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United States

#21 Jul 21, 2008
Thanks IBC. You have fought so hard and long. I hope you figure it out soon. Maybe get an appointment with janet's docs. They seem to be better than the quacks we have seen.

I did the same thing as you the first time I saw them coming out of my hands with eurax. If I wasn't so freaked out and amazed I would have tried to capture some, then put them on my doctors chair. Make an appointment for 6 weeks later just to watch him squirm ;)


#22 Jul 22, 2008
Hi Jilly, by webs, I mean the webs of the fingers, not some other type of mark. Relax! Sorry about that. I know how quickly panicked I can get if I hear a new term. Yikes! I mean I don't have anything on my hands or wrists, which is the main thing Docs use to diagnose regular scabies. The canine type is just described as papular, which does describe mine. No tunnels or burrows lead off from the bumps. But I did see a mite in my environment under 30X. I did have a cat with undiagnosed crusts, and a mangy dog in her past. S. Mange also can affect cats, ferrets, foxes, etc. It's highly adaptable to all furry mammels. The Mayo clinic book says humans can have canine scabes. I just don't know, why now? My cat had crusts for over a year before I started itching, that never got diagnosed before, I didn't supply any mange info to vet (history), or even consider it, so it's not like the vet wasn't thinking my cat had canine mange after hearing that. So spider bites they were. Who would have guessed, vet or no? Did they finally adapt to me after years of being around them? Did somebody pet my cat and give her a human mite that cross-bred and has the all the characteristics of a canine sarcoptic, which clearly dominate if so, but the ability to fully reproduce on me, while still liking my cat? And canine mites reproducing on humans is documented but rare, but maybe they are just living long enough on me to cause the itching and then bounce back to my cat. And the itchiness has been intense, but never in the hands or wrists or trunk. Mostly scalp, arms, legs. Scabies3, welcome back! Hey, actually, I thought that Itty Bitty was you, but didn't want to "out" you, if you wanted to be incognito. I think it's possible that you had a sarcoptic mite, and may have another mite also? The dark ones are a mystery. Hey, my cat finally got her first Iver shot. It is really helping. This ll dollar shot has made a huge difference with her alread, two to go. It's too bad I got reinfested before she got started, but I jumped on myself quick, so I hope that counts. At least happy that my cat is not scratching like she was.
Desperate mother

Kuwait, Kuwait

#24 Nov 26, 2012
Is There somebody here I can send a email to with a picture from the burrow ( not sure our it's a burrow) thanks a lot.

Haarlem, Netherlands

#25 Nov 27, 2012
Create an account on and post the pictures. Then more than one person can provide an opinion.

Burrows can look like white lines under the skin, straight, curving or in squiggles. They may also present as a white "area" under the skin. Sometimes, you feel a prick usually in this area. Or sometimes you see a small bump at one end.

One test is to rub ink on top and wash off. The ink line will stay in the burrow afterwards.
itchy and miserable

Bel Air, MD

#26 Jan 4, 2013
Itty Bitty Critters wrote:
<quoted text>
I have canine sarcoptic mites, so I don't get the burrows you speak of. I get a red nodule, mosquito looking red bump mark. And not too many of those, so yeah, the mites can burrow into your skin and lay eggs and sometimes it will not be visible, at all.
I too have canine sarcoptic mites. How do we (me and my family) get rid of it? We have been suffering from this since April 2012.

Wollongong, Australia

#27 Jan 4, 2013
itchy and miserable wrote:
<quoted text>I too have canine sarcoptic mites. How do we (me and my family) get rid of it? We have been suffering from this since April 2012.
Permethrin cream, Stromectol tabs, borax on floors and in washing, clean like a maniac. Scour these threads for the wealth of info here.
itchy and miserable

Towson, MD

#28 Jan 4, 2013
misery_in_au wrote:
<quoted text>
Permethrin cream, Stromectol tabs, borax on floors and in washing, clean like a maniac. Scour these threads for the wealth of info here.
Hi, thank you for the response. I've tried almost EVERYTHING (and spent a lot of money), except the ivermectin and permetherin combo--(I used them separately months apart)--there seems to be at least one valid research study reporting the efficacy of using them together. I also really need to start cleaning like crazy.(sigh)...the fight continues.


#29 Jun 25, 2013
Been treated 4 times for scabies washed clothes tumble dried everything. Went to nurse she thinks its my allergies I asked for a skin scrabble just today I have found 2 lines like burrows yet two doctors say it was and I'm cured and a nurse says it want someone can you please help me. They've told me to take 5 antihistamines a day.

Columbus, OH

#30 Aug 16, 2013
I have a few questions reguarding scabies. First off I started off with small little bumps that itch like hell. I googled what it may be and scabies came up. I do not have any rash on feet or hands but in some of other common places like on back of knees, lower back and elbow. It is pretty mild but really itched. I went to doc but she wasn'tsure what it was but I convinced her to prescribe me the perm. Before the perm my symptoms included like little flutter feeling, tiny prick , itch, then shortly after lile 2 bumps barely noticable. I don not have ant noticable burrow trace marks either. After treatment I was feeling better. No more marks then boom...2 days later I was having same symptoms again. Is okay to do treatment before 1 week is up. Is it normal to get new spots? Could it be something besides scabies. Doc didn't do skin graph. Can you treat just the spots with the perm. My kids and husband don't have it. My daghter had simular rash on waist but it cleared before I even treated her with the Perm. I read somewhere that it is common to get new spots. Huh?? Is that true? If I wipe my flutter spot with a clorox wipe will that prevent it spreading? Under my breasts is not so mild. It itches almost constant. But the right breasts looks like a completely different rash. Do you think I got reinfested. Why doesn't anyone else have symptoms. HELP! My son is severly autistic and I just can't be handeling another burden. If he was to get this.... He scratch himself raw, pMy husband says I am being paranoid and just think I am feeling pricks and flutters. I can't afford to keep going to doc and medication. Is there anyway to know for sure?

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