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#497 Feb 3, 2013
Hello All, I just want to make a point that using 71% or 91% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol mixed with your topicals significantly improves skin penetration.

There are real success stories from people who use Eprinex with Citra Solv and Rubbing Alcohol. I believe your species of mite has a lot to do with what will cure, or not cure in the end. There are thousands of mite species and they are unique in their behaviors.

I've read the posts on other threads suggesting that everyone get off the toxic poisons like permethrin, etc., but after suffering with this for over five years I can tell you that I have tried all, or most, of the non-toxic Scabies remedies and they simply do not work. Praying, going for brisk walks, taking vitamins will not cure you!

In my case, I have achieved a level of success by taking daily hot baths with Lye or bleach with Epsom Salts that help me exfoliate. Exfoliating is something everyone here must do every day because it opens up the mite burrows so the Lye or bleach can kill them. You must exfoliate. I do alternating topicals and for now that is working well.

One final thing, I was reading that in countries like Brazil and Jamaica the people take wood chips from the Quassia Amara tree and they steep the wood chips in to a tea. The tea protects them from catching lice, mites, and even ticks in these hot tropical regions. I have ordered the tea, already in tea bags, online and I will let you know if it has any effect on my condition. But again, many of us have a different mite species so what may cure me may not cure you. It's hit and miss. But you have to make the effort and find what works best for you. God Bless.

Sweet Kitten

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#499 Feb 22, 2013
They are now conducting studies on Taking Eprinex Orally.

Works very very well from my experience.See below
eprinex is noted to work much better than Doramectin.


The article is called "Efficacy of Eprinomectin and Doramectin Against Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae) on Cattle" in a journal called
Veterinary Entomology.

ABSTRACT Steers were treated with doramectin or eprinomectin by daily oral capsule for 28
consecutive days. The level of doramectin in the serum of steers treated at 200 g/kg/d reached a
maximum of 104.022.1 ppb at day 21 and declined from 93.320.5 ppb on the Ūnal day of treatment
to below detectable by day 56. Steers treated at 50 g/kg/d reached a maximum level of doramectin
in the serum of 24.71.2 ppb on day 21 and declined from 24.70.6 ppb on the Ūnal day of treatment
to less than detectable on day 42. Both doramectin dosages provided 100% control of estimated larvae
(EL) of Amblyomma americanum (L.)(Acari: Ixodidae) throughout the 28-d treatment period. Daily
oral treatment with eprinomectin at a dosage of 200 g/kg for 28 consecutive days produced a
maximum concentration in the serum of 41.611.0 ppb at day 14. On the Ūnal day of eprinomectin
treatment, the serum concentration was 38.3  5.9 ppb. Seven days later at day 35, eprinomectin
was not detectable in the serum. For steers treated at 50 g/kg/d for 28 consecutive days, the
serum level of eprinomectin reached a maximum of 10.03.0 ppb on day 28 and was undetectable
on day 35. Both eprinomectin dosages provided complete control of EL of A. americanum during
the 28-d treatment period. Because eprinomectin is efŪcacious against A. americanum at lower
serum levels in cattle and is eliminated from the serum at a more rapid rate than either doramectin
or ivermectin, it provides advantages for use in applications such as the medicated bait for control
of ticks on white-tailed deer and could have potential for use in the Cattle Fever Tick Eradication

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#500 Feb 22, 2013
I have begun using aloe gel and to my surprise the aloe works better than anything I have ever used. I bought a quart of organic aloe gel it is easy to apply and maybe burns a little. It works fast kills the scabies fast. You can get a quart of aloe gel for under 10 dollars.

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#501 Feb 22, 2013
Eprinex orally kills all the deep mites,

Takes about 7 days.


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#502 Feb 22, 2013
Normal dosage 2-3 ML for women
5Ml for men.

Use at your own discretion.

I am not advising anyone, only if you do, those
are the normal dosages.

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#506 Feb 24, 2013
You are all missing the point entirely.

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#508 Feb 24, 2013
A lot of here people tried eprinex, since the most powerful antiparasitic available didn't cure them then there is a chance they don't have mites? Hello?

I know for a fact that RK has morgellons disease and he will never be cured trying to poison it out of existence. I know this because he inadvertantly told his symptoms in various posts and those are only symptoms of morgellons not mite infections.

Now he's drinking the damn stuff.


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#512 Feb 24, 2013
Virtual Scabies wrote:
RK does take care of himself. He exercises and knows alot about meds. he has done extensive research on this disease. he tries to eat well, too. he just wants a cure.
How can you say he "takes care of himself" when he is drinking an known poison? I know he just wants a cure and in a simple world he would have been the first one, however it's not a simple world anymore so he needs to think outside the box.

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#513 Feb 24, 2013
FRED wrote:
<quoted text>
How can you say he "takes care of himself" when he is drinking an known poison? I know he just wants a cure and in a simple world he would have been the first one, however it's not a simple world anymore so he needs to think outside the box.
I'm not ignoring you, Fred.

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#514 Feb 24, 2013
I'll let RK speak for himself. If he chooses not to, then it is our loss.
From my experience, these meds work better taken orally, as they don't penetrate the skin very well. As I have said many times, this all depends on the type of mite you have, your age, your immunity, the environment, reinfestation, and I have 3 pets. Some people on this forum have no pets, live alone, don't live in a sub-tropic climate, like I do. We are all different and have different parasites and diseases here.
I have read where a doctor in Colombia treated many people with ivermectin topically and all were cured. So, this is not a simple world, and for some of us, there is not a simple cure.
I am sure many of us have thought outside the box. in the box, around the box, over the box, and through the box, and still no cure.
If the most powerful anti parasitic drugs are not working, then certainly some simple vitamins won't do it either. yes, we can change our diet and exercise and drink plenty of water, go vegan, etc. and still no cure.
Faerie con queso

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#517 Feb 24, 2013
I think this is a good forum for faerie to spend time in.


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#518 Feb 25, 2013
Faerie with ooglies wrote:
"FRED wrote:
You are all missing the point entirely.
Go ahead Fred. This is an open forum. She has no control over you. None whatsoever. You are not cyberbullying. She is."
Narcissistic troll FRED/Virtual Scabies/Lotus Fan etc. etc. talking to hiimself in a vain attempt to be seen as providing something worthwhile to the forum.
CAUTION. Has now created an account using "Faerie with ooglies" as his user name.
This is identity theft to add to the list of crimes this person commits through this forum.
All documented on here.
Stop it, Fairy. You are the one bullying here. You are not letting us talk to each other without ranting on and on about narcissist personalities. Please, go to work or keep yourself busy. But leave us alone.

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#519 Feb 25, 2013
Well here is some insight on the immune system that has a lot to do with why people can't beat the problem.

&fe ature=youtu.be

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#521 Feb 25, 2013
Last post, and yes Fred (D..) you are ruining this post.

No more fibers.I am doing follow through now.

Faerie with ooglies

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#522 Feb 25, 2013
I mix a little red colouring in with my Quest Moxidectin and rub it on my lips. Then I stand in front of the mirror and brush my hair. I like to admire myself for hours. Then I check my list to make sure I have taken my 3rd dose of Moxi for the day. I can see glitter sparkle on my lips. I feel so lovely.

Hollywood, FL

#523 Feb 25, 2013
Faerie with ooglies wrote:
VSS wrote: "Stop it, Fairy. You are the one bullying here. You are not letting us talk to each other without ranting on and on about narcissist personalities. Please, go to work or keep yourself busy. But leave us alone."
N Troll FRED alias.
You are in with others on this forum at an attempt to push me off this forum and you will not succeed. You come behind me in every single post. You are a huge bully right now. This is called cyber-bullying. RK is in on this, too. As is Catzilla and who else knows. You can come behind me every time, and then I will come behind you. Get it?

RK - It is not Fred doing the ruining, it is Australia who is doing this. And I will follow through, too. Two can play this game.

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#524 Feb 25, 2013
Faerie with ooglies wrote:
An obvious sign of just how lacking in intellect this person is.
His Narcissim allows him to assume he is safe because he has not been tracked for the whole time he has been destroying this forum.
He continutes to add to the evidence against him.
The situation of him not being tracked will not be allowed to continue here.
No matter how long it takes and in the meantime there is nothing he can do to remove the posts where he has incriminated himself.
You will not get away with this. If anyone here is destroying the forum, it is YOU, because you will not let up, day in and day out. You are being extremely aggresive and manipulating here. You also continue to add to the evidence of cyber-bullying and everything you keep typing here instead of really helping someone, is all right here for everyone to see. You also assume that what you are doing is save, and it isn't. You are pushing people from the forum and that is called cyber-bullying. I am watching you. I'll see you later.

Denver, CO

#530 Feb 26, 2013
RK in the house wrote:
Last post, and yes Fred (D..) you are ruining this post.
No more fibers.I am doing follow through now.
What do you think of this genius?


"The authors were perplexed to observe genetic changes in the mice – alleles disappearing. What they didn’t know was that these were a result of ivermectin treatment rather than the experimental tamoxifen. Furthermore, the offspring of ivermectin-treated mice also exhibit these changes, even those born up to 15 weeks after the mother’s treatment."

All life is made possible through genetic make up and when someones genes are changed it is impossible to predict the outcome.

You don't have mites!!!!!!!! you have a toxic internal growth made possible by transgenic DNA.

Above all else RK you have been so incredibly narrow minded in your approach and understanding of the real problem because it's more about your giant sized ego than your normal sized intellect.

You've F***ed up repeatedly in your so called "research" and you still are.

Denver, CO

#531 Feb 26, 2013
Faerie with ooglies wrote:
I think you will find VSS is FRED, narcissist troll unravelling.
I think you'll find that Faerie has nothing of any substance to offer.

Hey faerie what's the poison du jour? You dumb a**.

You're still infected, what's wrong with this picture? Duh??? How many years now?

Hollywood, FL

#532 Feb 26, 2013
Faerie with ooglies wrote:
FRED/Lotus Fan/Virtual Scabies/VSS
You feel upset now. The feeling or emotion you are feeling is 'distress'. I do not want you or anyone to feel distress. Now that you have felt it, and you can recognise the feeling, you might be able to understand that this is how You make people feel.
This is called "Empathy" something that people with narcissism have not been trained to feel.
I am sure you don't want to keep doing that. It is mean, it is not funny and none of this is a game.
You can stop using different aliases, just be yourself FRED.
We can stop this now. Please make an effort to remember how awfully upset you have been made to feel and don't do that anymore to anyone on this forum.
You can learn how to be different. You can also stop using the different ways of dealing with your stress without the anger bullying and name calling. Just say what you are feeling instead. Such as "this makes me angry" instead of saying angry words at people.
People will listen then.
And I am serious about wasting your obvious talent on a forum. Consider your very own website to do with something that you love. Something that really fills up your life and you can share with others.
I can also say that what you are feeling is

"power" which is a very strong emotion

You, Australia, are feeling no empathy...

On the other hand, you are feeling apathy.....

You are being aggressive, not assertive in your dealing with me.

Yes, I have a sense of humor.

"humor" is a dealing mechanism and is very healthy

They actually hold classes in it, so people can relief the "distress" going on in their lives.

I am not the bully here. I actually help people here and I add some humor to it.

I am not an old matron like you.

You need to get off the FRED/VSS bandwagon and stop pushing moxidectin to people who are suffering, because it doesn't work.

You especially are being careless to tell people to take these meds every day. How horrible and UNCARING is that?

You are the troll, and you are cyber-bullying and you need to stop.

Don't try to change anyone on this forum, because it won't work.

I actually have alot of empathy towards people. And understanding. You on the other hand are playing a game here, and I am not.

I'll see you later.

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