usually effective for this problem. You can buy it at some walmarts or walgreen's in the mexican health and beauty aids aisle. A few grocery stores carry it if they have a mexican aisle. Mexican grocery stores carry it, as well as the sulfer soap. Or you can go to the de la cruz website and buy it online.

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#3468 Apr 15, 2013
Jackie, kids have stronger immune systems (as well as angels who see The Father's face often) and they usually heal very quickly. Don't panic. Get a box of latex gloves and change often esp while washing their things and touching them.

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#3469 Apr 15, 2013
This article is great! It gives very easy to follow step by step instructions!:)

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#3470 Apr 15, 2013
Thankyou. Unfortunately, there are certain strains that are resistent to permethrin. Most of us have tried it many times.

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#3471 Apr 16, 2013
evangelist akins wrote:
I know this might sound crazy;however, Ive worked in a nursing home for 9 years, and I know all about Scabies.To treat them I would run a bath (as you usually would) Take bleach(of any kind)and place about 5-7 caps full in the bath.The bleach is deluted in by the water,so you won't have to worry about it being too strong.Take a bath as you normally do. The bleach may dry your skin and may be a little harsh on your skin;however the itching will cease and the scabies will be gone. Do this a couple of times (at night)

For how long should I do it? 1 week, 2, 3, 4

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