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New York, NY

#22 Sep 19, 2008
Nina wrote:
Whether it's scabies, morgellons, or nanofibers - I've got it and I am losing my mind.(as a result of the mites, not vice versa) i am physically miserable, embarrased, and frustrated as hell because I can't find anyone or anything to help. I've resorted to using treatments that are "hazardous to humans" because I don't even care anymore. I'm desperate. I don't want to engage in a debate, I JUST WANT HELP. PLEASE.
P.S. I wish like hell it was all in my mind. I'd rather be crazy than endure this another day
Nina, just wondering if you found any solution to your problem. Sounds very similar to my current situation. I do not have any rashes or noticable bite marks. Just severe itching and the feeling of being bit, but i cant see anything. Gets worse at night. Seems to have infested my clothing as well. I have tried washing in Borax at high temperatures, no relief. Any ideas would be most helpful. Thanks.

Bellevue, WA

#23 Sep 21, 2008
My boyfriend and I have a problem in our home. It started out as bumpy itchy skin back in Feb. of this year that seemed to move and progressed to bites all over the body. I did not have it as bad as him but it drove me out of our home. It feels as if things are on you and there is never anything there. I nuked the house several times and killed all bugs I could but still it feels as though we get crawled on and sometimes even bitten at night. It appears as though it gets into our couches, material chairs and cars. Does it jump off us at any time? We had a rat problem and birds at times on our home as we live in a log cabin so I assumed it was mites of some sort. We both took the permitherin cream...4 times each and we got better temporarily for the most part but it still is here. I go to bed or may be on the couch and I start to feel buggy. What can we do that will work??? I tried tea tree oil prior to the permitherin and it worked alittle "I think" but wore my skin down in both hands. I also found a tiny round ball with a worm like thing coming out of it on my bed...Do we have several things going on...or is it something someone can help me figure out? Laura

Inglewood, CA

#24 Apr 21, 2009
Try Lavaggio. It's an herbal rosemary extract. Our family had a mutated form of lice for 5 years and it is the only thing that worked. Just google the name. I also had scabies as a child. I know what it's like. Going to a pastor is the only thing that worked. Bless ya!

Glasgow, KY

#25 Jul 20, 2009
my family has been through this for 2 1/2 years now ,i got lyme disease and i lost my job of ten years .ive aged rapidly .i stay tired all the time and i feel crawlings so much it drives me insane .one dr tolsd me they were bird mites but didnt know what to do for me .i did bring a nest inside my home to try to save somebaby birds and our hell started a week later .i do think its something that lives on birds but maybe decided to pick human hosts instead .it is a parasite because we can leave home for awhile and the symptoms subside but only if we take nothing from home .we are broke .exterminators drained us dry and with no luckl .we have no furniture and lost most of our clothes and i also take a bath in baking soda which has helped tremendously .i dont feel them every day now but they are still here .at first i thought they were bed bugs . v


#27 Jun 5, 2010
Nina wrote:
Whether it's scabies, morgellons, or nanofibers - I've got it and I am losing my mind.(as a result of the mites, not vice versa) i am physically miserable, embarrased, and frustrated as hell because I can't find anyone or anything to help. I've resorted to using treatments that are "hazardous to humans" because I don't even care anymore. I'm desperate. I don't want to engage in a debate, I JUST WANT HELP. PLEASE.
P.S. I wish like hell it was all in my mind. I'd rather be crazy than endure this another day
Nina, I can relate to your frustration. I too just want help. i was told it's all im y head but the itching, stinging and red sores appearing on my skin are REAL. It seems that doctors dont want to deal with this problem or just dont know what it is. Scabies?? I think so. I am seeking out a Dr who specializies in skin diseases and parasites. most of the dermatologists i have seen shoud be Mary Kay consultants because they want to give me lotions, creams, and salves which do not work. They seem to be more interested in Botox than treating my condition. I am losing my mind over this!

Temecula, CA

#28 Oct 19, 2010
Can anyone hook me up with a doctor that really knows about bird and rodent mites also morgellons in socal? Every doc I went to said ..oh yeah I am experienced in that field..BS !!! I have bites..feel movement in my scalp..feel prickly all over and find round clear eggs and brownish worms..sometimes a young mite. I go outside and in the grass I get bit. My PCO comes twice a month and i use tape and roller brush on my skin besides oils and other stuff. Over two years's gettin old..yeah I did all that shit in the sixties and seventies but never experienced this in all the years I rolled around the grass and fields in the Midwest. Two other families are being bitten in our area. Tried natural spray but I wish they would allow DDT again to kill these parasites...anyone in this area got any doctor recommendations wopuld be greatly appreciated!! good luck to all...Jane

Saint Louis, MO

#29 Nov 22, 2010
I'm worried,can you catch this, I had scabies or post maybe, I've been away from my family for so long, I've tried everything now someone please help me I'm tired. I'm ready to[[[[[[[[.

Since: Aug 11

Sharon, SC

#31 Sep 4, 2011
Omega man wrote:
The fibers are transmitters and receiving antennae. You will soon meet thought control head on. It explains why a ruined economy and subsequent chaos are deliberately being created by the government, and of course, by the media (they know everything).
Remember-hate blocks the control mechanism. Why do you think 'they' have tried to make hate illegal? Political correctness is their other weapon. They know they have enabled, worked with, and stand to profit from the new tools at bay which will be loosed once everything crumble. TOTAL surveillance. Remember the last gasp at TY mfg.?
Ariel-thee 'aids' bear. Something to help capture the hearts and minds of the kiddies. A little tongue in cheek humor from the toy giant. At least they left some clues of what's to come.
Anyway, best behave and follow all those laws you and U2 helped to legislate. They are watching through your eyes now. Enjoy!!!
Omega Man i don't really understand all of your references... but i can tell you residents& employees of where i work had/have scabies. I cant work till cleared by a dr, 3 yr old cant daycare till cleared by a dr note also. We are extremely itchy, fightingskin symptoms, others as well... i lost 17 lb 2wks. Have passed worms. No1 believes me in my life= family, doctors :-/
My lil boy told me of a recurring dream where he is scared cuz" those guys were looking at me through that big eye" not science i understand. Just odd i had a telling dream i shared with others b4 a beloved relative died. God please help us. Single mom here, low income housing yadayada. I am trying tofight this and not lose it!!!! Prayers and experienced advice appreciated please ne1? My 3 yr old doesn't deserve this!!!

Fresno, CA

#33 Mar 29, 2012
Morgellons is real.\

[email protected]
therealphatgrowe r

Kerman, CA

#34 Aug 24, 2012
Russell wrote:
Respectfully Ed Spencer MD.
I've had this for over 20 years... nothing cures it, in my opinion, but experience shows me that it flares up, then goes dormant, and repeats this process, getting more pronounced with each flare. It is real. I know it, my videos show it, and time will tell our story. Our leaders are fakes, and not true leaders, and that's why it's being covered up instead of looked at honestly with independent research. Cali, Florida and Texas were infected through an untraceable source, methamphetamine. The bugs are real, but the lies about how meth causes the disorder are fabricated to cover up the fact that massive amounts of tainted dope were brought into this country. [email protected]

Freeport, IL

#35 Sep 9, 2012
Been There wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, that's it!! multi colored fiber mushrooms growing out of the skin. Very cool man and groovey. Or taking too much LSD?
Im here to say, that i have taken these things off my skin myself and put them under a microscope and it is so terribly true and shocking. It comes from what they spray on your food and in the air. it is nano silica technology

Riverside, CA

#36 May 1, 2014
This is a real issue, to those that talk smack you are all about as sharp as a brown paper bag of wet hair. Who are you to say there is nothing to it unless you have it. I totally agree how silly it is and stupid people get who suffer from it with the stupid talk of chemtrails and nanotechnology etc... Gee no wonder it's hard to believe its all in the mind, some of these people have a lot of mental issues. Fn chemtrails is my favorite one, if we were to be poisoned it wouldn't be something in the air, it would be the water and like there would be a group of people in a room who can say, we need our country to die off. They would start with south America first I am sure but it won't happen. Nano is something you can Not see meaning Nano!!! If you can see the strang Spores (fibers) with your naked eye than it's not Nano dumba$$'$.

I believe it to be a rat mite causing the itching possibly or if you look at the Map of Morgellons in the US and look up the Map of Fire Ants you will see its the same and even the dates of the first report of morgellons matches the date of treatment of fire ants. They release a bunch of different types of Parasitic Phorid Flies to combat the Fire Ants which could be the same thing affecting people.

My problems all started about a month after I reported Fire Ants in my backyard in 2008 in Lake Forest Ca which is next to Laguna Beach and now 14% of all reports of Morgellons in the US is from that area and it all started when they started to treat for Fire Ants. We are not talking about Poor America, it is one of the richest places in America and for me to be a upper middle class white male middle aged and this to bring me to my knees, it can happen to anyone.

I believe there is something new is all either a Fungal Infection, Parasitic flies or rat mites and not all this stupid crazy talk... The Fibers are spores, did the mites bring fungus or gnats bring it or did it happen and attract the gnats. I will have the answer soon, Vector Control came to my house and I gave them tons of samples of different flies I was able to trap. When I set the trap I get bothered a lot less, I use a 2 litter bottle, put 1 egg and mix with water and then I put four tiny holes 3/4 up in the bottle and catch them. Try it and you will see, some I got they said they looked like mites and the others they said look like tiny black flies known to bite people. So it could be a infestation of the. Icing flies or Parasitic Phorid Flies and mites. I will post when I know.

Year I put up the traps and didn't itch for 8 months, no rashes, nothing. This is from a outside source and tears us down.

Also if you rub Calaclear into your skin and after rub in oil like coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil and you will see all kinds of gross stuff come from the skin, maybe larva which I gave to vector control as well so if it is larva and not dead skin rolled into a ball they will let me know. You will also get tons of crystals come from your skin, like mad but they are Salt our body produces, the same stuff monkeys pick off each other and eat.

I will post what the findings are and for the most part most of you probably have the same issue and others may need to see a shrink. I don't have sores everywhere, I just have the strange spores which could of always been there and never noticed until I started itching like mad and looking closely for answers is all.

For those who don't have this problem you can't say it's not real, who are you to say it isn't if your not having this problem, how can you say that? You can't know that at all, if so how can you know this? I am with you about all the stupids out there who have to blame chemtrails and the Goverment etc... Some people just don't know how to make sense of things because their brains can't comprhind much so that is the easiest answer to them. It's not that complicated, it's just not known because it is hard to see. Hahaha at Nano and Chemtrails.

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