Do I have scabies or something else? ...

Do I have scabies or something else? I desperately need your help.

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Saint Petersburg, FL

#1 Sep 18, 2012
This is a long story so bear with me. Iíve always had allergies. It got worse after turning 22 and I now 34. For years my eyes have itched and I never gave it much thought. Over the last 2 years I got what looked like pink eye twice. I always had some itching, but nothing big except for my eyes. Thinking back for the last 6 months I had been really stressed out at work (my job has been stressful for the last 4 years). I had been working long hours, doing things for the church and lifting weights after long days at work and not getting much sleep during most of the week for the last year. Things I did not pay attention to was that I had blood in my semen twice, but I thought I got a yeast infection from my wife, my lips were VERY dry and kept cracking to matter how much lip balm I put on them (I washed my mouth very often and I thought this was drying them out) and down there I started having a fishy smell sometimes. For about 2 months the top of my right ear was always red like if it was getting infected. But I really felt no pain. Twice while I was in bed with my wife, she asked if I passed gas and I had not. It seemed like rotten egg smell was coming out of me. My contact allergies on my hands had gotten much worse over the last 3 years. A lot of things I touched would turn my hands red and I would have to wash them right away, including changing the hamsterís cage. This is why I first took Claritin and then had to start taking Zyrtec.

My nightmare appeared to start after I went to a local park 4 months ago and was bitten by a small bug. Being allergic I always had a reaction to mosquito bites and would try to drain the mosquitoís poison and that made the bytes heal faster. I attempted to drain this one and my left arm started developing why a doctor thought was shingles. It spread from my elbow to my hand within a matter of days. The doctorís gave me medicine for shingles along with a steroid. The ugly bumps left scars on my arm after they went away. I thought this was the end of it, but I started developing new little bumps on my right arm and 2 weeks later it felt like there were a hundred things biting my head. I went to the local pharmacy and bought a lice kit. I sprayed the lice spray on my head and it felt like many tiny bugs were running on my head. I later went to the gym and when I shock my hair like 50 brown/black dots fell on the sink. I continued to have the crawling feeling, went the ER and they gave me some Permethrin 5%. I gave them samples of what was biting me and they said they looked like bits of thread. I used the cream, but still felt the crawling afterward. I went to an infectious disease doctor and she gave me the Quail shampoo (2x), Ivermectin (3 doses) and Permethrin (2x). I begged her to give my wife & daughter something, but she only gave them 1 dose of Ivermectin each and also gave my wife the Permethrin (1x).

Saint Petersburg, FL

#2 Sep 18, 2012

When I started using the quail shampoo I left it on for about an hour, because as I kept massaging it into my body dozens of what I thought were brown moles started melting and peeling of my skin. There must have been 40-50 of them. My wife and daughter only had a few and using lice shampoo seemed to make them let go. We all took the Iver and things seemed ok. We threw A LOT of things out and cleaned a lot. Washed all things in hot water and hot dryer settings. I was always cleaning around the house. My wife thinks there is nothing wrong with me, but the itching and the crawling is getting worse and spreading. Some of my skin now burns and I keep having rashes all over my body. My scabs are taking forever to heal. My wife and daughter are also showing a few more rashes than normal. What scares me is that everyone around us is scratching including people who come to our house, my co-workers, lots of the church members and my wifeís co-workers. My daughter is only 6 years old and yesterday she told me she felt some crawling on her leg and her eyes have been itching worse since I stopped taking the Iver. My Doctor has run all kinds of blood work and nothing appears wrong, but these things are crawling into my ears, eyes, nose and mouth. My vision has gotten worse from them crawling into my eyes. My wife seeís the rashes and thinks itís no big deal, because they go away. My skin itches and I want to scratch, but I donít want another infection. My daughter has had an odd cough for 6 months and I think it may be, because of these bugs. My house has had mold issues and I wonder itís thatís why so many bugs are attracted to us. But if thatís the case; why is everyone around has also scratching? I stopped going to church for 2 months, but my wife and daughter kept going. I donít know if this will kill me or when. Thinking about my wife, daughter and all the people who are infected I donít know if we can ever cure ourselves. All the people including my family think Iím losing it. I feel like taking my life, but who would take care of my family. Am I going to die soon? I hope my little girl, wife or anyone infected does not die from this. Is this even curable at this point? I love my daughter and the thought that this will keep getting worse is killing me. I donít know how to go about curing ourselves and everyone including my mother, who I visit once a month and had stopped visiting.

Should I just make the rest of our lives as enjoyable as possible until our maker comes? Iíve tried not to think about this, but I have read A LOT of stuff and have traumatized myself, but I also notice that everyone is itching, so I canít be imagining this. I have seen the black mites come out of my shoulder and hand when I applied coconut oil on them. I have tried the tea tree oil, sulphur soap (dried out my skin) and just got the Neem oil, but I think my case is terminal, my scabs are not healing on my left arm, My right knee, left shoulder and right shin burn and the skin is red and looks inflamed sometimes. My hands, feet and other parts keep itching. The nails on my feet and fingers are starting to get ridges and the blood in them hall a dull color. The new part of the nail is not shiny anymore. Iím taking lots of vitamins and trying to sleep, but I donít really think Iím sleeping with all the worrying Iím doing.
Ghon E

Saint Petersburg, FL

#4 Sep 18, 2012
I wish there was a way to get my old life back minus these bugs. My family and I were so happy before I realized what was going on. I don't know if I got them at the gym, If my Mom got them when she was at the hospital and nursing home many years ago or even my daughter could have brought them home from any of her daycares. My wife worked as a waiter, so maybe she brought them home or perhaps I have always been infected. Moving to Pinellas Park, FL has been a curse for us. In this city this seemed to get worse.

Kuwait, Kuwait

#5 Sep 18, 2012
Dear mister. My English is not that good. I am sorry for any grammar mistakes our confusing writing. I am so sorry to read your story. I feel desperate hurt scared and very uncomfortable. I can't give you an answer our this is scabies our not. I know that I feel the crawling on my face and eyes and all over my body. I am a young new mother with a small baby I can't explain how glad I am with thr birth of my first baby. But on the other side what should be the happiest time of my life is my getting me so depressed. By this bugs. I am feeling desperate, I see everyone around me scrathing and itching. But don't know our our scabies. I went to so many doctors and they all behave like its in my head and give me anti itch pills. And behave like I am thr cRazy one. I have rash on my hips arms and buttocks. I don't have the classic scabies rash. I don't have nothing on my hands and wrists. I just have a rash and no burrows. I see thae my baby is getting little spots on her face like lines. I don't know our this are burrows our spider veins. I live with family abd ther refuse to treat themselves till a doctor diagnosed me with scsbies. And non of the doctors did. I don't know how this is possible. Everyone around me is itching. In thr house I am thr one with the most rash. My husband dorsmt suffer as much. I feel so hopeless I know I need to put my trust in god and I will. It's just I dont see how this big group of number can be treathed. Maybe this is not svanies but an other bug. I really don't know. I feel these bugs are distroying my life. I try to pretend I dont feel them. But I do. On some days I feel them more then others. There are days I bearly feel them I don't know our this us normal with scabies. I feel my skin very prickly whfn I wear a pants. I hope god heals all of us

Kuwait, Kuwait

#6 Sep 18, 2012
I feel so bad I am so scared I will live with them all my life. I dont know what to do anymore. I treathed myself with sulper, crotamiton, permithrin and BB Thea tree oil. And nothing seems to help because we live in a big house with family it's normal in my culture. My husband feel so embarrassed that he diesnt want to tell the rest till we have a doctor confirming what it is. So every tome they hold my baby our I sit down I can get it back. I don't know our this is svanies I don't get crazy from scrathing its a bearable itch. It's just that it should be something contagious as everyone around me is itching too. I am wI'll demand next week a skin biopsy for them to find out what I have. I am so scared my baby has this too. I am taking sO many pills screams and nothings seems tO help. I hope I am not too negative I just feel your pain and I want tO share mine. I wish I had a cure I can only pray to god and keep going tO doctors. I hope that there comes a vaccine our abything What is against this bugs mites our whatever it is. I don't feel I am living in a happy life anymore. This is destroying me. While my husband doesn't shows so much symtons and can live easily with I I don't understand why I have sO much more symtoms. If it was just in my head what many doctors think how come I have a rash. I really don't know what to do Our say. I am trying tO ignore the crawling but while I am writing this I reel them crawling over me aaaaggghhhhh. Good luck to you and your family and all of You On this forum. I am thankfull for this forum it makes me realize that I am not crazy and not the only one. Good lUck to all of you

Since: Aug 12


#7 Sep 18, 2012
Those are not scabies.

Since you have dead ones, you might take them to vet to get analyzed because they are from an animal.

There are allot of species of parasites.
Ghon E

Saint Petersburg, FL

#8 Sep 19, 2012
The large mole sized ones are one type of bug that has infected us (primarily me), but these are not the ones that are causing the itching. There are much smaller ones that are pencil dot sized; some are brown and others are black in color. The tiny ones are the ones I find in my mouth, nose, ears and Iím sure they are in my eyes. I see spots in front of my eyes and some look like some type of tiny mite. Moisture seems to attract them. These are the ones that try to crawl and attach themselves unto our skin. I have many small pencil sized black/ brown dots on my skin, much more than the larger mole sized ones.
Ghon E

Saint Petersburg, FL

#9 Sep 19, 2012
The tiny ones are the ones that seem to be infecting everyone and it may be scabies, because I see everyone itching, but I canít see the bugs. Sometimes when I see people around me itch they look like they are picking something out of the side of their eye or hair. One member of the church who came to our house had one try to crawl into heís eye. I saw him touch heís face and then with heís finger he was trying to feel what was on heís finger. My wife thinks there is nothing wrong with us, but my little girl who is only 6 years old is getting more and more tired each morning. She does not want to get out of bed.
These things drain your energy; because Iím sure they feed of our blood and some probably eat our skin (like the scabies). I can also see what look like large scratch marks sometimes on my leg and other parts of the body and I see the grey lines also. The scratch marks sometimes look red and inflamed. I see these when I get home from work and I have not scratched at all. My wife is always tired no matter how much she sleeps and has been for 5 years. There is something on our skin that is attracting many different types of bugs (parasites).
Reading about Morgellons some people are saying that the US government has been spraying something into the air and some researchers have found that there is some type of mold and other pathogens in it. They have been doing this for over a decade. I must say that my health has gotten worse in the last 10 years, even though I was lifting weights, eating well and doing cardio. My diet was a little high on sugar and this is BAD for parasites. I get this weird acme on my face and chest that looks like some type of salt crystal, usually white in color.
My house has had mold issues and I wonder if there is some kind of mold growing on our skin that is attracting all these parasites. With this many different type of mites Iím sure I will not live more than 2-3 years. My skin is starting to dry out, my feet are developing cracks and this has never been an issue for me in the past. My fingernails are developing these vertical ridges that will at some point break my nails and the nails on my feet are already have deeper vertical cracks. Two tiny scabs that are on my left arm have not fully healed in over a week.
My normally oily face is also starting to dry out. My body is probably dying slowly from all these parasites. My worst mental torture is that my 6 year old will have the same thing happen to her, so will my wife and possibly anyone else whom is infected. At this point I think there is no cure for me. This crap is in the air we breathe in. I just wish I would have enjoyed more time with my daughter, instead of working so much and being on the computer. I wish we would have gone to the park and played or gone to the beach with my wife. I was eating dinner with my daughter last night and I told her I was sorry for not spending more time with her, and then I started crying. She cried also and said it was OK. She asked why I was so sad and I said that we all will have to die some day and that no matter what happens to me I wanted her to know that I loved her very much.
Ghon E

Saint Petersburg, FL

#11 Sep 19, 2012
Will the Borax Solution - Cure work for us? Please any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't want anyone I know or me to die from this.
Ghon E

Saint Petersburg, FL

#12 Sep 19, 2012
I have seen the mites come out of my right hand when I applied some iodine and than some coconut oil. 5 mites came out of a 1/2 spot on my hand. They were tiny black colored mites. After they came out that part of my hand no longer turned red. I am not imagining this. A few also came out of my shoulder after I applied the coconut oil. This does not always draw them out and I'm starting to get little pimple looking bumps all over my body. Part of the right side of my head feels like it's goes numb 20-30 minutes after I eat. I can usually feel the crawling on my head and face. It's a disgusting feeling to saw the least.

Since: Aug 12


#13 Sep 19, 2012
Those are also not scabies. You need magnification to see scabies.

Borax may work for you, it is an insecticide.

I do caution people about using borax as it has its dangers as well.

Google Borax and see for yourself.

You said permethrin worked for you, why not do a permethrin treatment from head to toe?

At least permethrin is approved for use on humans.

Insectisides generally considered reasonably safe for human use are

Benzyl Benzoate

Not all are approved for humans by the FDA

It would be best to get treatment by a doctor.
Ghon E

Saint Petersburg, FL

#14 Sep 19, 2012
My doctor is an idiot and does not believe anything is wrong with me. He told me I had no scabies and to enjoy life and enjoy spending time with my daughter, but I can't because I don't want to be too close to her and have her catch more of whatever I have. She keeps touching her nose, because it tickles (that's these things going into your nose). Two days ago she felt the crawling on her leg. My wife keeps scratching her head and other parts, yet thinks nothing is wrong.
I tried the sulfur soap, but it's drying out my skin and not killing them. I tried Tea Tree oil and it does not kill the ones on my head. The Neem oil and shampoo are not helping too much either and this is spreading to other parts of my body. I feel the itching and get the rashes mainly on my legs, hands, wrists, forearms, feet, knees, shoulders and now even my face. They may even be in my bloodstream at this point, since I seem to be having poor circulation to a lot of parts in my body like my arms, hands, legs and feet.

I'm going to a Dermatologist next week, but he will probably also tell me that I'm fine.
Ghon E

Saint Petersburg, FL

#15 Sep 19, 2012
I say poor circulation, because these parts go numb if I put even a little pressure on them when I sleep.

Since: Aug 12


#16 Sep 19, 2012
You are not alone.

&fe ature=related

If it was a cow, a farmer might use an injection of ivermectin for many parasites. Ivermectin is not approved for humans. In the US, u can get pills by prescription.

One of the most effective treatments for scabies has been topical 5% permethrin with ivermectin internally.

Maybe you can find a doctor that you could get to prescribe these things for you.

You have to decide for yourself what you want to do.

If you go a topical only route and are concerned about in the nose and ears, ivermectin horse paste should be reasonably safe to treat those areas, again not approved for humans, but people on this site have used it. Fleas require a flea comb to come eggs out of the hair so you can look at that too when you treat

Also, treating and cleaning your environment is important. For instance, bird mites will infest a house and are very difficult to get rid of so you can read about them. Even pests on your property like ticks and fleas that wait in bushes for their meal ticket.

a site posted by someone recently for lab analysis is.

I am not a doctor and am not recommending any treatments.

Since: Aug 12


#17 Sep 19, 2012
You may also look at Tea Tree Oil as it helps for many things and is available over the counter. Try to get 100% pure if you do.
Ghon E

Pinellas Park, FL

#18 Sep 19, 2012
I used the 100% Tea Tree oil, but it does not kill them. Just deters them for a little while from going into my head. Today has been NUTS. I have felt the crawling for a good part of the day.

Since: Aug 12


#19 Sep 20, 2012
I saw your post in the other thread.

Moxidectin is not listed for external parasites, It is listed to only reduce egg count, not kill for internal strongoyl parasites only.

Some people report horse paste as helping, but those are mostly old posts. Resistance to iver is on the rise. Effectiveness of iver may be increased by taking on an empty stomach or ingesting with something fatty, also drinking grapefruit juice. Some places say that it may be more effective with alcohol as well. These things may or may not help.

Horse paste is not as effective in humans as the human tablets from mereck. Foreign generic pills are reported to not be very effective.

Horse paste also has reported side effects.

Not all medications can be given to children either and age of child is a factor.

Iver pour on contains allot of other things besides Iver, it may be effective, seems like it could be hazardous too. I would question giving this to family members.

Mold is a different class from parasites. Treatment for mold and fungus is completely different. Also mold is nearly impossible to eliminate from your environment. If mold from your house is a problem, you need to remove all mold contaminated items, carpets, walls, insulation etc, spray with anti mold substance. Houses are condemned for mold because it can be very toxic and hazardous to your health.

Everyone you come in contact with has to be cured or parasites will just return.

If you find an effective treatment, maybe you can help others too.

This website has helped many people.
Ghon E

Saint Petersburg, FL

#20 Sep 20, 2012
Thanks for all the information bugged R. We moved into our current home 3 years ago. My health really started getting worse since then and I just did not realize it until now. The house is right across the street from a Park, where there are lots of squirrels and birds. I can hear the birds in the morning when I wake up, which I now hate. We also own a hamster and Iím sure he has mites.

The house was infested with roaches when we bought it and we did not know this, because the sellers would burn incense that smelled like lavender, whenever we would visit the house and we never saw 1 roach. We thought the incense thing was normal in the Vietnamese culture.
We hired Orkin and this got rid of the roaches and larger bugs, but Iím sure this did not get rid of the mites that were probably already in the house. Iím sure there were probably other bugs in the house that we did not know about. The daughter of the man who sold us the house had issues with her lungs.

I found out months after we moved in, from a letter that a hospital sent referring to that.
Those people probably were desperate to get out of that house and that is why they sold it for $10,000 less than the normal price. They only lived there for 6 years and the manís daughter had lung issues and he was on disability. Those should have been huge RED flags. I always see the birds land on my yard and they start to eat the bugs, until recently I did not realize that the birds also carried mites. My wife does not want to sell the house, because we will lose money.

I feel that I am dying slowly. I cannot think well today and my lungs feel congested. My wife tells me Iím making myself sicker by obsessing with my symptoms, but I get the rashes even when I donít think about it. I woke up this morning with a big round rash on my elbow and my forearms itch.
Ghon E

Saint Petersburg, FL

#21 Sep 24, 2012
I still don't know what this is, but whatever it is, it seems to give people mental fog. These bugs eventually end up looking like black or brown moles, so those who are infected don't realize what is going on. The moles vary in size from the size of a pencil dot to the diameter of a pencil eraser.

Three people from the church, who are normally fairly sharp looked very tired and had trouble with their normal speech and talks at the church this Sunday. They all have these moles that have magically popped out of thin air. One had one on he's chin; the other member (a woman) had several on her face and neck. She seemed to have the most mental job and had trouble thinking of words when we were talking. And the last one had a small back one on he's lower lip.

These people previously did not have these moles and now they are magically popping up on everyone who seems to be scratching and having mental fog. Most of the members keep scratching so whatever this is, it is highly contagious. The people who have this are constantly scratching mainly their head and keep picking at their eyes, nose and face like they have an itch or are trying to remove something from it. These things try to get into your eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Iím seeing more and more people doing the scratching, and not just at the church or work, but other places that I have been to in Florida, like the supermarket and restaurants.

I went to my barbell shop, which I had not visited for 2-3 months and the barber was also rubbing heís eyes and nose. He seemed to have issues with heís vision, which these bugs will damage, because they get into your eyes. At some point this is going to turn into a pandemic.

El Paso, TX

#22 Sep 25, 2012
I'm not sure what I have, but I have had problems since mid-June 2012. The four different healthcare providers were no help at all. I have been doing the borax/hydrogen peroxide stuff for a while, but recently, I stumbled on Nu-Stock veterinary treatment for mange in animals. It is just sulfur/pine oil/mineral oil, so I thought I would give it a try. I think this is really working the best for me, and believe me, I have tried the horse ivermectin, Nix 1% permethrin multiple times, diatomaceous earth, clove oil, tea tree oil, and more. The Nu-Stock absolutely seems like it is working, and seems to really stop the itching and tickling sensations from one bath to the next day's bath as long as the stuff is on my skin. The product is 75% sulfur/2% pine oil/25% mineral oil, in case you might want to try to mix your own, and I actually got it because of a reviewer on Amazon, but I think the current best price for it is at Drs. Foster and Smith. I'm hoping this will do the real trick and rid me of my supposed demodex issues. Hope this might help anyone.

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