Can scabies breathe underwater/swim?

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#47 Aug 29, 2013
jenn wrote:
When I had scabies it was the most horrible thing , I felt uncomfortable around everyone and thought it would never end,there is a quick way to end your breakout safely. Permethrin does not work folks if you have had scabies for a couple weeks and it is dangerous.
"STOP Scabies Pain And Itching From Home, In 24 Hours Or Less With No Doctors, No Wasted Money, And No Drugs..."
TOTAL LIE THAT PERMETHRIN DOES NOT WORK. It is the safest treatment and absolutely rid our family of scabies.

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#48 Aug 29, 2013
Scott wrote:
<quoted text>
TOTAL LIE THAT PERMETHRIN DOES NOT WORK. It is the safest treatment and absolutely rid our family of scabies.
Scott, this is an old post from someone that was selling a book to cure scabies. Looks like the website has closed down. when people on here are selling snake oil products like homeopathy or creams or magnet bracelets or enzyme cleaners, they will definitely try to discredit the true scabies cures. But, yes permethrin works!!! some people need ivermectin with that permethrin to effect a cure!!

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#49 Sep 13, 2013
Amir..........rubbing alcohol has certainly helped me..........they have all gone from my scalp since I have been soaking my head in it for 15 minutes before my shower..........I also use it as a spray all over after showering and I am almost cured........also been swimming most days too......good luck.......
I first noticed something wasnt right when I started getting blisters on my hands and feet (I already itched for years from eczema)then everyone around me started itching and sure enough it was scabies. Alcohol will not kill scabies however it can be useful if you want them gone from a certain spot I started to use hand sanitizer on my hands everyday and with a week or two the blisters disappeared yet stayed on my feet.

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#50 Sep 24, 2013
Can scabies breathe underwater/swim?- can't find the article but read about a case of a lady whose fingernails were very thickened. They determined she got scabies from her misdiagnosed husband and so prescribed ivermectin for her. Her nails then eventually went back to normal. So that case (and possibly nodular scabies) indicates that it is not possible to drown scabies.

Interestingly, I read a derm article that said it takes 16 hours to drown HEAD LICE. Wish that was the case for scabies since before cure, I would have happily donned the scuba gear that long to knock them out.

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#51 Nov 3, 2013
Use a peel off facial mask on entire body. Leave on every night while you are asleep and peel off in morning then wash your body. Peppermint oil in your conditioner as strong as you can stand it and they will be gone in no time. Vaseline aloe lotion to heal and soothe skin. You don't need a ton of products. That's it!

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#53 Dec 16, 2013
Does a hot tub with chlorine at 102 degrees help

Dublin, GA

#54 Dec 20, 2013
Rubbing alcohol is dangerous. 1st it is toxic if you absorb too much through the skin. 2nd you can not soak your entire body at once because you will suffocate on the fumes. 3rd you can bleed internally. I tried this treatment and woke up with huge bruises on my side and drunk from absorbing too much wood grain alcohol. I was desperate to stop the itching, but that is no excuse for taking your life in your hands.
too itchy to think

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#55 Apr 15, 2014
Omg! please someine help me! i got itch pills and cream and baking soda and acohol and hot water . nothing has seemed to help. i am dying.

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#56 Apr 16, 2014
too itchy to think wrote:
Omg! please someine help me! i got itch pills and cream and baking soda and acohol and hot water . nothing has seemed to help. i am dying.
where are the itches located/how widespread is it? i found seaweed sheets wetted down and wrapped around the area worked wonders for itchyness and actually healed my hands.

Blackwood, NJ

#57 May 20, 2014
Has anyone tried suffocating them? I know the way to naturally kill gypsy moth catapillers is to put liquid dish detergent in a bottle with a little water....shake and put on the caterpillars. It clogs their breathing tubes and they die. Maybe he same thing would work with scabie mites. I have been making a paste with my regular bath soap by just rubbing the bar of soap over and over on the bites. It will start to create a paste and get a thick cover of soap. Leave it on 5 to 6 minutes. It seems to be working for me.
Get oral meds

Bloomington, IN

#59 Aug 23, 2014
Homedepot has simple green d hospital grade disinfectant

Evansville, IN

#60 Feb 20, 2015
itchy wrote:
scrub your skin with baking soda to create a microdermabrasion on all over your body. don't be afraid if you bleed a little. when your done rinse and wash of. then run a bath add bleach to the bath soak for as along as you would like. get out of the bath don't towel dry instead blow dry your body with blow dryer hot on high. when your completely dry drench yourself in olive oil from the neck down. get dressed as usual. the olive oil helps with the itch plus helps heal the skin from all the scratching. you must be consistent with this remedy. it has to be done every single day until you are bug free. always wash your sheets, pillows , pillow cases , everyday. it is hard work but will pay off. good luck!
This is good, but use Grapeseed oil vs olive oil. Not that Olive Oil is bad, but that Grapeseed oil has a natural elixir in it which will sooth irritated skin. The ONLY thing that healed my scabies overnight is Retenol A 1%. I discovered it by mistake, just trying ANYTHING and it worked.

Manassas, VA

#61 Mar 9, 2015
Even if you kill them by drowning, in 3-5 days their eggs will hatch. I used a strong 13.3% Permetherin with 14% PBO and it killed every living scabies mite in my skin, and then the eggs hatch again.

Benzyl benzoate will kill every mite on your body, but it is also harsh, especially groin and mucus membrane areas. I believe Southern States 13.3% permetherin livestock wash has benzyl benzoate as an inert ingredient. I captured a hatching event on my arms and it killed all the mites, other areas eggs were hatching a few times a day, so I resulted to 7 days with a insecticide cream.

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#62 Mar 9, 2015
im so tired of the itch wrote:
ive had these damn things over a month now... nothing is working an when i do think its working the next day i see new ones. ive tried bleed... the cream... tea tree oil... washed my sheets... i just cant get rid of them an i cant see my girlfriend because i dont want her to get them. an shes starting to worry about me as so am i. i hope everyone gets cured this is one of the worst feelings ive had my whole life. good luck everyone =/
Tell her the truth what happens if she has them and doesn't know?

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#63 Mar 10, 2015
I am just trying an experiment I've been to the Chinese doctor and got some medicine to detox the system. I have tea tree oil scrub and tea tree oil mixed with baby oil they don't like the mix by the black dots on my skin. I am on a bed sheet at night and sleep with cclothes on which I wash and change every day. I am winning the war, worth putting chemicals on before sleep about 11 - 2am is their most active period. Antihistamine at night. Wear shoes in the house and change foot wear every 2 days. Drink plenty of water the Chinese doc said and no spicy food, sea food or alcohol.
Another theory is caffeine is poisonous may work on mites as their tolerance is much lower as they must have some kind of heart.

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#64 Mar 14, 2015
I am experimenting with oils I am going to use garlic oil I had some semi success with my tea tree oil and baby oil method but I think they have reinforced my body through the larva. I'll use Olive oil as a base oil and experiment with natural pesticides, I am going to experiment with garlic by blending and adding to oil. I may also look at oil cleansing over taking baths so often the body must have natural defence that bathing maybe reducing. I was wondering is a sauna could help as well

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#65 Apr 25, 2015
Pretty sure I've had the "shiny newish 2012" scabies. This has been an all over body thing for me. I have been putting diametaceous earth on my mattress, bedding, wooden floors, rugs and myself; under arms, body, feet and scalp. This has been helping and it dries out the little f*^€£#rs. Observations: they like it wet! Put a 50/50 bleach solution in a spray bottle. Spray down entire bathroom everyday! Spray onto paper towels and reach under your bathroom counter; and wipe. Telltale residue will be beige/ with little black specks. This is where they drop to your feet when your at your bathroom sink...faucets: you have to submerge your faucet heads in a hot bleach solution. I've been using a crockpot/with thermometer to insure that water is 140 degrees or more. Unscrew shower head and let it soak in crockpot for a few minutes too! Water in crock needs bleach in it also. Not 50/50 though. I use about I cup of bleach/gallon of water. I sanitize everything I touch in my crock pot. As I've read and agree. Wash sheets bedding everyday; change clothes every 8 hours and plastic bag them or wash immediately. Crank up your eater heater to 140 and check temp at faucet head. When washing bedding/clothes use "hot" setting on washer/dryer. Segregate a minimal wardrobe from the rest of your clothes! Vacuum as much as you can but, be aware, vacuum can become infested too. Use 50/50 bleach solution, take vacuum apart, and sanitize as much as you can. Finally, get yourself some big boxes of rubber surgical gloves and wear them around religious like! Very handy when immersing and pulling stuff out of hot crock bath can spray/wipe your 50/50 bleach solution right onto them. Don't forget to spray your light switches, door knobs, coffee pot handle and etc. Then you have to address your car. I put diametaceous earth on seats, carpet, steering wheel and knobs/controls. Be conscious of what you touch/stand daily and hit those areas hard. I'm not fully cured but, I see the population diminishing. I also use RID products. I leave the shampoo in my hair for 30min....directions say 10min. Max. Good luck!
all is well

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#66 Apr 25, 2015
Your post is too far out there for scabies. Are you treating mold or scabies?
For scabies, you treat with a scabicide. You dont boil your faucet.
you are plugging diatomaceous earth. Spammers on this forum tend to have long, drawn out far fetched stories of how they treat with DE. de doesn't do jack for scabies.


#67 Apr 26, 2015
I am 14 and I've got scabie which killing me what can I do to cool it down???

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#68 Apr 26, 2015
mia wrote:
I am 14 and I've got scabie which killing me what can I do to cool it down???
Take always first hot bath to help rid of them than i take cool showers caz it helps close your pores but also it will cool the itching down alot this helps me alot goodluck and god bless

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