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cbus ohio

Columbus, OH

#1 Oct 23, 2007
I know this is listed some place on these forums. However, many of these pages have an extremem amount of posts and I'm not sure which thread I read it on.

How much borax are you all mixing in your baths? How often are you bathing in borax? Currently I'm mixing Borax with Epsom Salt as well as some botanical oils my parents make. Anyone?

Bullard, TX

#2 Oct 23, 2007
cbus ohio wrote:
I know this is listed some place on these forums. However, many of these pages have an extremem amount of posts and I'm not sure which thread I read it on.
How much borax are you all mixing in your baths? How often are you bathing in borax? Currently I'm mixing Borax with Epsom Salt as well as some botanical oils my parents make. Anyone?
I usually put 1 cup of borax and 1 cup of epsom salt in the bath. Try to keep most of your body submerged under the water for at least an hour.

United States

#3 Oct 23, 2007
A cured person said 1/3 box in the bath. I used at least 3 cups in a mop bucket just to soak my feet. I didn't get anywhere with epsom salts, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work for others.

I'm usually against baths because that's how a lot of us ended up with mites above the water line - face, scalp, whatever is out of the water. I used a thick coating of vasaline at the water line, or a sulfur vasaline mix. Beware of them crawling to your face and scalp. I guess maybe the oil in the tub might help with that, as some posters suggest.

Orlando, FL

#4 Oct 23, 2007
I think its a good idea to put a ring of vaseline around as a barrier so that they dont get into your hair. Someone posted that idea, and i wished I had used it. I didnt have a problem in my hair until I was taking lots of baths, I think they take cover up there - I have long hair so its been a burdon
FrancesFinallyCu red

Corpus Christi, TX

#5 Nov 6, 2007
good lord i remember at times dumping the whole darn box of borax in the bath water along with other things.lemon juice, salt, bleach, tea tree oil, permethrin itself, full bottles of alcohol & hydrogen peroxide, you name it--it went in.i had these creative cocktails i would create in hopes, lol.
FrancesFinallyCu red

Corpus Christi, TX

#6 Nov 6, 2007
oh and forgot about the vinegar, added that to the mix sometimes too.good grief, i am telling you.

Orlando, FL

#7 Dec 5, 2007
This is really a question about laundry.

My daughters teachers have been complaning about the smell of her clothes. They know about the Scabies problem, and so now they probably think we are gross and grubby or something (we know thats just ignorance)

The problem is her clothes smell like borax. They keep bagging her sweaters and sending them home saying they smell funny. I feel embarassed and was wondering if anyone has a tip about how to put a more pleasant smell in the laundry

p.s. I use tide with bleach and the borax, plus previously I was putting BB in the wash and I think that permanantly put a smell into our clothes too. Plus I put lots of MSM and sulfur on her, and an anti fungle and tea tree oil, so all this combined is obviously creating a smell that they call "mildewy" (I put the clothes straight from the wash into the dryer its not mold)

Any ideas of a way to fix my poor little girls odd clothing smell?

thanks guys

Houston, TX

#8 Dec 5, 2007
I am cured from scabies all because I discovered an all natural product called 20 mule borax. It is in the laundry detergent sections of grocery stores like Kroger's. I bathed with about 1/3 of a box and a bottle of peroxide in warm water. I did this for almost 4 days and I also washed all laundry in 20 mule. Thank God I am cured............

Houston, TX

#9 Dec 5, 2007
Any ideas of a way to fix my poor little girls odd clothing smell?

I mix 20 mule borax with arm and hammer laundry detergent. I also place a fabric softner sheet in the dryer that smeels fresh.

Shawnee, KS

#10 Dec 5, 2007
Hi Helper-

Have you ever tried essential oils to scent your laundry? Lemon has been the most pleasant for us. Put directly in the wash. Continue with the smelliest dryer sheets you can affordably buy. April Fresh Downy has worked for us. On another forum they suggest using Bounce. Also, Downy has a pretty smelly fabric softener in a yellow bottle. Something like Lemon Verbana? If you are bagging your clothes, put dryer sheets in with the bag. I put them in everything to cover the smell.

Orlando, FL

#11 Dec 5, 2007
Helper and MM-M thanks, I am bagging the clothes so I will do the dryer sheets in them.
And in the dryer too
thanks for the help
I hope her teachers wont complain anymore.....

Courtland, CA

#12 Dec 7, 2007
zooks, here is my opinion is that it's the BB and TTO and especially the sulfur instead of the borax giving clothes the smell.

I think bagging clean clothes is counter productive. If there are any mites or eggs in the clean clothes, putting them in bags makes the mites live longer, nice warm humid bag, ahhh. I bagged clean clothes for a long time but had much better results just hanging the clothes to let any mites dry out. Just a thought.

Liquid fabric softener takes a lot of the smell out. My derm said Snuggle is the best and easiest on your skin and that the dryer sheets are really bad for your skin.


#13 Dec 8, 2007
I might have to say that I'm back in the bath camp but will specify quite hot baths. I did have scalp involvement at first, and switched to showers, but scalp involvement didn't go away. So now I'm back to baths and make sure that I have my hair underwater for five minutes in a hot bath, and today scalp is itch free. Body is better too. Not saying cured. Way too soon. But I do believe that bathing everyday with hot enough water does seem to be assisting me. I do think a few drown and the hot water probably immobilizes them if they try to crawl. You can dunk your face too or swish it off with a hot washcloth every so often, so they can't stay on long enough to burrow. I think if it's a hot bath some die After my bath, I hit any remaining itchy spots with a drop or two of "Act" Flouride treatment. Flouride is a poison used for roaches and mites don't like it either, but a poison nontheless, so don't use a lot, only on the worst spots. Hey, it's winter. I actually like a hot bath this time of year. My scalp is okay with the added five minute hot water soak. For the first two weeks I only washed my hair quickly in shower and bathed once a week. It's every night folks, with hair for at least five minutes, and a hot tub. Unless you have other health issues like High Blood pressure or other problems. The entire bath is 15 or 20 minutes, five for scalp. No scalp itching anymore, but with occasional bathing, I did. Now they hate my scalp because that goes in at the beginning for five hot minutes then shampoo and they can't climb on my shampoo or conditioner hair. You can maybe add sulfer to your conditioner if you want to prevent intiial scalp involvement, but it was transitory for me, once I started bathing nightly in hot water with hair, too. Keep that washcloth moving if worried about face, but they're not going for my face. You can rinse your hair under the tap at the last or finish with a brief shower, again hot, to leave pores open for after bath treating with your treatment of choice.
crazy mite lady

Grants Pass, OR

#14 Dec 8, 2007
epsom salts also have sulfur in it, so i used like 3 cups and did what wendy does swishing around and dunking head and face alot, and then after soak showering and washing in the sul/sal soap, then drying and applying msm lotion. also can use the epsom salt as a body scrub pouring some in the hands and scrub a dubbing, just careful of open sores as it burns a bit
crazy mite lady

Grants Pass, OR

#15 Dec 21, 2007
and careful with the ears,,,,not sure but got a nasty ear infection, not sure if its from the meds or the salt but just a caution to ya....

San Diego, CA

#16 Jul 20, 2008
I haven't dealt with scabies, but for my pet akita, who had perennial flea infestations, i used to dunk him in the water for 10 mins. at 7,8 minutes black specs would begin to float to the surface. it's not too hard ~ if you're careful ~ to get your entire head into the water, after doing your legs for quite some time.

use a timer. you'd be surprised how slowly time passes when you're holding your akita (or your own head) under water ...

Chagrin Falls, OH

#18 Oct 4, 2008
This is amazing what I am finding out about Borax. I have bad Aquagenic Pruritus and my mom does to and she told me to bath in Borax !?! I have been for awhile now and it has helped me (cured?) me. My daughter has a dry skin / eczema condition and trying to maintain it especially in the winter was very hard...oils, lotions, prescription creams. Even at her best she always had little bumps and at the worst, scaly skin. I put 1 cup of Borax in her bath and she doesn’t itch and her skin is velvety soft, like when she was a baby. Borax helps to clean and with a little Borax and one cap of shampoo in the water, they get a heck of a bubble bath! Sometimes it is nice to let the kids soak in the tub and without actually bathing them, like on a Wed night when we are tired, they get clean, even the bottoms of their feet!

Singapore, Singapore

#19 Oct 18, 2008

I was suffering from Aquagenic Pruritus for the last 10 years. I disliked showering and sweating. Pretty itchy after showering.

But later I did some R&D and found it really works for me!

One of the cause of Aquagenic Pruritus is reduced activity of the oil glands of your skin and not producing enough oily stuff which makes your skin dry and itchy while it gets wet anyway.

Remedy: I use olive oil all over my body before taking a shower and after the shower, I massage the oil thoroughly. It comforts me a great deal!!

Aquagenic Pruritus also triggered by the chlorine and other stuff in water. So you may try "Baking Soda" in your shower water the night earlier (in a tub) and shower in the morning. This really works for a lot of people.

Hope this will help those who are suffering with Aquagenic Pruritus

Since: Oct 08


#20 Oct 19, 2008
i was woundering everyone saying epsom salt can u use sea salt or no with borax

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#21 Dec 8, 2008
What kind of MITES are we talking about here?

Someone shared this treatment in a keratosis Pilaris forum. and i'm wondering if it would actually work.

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