how do i get rid of scabies once and ...

New York, NY

#3373 Mar 25, 2013
any of you with long term cases (esp those with infested scalp) find that they stay in your hands the longest? It's so much less than before but tea tree and other oils are still bringing out the little black dots

which say hi to your dots. Can you hear them laughing? AARGH

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#3374 Mar 26, 2013
steph wrote:
hi, i need people's help... me and my boyfriend have been itching for the last 3-4months... he went to the docs and they brushed it off as bed mites or something so we spent a fortune on stuff for that and nothing happened... we both went and they said we had scabies... they gave us Derbac M. you cover your body in it for 24hours then wash it off and the same again a week later. we did this and we're still scratching... i am not allowed to work until im totally cured and i cant afford to take any more time off work... plus, im covered in scabs and blood is always on the bed covers from itching at night. please somebody help me, coz it is actually driving me mad. and you read about these people who have had it for years and i couldnt cope with it. please help. thank you!!
After permethrin and oils etc failed I used a Tria home laser for hair removal and it got rid of them in 3 days on entire family. My 17 month old had it over her entire body. After 3 days she only has a few bumps left.

Canoga Park, CA

#3375 Mar 26, 2013
Thank you very much, will , guys so hartz ultraground plus foaming flea and tick shampoo helps get rid and cure scabies...

Canoga Park, CA

#3376 Mar 26, 2013
Thanks willy, guys

Auckland, New Zealand

#3378 Mar 28, 2013
Hi guys I recently had scabies
For about 6-7 weeks. It was horrible 2am scratching like a maniac
Jumping in the bath. Worst thing was my kids picked it up off of me too (arrrrrrgh).
I traced it back to an overseas trip. Anyway we went away on holiday to rid the home, I tried everything except for ivermectin. All the natural stuff, permethrin which decreased it but these always came back. I was so stressed and scared that I would pass them on! I bathed in every thing from essential oils to bleach etc.
I'll tell you what helped me and my family
1) there's something called east cape manuka oil, a company in NZ sell. There was definitely a correlation between when I used that and when the scabies started to go.
They have an oil that I applied to the affected areas.
2) they also have a soap, so what I did was I would shower and wash with it, but after the shower with a tiny bit of water I would lather my body with the soap and let it dry on my skin. Then I would sleep. I was that desperate that I did this every time I showered, I stopped bathing, and i today I have no scabies. This took about a week.
3) because the manuka oil mix is expensive I made up my own, with sweet almond oil as the base about 7% manuka, 7% penny royal, and 5% clove oil. So I had two oils. I had one in the car and one at home, whenever I felt an itch I would simply apply (pennyroyal, and clove are supposed to kill insects, and east cape manuka is very strong too).
Perhaps I could have just soap lathered in sulphur soap? Probably would I have done the trick to, I just figured that you are making your skin taste yucky and the environment uncomfortable for the little suckers guess what! Their Gone, I tried everything 5x perm. And heaps of different suggestions, I prayed asked God, felt lead to the treatment that I'm sharing and am now free. So I pray you will experience the freedom too! I use to read these forums with sceptism but now as I type, I hope you really are free too like me. Blessings kliff

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#3380 Mar 29, 2013
Thank You, LORD. Also thank you Aha and Bitchinmaui and Progress who posted. Got this tormenting illness volunteering with the homeless. Had it 4 months. Tried everything. Finally did what above posters suggested. Got star anise oil from health food store. Used it undiluted on torso and thighs (my worst areas), and diluted with grapeseed oil on rest. DE in hair at night...rubbed into scalp...wear mask when applying so u don't breathe it). At same time I ordered manuka scabies packet from Manukanatural (New Zealand). Expensive. Used it alternate nights from anise oil. I stayed treated day and night. Because I used both that week not sure which was the cure....just doin the usual throwing kitchen sink at it. Also, I was taking double dose for weight horse paste iver. Every 4 days for a month. Had used normal dose for previous 3 months to no avail. Of course, washed clothes and bedding daily on hot with borax and ammonia, wiped down plastic encased mattress with windex daily, vacuumed and mopped daily. Sprayed car seat, floor, seatbelt with ammonia or windex weekly and sat on trash bags on car seat, couch etc. Be healed all, in Jesus' Name...this day, Good Friday. Praise God!!

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#3381 Mar 29, 2013
Oh, almost forgot...dried all on high heat dryer for 2 hrs at least after washer. And kept shoes, keys, purse in freezer. Prayed day and night. Listened to healing scripture cd's and praise and worship music that I finally sang along with...big difference!

United States

#3382 Mar 29, 2013
Forgot something else...kept DE on hands and in latex gloves always when at home and changed them often. Before the above cure I had been treating with sulfer soap and ointment 24/7 practically, for months, plus reg dose ivermectin horse paste, and spot treating with clove bud controlled but didn't cure!

New Market, MD

#3383 Mar 29, 2013
I have been using sulfur soap and aloe vera gel. I have been doing this for about well anyway for over a month, but not much more than a month, this is not expensive. I have also been taking food grade diatomaceous soil once a day. It is working I am not totally cured I know that, but I am getting there. I take about one teaspoon of diatomaceous soil a day. The aloe gel which costs about 10 dollars for 32 ounces really works the scabies hate it and with the sulfur soap seems to be a cure. I got my sulfur soap from inexpensive. So good luck to all.

New Market, MD

#3384 Mar 29, 2013
new2this wrote:
Be v careful not to wear stuff that you bagged months ago, without properly washing it. I made that mistake thinking that eggs or larvae would surely be gone and in consequence now am taking ivermectin again.
I still have three little amber spots (nodules?) on my testicles after all this time (I know, TMI) and wonder if they could be the source of anything remaining and what to do -- besides putting meds & creams on them. Sigh.
Please folks, we all have to read posts with a grain of salt (sea salt and otherwise) but so much bickering! Sounds like the scabies talking :(
I think that the scabies only lay there eggs under your skin and that is the only place.

Beverly, MA

#3385 Mar 30, 2013
healed wrote:
Forgot something else...kept DE on hands and in latex gloves always when at home and changed them often. Before the above cure I had been treating with sulfer soap and ointment 24/7 practically, for months, plus reg dose ivermectin horse paste, and spot treating with clove bud controlled but didn't cure!
Hi - healed - so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your tips. I have been fighting this battle for 8 months, though have been 90% cured for about 5 of those months. I think that the last part was the DE in my hair, as you mentioned, because for a long time the only place I would see bites would be my shoulders, back and arms.

Possibly we are making this too hard. I read that people who have chickens just dust them with DE from head to toe, as well as their coops. They almost never have to even do it twice to get rid of mites. If it works for chickens, why not us?

So - I sleep with DE on my sheets, both top and bottom every night, about 1/3 cup. I only change sheets once a week. In the morning, I powder myself with more DE before I get dressed. How easy is this? You should see the bites drying up right away. Here is a quote from a bug expert as to how DE works:

"The DE absorbs oils, waxy layer of insect cuticle that gives rise to dehydration. It can absorb up to 6 times its volume in fluids. It is slightly abrasive and used in toothpaste. It does not slice and dice insects as so many websites explain about how it kills bed bugs."

Please get FOOD GRADE DE - I had to order mine on amazon, a 5 lb bag. It is cheap.

Also, I found that a dehumidifier running 24/7 for a few weeks did a way better job than the constant crazy cleaning. Mites need moisture to survive. It makes sense.

Finally - your computer! I put my laptop in a sealed bag every night with moth balls. This is important as otherwise they will hide in the keyboard and re-infest your hands.

If this helps even one person to regain sanity then I am thrilled. I pray for the posters in this forum.

Blessings on you.

Tupelo, MS

#3386 Mar 30, 2013
FRED wrote:
<quoted text>
Langoliers is so clever to come up with "lunatic fred" there have been some really stupid people on this forum , it's a toss up who's dumber langoliers or faerie with boogers, they probably have an i.q. of 100 between them. Most posts they make just attack me and they don't have anything to offer but really stupid and dangerous suggestions. Thaey are so dumb they don't even understand just how incredibly stupid they are.
has anyone ever gotten rid of scabies i am dying

Tupelo, MS

#3387 Mar 30, 2013
i need help please help me
Scabies BE GONE

Mooresville, NC

#3388 Mar 30, 2013
My cure for getting rid of scabies:

Coal tar soap or lye soap for showers/baths
Add tea tree oil to shampoo
Clove oil to laundry
Safe solutions Diatomaceous Earth -to clean house(food grade quality) put this on ever bit of fabric that can't be washed (bed, sofa, carpet, chairs)
Tea trea oil for all itches, put this on after every bath/shower
RID lice shampoo
Neem oil diluted - rub on entire infected area daily
Scrub with a Hot washcloth, then rub hydrogen peroxide on infected area: if they turn white and pussy it's most likely scabies

Did this for 2 weeks and scabies was gone, itches and all.
Make sure to wear long sleeves, long pants and socks until you rid yourself of scabies... So not to pass it to anyone else.

I did get hives right after I rid myself of scabies, my dermatologist said something I was applying to my skin I'm allergic to. So test out everything you put on your skin in a small area first.

Oxford, GA

#3389 Apr 1, 2013
Can u do this with small kids???? I have 3 all under the age of 6. Something has got to give........

Thomaston, GA

#3390 Apr 1, 2013
Clove Oil is the only thing that got them for me. I put It on for 20 days straight. I mixed it with coconut oil and put it all over my body. I started noticing a difference about 4 to 5 days into it. Also it has a slight burning sensation but it will go away. Don't get it in your eyes and be careful around the genitals. I tried all the creams and pills from the doctor and clove oil was the stuff that worked. I had scabies for 6 months until use.

New York, NY

#3391 Apr 1, 2013
"I tried all the creams and pills from the doctor and clove oil was the stuff that worked. I had scabies for 6 months until use."

What percentage clove oil did you use?
My guess is that clove and tea tree and some other smilar oils are more or less equal and that an additional ingrediant is sher determination.
Another guess is that cocnut oil is very fine and sinks more deeply into skin layers than some oils.
I wonder if anyone has found that hot sun is also helpful? I'm getting close to the finish line, God willing, but warm weather is coming. Can we get some good vitamin laden sunlight and bring our skin temperature up to 125 and bake the critters crunchy as raisins in a muffin? Of course rehydrating ourselves at some point...
Scabies BE GONE

Mooresville, NC

#3392 Apr 2, 2013
cba wrote:
Can u do this with small kids???? I have 3 all under the age of 6. Something has got to give........
I have a 16mo old DD, and I did this treatment on myself only.

I never passed scabies to my husband/DD. they both did the permythin treatment, from neck to toes for 12hrs, than washed off. If I thought I saw a suspicious bump on my DD I would put a little tea tree oil on her, just as a precautionary.

Hope it works out for you

United States

#3393 Apr 2, 2013
To cba above n all with not use my method posted just a few posts above!! It is possibly too harsh even for many adults. Use the manuka treatment for the children...very effective yet very mild! These things r resistant to ALL KINDS of harsh things that we've nearly killed ourselves using! But they just haven't built up a resistence yet to the very mild manuka oil, and possibly the star anise oil. Thank GOD. But the anise oil, unless properly diluted, would be way too strong for children. May God bless and heal u all

United States

#3394 Apr 2, 2013
Just to confirm, I did get cured using the manuka scabies packet from (2 packets) and using undiluted star anise oil in between on worst areas...because the star anise oil is strong. Manuka is great for children, but the anise, unless properly diluted, would be way too strong. The manuka seems small, expensive, n weak, but stick with works. I'm glad my husband made me stick with it when I thought it seemed too mild to be effective. They just haven't formed a resistence to it...simple

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