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#460 Nov 13, 2013
Mike wrote:
Ok I bought it from:
Stromectol 12mg
You can buy either 6mg or 12mg pills. I figured for us it was cheaper to buy the 12mg pills, and I was cutting some in half to take what I felt was what i needed for each dose. It saved me a few bucks. Just punch in "Stromectol" in the search box to find them, and you can select what you want from there. I found the site to be safe. For me, it was a life saver. I will buy other stuff through them for medical issues, since the prices seem fair and I don't need a prescription.
Actually, there are other sites that are less costly than what superdrugsaver.com offers. superdrugsaver should be named superbloodsucker since they only limit 36 tabs for one shipping. You can't order more than that, so you need to keep ordering if 36 tabs aren't sufficient. Besides, they charge $15 shipping and $16 for handling while other sites only charge shipping and cost only $10 or so. Not happy with their tactic, so I went to check their background,which I should have done first, and found the following report from RXLOGS dated May 20th about the company:

"When we searched Scamadviser and Scamvoid we found that the reports were negative and stated that superdrugsaver.com got a trust score of 0% and has a poor vendor reliability in the WOT. This indicates that the company may be involved in identity theft risks, credit card frauds etc. the company is listed under the Not Recommended Site in NABP and is considered as a rough internet pharmacy as it may have violated certain standards of medicine or safety."

Please do some research and check out other sites before ordering, especially ordering from this company as I'm certain there are more reliable sites that offer better price than this superdrugsaver.com/superbloodsucker.com


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#461 Nov 17, 2013
Wondering how you are doing Itchee.??

Missoula, MT

#462 Nov 17, 2013
Yes, by all means research any site before you order. I am certain there is many sites to order from. I am only giving my own experience, here. I had good luck with them on all three orders. I never paid handling fee, maybe I just got lucky. I had read their reviews previously, but hadn't seen a lot of bad ones at the time. They treated me right. Find a supplier your comfortable with.

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#463 Nov 17, 2013
Hi Katee

I'm alright. I haven't taken any more ivermectin for two weeks now, I've ordered some permethrin online and I'm going to try a dual attack with both of them and hope thats what was missing from my solo ivermectin experiment.
If that doesn't work I'm going to try the Abendazole I think.

Sorry I dont really have any other news aside from still battling this and not cured yet.

Homewood, IL

#464 Nov 17, 2013
Sounds like a plan, good luck!! I'm still the same too, itchy crawly and not knowing what is going on. I'm not so sure the perm and ivermectin worked for me, I just don't know. I have a doc appt in a couple weeks and I will tell him I'm going to try albendazole (at which time I'm sure he will rip up my chart and throw it at me), and see if he has anything to say about it that's helpful.

Homewood, IL

#465 Nov 17, 2013
I know they say the ivermectin injectible is the same med as stromectol, but I could swear I had much better luck with the tablets rather than that liquid. Same about the paste. They just don't seem to be as effective to me, IMO of course.

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#466 Nov 17, 2013
how much did you inject?

Malden, MA

#467 Nov 17, 2013
Gal22 wrote:
how much did you inject?
You don't inject it. If you read the first page. Americangirl will explain how much you need to take.

Mineola, NY

#468 Nov 19, 2013
Andrea, I bought Durvet's Ivermetin 1.87% Apple flavored.It has Anthelmintic & Boticide in it & the youtube video for making Ivermectin by this guy demonstrates it, referred this product.So, I assume Anthelmintic & Boticide is OK ? What do you think? My dr. at North Shore Long Island, Dr. Adam Penstein would'nt prescribe anything but permethrin. Dr. Oz said many doctors are not skilled, very incompetent, so scabies spreads...but I am sure they themselves would be taking Ivermetin if they got scabies...You scared me when you mentioned an allergic reaction, so I feel like I have to drive myself to the emergency room, then take it? How long would it take to know you were allergic? Right away? I lived in S.F. too, wish I could call U right now.
andreaamericangirl wrote:
you can also use the ivermectin horse paste wormer which is cheaper than the liquid because you get less. make sure there are not any other medicines in there like praziquantel or any other active ingredients. follow the dosing guidelines for horses by weight- ususally you can only measure it off by 250lbs sections, so for a 250lbs dose, a 500lbs dose, a 750lbs dose, etc but you can split it by using a childrens oral syringe- which you can buy at walgreens or any drug store for measuring liquid medicine for infants and toddlers. first measure out 250lbs worth of paste wormer using the notches on the tube it is packaged in. then suck that amount you just sqeezed out of the tube up into the oral syringe, then squeeze out of the oral syringe in fractions by using the marks on the side of the oral syringe. one half of the total dose for 250lbs is for 125lbs, one quarter is for 60lbs., three quarters is for 185lbs, try to break it down using the marks on the side of the oral syringe to get it as close to your weight as possible. this is why the liquid injectable is better- its easier to measure out accurately but if you cant afford $25-$30 and can only afford $6-$9 for the paste then dont be intimidated, just do your best to measure it out a accurately as possible and remember that the pills that are made for humans smallest amount is 3mg so that if a doctor prescribed it to you, it wouldnt be as acccurately measured out as the liquid injectable anyways and that 1 3mg pill represents about 30 lbs of body weight so even a doctor prescribing the pills would not be able to get your dosage closer than 30 lbs from your weight- i.e. if you weigh 135lbs the doctor would have to prescibe 15mg which is for 150lbs or 12mg which is for 120lbs because there is not a smaller mg pill to get the dosage more exact than that. same for a person who is 160lbs- again the doctor would either prescribe 15mg for 150lbs or 18mg for 180lbs so being that exact is not neccessary otherwise they would make a 1mg pill. one final opinion of mine, if this is the first time you are taking ivermectin, i think you should be very close to an emergency room just incase you have an allergic reaaction of some sort. if you live within a few minutes drive from a hospital well then just make sure you have someone on hand to call 911 or drive you there if need be and if you are a loner like me or if you live way out there in the country and are kinda far from a hospital, it cant hurt to drive to the parking lot near the emergency room entrance and take your first dose sitting in the car nice and close to that door. better than dying of a severe allergic reaction while your loved one is trying to get you to the hospital on time. they would never suggest you do this if they prescribed it to you they would just give you the perscription and send you home to use it, but at least this way they cant say how dumb you were to try taking some medicine that is meant for cattle or horses if you do it 200 ft from an emergency room entrance door. hope you all get cured of scabies as fast as i did the 2nd and 3rd times i had it after i discovered that ivermectin was the easiest and fastest way to cure myself.

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#469 Dec 4, 2013
Hi Katee

I have done one round of perm with another dose of ivermectin injectible. I don't really think this injectible seems to work though. I'm not sure yet and its too early to tell. The permethrin def helped tho and I plan on following up this weekend for treatment 2. I've been looking over the dosage instructions for the Ivomec again and noticed it says for cattle 200 mcg of Ivermectin per kg of body-weight and that each ml of Ivomec contins 10ml of ivermectin. For swine it says the recommended dose level is 300 mcg of ivermectin per kg of body-weight. I've read online and keep seeing 200 mcg as the dose for humans so I've no clue as to why its not really doing what it should. I've done the exact dose for my body weight. After this weekend/treatment I'm going to order some Valbazen I think.

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#470 Dec 4, 2013
I'm only saying its too early to tell because its Wednesday and I planned on one more treatment, however I don't feel that much better so that's why I'm kind of upset over it as well. How are you making out?

United States

#471 Dec 4, 2013
You need to continue taking the iver at a little higher dosage. 300 micrograms per kilo is good. continue for at least 6 more doses in order to get all hatchlings. you will need a good topicap, too. Like permethrin. sulphur, benzemul or lindane.
all of these meds are highly effective.

Homewood, IL

#472 Dec 4, 2013
Hi there Itchee. I would say that the permethrin and ivermectin together did the most to eliminate this of everything I tried. If you have enough, try to do it at least 4 times, a week apart, but maybe keep on with the ivermectin a few couple weeks after that. I hope its get better. I don't know about the veterinarian ivermectin - it seemed to me that the pills for humans worked so much better. My doctor told me the problem with the vet meds is that there are no quality controls and you could end up with a really bad batch that does nothing, or a really potent one the next time. He said quality control is why they list on the label that it's not for human use.

I used to think I was having post scabies symptoms, but I'm more inclined to think now that it hasn't been all cleared up yet because I still get itchy lesions all these months later. The itchiness and bite marks kept building more and more so I started the ivermectin again. It doesn't seem to be stopping the "bite marks" anymore. I do think I am light years ahead of where I was before doing the perm/ivermectin together. Back then it was sheer misery, now its tolerable but won't go away all the way.

Also using clove oil and grapeseed, not to cure, but I find that I don't need to take that 2nd shower at night if I put that on myself instead. Stops itchies. Sleep just fine. I had a lady in an elevator going on about how much the elevator smelled like cloves and they must spray them for holidays. Got a good chuckle that day.

Let me know how it goes, I'm interested to know if it works for you or if you feel you want to try the albendazole. I don't have the courage to try it mostly because I'm allergic to penicillans and I have a blood disorder in my family history. If it made me sick, I would not be able to just buy amoxicillan online.

Changing insurance in January so I can go to any doc I want to, so going to see an Infectious Disease doc at one of the university teaching hospitals here as they are more likely to do research. So until then, just trying to limp along and be comfortable.

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#473 Dec 4, 2013
i'm using a good topical. So you are suggesting upping the dose to the 300 mcg of ivermectin per kg of bodyweight?
I'm thinking I'm going to try that actually.

Whittier, CA

#474 Dec 7, 2013
andreaamericangirl wrote:
there are so many people commenting here that they dont know how much ivermectin to take and so on. i have cured myself of scabies two times with ivermectin. i have had scabies 3 times in 3 and 1/2 years because i work in close contact with the homeless in san francisco and there is a very high infestation rate among them. i started out begging a dr for a prescription for stromectol but realized that was getting me nowhere and i was losing precious days/weeks trying to convince her while the scabies were reproducing and getting worse. i decided to take matters into my own hands and bought liquid ivermectin injectable meant for cattle and swine- the brand name i bought was noromectin made by norbrook. it is 1% ivermectin. you can use that brand or any other brand that is 1% ivermectin. the dosing for humans is the same as the dosing for cattle! im not a kook. ive taken it 6 times now- 3 times one week apart for the first time i used it and then when i got infested again 9 mos later 3 times one week apart for the second time i used it. you want to take it once and then again 7 days later and then again 7 days later. 21 days- once a week for 3 weeks. dont take it if you have liver disease. take it on an empty stomach and take at least 8 oz of water with it. when you do put something in your stomach a few hours after taking it try eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice- it helps the ivermectin work better. you will need a hypodermic needle and syringe to draw the liquid medicine out of the bottle with. in many states/cities that are progressive and have a good attitude towards making hypo syringes avaiable to the public to decrease HIV and Hep infection you can buy a single syringe at a walgreens or other drug store- this is true of NYC and san francisco just walk up to the pharmacy counter and ask for a syringe. it costs about a dollar. if you live in the bible belt or some such place, you can get hypo syringes at any feed store or livestock supply store- they are marked "for veterinary use only" and are there for anyone of any age to buy. order online from www.farmandfleet.com if you have to. you can get your ivermectin from them too. the marks on the side of the syringe tell how many ml are in there. the smallest syringe is a 1ml diabetic syringe and that is what you will get when you ask for a syringe at walgreens in NYC or other pharmacy. it is broken down further into tenths of a ml with marks for that too which are represented by .1,.2,.3,.4,.5,.6 etc up to 1.0 which is a whole ml. the syringes from farm and fleet and other feed stores etc are bigger and hold usually 3 or more ml and are marked off with lines for each . but those numbers arent on there just the full ml numbers are so there will be nine marks with no number next to them- like the minute marks on the face of a clock then a 1ml like the 1 hour is marked by a 1, then nine more marks then a 2ml and so on. stick the needle thru the rubber top of the bottle and then draw up however much your dose is into the syringe using the numbers and marks on the side of the syringe as a guide.
im slightly confused,are you taking the injectable orally?

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#475 Dec 7, 2013

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#476 Dec 9, 2013
I've upped the injectible twice now and have taken 2.1 ml combined with permethrin for the last two weekends and I still don't feel any better. I think I have to agree with you Katee, the injectible doesn't work the same taken orally or as you suggested I got a crappy batch since their is not much quality control. No good news to report again.

Homewood, IL

#477 Dec 9, 2013
And I'm sorry to hear there isn't any change. If you have enough permethrin, keep going for a couple more weeks if you can. I did 4 weeks of both. All my sores and bites cleared up. I still am itchy tho but I've done a lot of chemicals for almost the span of 1.5 years so it might be chemical damage. Doc still swears the couple "bites" I have are folliculitis. I just wish it would end, it's getting old to all my friends (and boyfriend) and I feel like I'm losing many of them. Surprisingly my boyfriend isn't feeling the same as I am. He did very little meds and seems to be doing just fine after the 2 treatments of permethrin/ivermectin.

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#478 Dec 10, 2013
I have enough so I'll keep going.I really don't like using this permethrin since its toxic but what else can I do right. Thanks Katee I will report back again soon, I hate the fact that this thing is so insidious.I believe some people just are lucky enough to be pretty immune to this bug.

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#479 Dec 10, 2013
itchee wrote:
I've upped the injectible twice now and have taken 2.1 ml combined with permethrin for the last two weekends and I still don't feel any better. I think I have to agree with you Katee, the injectible doesn't work the same taken orally or as you suggested I got a crappy batch since their is not much quality control. No good news to report again.
Excuse me, but you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. The quality control on the injectible ivomec is just as good as any stromectol tablets that you get from india or canada or your local walmart. Do you even realize how much money is invested in our cattle industry? Ivomec is made by Merial and it is a quality company. The horses and cattle are worth millions of dollars and you can bet that the meds that they are given are top quality and pure. The ivermectin will kill any adult egg laying female mites under your skin. The permethrin will also kill the adult egg laying females under your skin. This combination works. There is no such thing as a "crappy bath," and you don't know what you are talking about. Either you are a plant here pushing natural products from an online company selling products WHICH DO NOT WORK, or you just trying to make it seem like ivermectin doesn't work, so you can sell your so called essential oils. Get a life and get a real job. You don't "feel better"? Oh, please..... grow up and get a job.

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