Do I have scabies or something else? ...

Kuwait, Kuwait

#81 Nov 9, 2012
How dare you saying that Islam is Satans religion. You are just jaleous at the Arabs. You poor guy. If you believe in Jesus (may Allah be pleased with him) how can you talk in such a disrespect full way about others and other religions. That's really sad. And that shows that you are a sad person. I hope you get never cured

Kuwait, Kuwait

#82 Nov 9, 2012
And Allah god knows what's best for us. If we are satan religion how come God blessed us with a religion what requires covering with hijabs and the easy clothes??? I guess god must love us Muslims Because he makes it easier to control this disease by the covering of our heads. Me as a Muslim will never talk bad about any religion from god. Shame on you. And thanks to god that I am Muslim with a hijab and my husband a muslim with a long dress and a head garment this makes it easier for us who are also sufferers from this.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#83 Nov 9, 2012
Religion has a large part in this, but it's not Islam's fault. They worship god like other religions.

The people who control this world worship Satan and they are the ones who have been plotting all this for a long time. All of these families have been around for hundreds of years. Most of the wars have been caused by them and they always benefit from it in some way. They have people infiltrated into all governments and pull the strings.

They worship Satan and this is why they are capable lying, cheating, stealing, killing and any other sin in the quest for more money and power. They all have the psychopathic mentality and anybody that stands in they way is eliminated one way or another.

Did you know that engines that can run on water have been invented, as well as cars that can give over 100 miles per gallon. The problem is that the patent for these things are bought right away and never seen again. Or the inventors disappear if they don't sell out. They are offered more money than they have even seen, so most sell their patents and we end up getting nailed with high oil prices. The car companies are in on this also. If they really wanted to they could make a car than gives 100 miles per gallon, but it's all tied into this greed that rules this world.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#88 Nov 9, 2012
So yesterday it was colder in Florida. Back when I thought these things were mites I was praying for winter to come.

Yesterday I realized that was a mistake. The colder temperature is more conductive. I bought my daughter a kids meal and when I paid the drive thru cashier I shocked the crap out of him. I also kept getting static shock every time I got out of my car, which was 3 times before I finally went home.

These things kill other bugs by the way. I found several dead fly type bugs in my bathroom yesterday and I had not sprayed any pesticide in their. They seem to like mosquitoes and biting flies. Probably because these insects spread disease and other things.

Kuwait, Kuwait

#89 Nov 9, 2012
Who are you to judge me by what you hear on the news and what you learn on Wikipedia. How come if you are a believer in Jesus ( may Allah be pleased with him, we say that after every prophet) we believe in every prophet same as in Christianity, that you are feeling so much hate in you? I am really wondering that, and your replies really make me laugh. Thanks. Ok about the poor girl in Pakistan this is horrible and this has nothing to do with Islam and this is done by people who call themselves Muslims. In Islam the women has the right for education. We are living in a oil Rich country and I don't see and notice any obsession in my family our in my marriage. And I don't understand how you can blame me for others faults. I have many American friends and also non Muslims and I love them a lot. We travel and study in America and we don't Blame all the Americans for coming into Muslim land and killing many innocents Muslims as well ( what they don't show at the news) does that make me hate all the Americans and Christians. No it doesn't. And it doesn't allow me to insult them about their religion as well. But you go off at me and hold me responsible for other people. There are so many Americans here in my country and like it a lot. I just don't understand how you can be a Christian and so hate full. Is it the scabies making you like this ? Our just the fact that I am a Muslim and happy with my religion. I really hope that god softens your heart and opens up your eyes and ears. What you read our learn on Wikipedia is all controlled by you so called illuminati government. In my religion it's not allowed to kill innocent people. One question for you why you have so much hate in you? Bad childhood? Bad marriage our bad salary? You made my day thanks a lot buddy. Can't wait for your replies lol.

Kuwait, Kuwait

#96 Nov 10, 2012
Wooooow you really get hurt my words lol. Our you don't have a life, I guess you are a itchy poor guy sitting behind his computer for nights scratching and scrathing. And I call God how ever I want that's not up to you to tell me what I can do. I hope you will have a miserable life with millions of mites on you. You are such a hate full person that I can only reply you with hate. So mister go scratch yourself stay awake all night behind your computer and please keep sending me messages. We are reading them here with lots of fun. Can't wait to hear from you again. Good day to you.

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#99 Nov 10, 2012
Here is what is going on with people here.

&fe ature=related

Chula Vista, CA

#103 Nov 12, 2012
Islam wrote:
And Allah god knows what's best for us. If we are satan religion how come God blessed us with a religion what requires covering with hijabs and the easy clothes??? I guess god must love us Muslims Because he makes it easier to control this disease by the covering of our heads. Me as a Muslim will never talk bad about any religion from god. Shame on you. And thanks to god that I am Muslim with a hijab and my husband a muslim with a long dress and a head garment this makes it easier for us who are also sufferers from this.
WTF? This ins't a forum for brainwashed religious fanaticism. Go find the "I hate everyone because that's how I was brainwashed/raised" forum. Weird ass violent religious freaks. You hope people don't get cured? How stupid is that. Idiot.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#104 Nov 12, 2012
Lets no get into a religious war now!
What she is saying about the media is true. They portray a group of people a certain way to make other cultures or countries look bad.

The U.S. has supported dictators in the past:

The media does a great job at hiding all the atrocities that this government has committed. If you stop listening to the propaganda machine media and read articles published outside the U.S. you can easily see this.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#105 Nov 12, 2012
I see several people at work especially woman, who have the rashes and the moles, yet they are walking around normal as can be. I'm sure they have health issues, but they are not freaking out from what I can see. This disease is affecting them a bit differently.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

#106 Nov 13, 2012
DERFER wrote:
Here is what is going on with people here. =N5ridMz3PN4XX&feature=rel ated
If the evolutionists wanted to genetically alter their genes, then they are free to do so. It's their body. But what is up with the spraying on air and genetically modifying our food. That's not a choice. We need to be provided with a choice!! It is sinister and forcing people. And as for Morgellons I pray that there is a lawyer out there suffering with Morgellons and find materials and fight against the people responsible for designing and spreading this bug.
They need to be charged with crimes against humanity and crimes against our planet.

I have been hearing sirens every day, and some days the siren goes all day and all night. What's going on, why isn't this on the news?

Saint Petersburg, FL

#107 Nov 14, 2012
Found some new information. So apparently we have been getting sprayed for at least 50 YEARS. They have been trying out different formulas created by formed Nazi top scientists (Project Paperclip). With each test the government analyzed the outcome and kept re-engineering the formula until they came up with the current chem trails formula that has now been spread worldwide.

I makes me sick to think that the current flu, cervical cancer and other vaccines are contaminated on purpose just to achieve population control. Read the article above and also the comments, which are very informative.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

#108 Nov 14, 2012
And it makes me sick that they are dropping chemicals on the Organic Non-GMO crops.

By the way I don't buy the 200,000 Indian farmers who refused to make GMO died of suicide. Just because people run out of livelyhood does not make them want to commit suicide. I know, because I've lost so much jobs with these things on me, but it doesn't make me want to commit suicide. 10 people I can believe, 100 is a little far fetch, but 200-Thousand? What is that, a mass suicide orgy?

They died of genetically modified organisms. This is easily traceable by the way, you just need to google what company makes these GMOs and who runs them.

These people are oozing with evil in their blood. I can't believe anyone could do this.

If you want to eat your medicine, I guess you can start with eating anti-fungal foods. But it has to be non-gmo, otherwise it won't work. I'm betting an antiviral drug would be better. Not because I don't have confidence that natural food kills fungus. It's cause I don't trust people to leave Organic-Non GMO farmers alone.

There's a reason why mites don't reside in the blood by the way. It's cause the food we eat are anti fungal. Look at the vegan diet, almost all of them are anti fungal. Nobody eats just dairy and meat. That's why when you tell your doctor you have mites internal they will look at you like you're crazy. It is impossible.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#109 Nov 15, 2012
So for the last 2 weeks I have had very strong sweat. My pillow case has a strong mold type smell even though I change the sheets and pillow covers every 2-3 days and I shower twice daily. I could not figure out why my sweat smelled so bad until yesterday.

I left a glass of filtered water on my counter for a few hours and when I went to drink it the water had the same smell. The temperature in the house was cool by the way. This tells me that there are definitely strong bacteria in the water. If you are taking long showers or sitting in water for a long time your skin is partially absorbing the same bacteria and other pathogens that are in the water. Human beings cannot survive without water, so by targeting our water supply the government has found the perfect way to infect us with pathogens that can also make you susceptible to parasites.

We are being attacked from every angle. Via polluted water (Chemtrails), air (Chemtrails), food (Chemtrails, GMO and Carcinogens), and health and hygiene products (carcinogens). Even through clothing via GMO cotton nematodes. The morgellons fibers have even been found in toilet paper. How is it that these attacks are being allowed upon our worldwide populations?
The answer is “Project Paperclip”, which was funded by the Rockefellers. Companies such as Merck have benefited from this. They make us sick and then we spend lots of money on drugs to cure these man-made diseases. Making people sick and then making money from the expensive meds is the new evil way they use to make money. This started back in the 80’s with AIDS.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#110 Nov 15, 2012
It was not enough to have the smokers, drinkers and obese kill themselves slowly. Now we are all being targeted via the dormant pathogens in our water, air, vaccines and GMO foods. So now children and adults who live a healthy lifestyle via exercise and good diet are also affected.

Why do these psychopaths who rule this world feel the need to eliminate most of us?

These pathogens primarily target the elderly and the weak. They weaken our immune system, making us susceptible to parasites, bacteria, viruses, cancers and other illnesses. This leads to people always being tired, which can cause brain fog, depression and anxiety.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#111 Nov 19, 2012
So after doing further research online I have confirmed that the Morgollens nanobots are attracted to electrical equipment. In our bedroom they are congregating by the ceiling fan and when you turn on the light so can see them fall from that area of the ceiling downward. It’s the same with the bathroom, kitchen and every room with a light fixture. I have posted in the past that I have even seen the fibers growing on energy efficient light bulbs.

They love electricity. I read that they are can also be inside electronic equipment and can cause disruption in things like speakers. I could never figure out why my PC’s surround system kept having issues until now. I’m too scared to open my PC and see if they are in there, but they probably are since I have not opened that case in 2 years. I read some of the stories online about people with Morgs, who think they have infected other people, but you must realize that these things are everywhere. Even water filters will not filter the nanobots from water, they are just that tiny and the fibers are just some of the things they are building. The nanobots are so tiny that they can float in the air and be breathed in.

Despite constantly vacuuming my car some of the fibers have started growing on the 3 month old seat covers and from what I can see the particles will start breaking off once the fibers get to a certain size or the entire fiber will come off and purposely land on you. The particles are very tiny and are not always visible. I had what look like a tiny bit of dirt on my glasses. When the sunlight shined on the glasses I could see what looked like hundreds of tiny dots on the glass. I immediately took the glasses of and cleaned them.

These things can exist by the thousands in contaminated clothing and towels. A lady who wrote her story online stated that the fibers transferred from infected socks to clothing and towels, than from the towels unto her face and other parts of her body. This was my theory after I saw them in brand new clothing. The one thing this woman did not realize is that they are also in the water. So even if your clothes are free of them, they will get infected when you wash them and the fibers will start growing in the drier. The person who wrote about them being in electronics also mentioned that they found the fibers under the drier.

This is such a nightmare and no amount of borax or anything we can purchase is going to kill these things. They reproduce faster than we can possibly clean and are so tiny that we can’t see the majority of them. We are talking about nano bots so tiny that they can fly. They can find you via your smell, infrared and some type of communication that the nano bots have with one another. They work as a collective hive type mentality and can be controlled via microwave and other waves.

I’m beginning to think that the conversion to digital was done to free up the analog bands to transmit the signal to these things.

Long Beach, CA

#112 Nov 23, 2012
I think they are being controlled by Satan and his evil angels.

Scientists dug up mummies and had studied their plague. The egyptian mummies were so well preserved that scientists need only to go to museums and extract specimens, take it to the lab, and study the dna. Then they would have the perfect skin plague. It is that skin plague God had bestowed upon the egyptians when the pharoah didn't let his people go. Now they had the blue print, and what scientists did was to modify the DNA and infuse it with Nano Technoloy. That is why it is made out of metals. They studied the structure and it is a receptor (not transmittor). They do not communicate with one another, it is designed so that they follow instructions from a force. Every entity in this world animate or inanimate has a frequency and they do respond to frequencies.

Only God(The Christian One True God) the creator who is the architect of this world can create matter. The scientists worked with an existing virus and modified it. Nobody can create something out of nothing.

If you look at the skin plague of the egyptians it is lice, fleas, boils <--micro-myiasis the bug form of morgellons. It is intelligent, designed to torture, to harass, to kill slowly - the wicked egyptians.

God said during the end of days he will protect his people. He will send angels to watch over them and keep them from his plague. Morgellons sufferers are plagued by Satan's immitation of God's plague. But trust that God will send forth a skin plague to the evil doers and he will protect his children and watch over them and keep them from harm. TRUST!!

Trust that the skin plague of God will be even more powerful than before. Just TRUST, there will be justice.

By the way, the people behind this sinister force, is not doing this for profit or any material gain. They already have that. They are doing this for IMMORTALITY ON EARTH. They are going to restructure man, animals, plants, oxygen and mutate its DNA, so that it sustains life forever. It's so easy to kill viruses now, they're already changing DNAs of animals and ofcourse Genetically Modified Organisms like Fruits and Vegetables are in 90% in grocery stores. In UK they had genetically modified a cow to produce women's breast milk lol. They had changed food dna, virus dna, animal dna, and these viruses sprayed in our air Mutates and swaps genes. Natural bacteria swaps genes all the time, it's nothing new.

Why does there need to have afflicted people? Because who hates these psychopaths the most?

Saint Petersburg, FL

#113 Nov 26, 2012
I have seen with my own eyes the effects that GMO foods and Morgellons can have on an animal. I had been feeding my hamster Cheerios for the last 12 months, which is made from GMO's. At first the hamster looked younger and more energetic than before, even though he was pushing 70 in hamster years.

He had been losing he's vision for the last 5 months and I'm sure is completely blind at this point. About a week ago he developed a large tumour on he's chest and the poor little guy can barely run at this point. He still has all he's fur, but the tumour is now the size of a marvel. This is the effect of eating GMO food and drinking water that was polluted by our own government. I always gave him filtered water, but the filter cannot remove the pathogens that are in the water. All the poor hamster wants to do now is sleep. We don’t want him to suffer, so we will have the vet put him to sleep in a few days if he does not pass away in he’s sleep.

GE Foods Shorten Life, Cause Tumors, Says First-Ever Long-Term Study

Saint Petersburg, FL

#114 Nov 26, 2012

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Proposition 37 — the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act — was was narrowly defeated at the polls. But the battle to label GE food continues, at local, state and national levels. Stay tuned for how to get engaged!
Proposition 37

This ballot initiative would requir food containing genetically engineered (GE) ingredients to be labeled. Plain and simple.

Polls show that more than 90% of voters want to know if their food is genetically modified. Yet pesticide and GE seed corporations like Monsanto have consistently blocked all state and federal GE labeling efforts and are now pulling out all the stops to block the California initiative.

Why the major push against a simple labeling law? Monsanto and company are afraid that if the public knew just how much of the non-organic food on grocery store shelves already has GE ingredients, they would lose marketshare.

But the fact is, we have a right to know what we're eating, and how our food is grown. Pledge to vote YES on Prop 37, and see our action box below to find out what else you can do to help!
GE food is ... everywhere

Many of the foods we eat and feed our children — up to 80%— include genetically engineered ingredients. Without a label, we have no way to make informed choices about what we buy and eat.

Food labels already show nutrition, allergy and other information consumers want to know. Prop 37 would simply add information telling us if food is produced using genetic engineering — the process of modifying food in a laboratory by adding DNA from other plants, animals, bacteria or viruses.

Much of the rest of the world — including Japan, Australia, China and the European Union — already requires GE foods to be clearly labeled. But in the U.S., companies like Monsanto and DuPont continue to enjoy unfettered and unlabeled access to the market.
More GE crops = more pesticides

For too long, pesticide and GE seed corporations have exerted undue influence on our food system while making promises on which they fail to deliver. GE crops require more pesticide use — not less as promised — and are the growth engines of the pesticide industry’s sales and marketing strategy.In the first 13 years of commercial use, GE crops increased pesticide use by over 300 million pounds.

Virtually 100 percent of GE crops on the market are engineered to either contain a pesticide or withstand repeated applications of herbicides. Today, as much as 85% of corn and a majority of soy are genetically engineered.

In the first 13 years of commercial use these crops increased pesticide use by over 300 million pounds. And now there are more GE crops in the pipeline. USDA is currently reviewing applications for 12 new GE seeds, among them 2,4-D-resistant corn and soy.

With GE crops driving up pesticide use, Californians — especially farmworkers and communities in the Central Valley — bear the burden of increased health risk from exposures in air, water and on food.

Long Beach, CA

#115 Nov 27, 2012
Everyone I spoke to about prop 37 says we're gonna win. The website indicates 97% wants food labeled. It's common sense, who wouldn't want it. It was in the bag. But wow corruption. Especially in food.

You could come to Los angeles and see doctor staninger, she has cured 125 people with Morgellons already.

By the way I didn't have to pay the $350 consultation. I went to her clinic with a free session :) Tried it and you'll see - you will feel results!


2007 she discovered the fiber is nanotech. 2008 she went to a radio station and pleaded small businesses to help build technology. 2010 SHE DID IT :) i love her clinic it is a Morgellons Spa.

That 100% cotton i bought at target sure made me itch and makes me toss and turn at night LOL saw the tag made in pakistan. And I bought alot, I'm going to leave it in Target.

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