I'm going to kill myself ! Help me

I'm going to kill myself ! Help me

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San Diego, CA

#1 Sep 28, 2013
I can't take this anymore!!
I need YOU to diagnose me!
I need some support and advice and no one is helping me!!!
Please help me so that I don't kill myself. I just need to know what to do!!!
I have cat or dog scabies. They make burrow lines. Straight ones that are red and then later turn white. I try to kill the scabies with clove oil.
I think the clove oil is hurting my liver!!
One doctor said scabies
Another doctor who had scabies himself said that I didn't.
Scabies or whatever I have responses to perm. cream in part, so doctor and I decided it is an animal mite.
My scalp started feeling like something is eating the top of it. It's painful.
I just did the first does of iver, human pill, and the next day at 9pm after working in the dark for 4 hours my whole body started crawling. I got a bite on my neck. A bite on my face at 2am also appeared. I'm hoping that one is a pimple.
I will feel fine for a few days after a treatment and then I start to get new bites and crawling.
Done perm twice. Also did clove oil a couple times. Doesn't seem to kill the eggs. Good for spot treatment.
Been using sulfer soap on and off. I notice an itchy crawling outbreak after not using the sulfer soap for a few days
I do not think my reaction is post scabies
Why does my scalp hurt?
Eyelashes feel thick with something
So does inside my nose
Is this my imagination?
I'm going crazy.
Adopted 2 cats. My mom did. 6-8 weeks later she got this animal scabies.
I didn't realize the cats were carriers. So I have them in my house now.
6-8 weeks later I got a huge scabies outbreak. Not on my hands. Not in usual places.
On arm and thighs. On calves. Above breast. On side.
Perm cured a lot of that!!!
Feel crawling every 5-10 days
New burrows apeared this time
I think they are that.
Weird lines.
I need to know what kind of mite this is. Can cats carry dog mites for months. What about the cat mite?
What is this???
Cats didn't even seem to itch
Now they itch from fleas
Maybe the cats gave it to my other cats
They still itch from revolution. It is fleas for that though.
I am going crazy
I am very weak. Crying lots.
I am not strong enough to deal with this without help.
Cats don't have signs so how could this be?
Roommate says cat has mounds on ear. Think he is not right though. I don't know
Started itching 16 hours after finally touching cats
Help me.
I don't how to cure
This forum makes me crazy
People have it for 10 years???,
I don't want to be that. I won't live!!
Help me ! I've spent $800 to get rid of this. I sleep in the same bed with boyfriend. I avoided him until I thought I was cured
I treated him once. And once with clove oil.
I don't have the money to go on.
What do i do ? Help me.
I feel like killing myself if I don't know what to do.
What kind of mites? What is your symptom and any cure? Help please ;(
Thought it was post scabies but how can it be? Still exposed to cats.
No money for vet. Don't know what to do. Too many cats

San Diego, CA

#2 Sep 28, 2013
Sorry this isn't really English. Too stressed to speak right. Help me please.

I know you guys can relate.

I need to relate. Comfort me. Heal me.

How can I be cured without knowing what mite?

San Diego, CA

#3 Sep 28, 2013
Please help. Advice anyone?

How do I get rid of this?

Do I still have it?

Clove oil took away the red bumps and lines

How much clove oil will damage my liver?

Can I do it every day?

Since: Sep 13

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#4 Sep 28, 2013
sweetie, u need to relax, an read my post, u will make yourself more sick, be cool follow what I did, an u will befine,, but take it easy.

Since: Aug 13

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#5 Sep 28, 2013
"How much clove oil will damage my liver?"

The body can handle 3 grams per body kilo for oils containing 'eugenol', like clove and euclyptus.

Oils take a while to work and should not be considered as the only remedy.

Sounds like you might have bed bugs or something else as well. Your body is also reacting to the pesticides which is a neurotoxic substance.

Please do not post suicide references in your post headings, young people view this forum.

Go to a doctor and a vet. Spend your money wisely.

Keep calm, it gets worse before it gets better.

Parkersburg, WV

#6 Sep 30, 2013
Be sure that everyone and everything in the house is treated appropriately for Scabies the same time you are, otherwise you will keep getting re-infested. The eggs hatch about every 2 1/2 days so treatment must be continued for at least 3 days after itching from their movement stops.

My primary treatment used undiluted lemon juice on infested and surrounding areas reapplied every 2-3 hours. I showered twice a day giving my whole body a hard scrubbing starting with uninfested areas first. The luffa was soaked in bleach water between uses. At the end of the shower I sprayed my whole body with hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for at least a minute before drying off. Used a fresh towel every time, as well as fresh clothing. Lemon juice was always reapplied directly after each shower. So I had lemon juice on my skin almost continuously for 4 days before giving my skin a rest for sores to heal faster. During my shower I would rip open every bump from them I found trying to wash away as many of them and their eggs as possible. It is a painful treatment, but it has worked very well for me.

Hollywood, FL

#7 Sep 30, 2013
Scabiesxnightmare wrote:
"How much clove oil will damage my liver?"
The body can handle 3 grams per body kilo for oils containing 'eugenol', like clove and euclyptus.
Oils take a while to work and should not be considered as the only remedy.
Sounds like you might have bed bugs or something else as well. Your body is also reacting to the pesticides which is a neurotoxic substance.
Please do not post suicide references in your post headings, young people view this forum.
Go to a doctor and a vet. Spend your money wisely.
Keep calm, it gets worse before it gets better.
You say that oils should not be the only remedy??? What in the hell are you talking about?

The true scabicides are peremethrin cream 5%, ask for ELIMITE. Elimite is the best. And, if you have a persistant case, you need stromectol ivermectin. Other scabicides are

Benzyl Benzoate. You can buy this online from Australia. It's called Benzemul.

Eurax - another cream for scabies.

Malathion Lotion. Used in Europe.

Lindane lotion. This works, but you cannot use this any more often than once every 7 days, and for no more than 3 times. It's dangerous.

You can make up a sulphur lotion with 10% sublimed sulphur and 90% hand lotion. You can buy the sulphur online. Just type in sublimed sulphur.

Stay away from sites that sell their own homemade creams and such for scabies. They are all scams.

The essential oils are not curative, especially with a virulent strain of scabies.

Scabiesx - you post way too much. You don't know enough to be giving advice here.

You have no right to tell anyone here how to post. You are starting to sound like you own this forum, and guess what, there will always be someone like ME to set your ass straight.

If someone is suicidal, they have every right to express their feelings and concerns here. Who are you to tell them otherwise?

Since: Aug 13

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#8 Sep 30, 2013
"Benzyl Benzoate. You can buy this online from Australia. It's called Benzemul"

Incorrect it's called Ascabiol. Benzemul is from the USA.

"You can make up a sulphur lotion with 10% sublimed sulphur and 90% hand lotion. You can buy the sulphur online. Just type in sublimed sulphur."

Precipitated sulphur is what the compounding pharmacies will use for their scabies preparation, it's less gritty and works better.

"The essential oils are not curative, especially with a virulent strain of scabies"

Incorrect, man made scabicides have the same properties therefore scabies can develop a resistance, plantlife properties vary from season to season so scabies can not develop a total resistance to it.

Before man made treatments people used natural products. Resistance scabies can still be treated with these products.

"If someone is suicidal, they have every right to express their feelings and concerns here. Who are you to tell them otherwise?"

Scabies is not worth dying for when you realise that you are reacting to very strong neurotoxins on your body. Stop treating for a couple of weeks, your symptoms will lessen. Heard of the placebo effect? Have faith in your treatments, calm your mind. Go to a professional disease specialist to get skin biopsy done if you have a resistant scabies.

"Scabiesx - you post way too much. You don't know enough to be giving advice here."

Says VSS who just posted on 8 posts in a row telling people what to think.

Since: Aug 13

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#9 Sep 30, 2013
benzemul is from Australia too- sorry

Since: Aug 13

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#10 Sep 30, 2013
Last note, pharma scabicides are known to cause depression and to supress the immune system. The effects are temporary and you will feel better when you stop treating.

San Diego, CA

#11 Oct 3, 2013
Thanks so much for replying you guys.
I had done perm twice and clove oil once fully or maybe 2 or 3 times in full and then some giant spot treatments.
I rubbed a dandruff shampoo all over twice. Something zinc 1%
I stopped perm 2 or 3 weeks ago. 2?
Then started Iver about 12 days after the perm.
I have two tubes more of perm I am saving for my BF and I after I find money to treat the 3 cats.
I treated my boyfriend once with perm but second time with perm. We couldn't afford it at the time.
Could someone maybe please mail me something to treat my cats? I've spent over $800 fighting this. Over $250 of it on laundry
We have to drive to the laundromat it makes me feel even more poor and stressed.
I have a very social job and I have been afraid of passing it to clients.
My Iver is 3 grams? Or whatever. 3 something. The low common does.
One pill per week?
Is this enough? My doctor only gave me this much :(
I read they can become resistant if you use perm once and then not the next day? Am I screwed now?
I feel cured except that things now bite my face like pimples and pin pricks and things crawling on my upper body. If I put on knee socks I all of sudden feel pain and pricks on my knees.
I have animal scabies. Never had them on my hands or any normal places.
My doctor said he had scabies and it was easy to treat. He says mine didn't look like scabies.
How am I going to get money to treat my cats? I have so many cats. What if this never goes away? Why are they biting my face?
Am I in post scabies and don't know it?
How can I make myself believe it's gone?
You know scabies is a mental disease cuz it drives you crazy and wears you down. I've really felt like killing myself was the only way to escape them. There's something about not knowing if it will ever go away that makes you feel crazy.
I wish I knew what mite I had.
That would make me feel better.
Cats have no fur loss. No dogs around them.
Could it be mange? Could it be the walking dandruff one?
What if my vet finds nothing on the cats? Then what???
My family member had these cats first and got the same mite itch and bumps!!
When I got the cats about 6-8 weeks later I got it too.
What is this ? Is it gone? How do I get rid of it !
What do I treat the cats with? Too many cats!:(
Should I use perm again or buy BB? Or should I do nothing?
I will continue my once a week iver for two more weeks. Are the grams enough to work?
Can the Iver make pin prick feelings? Or is that new eggs hatching?
I don't see any bites on my arms. Does this mean they don't live there anymore even though I feel stuff now?
What are the bites on my face?
Why do my eyelashes feel thick and heavy and crawly?
Why does it feel like things are living in my nose and strange white mucus won't come out of my nose? Is this scabies?
Why does my scalp feel tender and slightly itchy ? I think they live in my scalp now and crawl down to my face and bite me
Or are these bites demodex mites? Maybe they took over my face when I applied the perm
Second time I put perm on my face and they moved to my head and face
Or maybe I have nothing?? Are these bites on my face and crawling just post scabies?
Answer me help me please!
My main scabies or mite rash is gone after the perm but I was still getting a few new bites. They seem to like my hair line and sometimes a few on my back or neck and jaw line and face.
If only half my body feels crawlies does this mean it's really something on me?
I also noticed if something is on me, like a small piece of flea debris or dust, I can feel it now!!! I look for a bite and find this instead sometimes or a piece of hair.
Maybe my skin is over sensitive now?
All the crawling on my face is just nerves? Or are the red bumps I see new bites?

San Diego, CA

#12 Oct 3, 2013
Part 2:

Why are they biting my face. Is this real?
By the way, if anyone feels like killing them self like me I am feeling part way better because I have hope they could go away. Hope is what you need. Also don't spend a lot of time alone on the Internet. It seems to make it worse. Go outside. Get away from your mind. Just don't infect other people please. I feel better on days when I'm not alone. And use coco butter lotion to heal your skin and grapeseed oil maybe

San Diego, CA

#13 Oct 3, 2013
Also, no. I don't have bedbugs. Fact

Also, when I had the mite for extra sure sure sure after the first perm treatment I got bites at work on my arm and ankles. No bed bugs there lol

Got one on my face at Denny's and another at subway. Got another one on my face at work too.

Crawling mostly starts at night

Bites mostly at night too I think

I work at night

San Diego, CA

#14 Oct 3, 2013
Am I post scabies???

Only a few bites a day.

Clove oil seems to kill the bites. So maybe they are alive?

Diff kind of mite?

Tea tree oil on my eyelids hurt and burned but took away a lot of the thick crawling feelings

Is tea tree oil safe for eyes?

Someone said to rinse with it

San Diego, CA

#15 Oct 3, 2013
Do I have to keep changing my sheets?

So tired of it :(

Should I use that animal Iver? Daily? Weekly?

Should I wait and see if I clear up?

San Diego, CA

#16 Oct 3, 2013
Also. They only have me on 3 grams iver per week

Don't I need 15 grams? I weight 140

Did they mess me up? Could they be resistant to iver now?

This says 200mcg per kg that you weigh:


Topeka, KS

#17 Oct 3, 2013
hi HMPH,

i'm so sorry you're going through this. i've been going through a similar experience with the crawling and biting sensations - especially at night. and i have had thoughts of not wanting to be alive if i have to live with this too.(i posted a thread here: http://www.topix.com/forum/health/scabies/T69...

you're right though, i was spending lots of time alone on the internet reading about this stuff and it just made me even more depressed. so i have stopped doing that and only look on this website every now and then.

you might have something other then scabies. that's what my first doctor said it was, but the permethrin didn't help at all. i have now found a doctor who thinks i may have Morgellon's Disease.(way freaked out by that but i'm hopeful because i'm feeling better).

if its scabies that you have then you will just keep getting reinfested unless you treat EVERYONE - your boyfriend, pets, and anyone else that you are in close physical contact with - including people who hug you and share living space with.

and yes, you should be washing all clothes, sheets, and other fabric surfaces everyday.

if its on your eyelashes it doesn't really sound like scabies though. i think demodex mites are the ones that cling to lashes and other hair follicles. you might want to try another doctor who might give you a different diagnosis and treatment, if your current doctor is stuck on the idea that its scabies.(did you do some research on demodex and how people are getting rid of it?)

i had to find another doctor because my first doctor kept telling me it was scabies even though the treatments weren't working and i didn't even have itchy rashes or track marks.

hang in there - this will get better. and as for the clove oil, are you ingesting it? I'm not sure why you're saying it's dangerous. i've been putting clove oil and coconut oil all over my body for almost a month now to stop the biting/swarming sensations. i use 4 parts coconut oil to 1 part clove oil and it keeps the sensations down to a minimum. i usually have to reapply about every 4 or 5 hours.

and at night i put castor oil and clove oil on to get to sleep. that mixture is 3 parts castor oil to 1 part clove oil. and i take sleeping pills (over the counter) to get to sleep.

if your doctor gave you ivermectin, then trust that it will work (if you have scabies or other mites). just do the oils on the skin to keep the biting/swarming sensations down and wait for the ivermectin to do its job.

i had to do the ivermectin via horse paste because my doctor wouldn't give me any, just kept giving me more permethrin. so i had to go the horse paste route. it tasted like help but i think it helped. now i've found a doctor who thinks it might be morgellons and is helping me figure out how to treat it.

i wish you the best in all of this. and i hope that you find a doctor who will REALLY help you. i was feeling really lost and not knowing what to believe in all this internet stuff. and now i feel so much more hopeful.

please keep us informed on your progress. i don't know you but there are many of us who care about you and others that are going through this together.

San Diego, CA

#18 Oct 3, 2013
How funny! I was just responding to your thread and you had responded on mine lol
You are my favorite person on here so far, not sure why :)
Yeah I was doing the same as you, coconut oil with clove.
Did you treat your cats? Revolution seemed to make my cats finally show signs of itching. Revolution for cats may or may not treat all mites according to my research.
I did change doctors and he agrees it's not scabies. He himself had scabies before so that helps.
What were your rash and bites like?
I made him give me iver. 3mg pills. Only one a week is what he gave me but that dosing isn't correct. He didn't know what does to give me :(
I think it's too low so it's not working :(
Iver should kill demo Mites and all mites. I think it's just not enough :(
Tell me more about your horse paste? I want to try it. I feel crazy going back to the doctor :(

San Diego, CA

#19 Oct 3, 2013
Also have you read about the walking dandruff cat mite that starts with a c ? chy ? Or cl?

Can't remember but I feel like my cats gave me that or some kind of mange mite. But I'm just not sure.

For sure it is a mite.

Topeka, KS

#20 Oct 3, 2013
thats funny HMPH, i'll read your post on my thread when i'm done posting here. i'm glad we can get a good laugh in all of this.

are you sure its a mite? the eyelash thing makes me think its demodex. were you able to look very closely at your eyelashes to see if there was grudd looking stuff stuck to the base of them?

if you can pinpoint what you're dealing with you will feel relieved. at least I did when I found all those fibers under the microscope. i felt great relief to know i wasn't infested with mites. and then i felt overwhelmed a day later with sadness at what i might be facing (but feeling hopeful now since i found a good doctor).

i am glad you have a good doctor, i know some people here are really down on doctors, but they do know a million times more about our bodies then we do. so keep up the hope, and trust that you have someone with expertise in your corner.

i started treating my cats a month ago with Revolution. that is what my vet told me would kill mites. they seem pretty happy. they itch every now and then but i don't know if that's something to be concerned about or not. no fur lose and they are their usual piggy-selves, wanting food all the time. so i'm going to assume for now that they are fine until i see signs that tell me otherwise.

i just gave them their monthly Revolution treatment. and i bath them weekly in a shampoo called Vets Best: Anti-flea Easy Spray Shampoo with Peppermint Oil and Clove Extract. It makes me feel good to know that they are nice and clean. they don't like it much though.

I also haven't been letting them sleep in my bedroom anymore. in fact, the bedroom is now off limits to them. just in case they are carrying something. they didn't like it the first couple of night (howling at my door) but now they are fine with it.

are you covering your pillow and bed with plastic? that's what everyone says to do right away. i put plastic trash bags over my pillow and sealed it in with packing tape. and i bought a huge thick plastic sheet at the hardware store and sealed up my bed mattress in that too.

after reading about all the crap that lives in mattresses i will never sleep on a mattress again that is not sealed up in plastic or a vinyl zipped covering.

About my symptoms: I was getting biting sensations but no bite marks or sores. and swarming sensations that feel like a thousand bugs crawling on my skin, but there's nothing there. and about 80% of the time, when I felt a bite sensation I would look at the place and a small black speck would appear. you read my thread so you know what those turned out to be. i call them "sensations" because i don't think they are bites, i think the biting sensation is the fiber bursting through the skin.

and the swarming sensations were just horrible at night, i started hating night time and would leave my light on to sleep.(I say "were" because the last 3 or 4 nights have been swarm free. i don't know if that will last.) but i am keeping up on my bedtime routine anyway.

i take sleep aids about an hour before bed, and then take a hot bath with tea tree oil in the bath water. i also use Dr. Bonner's Pepperment soap on my hair and body. this all makes me feel so fresh and clean. and then i'm ready for bed. i can usually fall asleep using this routine.

the black speck hardly appear anymore when I feel a bite. now i'm getting rashes on my arms and back. but that might be from all the crap i've put my body through - baths in borax, peroxide, and clorax (not all together of course.) and i've put other stuff on it like windex, the clove/coconut oil mixture, and some other things that i can't remember off hand.

i'm actually just using coconut oil right now, since i'm not feeling too many bites and the swarming sensations have stopped. i'm hoping that the rash is just from all the harsh treatment and if so, just coconut oil on it should help clear up the rashes.

keep me posted on how you're doing.

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