Scabies/Eggs lifespan? and a question...

Buffalo, NY

#483 Jan 12, 2014
Hi Chuck

Best to help the treatment along and apply this
mix & leave it on ,it stopps itches in 3 mins too
,cure cuts fast & is painless

The mix:
2 tblspns borax (20 mule team Borax laundry
16 oz peroxide (3%)
32 oz water.
mix it , and the borax neutralizes the peroxide, it
is painless & there is no fizz or burning from
this mix & it is cheap

If they are deep ones I use
8 tbls borax (20 mule team Borax laundry
8 oz peroxide (3%)
8 oz water.

( even just 1 tsp borax & 1 cup of water applied
to the skin or scalp after a shower & left on or to
bad areas with an absorbant cotton rag for30
mins , 2 times per day for 1-2 week draws out
this bug & kills this bug.)

Also a 30 min bath un arm & hammer powdered
version only, laundry soap kills thei bg & is
excellent to wash cloths in & mop floors &
walls& cielings ( it is a spider ).
Sleepink on a air matress with minalmal covers
to wash & a space heater on hight to keep
warm is less jassle them laundry , was air mat
by deflating ,roll ,pack in 5 gal bucket add 1 cup
A&H p & water,soak for 1 -8 hrs , dummp rinse
inshower , drip dry, find hard floor, pray 2 tvls
cococnut oil & 32 oz of water to glue bug , mist
air matres with it too ,wipe dry ,reinflate air
matress w/ hair dryer on cool shot & sleep
bugless ...ahhhh wha a relief .

Gos bless you ,


Could you please reply so I know this reached
chuck wrote:
I cant stand this feeling and i was just perscribrd this cream and after reading all this i think i am going to shower apply cream and ho stay at a motel for 3 days !

Allentown, PA

#484 Jan 12, 2014
Well i am hoing to use this cream and ho to motel for 4 days than come home and clean ! I eill let you knoe how that works out !

Allentown, PA

#485 Jan 12, 2014
Thank you nill i really appreciate that info ! I will make sure i write this down in case this cream dosent work ! Thank you again and god bless you ! Chhick

Carol Stream, IL

#487 Jan 29, 2014
how do u clean mites out of mattress ???

Buffalo, NY

#488 Jan 29, 2014
Jesse wrote:
how do u clean mites out of mattress ???
Hi i had to throw mine out and soak it in used motor oil so no one takes it home

I sleep on an air mattress i deflate and soak in 1cup arm and hammer powdrr soap and five gals of water fir 1 hr , rinse . drip dry for 5 min . lay on a hardfloor misted with 2 tbls cococnut oil and 32 oz of water to stop all movement , inflate air mattress with a hair dryer in 90 secs flat set on cool shot , mist air matress with same cococnut ioland watger mix wipe dry and sleep bugless .... ahhhhhhh so relieving
Ps sparythe cieling too they are spiders , they drop on you . Cococnut iol and water is invisible and wasnhed of in a second with soap and water , also soaking in the tub with 2 tbls cococnut oil and a bathtub of water stops crawling , Cococnut oil is a solid at 76 degress and a liquid at 77 degrees
Bath i n 1 cup arm and hammer powderverskion only kills the bug too , works in the laundry real well to and kiills bugs

God bless you ,


Houston, TX

#489 Feb 15, 2014
...permethrin 10% concentrate,,,from feed store about $22.00 for 1 litres mix 1/2 &1/2 with prefered lotion and bam same exact crap hospital sells for $85 except makes about 40 doses instead of only 2!.....also ivermectin horse paste feed syore also same crap they give to humans but 25x cheaper only about 15$ for 10 weeks worth hope that help

16withscabies ehh wrote:
well the first time i treated myself with pemethrin i felt ok my spirits wher lifted and i ddnt itch for a while. so i went to bed and only itched a little not to bad, i woke up in the morning and under my eyes felt really dry. my face also tingled when i got warm, i guess its just a side effect but i lived through it (side effect only lasted for a day). then i get home from my dads house and i forgot to wash my bedding. so i went to bed and then woke up itchy as all heck. maybe 3 times worse than before. i looked over my body to find scabbs everywhere and some spots wher bleeding :( so i was home for a week with the bad itches. yesterday i went back to my dads house. itook a shower and made sure to really scrub my body. then after the shower i treated myself. and forgot to put lotion on my face cause my face is reall dry so i had my dad put it on for me since my hands wher covered in the pemethrin. anyways, i went to bed itching was minor. then this morning i woke up to my arms tingling like my face did. and this time only one eye felt weird. and right now as im writing this my arms still feel that way but im not as itchy as im used to being. i hope it works with just pemethrin because i didnt get a perscription and buying it off ebay was difficult. also i herd the perscription costs alot.:( i payed my dad 40$ for it off ebay. but the whole thing is in spanish so its iffy.but i do know for sure that its what i need. ive had scabies for 5 months now maybe even 6. and my boyfriend has it too. he went to the doc and got a perscription for it. but he has to wait to get the money for it. and we cant see eachother for a month or two just for precautionary measures. if anybody has anything to say ide be glad to hear it.

Cincinnati, OH

#490 Feb 23, 2014
OK, I was brainstorming and looking around the house for anything and everything I could possibly use to kill these mites, having read these comments in this forum and gaining hope. Out of desperation I grabbed the bottle of New Skin Liquid Bandage I had in the medicine cabinet and brushed it on the bites--some of which I've had for over a week and were looking red, were swelling, and were SPREADING. The New Skin smelled of cloves, and I looked and sure enough one of the ingredients is oil of cloves! It seemed to work and I was doing a whoo-hoo. All I was hoping for was to "glue" any mites and keep them from moving. But it did more, I think! The treated bites either got smaller and went from angry red to a pink “dead” scar tissue, or the bite went away COMPLETELY if I caught it the instant it appeared. My way of thinking was that the "hatchlings" were being suffocated or something, but...this was before I read about the newest Australian study (you can read about it at Australian study (look it up!) saying that oil of cloves kills scabies mites. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this New Skin Liquid Bandage really worked to kill the mites? I'm not suggesting painting your whole body with it, NO! NO! NO! I would definitely check with a.) your doctor and b.) the New Skin people first, but all I can tell you is that I think it has worked to stop them for my dozen or so bites. Mine started with one bite on my hand and two on my right arm two weeks ago and went to several more on my arm, another on my thumb, two on my right thigh and two on my left thigh, and several on both sides of my shoulders and on my back. Then I was getting new bites every few hours on my back and ankles this past day and a half, despite my best efforts at hot water laundry, etc. Kind of like snowballing! Then I came across the New Skin. Now I am wondering if the New Skin has enough clove oil in it to do the trick? MAYBE!!!!!???? Fingers crossed! But nonetheless I am getting oil of cloves to treat my whole body tomorrow. The New Skin just happened to be here at the house and seemed to have worked in the short run. Yay!

United States

#491 Feb 27, 2014
Flourescent Mites wrote:
I caught mighty mites back in 1989 and didnt know what hit me.Scratching just spreads it and I didnt know...I was using my hairbrush to scratch myself real good and I had them everywhere.I had to use Lindane shampoo and lotion and spray my furniture and carpet with it to and wash curtains....basically everything.
It was a job.
My question is...since I have them again....will going to the tanning bed kill them little beasts? HELP
You asked about the Tanning bed, if it Kills them or not.
Unfortunately it was inevitable I caught them for the first time. This girl and her sister, along with both there boyfriends...all living in a pretty dirty started itching MONTHS ago. then her sister...then there boyfriends. They finally went to the doctor, thats when they found out they all had scabbies. Well it snowed real bad a week or so ago. I got stuck at there home for 2 days and nights.
a few days went by...
I started itching horrible on my bottom half of my legs. It started spreading up really quick.
Immedietly i put some kind of cream they gave me (it was in a white and orange tube)
Put that on all over for 2 nights to help the itch.
Went to the Tanning bed after probably 3 days of having scabies.
Laid for 15 minutes, had a light spray tan.
I sware I think that stopped it. I forgot all about it until hours later that night when I realized I wasn't itching.
Today will be my 3Rd time laying in the Tanning bed.
Still have all the little tiny scabs that look like pin points all down my legs. But they are slowly disappearing.
I caught that I had it very quickly.
But I DO BELIEVE that laying the the Tanning bed helps tremendously!!!
I recommend

Cincinnati, OH

#492 Feb 27, 2014
HELLZ YELLZ clove oil works! Ohmygoodness, all the bites are gone, the itchies are gone, and the two worst spots that had blistered and formed big fat kines of welts are flat, dried up and pink, not red! Here is my formula which I got off the this doctor's site: which calls for 2 drops of clove oil per Tablespoon of regular oil (olive, cocoanut, whatever you prefer). I used lotion. I just got a big 18 oz bottle of inexpensive lotion, too the pump top off and and put in 72 drops of clove oil,(as per the 2 drops per Tablespoon formula) put the pump top back on and shook the heck out of it for a few minutes to mix it. Then I slathered on the lotion-clove top to toe and kept slathering it on every time I felt anything that even vaguely itched. I honestly could feel the bite/sting go further and further down my legs as I applied it. Then my feet were covered with lotion and there was no place else for the little buggers to go! Dead. Then every time I felt an itch I dabbed more lotion on that spot. I slathered it in my hair, too. It was greasy, but since it kills the mites in 15 minutes I just gave it a half hour for good measure and shampooed it out. I've repeated that twice now and the bumps that were on the back of my head that NOTHING would take away? Gone. Flat. No itch. No bumps. Gone. I treated my hairbrush and comb with pure clove oil, too, but sadly it sort of melted the teeth of my comb. Lol. My brush is fine. This way I figure I can sit here in my bed/chair/couch and slather up with lotion and WAIT for the little buggers to come to chomp on me. I dare them! Eventually every dang mite that dwells in my house will either have to come to me for dinner or stay where they are and die, die, die. Either way, they're terminated, man. This is WAY better than 24/7 washing the sheets, towels, clothes, bedspread with bleach and hot water, drying them in a hot dryer, or ironing them, and WAY WAY better than bleach baths several times a day or itching to death in front of people. Now I still intend to buy a zip mattress and pillow case cover for good measure, and I am going to get some DE to sprinkle everywhere to kill any mutant survivors, but by golly I think I've won! HALLELUJAH! I was humiliated, discouraged, depressed, scared, miserable, not to mention totally worn out from all the cleaning. Now at the first sign of a tiny bite or an itch it's CLOVE LOTION for me. It may not work for you. I can't tell you, but brother CLOVE OIL IN LOTION WORKED FOR ME! THANK YOU, BLOG! AND THANK YOU AUSTRALIAN STUDY!
Done With Them

Vancouver, Canada

#493 Mar 10, 2014
Ivermectin and Bezyl Benzoate. Works.

Castle Rock, CO

#495 Apr 3, 2014
allen parker wrote:
Doctor says I have sand worms, I was giving 5 -3mg to take at one time, Will this kill them.
I am not sure; but I would try it. There is also a goat wormer that I tried to rid myself of the scabies that I STILL have. I just returned from a week in montana Sulphur hot springs (twice a day for hours). This is ruining me financially and diminishing my quality of life. I have tried everything! Try anything!!

Riverside, CA

#496 Apr 7, 2014
I found that taking a clean paintbrush and dipping it in 50% bleach and 50% water brushing it on my itchy areas until it dried (don't put it on genitals) and then jumping in the shower and exfoliating my skin with table salt, then washing it off works!
Then I made my own mix of
Neem oil
Coconut oil
Karanja oil (optional)
Tea tree oil (milds the neem smell so use a lot)
And applied that to my genitals, scalp, feet, armpits, eyebrows and other sensitive areas after the shower seemed to work as well!
Repeat this for about 2-4 days, carry a rubbing alcohol bottle and attach a spray top to it, and spray your PHONE, computer keyboard, door knobs, steering wheel, sheets, pillows, and wipe them down well. Get it all, anything you touch on a regular basis, even books!
natural girl

Silver Spring, MD

#497 May 14, 2014
Parasite machine works well,ie digital zapper, plus neem & tea tree oil works too. Much less time remedying to do all 3. I refused to use those chemicals.
natural girl

Silver Spring, MD

#498 May 14, 2014
Parasite machine works well, ie digital zapper, & also tea tree oil, combined with neem oil works. I used all 3 successfully, quickly. The health dept wanted to know how I fixed the problem without the drugs. Lol
Itchy in TX

Haslet, TX

#499 May 19, 2014
I got reinfected through my laundry. However I pray to God, that I am on the road to recovery.

What is working for me...1/2 orange oil and 1/2 part coconut oil, about 10 drops clove oil for every 1/4 cup of this mix. ALL OVER including scalp, face, and hair. A little drying for the face. Leave for 1 hour. I walked around the house naked with with gloves only and used this time to clean and disinfect. Did not touch anything except with gloves.

Also completed 3 weeks of ivermectin 1 x weekly, at least 200 mcg per kilogram.

Warning...what you see when you put on the orange oil will give you the heebeejeebees.

I'm throwing out all my clothes. Replacing with cheap synthetic clothes. Target.

I have newly discovered kleen free and mixed in my lotion. It makes me feel wonderful. I bathed with it by using as a body wash. Downside is it can be expensive.

Good luck and much love!
Itchy in TX

Haslet, TX

#500 May 19, 2014
DO NOT GET KLEEN FREE IN YOUR EYES. It will eat at the protein in your corneas, reversible with no lasting effects from what I've read but scary.

Since: Oct 09

Fayetteville, NC

#502 May 19, 2014
You have to bag all your clothes tight or get rid of them, yep, or iron them with hot iron and fabric furn can be a carrier of them. Yep, you may have to throw out the furniture too esp. anything with any fabric at all on them. I had to.

Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Belize

#504 Jul 31, 2014
I have been very itchy for a week now and the gen. Practitioner prescribed me with premethrin 5% so far it just helps at night time but will try my best to keep my stuff clean also thinking about sleeping in another bed for atleast three days since i've been told this reduces the chance of getting reinfected. Hopefully it is just the reaction to the cream im having now.Well hoping for the best. And thanks for the advice. Will keep you guys updated.

Melbourne, Australia

#506 Aug 3, 2014
solcon wrote:
what is thye best solution to use on my furniture and household?
insecticide bombs one in very room tis can kill cockroaches and other insects I don't see why it cannot kill scabies mites, worth a try. Lasts 3 months but I will do it again every month until I am happy. good luck

Stockton, CA

#508 Aug 5, 2014 is where I bought permethrin i stocked alot so I could get rid of it once and for all

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