small tiny clear bumps...looks like s...

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#24 Jun 18, 2013
TanJ wrote:
Pompholyx or Dishydrotic Exczema is an autoimmune disorder characterized by small, fluid filled bumps typically confined to hands and feet. The rash comes and goes in stages including bumps which either get popped or start the dry out, peeling and cracking, new skin formation and then it starts all over again. From my experience the rash gets worse over the years. It is widely thought that many individuals with Pompholyx have nickel and many other food and chemical sensitivies which trigger the disorder. I hope some of this information is useful.
Wow thank you so much. I have not been able to locate information on what I could possibly have on my hands. I have been treating it as psoriasis. I googled Pompholyx and sure enough the pictures are identical!

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#25 Jun 18, 2013
I was originally diagnosed with dishydrotic eczema (for months) when in fact I had scabies. The doctor thought I had dishydrotic eczema because of the small, fluid-filled bubbles I had on my palms, fingers and feet. I was actually eventually relieved to find out I had scabies because at least scabies is generally easier to cure than eczema.

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#26 Aug 13, 2013
Your fingers it's hydrocloric eczema..

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#27 May 19, 2014
Peachy wrote:
Anyone else have anything similar to this post-treatment?
. I have a bump with a little black dot in the middle ,however, I haven't had scabies.

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#28 Jul 19, 2014
Hi guys- like TanJ said, it sounds like you're suffering with dishydrosis. It can cause tiny blisters on the hands and feet that are not painful and itchy at first, though they can be uncomfortable. As they start to dry out, the skin gets hard and cracks or peels, and that is when you get the itching and dryness. If the blisters get popped, I've noticed that they can develop a dark centre, especially if a new blister forms over the site of an old one. I also tend to find the blisters flare up in hot weather.
There isn't a cure for dishydrosis, but if you go to your doctor they will be able to give you a steroid cream to help treat the blisters and itching. That, combined with avoiding blister triggering factors like heat and stress, can help reduce dishydrosis symptoms.:) I hope this helps!

Matamoras, PA

#29 Aug 13, 2014
I have these clear fish egg like bumps too, but its not scabies. My mother is an RN and she thinks its something called Molluscum Contagiosum. Its a mostly harmless rash caused by a virus. it runs its course and passes. noramlly without any issues. the thing is it spreads by touch so dont shake hands or high five anybody til you know. also dont touch them then touch yourself withou washing.Check it out tho. hope this helps some people cause i was bugging out when i forst saw them, and the research definitely calmed me

Carmel, CA

#30 Aug 30, 2014
This may be an unusual form of herpes, it called whitlow.. Look for images. If there fussed with they hurt.

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#31 Oct 5, 2014
Are the bumps only on you hands or feet? My bet is that you are dealing with dyhidrosis. It is a skin irritation that is either a form or eczema (dyhidrotic eczema) or it is dyhidrosis due to an allergy. A common allergy that causes this is nickel. Examples of foods hi in nickel are oatmeal and chocolate.

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#32 Oct 7, 2014
Not any activity on this thread since May but posting anyway if it's any help to anyone.
my husband years ago had this terrible rash on the palms of his hands and his fingers and they were tiny blisters and they itched and they would peel ...he had been to many doctors and dermatologists and they couldn't find the problem....he had this for 10 years ...we wracked our brain trying to figure out what was causing it and one day he was sitting on the bed with his shirt off. And the cat jumped up there and rubbed against his back and immediately a blister red rash broke out...I told him I bet it's the cat ..., allergic to the cat... he quit petting the cat for about a week and it cleared up on the palm and fingers..... he still continued to pet the cat but he would wash his hands right away ....the rash never came back and that was many years ago.

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#33 Oct 13, 2015
boo wrote:
on the side of my left pinky finger and on the side of my right index finger, i have a few very small, tiny bumps...there are no track marks from what i can tell and no solid black tiny dots (i've had scabies and started treatment a month ago iver/perm and know what those black dots are)....they don't look like burrows. i've been cleared up for awhile now and havent itched either but these things concern me a bit....if i put them in the light there is like a greyish shadow circle inside them, hard to explain but not that tiny black dot....i guess it reminds me of fish eggs lol! the clear outside and dark fetus on the inside...i don't know. anyway...i hope this isn't a reinfestation. i'm almost out of perm, but i want to do another full body. the areas don't itch either. what could it be? is it a scabies reinfest?

I went to Dr for this, told me its a type of eczema, not contagious and nothing serious. At night apply Vaseline and bandage, its just dry skin.

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#34 Oct 27, 2015
I'm quite sure there's no kitty coming out of your sores I think you mean "pus" 😀

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#36 Dec 27, 2015
I read online that it is some kind of hand eczema I thought it was scabies so I googeld it and I was wrong by the looks of things.

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#37 Dec 27, 2015
I saw the same thing online as Millie.

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#38 Jan 4, 2016
Well, I have those too and they are not scabies. I have however had bed bugs recently. I went to the doctor and I didn't have scabies.

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#40 Apr 29, 2016
curious wrote:
I have these clear dots on my hands and fingers as well that I thought were warts although they are mostly under the skin. They have come and gone but now I have more of them. They are not really itchy or bothersome but have a slightly tingly feeling. Now I found out someone I know may have scabies so I am trying to figure out if this is scabies but it doesn't match up with what I am reading online and the pictures of scabies. I have a few red dots on my arm that aren't really itchy but look like poison oak to me. I understand that scabies are intensely itchy so I'm not sure if I have them. I am treating my family with essential oils and washing everything just in case. I'm curious if the people who posted here had scabies or no.
Hello I have the same thing as you, did you find out what it was?

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#41 May 1, 2016
Psychos wrote:
<quoted text>

This sounds very similiar to Dyshidrosis (aka hand eczema).
My dermatologist stated that's what it is mine is on LT pinky. I'm a nurse and mine flares up when I use too much alcohol or wash my hands a ton which is what I do. Tea tree oil works to ease itching and clears it up in 2 days. Sad news is it will always come back

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#43 Jun 25, 2016
ick wrote:

i have something similar to what you are talking about (e.g. fish egg looking clear blister on the palm of my hand). however, i was not previous diagnosed with scabies. did you find out what it was or did it simply go away?
All I've found that matches is dishydrosis. Look it up and see if it seems the same. Looks just like mine.

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#44 Jun 25, 2016
I've had these for years. It is a form of eczema. It's called dishydrosis. Look up the pics and see if it's what you guys have too.
Rabbitholegoesto isreal

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#45 Aug 12, 2016
Amanda wrote:
I have that too. It looks like fish eggs and my skin gets axtremely dry ans starts peeling near it. Does anyone know why we get these?! Or a treatment? I pop mine but they it doesnt do much..
We get these because we are goyim in Fidel's

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#46 Aug 12, 2016
This has been written about on this forum before.

They are the "covers" or like a "manhole cover" that the mite makes out of our keratin mixed with their waterproofing secretions to protect the opening of their track/burrow.

They are almost impossible to pick off, but if they can be loosened and removed you will always find a hole underneath which is the opening of the track.

They have to come off. They could be hiding live mites and/or eggs. They can be removed with wart remover or lye or salicylic acid or anything that dissolves dead skin, including soaking in washing soda. sodium carbonate.

I had to have mine removed under my boobs, by diathermy as they were too numerous to do myself.

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