Scabies-washing clothes

Scabies-washing clothes

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Quinlan, TX

#1 Jan 31, 2012
So how do I wash my clothes and bedding? Because when I put the cream on tonight, and then wash it off in the morning, I'm not going to want to touch my clothes from the past week which are probably infested. But if I wash a few loads tonight before I put the cream on, I'm going to be touching clean and washed clothes, while I'M still infected.

Mckinney, TX

#2 Jan 31, 2012
You can buy a box of plastic gloves at any drugstore or discount store. They are inexpensive. Use them when handling laundry, and discard as needed.

My doctor recommended keeping Permethrin on for 24 hours. In any case, I'd keep it on as long as you can manage (given your work schedule or other plans).

Are you planning another application of cream a week from now? That can be very important in having a successful outcome. If your doctor didn't give you enough for two applications, you can contact the dr. about that and ask for more. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends two or more treaments with Permethrin, a week apart, for treating scabies. You can read about these recommendations on their website.

Be sure to use the hottest setting for water when using the washer. I soak clothes in the hot water for 20-30 minutes. You also can add Borax to each load; it's an inexpensive laundry additive, which you can buy at any grocery store.

And use the hottest setting on the dryer (for a long time!).

San Antonio, TX

#3 Jan 31, 2012
Thank you! Yes she gave me enough for two treatments. Also, I am so scared that everything I've touched or sat in or walked on is now infested. Do I need to wash and spray everything? Such as toilet, computer keyboard, chairs, couch, and room I've even set foot in?

Mckinney, TX

#4 Jan 31, 2012
There are some threads here about treating the environment. You can do a search using the word "environment".

A few ideas:
*At the grocery or drugstore, buy a spray bottle ($1). Buy some alcohol (93%). Use that to spray your desk, kitchen & bathroom counters, door knobs, eyeglasses.(I close my laptop and cover with a towel before spraying around the desk!).

*Cover computer keyboard with plastic wrap; change daily, or spray with alcohol.

*Many people here (including me) bought an inexpensive plastic mattress cover (less than $10 at Walmart). This can be sprayed with alcohol each day, after stripping the bed of sheets. Also, I bought plastic pillow covers and spray those daily.

If you don't want to do that, at least change the sheets daily and wash and dry on hot cycle. You can put the pillows in the dryer on hot for 30 minutes.

*Anything that can't be washed can be put in a plastic bag and into the freezer for 12-24 hours (freezing kills mites). I do this for my purses, wallet, shoes.(My DH preferred to spray his shoes with Lysol every day.)

*Put combs, brushes, toothbrushes & glasses from bathroom in the dishwasher every day.

*Jackets - either wash and dry on hot, or just put in the dryer every day for 30 minutes. If you can't do that (if material is fragile) then put in a plastic bag and freeze; take out of freezer when you're ready to wear it.

*Vacuum carpeted areas. Mop floors. Vacuum fabric-covered furniture and/or cover with painters' plastic ($2-$3 at Walmart).

*Spray the seatbelt in car, and the steering wheel, with alcohol. Vacuum the seats (if they are fabric.)

Mckinney, TX

#5 Jan 31, 2012
And I forgot about commodes in the bathroom - yes, spray several times a day with alcohol. This will prevent mites from being spread from one person to another in the family and help prevent you from reinfecting yourself.

By the way, doctors usually omit some or all of this information. But it's all important IMO!

San Antonio, TX

#6 Jan 31, 2012
Wow you could not have been more helpful! Thank you!! I will be sure to do these things. Fortunately I hope I caught this early enough that the infection is not super severe. I have not had any of the relentless all day and night, almost painful, itching that I have seen discussed here, but I had been having little spurts of rather serious itching enough that it spurred me to go to the doctor, especially once I saw some bumps on my arm. Thank you again!!

Minneapolis, MN

#7 Feb 1, 2012
Another thing I discovered that I might add to this great post - when you use your vac. get rid of the bag each time. Expensive but you should only have to do it in the short term if you hit this hard. I wish I would have taken the environmental issues more seriously - we could have saved a lot in terms of time, money, stress and hassle.

Ironing clothing before wearing is also a big help when first infested and remember to keep a spray bottle in the shower to spray the shower floor after you use it.

Good luck!

Pakenham, Australia

#9 Feb 6, 2012
Can I add a couple of things, as stated by scmngirlie cleaning your enviroment is very important, you do not need alcohol or chlorine bleach as some recommend on this forum, I have found the best thing that works is hospital grade disinfectant, look for the type that contains quarterny ammonium salts (this is a biocide and penetrates the skin of the mite) eg Lysol or Allstop contain these, also alot of vetinary products for animals contain this very safe chemical, just google it. You just spray and leave for 15 min and then wipe you only need to do it once every few days, it can be used on mattresses around beds on all upholstery, cleaning floor etc.
Google biocides and you will see there are others you can use such as enzymes you do not need the expensive ones that advertise themselves for scabies, safesolutions is one and they also do the lice r gone solution, you can use their cleaner on your body diluted. For any product you try look at he Safety Material Data Sheet and it will give you all the info you need to determine if it is safe to use in home or on skin.

For washing clothes I have had great results adding 1 scoop of epsom salts to the washing machine, this seems to dry the mites out in a day or two I also use a washing powder that contains enzymes. I have also used epsom salts 1 scoop in a spray bottle and put it in my hair and body over night, this has given me great results, better than borax, you can use this to spray the shower floor when you get out. If you google epsom salt recipes you will see that it can be added to almost anything and it really helps.

I did alot of damage to my body and home following some of the advice on these forums in the beginning so please do you research, always google stuff, check chemicals on wike as they are always up to date, dont scrub your body there is no need you can get epsom salts by the 4kg bag sulfur also if you want to use it from the animal feedstores that provide stuff for farms/horses etc.

Good luck to everyone!

Denham Springs, LA

#10 Apr 3, 2013
I haven't treated myself yet but I'm trying to get my clean clothes into a bag to bring to my other house, are the re infected if I touched them ?
Dont worry


#11 Apr 3, 2013
HELP wrote:
I haven't treated myself yet but I'm trying to get my clean clothes into a bag to bring to my other house, are the re infected if I touched them ?
no. the only time you need to be worried is if you actually spend time in the clothes.

it takes time for a mite to dislodge and fall into bedding, shoes, clothing.

a simple touch isn't going to infest anything.

just ensure you wash everything in hot water. Try to rotate things, not using them but once every 7 days. in other words, don't just wash your bedding and then reuse it the exact same day, as some mites last through the washing, but not many.

of course it all depends on how badly you are infested. most people don't have to worry about a simple touch.

Also, if you want to wear latex gloves, it may help to keep everything mite free, including you getting infested from dirty laundry that is infested.

I don't like putting laundry in a air proof bag, as it keeps the laundry from drying out and you want a very dry environment, so the mites will dry up and die.

Use arm and hammer powdered laundry detergent or add a cup of 20 mule team borax to the laundry. Use hot water and hot dryer.

Spring Valley, CA

#12 Jan 18, 2014
Something I'd like to add that I've read about and tired, that is to oil your body...everywhere, every your eardrum, inside your nose and all other bodily orifices, including your nipples..all your private parts, including up inside a few inches...yes they go there I've read (remember..they are just dumb irritating bugs that was a warm moist area and a supply of blood). Most people talk about olive oil, but I've been using Sally's Beauty Supply "One 'n Only" Argan oil...and it's worked really well for me. The one day that I quit using it to try extra virgin, 1st cold pressed olive oil...I got bites all over I'm back to using the Argan oil. You can get a decent price on it on Amazon, but the best price I've found is at Sally's for the 18 oz size. I put this on a few times a day, especially each morning after my shower and through shower and shampoo with Selsun Blue (Clinical Strength(that I got at Walmart) and before I take my shower I wipe down my entire body, including my hair with Hand Sanitizer (it's 62%+ Isopropyl Alcohol) to kill any mites on my skin, but it won't kill any of the egs, the Selsun Blue will so that if you do it right (Google Selsun Blue and Scabies). Also, I don't know if this will work, but I've read it and I'm trying it, one person said they sprayed Arid extra Dry deodorant all over them and it kept the mites (Scabies) away. All I can say is that I used it last night and I didn't get any new bites. so we will see what happens.

Spring Valley, CA

#13 Jan 18, 2014
I forgot to say, the cheapest place to get the Hand Sanitizer,which is great pro people who would rather shower, is at the 99 cent store. I also got my epson salts there. I've not tired them yet, but intend to after I see if I have to buy a dryer for washing my cloths. I use borax, so I'm not sure if I need a dryer or not...anyone know?

Union City, CA

#14 Mar 19, 2014
So after I wash and use the cream can I use the sam blanket?

Since: Mar 14

Somerville, MA

#15 Mar 20, 2014
I went to HomeDepot and bought a bottle with mite killer for the garden. It has the nozzle attachment for you garden hose to use to spray it right on the container.
I pour a little of this in a small bottle to bring to the laundry mat along with my Boxax/A&H soaps. The first cycle gets the poison.


#16 May 9, 2014
Little help here pls,
i washed and dry cleaned my bedding, pjs etc and after applying cream...i laid my bed with the dry cleaned bedding nd wore one of the pjs i dry cleaned...
After showering the next day....few hours later, i got into the same pjs and bed as after i applied cream day before....Was this a bad idea
Pleaseee help

Since: Mar 14

Somerville, MA

#17 May 10, 2014
Yes bad idea! Imagine thousands of the microscopic mites, you cant see, hiding out and awaiting your return so they can have another blood bath! Maybe your dry cleaning killed hundreds but how many survived?


#18 May 10, 2014
so do i continue changing my pjs everyday nd bed spread??

Hialeah, FL

#19 May 10, 2014
AAA wrote:
so do i continue changing my pjs everyday nd bed spread??
everyday yes. imagine killing the scabies on your body then getting back into the same infected clothes. wouldn't make much sense right? back to square one. it's important to have fresh clean bedding and clothing everyday, I know this stuff gets annoying

Since: Mar 14

Somerville, MA

#20 May 10, 2014
Yea I hate laundry!

Since: Oct 14

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten (Dutch part)

#22 Nov 20, 2014
yahaira wrote:
<quoted text> everyday yes. imagine killing the scabies on your body then getting back into the same infected clothes. wouldn't make much sense right? back to square one. it's important to have fresh clean bedding and clothing everyday, I know this stuff gets annoying
Is it necessary to clean the sheets everyday even after you've finished the treatment?

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