Scabies/Eggs lifespan? and a question...

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#209 May 27, 2010
two questions wrote:
oh! you're here! one more question: since i'm using both the lindane AND the pills, should i stagger them? as in, pill today, lindane wednesday?
That's fine. That way you are covered pretty well for a few days.
scabies sucks

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#210 May 28, 2010
So probably a weird question but for all you have been suffering with this horrible little pest, have any of you moved?
I only ask because I have the option of moving. I would like to consider this an opportunity to finally get rid of these buggers. Do you have any ideas. I m in a financial bind and I do not own a lot of furniture just what would fit in a bedroom, bed, dresser, nightstand. What do you recommend, if you could also please tell me how long you have been cured (if you are) It would be nice to see a light=/
I have dealt with this before and was scabies free for 2 and a half months. I would have thought it was official by then. Any thoughts on how it could have came back? I would have gotten it back before that time frame if i didnt clean my stuff well right?

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#211 May 28, 2010
Scabies Sucks- I would take the opportunity to move and take what may seem extreme measures when you do.
I moved 3 months ago and made some mistakes when I did ; I brought my bed and sofas with me so as sure as I can be ,infected my new place . I have since dumped ALL upholstered furniture and keep a limited amount of clothes. I bought a cheap inflatable bed (more comfortable than my old proper bed !).
I suggest you try and store as many as your possessions as possible for a couple of weeks before taking them to the knew place , buy a new set of clothes ,do some perm and iver on the first night you stay there and leave your old clothes in a sealed bag outside the new place.
GI wish I could say I am cured but I'm not but do have a greater chance of being so in my place now as there are no carpets ,no textiles apart from clothes and am able to keep the place very clean.
Good luck !
Armed and Fabulous

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#212 May 28, 2010
scabies sucks wrote:
So probably a weird question but for all you have been suffering with this horrible little pest, have any of you moved?
I have dealt with this before and was scabies free for 2 and a half months. I would have thought it was official by then. Any thoughts on how it could have came back? I would have gotten it back before that time frame if i didnt clean my stuff well right?
Hi Scabies sucks,
Do you have any pets? I ask because I didn't have that fully worked out before I moved.
I've had this for almost a year now, but in the last 8 months since I moved it has been pretty times I thought I was in the clear totally, but then a spot or two would appear. My situation is so much better than what I started with though and my environment is WAY better.
A couple of suggestions in general..they may be a little extreme, because my environmental infestation was so hellacious before that I didn't want it coming with me.
1. put as many of your belongings in storage, or pack them in garbage bag lined boxes (new box or from an uninfested area) with some dry borax, baking soda and a moth ball inside. Twist tie the garbage bag. Leave them alone for several months..I'd say 4 to be safe.
2. Wash all the surfaces of your dresser and furniture. I like using a strong concentration of Pine-sol original for this.
3. Even wash stuff like cds with gentle soap..anything that goes with you and will be unpacked before the 4 month time.
4. If you can put your bed in storage and sleep on an air mattress for a while (with a plastic encasement on it if it has a velour top)that would be the safest thing to do. Otherwise, sprinkle baking soda all over all sides of your mattress and box spring and encase both in sippered thick plastic covers before moving it(allergy supply websites carry these if you can't find locally). Wipe it all down with alcohol or pine-sol immediately when you get it moved in, or before it crosses the threshold to your new place. If people think you are wierd, just tell them you have terrible allergies.
5. Wash all your clothes in arm & hammer powder detergent, or washing soda (sodium carbonate) along with 3/4 of hydrogen peroxide (the 3% kind you get at the drugstore), per load.
6. If your new place has carpet, sprinkle dry A&H detergent on your carpet often, let sit for a while them vacuum. Spray upholstered furniture every few days when you first move in, then every week or so with lysol, or Acarosan by Bissell (or Benzyl Benzoate mixed with alcohol or witch hazel), or mix up arm & hammer and hydrogen peroxide in water.
7. If you have pets, make sure that they have appropriate meds and treatment before and after moving.
8. If you have a car it will need a lot of cleaning and spraying too so that you don't bring the problem inside from it (like upholstery and carpet tips above). If it is really bad, get some Cyonara and Insect Growth Regulator from and spray it completely several times.
9. Keep up with your laundry. Keep any used towels or clothes in a plastic bag with a moth ball until you can wash them. And only wear clothes once before washing. Keep washing bedding for a while too.
OK, so that's more than a few suggestions. Congrats on the is a lot of work but it really helped things for me.
good luck!

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#213 May 28, 2010
Hi A&f - Wow ,4 months ! I'm lucky in having 90% of my stuff (books,cds,papers etc) in a storeroom which is totally seperate to my flat .
2 questions for you ;

1.I tried sleeping on my air mattress after covering it in plastic but found it made me sweat too much so every morning I pour boiling water all over it.Is that enough do you think ?

2. How should papers ,books etc be cleaned ?

On hard surfaces computer area etc ,I use surgical spirit or bleach..


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#214 May 28, 2010
If your mattress is only vinyl and no velor, then u need no sheet on it. Just sleep with a tshirt and boxers straight on the vinyl mattress. Careful with hot water, as it might deflate.

Try microwaving books for 30 seconds at a time. Careful.
Armed and Fabulous

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#215 May 29, 2010
Hi BenG,
1. I use a mattress pad and thin blanket & fitted sheet over the plastic cover so it wouldnt get too clammy, but I used to change all the bedding using clean bedding everyday (I had two sets out, so washed every 2 days -it was a lot..I change my bedding every 3 days now).
I would go with something stronger than hot water to clean the plastic though. some great smelling essential oil,(lavender,eucalyptus,rosem ary or clary sage) mixed with rubbying alcohol or hydrogen peroxide would work. I used that for a while. I just went with the pine-oil products after a while because it works well on wood and I then I don't have to keep track of too many potions.
2. I just left all my books & papers in storage for 4 months..some are still there. When I needed some tax receipts during that time they were still buggy. I microwaved them and some of the coated papers blackened so i couldnt use them. I figured I couldn't tell the tax man "the bugs ate my receipts" :-), but I agree with Joe, books should be fine..maybe take care with special old books or ones with photos in them.
Happy and Healed

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#216 May 29, 2010
I was formerly known as Two Questions, btw, and I'm glad I found this forum again... I, like many of you, got a little freaked out and frantic at learning I had scabies, but I can tell you a few things about my experience: 1) It's normal to itch after treatment or even for new bumps to appear--particularly if you treated early and were only just beginning to show definitive signs of infection. 2) ALL of the prescribed treatments available do work. My dermatologist says Lindane is the best but that he has trouble getting patients to accept it due to bad press (don't drink it and you'll be fine, said this seizure prone individual). 3) If you're vacuuming and washing you bedding daily (and you isolate what you can't wash) for about a week or so, you'll be fine (I destroyed my comforter during the frenzy). Like an idiot, I took every available treatment, even bathed in a borax soup for a week, and only got itchier (like a MONKEY) until I decided to stop the insanity (and the over-treatment) and I'm fine. My best recommendation is to go to a dermatologist (over a general practitioner) for the best advice and trust them to know what they're talking about. Best of luck to all of you.

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#217 Jun 7, 2010
This is nuts I have seen 40 ,no kiding,doctors infectious disease,dermatology, an internest,no one could diagnose scabies,finally 1 er doctor just looked and said scabies,gave me ivermectin,it worked but it was spacedd to far apart 12 days, this will be 1 year injuly and when I saw the first rash that itched like crazy they did nothing.I guess I nee more ivermectin and do it every 5 days to kill the eggs that hatch.I take care of my mom and she had scales on her hands and both elbows and knees ,they said it was exzema I think now it was crusted scabies and now that it is scraped she has tunnels an I guess this is where I got it. Well now I can not get rid of it, i threw my bed away got a new one ,put it in zippere plastic,so all this washing and drying will not kill them, my body is so scared brown scars and I am glad skin exfoliates because I got a thing you use for your heels that takes dead skin off and I use it gently and it is helping to remove scars.I got it on my face an OMG I got coconut oil and smothere it awaybefore it took a tool on the rest od my body. What amazes me is something so small eats big holes in your flesh.If me washing my skin with bleach and one thing that I know kills them is peroxide, what else should I do.I find the tunnels and open them and boil it out with hydrogen peroxide,I only ever see small black specks I guess that would be feces cause I never see anything crawling an mine burn now they do not itch anymore, my skin is a mess. HELP PLEASE .

Lake Worth, FL

#218 Jun 7, 2010
Deanna wrote:
This is nuts I have seen 40 ,no kiding,doctors infectious disease,dermatology, an internest,no one could diagnose srawling an mine burn now they do not itch anymore, my skin is a mess. HELP PLEASE .
keep your skin moisturized. it seems you are doing too much to it. see if you can get more doses of ivermectin. use a good topical at the same time you do the iver.
A turning point for me was when I bought a vinyl air mattress from the company Ozark at Walmart, in the camping section,$12.88. I take the mattress into the shower and shower with warm water and then I dry it off and reuse it. I did not buy the one with the velor because the velor holds these mites. I had to throw out my bed. It had double vinyl covers on both the mattress and box springs.
Here is a post from birdmitesorg yahoo group. They mention a nice soap, a little expensive, but it should help.
Here are a few items you can order to help with crawlies, etc.
I know you are tight on coin but here are a few suggestions:
the ESP botanicals New Hope II soap with sulphur will really help to cut down the crawling. 4 bars which will last a couple on months $25 w/S&H. The soap is almost at the bottom of the page. Worth every cent and one of the most helpful products for me yet. ...
The ESP shampoo on this page is now a shampoo and body wash with sulphur in it. Very helpful.(the site is not updated yet to show this) ...
Dr Staningers VermiiZyme spray in and around your nose and ears helps me. I also spray it around, but not directly in my eyes. Six shots in your mouth is good for if you have anything going on in there. ...
The chac mool white blitzed water, expensive, but very helpful when sprayed directly on skin. It dries with a salty remnant on your skin and seems to really cut down on crawling. One bottle lasts for ages if you just use it for misting. You can also add 1/2 a teaspoon daily to a glass of water and drink it. Not sure if the espsom salt spray people make and use does the same thing or not when you let it dry on your skin ...
I also think misting ( and drinking) with a strong solution of dark Willard Water has been helping me. It is very inexpensive.
This is the brand and company Dr S uses.
Washing with this funga saop from DR S also is very good. The bottle says not to wash hair with it but I have been. ...
You only need a very small amount and this bottle lasts a long time
Bathing in a cup of epsom and sea salt each with several drops of tea tree is very helpful to me. I put my face right into the bath water and air dry afterwards.
Someone posted somewhere to clean with dawn soap and white vinegar. Dawn isn't the healthiest product to use, but I tried this on my floors recently and it did cut down on the jumpies. I put two good squirts of dawn and about 1/4 of a gallon of vinegar in a bucket of water. I am thinking of trying a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil to the mix next time, although it will make my floor slippery. Clean your bathroom and kitchen with this daily for the week before your family comes, vacuuming first, and spraying it everywhere. I sprayed inside my cabinets too and just rinse any dishes before I use them. Misting the air in your rooms with this mixture for a few days might help before they come, might be helpful to knock them down. I added a few drops of lemon essential oil the next time I used it.
Gotta go to work, keep on trying, it will get better for you.
trying to be a warrior

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#219 Jun 21, 2010
i have seen three dermatologists. The first dermatologist scraped my skin and told me I didn't have scabies. He percribed me with some acne medicine to put on the spots and told me to come back. i came back with nothing but more red itchy bumps. He did another scraping and assured me that I didnt have scabies and then gave me another perscription of acne ointment and told me to come back in two months. Two months? what is that shit? Obviously he is lame. I then saw another dermatologist and after six visits she still has no idea what's happening to my skin. and She gave me 2 biopsies ( slicing off a bump and the layers of the skin being analyzed in a lab). And the biopsy both times came back saying something about drug eruption. im not on any drugs. Anyways, to make a long story short, in my heart I think i have scabies in spite of the dermatologists never were able to see them with the scrapings and biopsies. Because if its not scabies, what is it? It has been consistant itching for 6 straight months. So the dermatologist sent me to get another opinion from another dermatologist that supposedly had a good reputation. this dermatologist didn't even scrape my skin and didn't take a biopsy and didn't even put on his magnifying glasses and just told me that my bumps aren't presenting themselves as scabies. So when i asked him then what he thinks it could be his answer was, "I don't know". hahahaha its laughable. So i walked out of there pissed and with absolutely no hope of what to do. i think the reason my scabies are not presenting themselves in a typical scabie fashion on my skin is because as soon as the itching started six months ago, I had gone to a sexual health clinic and they gave me permethrin and I have return to get more and more and more permethrin because it seems to have an effect but never cures me. so when I step in front of these dermatologists they don't see a full blown case of scabies because I have been treating it by myself by going to STD clinic and getting permethrin. i am sure if i wasn't using the permethrin over the last six months, i would be covered in ithcy bumps. but I only seem to get a few new bumps each day which i immediately treat the new spots with permethrin. and then i do full body permethrin treatments about once a week. And i have been doing this for six months. I have done the whole cleaning regiment that everyone recommends for scabies, boiling clothes, washing in super hot water, bleach for the white clothes and color bleach for the dark clothes, washing my sheets and blanket every day for six months, washing everything i wear immediately after the first wear. Went to hotel for a week after taking ivermectin, all clothes in plastic bags, spray shoes with alcohol from alcohol bottle, bleach floors, and still new red bumps arrive. i have once tried using permethrin every other day for 2 weeks.take the bus everywhere i go and haven't driven my car in weeks. i have taken the dog to see if he has mange or anything that could biting me and the answer was no. My bed is covered with vinyl bed cover that seems to be completey not able to allow me to think that bed bugs could be getting through that. My question for someone out there is :
Do human scabies live on dogs? Unless I have super scabies that don't die with permethrin at all, my dog seems to be the only thing that could possibly be the source of continued infection. I know that mange can affect humans, but can the human form of scabies live on animals and then make their way back to the human? I really feel for all my fellow scabie suffering people out there. And all this i've gone through and three dermatologists can't even confirm or deny that i have scabies. its like its a giant mystery to them. How can something on the outside of the skin be such a mystery to diagnose?

United States

#220 Jul 6, 2010
how do u no so much giving all this advise MARY from hollywood
try to be worried


#221 Jul 6, 2010
Your answer may be pretty near by.
Why not read the first post of the case report thread.

By the way, permethrin has lost most potential in the USA.

What you probably suffer from is a so called secondary infection with in particular Staphylococcus Aureus, or another virulent infectious agent.

All is about microbial resistance.

As long as you do not develop clinically significant symptoms, than you can't get a positive diagnosis.

The positive thing of all is that you are not the only one.

Lithonia, GA

#222 Jul 18, 2010
a couple things. scabies are mites. not Microbes in the conventonal sense of the word. they affect furry creatures and humans. i was told they don't affext repties.i necver believe anything any more after all the misinformation ive had! i dont know about others, but permethrin hzs kept me ane for the lzst 2 yezrs. i can't use it internzlly which is where they are in my fzce. but it definitely keeps them down. and i have to use it in my nose, or they cover my entire face znd it turns fire engine red, and i am praying out loud for them to get back to "rmal'for me,, which takes hours. i've only had zn zttzck like that 3 times, but i hope i never do again i use permethrn lotion, and permethrin powder with vzsxeline. so yes, i dont have z life, but i have ivermectin at long lzst wsiting for me in the phzrmacy at malpractice centralin atlant, where i had to hzve a meltdown to get the prescription written the right way. i don't know if this disease needs to be made a spexcizltyt in medical school or not, but it definitely needs to come with sensitivity trzining with the diagnosis! i am putting so much hope in the ivermectin; i hope i am not itching so much this time next week!does anybody know hoe longf itr takes to stop itching after ivermectin?

Washington, DC

#223 Jul 31, 2010
A week ago I noticed grey very small bumps on my chest and abdomen area (nothing on my hands, arms, feet, pubic area, etc). Not itchy though. I scratched one and it was indeed a lice looking. It was the weekend and I couldn't wait to see my dermatologist so I started digging and digging. I ended up with more than 25 small digs on my chest and abdomen area. There is still no itching. I'm syphilis and HIV negative with no history of STDs. I finally saw my dermatologist and he said it's either (a) scabies or (b) bedbugs (he didn't check with the microscope) and I started using Permethrin 5%(cream) but I'm not sure if there is improvement (I dug 8 more yesterday and not sure of his diagnosis as I don't have any itch). Last night I checked the bed at 2 AM and later at 5 AM there were no bedbugs I can see (I also checked the bed and surrounding area carefully and washed all clothes and sheets, etc.) Appreciate your thoughts on (a) what kind of infestation I may have,(b) treatment and (c) should I continue digging them out? Thanks.

Hollywood, FL

#224 Jul 31, 2010
you are causing a secondary bacterial infection by digging (got that from Netherlands). So, I would suggest that you try to identify them first. Or, if you believe them to be scabies, get yourself more permethrin and try to get ivermectin, too. Ivermectin is to be taken internally and permethrin topically. A combination of those 2 will help cure you. Pay special attention to your bedding and clothes, shoes, car, etc., and keep everything mite free and clean.
Read some of the threads here on this forum. Read the I am Cured Thread. There are some good suggestions in that thread. One poster on here thought she had mites for a couple of months and when she took a sample to the State Extension office, the entomologist there identified her "mites" as "lice." Almost the same treatment, though, as the lice are becoming immune to the permethrin. Another very good topical scabicide is Benzyl Benzoate. Can be ordered online. Check out the thread called Ordering Links.

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#225 Jul 31, 2010
Joe, thanks for your response. A followup question, can it be scabies if they don't itch? Most of the threads I read discuss an "itch" which I don't have.

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#226 Jul 31, 2010
abilez wrote:
how do u no so much giving all this advise MARY from hollywood
Because I am the "mitey" and wonderful OZ.
Now scoot along my pretty, and take that mangey mut with you.

Hollywood, FL

#227 Jul 31, 2010
Heliogames wrote:
Joe, thanks for your response. A followup question, can it be scabies if they don't itch? Most of the threads I read discuss an "itch" which I don't have.
the vanilla variety of human scabies always itches. I caught mine from my dogs, so mine are different. Mine are more of a stingy bitey feeling. But there have been times, when I was attacked so violently in my car that my foot and ankles itched so bad, that I got the really bad "scabies" itch, where you want to tear off your skin. So, you are probably not that infected right now. May I ask how old you are? in your 20's? 30's, or 40's? Just checkin, cause the younger you are, the easier it is to get rid of these.
the better your immunity, etc.

Washington, DC

#228 Jul 31, 2010
I'm 42. I have my doubts about having scabies as (a) no itch whatsoever and (b) only my abdomen area is affected. As of today I counted 35 digs.

I will see another dermatologist on Monday as the one I saw didn't even want to touch me. I was expecting him to dig one and inspect it to confirm but he didn't. He also mentioned if I don't get better using Permethrin, then it must be bedbugs.

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