Morgellons and Lyme from mite infections

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#213 Jul 31, 2013
When treating the infections and experiencing the die off one of the common symptoms is fatigue and brain fog.

This can be due to adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys. Caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar in the diet help to cause adrenal fatigue but also having the adrenal glands be infected themselves is a factor.

It can also be caused by Quinolinic acid which is an exitotoxin and neurotoxin that is natural in the body but gets released in the brain in overabundance from the presence of infections.

Japanese knotweed or "reservatrol" greatly helps with the quinalinic acid issue.

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#216 Aug 1, 2013
lotus_fan wrote:
<quoted text>
You should also start using the Moringa leaf powder. You will be treating forever if you focus on your skin. This isn't an infection of just the skin. It's just that the symptoms show on skin. Treating your skin will only bring temporaray relief.
The biggest culprit in the collection of infections that is causing this is bartonella so for the very minimum you should be taking Moringa leaf powder, Usnea tincture, Huttuynia Cordata and Allicin. Allicin is from fresh garlic but you can get these capsules .
Although the chances you have JUST bartonella are slim to none because bart shuts down the immune system so you really need the full compliment.Absolutely needed would be the above and cat's claw tincture and Quina tincture, Bromelaine caps and sarsaparilla tincture.
For a year.
You also need to understand the herxheimer reaction.
These infections get in your adrenals and part of the herx is adrenal fatigue like symptoms as it clears the infections from the adrenals and endocrine system.
If you are using less items expect less of a result because good results come from the synergy.
Use caution when taking these "natural" substances.
such as MORINGA

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#217 Aug 1, 2013
Here are some more reviews on Moringa. Again, I would use caution when considering taking all these supplements which are recommended by the "Denver" poster on this forum.

A huge waster of time, money, and energy.

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#218 Aug 1, 2013
You have to understand what to expect from something like moringa. Usually people don't now how to read what is happening in there bodies.When people buy a herb like moringa the effects it has will rely on their own personal status.

An in vitro study of moringa showing it is more effective than tetracycline against the 10 different pathogenic microbes used in the study.

Herbs are exceptionally complex. They are not "raw drugs" though they may still be viewed in that manner by the Western model. Most possess between 100 and 1,000 chemical constituents and have complex actions within the body. "They are not amenable to reductionistic approaches and this is a factor that drives linear, reductionistic people crazy about herbs. Their complexity scrambles the circuits of people that want to control the wildness of the world. Their use is more an art than a science," he said. The actions of herbs are highly synergistic and the outcome of combining herbs cannot be predicted from a study of the herbs themselves.

If you don't really understand the material and don't want to put any effort into reading the scientific literature then you should refrain from pretending to be knowledgeable when you aren't.

The abundance of Quinolinic acid in the brains of highly infected people cause all kinds of irrational behaviour.

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#220 Aug 1, 2013
In the case of developing morgellons symptoms the link below explains that fibers naturally occur in the skin. Some aspect of transgenic DNA has contorted the intention of the natural fibers. That coupled with the dramatic nutritional depletion that a chronic lyme infection brings is, I believe, the instigator of morgellons like symptoms.

If you treat the infections and get nutrition thyen the DNA will tend to go back to a healthy state. This is because that in the 1980's geneticists discovered that DNA is NOT set that instead it responds to it's environment. That is called the "Fluid Genome".

"The genome itself is embedded within the epigenetic net, and is far from stable or insulated from environmental exigencies."

How could the genetic material be set? It is biological itself.

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#221 Aug 1, 2013
The nutrition that will help the DNA repair itself is aided by zinc.

Part of the nutrition that will help DNA repair AND also many other aspects of health including combatting the dramatically negative effects of die off of pathogens in the brain that causes an over abundance of quinolinic acid in the brain will be this type of zinc.

this type of zinc is readily absorbed where other types are not.

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#222 Aug 1, 2013
Whether or not your concern is eradicating parasites, mold/fungus, bacteria, or a virus, co-infections may need to be considered as part of the protocol because symbiotic relationships exist If a Herx occurs while on your protocol you can be assured that youíre on track with your healing. Reducing the Herx reaction can be helped by using specific anti-inflammatory herbs; such as, Burbur, Catís Claw, Turmeric, and Licorice which have cortisone-like properties. On a daily basis fluid intake and healthy elimination is a must.Resveratrol and a formula like opti-l-zinc help to mitigate CNS damage done by die off toxins.

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#223 Aug 2, 2013
Using Reservatrol and the opti-l-zinc type formula can be aided to reduce the inflamation and remove die off toxins form your central nervous system by Thyroid massage.


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#224 Aug 4, 2013
For those of you who have morgellons symptoms, here are a few things that will help you.

My car and office are now almost totally fine whereas before I wanted to die each time I entered them. I can't say that I am 100% cured, but I am at least 80% there!
I moved and took only my cat and myself. We left the visable bugs behind, but were left with symptoms of Morgellons/Lyme. Now, one thing that was very important for me to realize was that not everything that works for one person will work for another....but you must start by working on yourself INTERNALLY. Nothing else you do with your environment will matter if you aren't treating yourself inside. So my first step was to review protocols that others had used and see if I thought I could afford them, or they would work for me. I am a 31 y/o female, 5'4" and I weigh around 105lbs. I can't handle the amount of medication that a 6 foot, 160lb man could. Doses should be adjusted to your body and weight.
A few common things that kept popping up were MSM, Garlic, Vit. C, Salt, and Cats Claw. These are all very important! The Garlic just makes you less yummy to all bugs in general, and the MSM is a source of Sulphur, which these bugs HATE in general. You should consider taking BOTH. Also- the is the KEY for me...Cats Claw (TAO free if possible!) I heard it was almost a silver bullet in this battle....whoever said that was right. The difference for me after taking it for a week was AMAZING! It cut back on the biting and itching almost totally!
So, here's what I do:
I use Grisi Sulphur Soap (10% Sulphur) followed by Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar soap.
I use Sulphur 8 shampoo mixed with Arm & Hammer baking soda followed by Nature's Gate Tea Tree oil conditioner.
After my shower (I don't have a tub, so no baths for me!) I spray myself down with Kleen Green (different from Kleen Free, but that may work also). This needs to be diluted in a 7/1 mixture. I bought my spray bottle from Walmart in the beauty section. I dry off with paper towels...this is something I'm working on, but towels are still a real issue for me.
Before bed I wash my hair with Lysol Touch of Foam Hand's new, so it's still a little hard to find. It kills whatever this is! My hair is really short, so this is easy for me to do. I don't know how I would deal with long hair right now. Any Lysol Complete Clean products seem to work amazingly well! The active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride, and I have also seen that in Antiseptic sprays for cuts. It's amazing, whatever it is.
This is IMPORTANT: After I shower I mix Cetaphil lotion with Tea Tree oil and apply that to my body. I dilute a little with olive oil and rub it on my hair and scalp as well. No crawling! At night I powder myself and and my sheets with Gold Bond (green bottle!) Menthol Medicated powder. I can now use my sheets for 3 or 4 days before I need to wash them. I also sometimes spray down my pillowcase with Wintergreen rubbing alcohol. This also kills whatever this is and doesn't take long to dry.
HOT water, and HOT dryer! Tough on clothes, but tougher on the bugs! I use Borax, Ecos natural detergent, Ammonia, and Dr. Bronners Tea Tree soap (worked better for me than Peppermint). Clothes are stored in sealed plastic bins with modern moth balls. Dirty clothes go right into a sealed garbage bag until they are washed. However, the more you treat yourself internally, the less you have to do in your environment.

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#227 Aug 4, 2013
Actually you should not use TAO free cat's claw because the TAO/PAO controversy is only a sales tacttic and herbalists who are knowledgeable know this. Cat's claw is much more effective than Samento which is the TAO free version.

If you had morgellons symptoms you also need to treat biofilms inside you.

When you actually understand what you are dealing with then you will understand that treating your skin and your environment takes a much smaller place of importance.

If you need skin relief for skin symptoms then Tea Tree oil mixed 50% with another light oil works well. If your symptoms are from an infection like Bartonella/Borrielia/Babesia then the environment doesn't matter. If you think you still have mites then sprinkle borax in the carpets and wash in borax.

Soaking in anything in the bathtub hasn't demonstrated any ability to do anything for anyone on this forum but waste time.

It actually takes a year of treatment with the right protocol to get the infections out of you. You have to take into account that You need to address Fungal, Bacterial, Viral and parasitic organism infections all at the same time. You have to have a protocol that will address Central nervous system infections, Intracellular infections, Pleomorphic forms, and Biofilms.

So basically Jim's post Shows that he was treating for a mite infestation in his environment but also had Morgellons symptoms. If Jim really want's to understand how to clear these infections so they don't come back he should read this whole thread and the scientific links too.

You might be able to get the symptoms off your skin for a while because you've lowered the bacterial count but unless you have treated for a year with a protocol that addresses every component of the symbiotic and synergistic infections then they will eventually come back.

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#230 Aug 4, 2013

Morgellons is caused by a collection of infection normally found under the "chronic lyme" heading. Chronic Lyme steals nutrition from your body and shuts down your immune system. There is a genetic engineering component too so your DNA is affected, this is cause by exposure to agrobacterium. The agrobacterium causes a shift in DNA in humans and this isn't a problem unless you have a compromised immune system. The Lyme infection greatly compromises your immune system and then the Agrobacterium causes a shift In DNA which causes the morgellons growth.

Here is a study associating Borrielia spirochetes with morgellons patients.

Here is a study associating agrobacterium infection with morgellons.

In wikipedia it says this about agrobacterium;

"Agrobacterium can be responsible for opportunistic infections in humans with weakened immune systems"

The thing is that because of overfarming our food supply isn't very nutritious and they also put a lot of chemicals in the food. This lack of nutrition also effects the immune system. When someone gets a "Lyme" infection then that pulls down the immune system too. Bartonella is very common in Lyme infections and it is found in mites that give people scabies.

Bartonella releases chemicals that shut down the immune system;

"Bartonella can mess with the immune system by secreting chemicals that turn off immunity and immune defense inflammation."

People who have morgellons symptoms are showing the effects of an exposure to agrobacterium combined with something that is also greatly compromising their immune systems. The infection that is having a negative impact on the immune system doesn't have to be Lyme but it usually is.

These are complex issues and you have to treat all of the infections in your body simultaneously. This is partly because of Quorum sensing which the pathogens use to exchange information. The pathogens of all types work together and exchange information and DNA. In this way they can share resistance. The pathogens work together to increase the chances of survival and that is their symbiotic relationship. That symbiosis results in pathogenic synergy and the result of that is infectious virulence. These are complex issues and if you think that putting a bunch of stuff in a bathtub to soak in is going to cure you then you are wrong.

You need something pretty powerful to get past this and that is what I have outlined on this thread.

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#232 Aug 4, 2013
One of the most common co-infections in Lyme disease is Bartonella. In fact some doctors have said that Borrielia should be considered a co-infection of Bartonella because Bartonella is much more dangerous.

When you get a Lyme test they may test for two or three different strains of Bart although there are 30 strains of bartonella and another 200 bartonella like organisms.

One of the bartonella like organisms is agrobacterium.

" Based on phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA sequences, the relatedness of Bartonella spp. to other alpha-2 Proteobacteria including Brucella spp., Afipia spp., Agrobacterium tumefaciens, Bradyrhizobium spp. and Bosea spp. has been demonstrated"

Agrobacterium was designed to change DNA and Bartonella can shut down the immune system. When put together they form a symbiotic relationship and readily exchange information and share DNA. Then you get a mutated hybrid that a bath tub soak won't get rid of. You need to treat for a year because the infection gets in your bone marrow.

From the above link;

"bone marrow progenitor cells may also play a central role as a sanctuary site in the pathogenesis of Bartonella"

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#233 Aug 6, 2013
The infections being spread by ecological change.

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#234 Aug 6, 2013
FRED wrote:
One of the most common co-infections in Lyme disease is Bartonella. In fact some doctors have said that Borrielia should be considered a co-infection of Bartonella because Bartonella is much more dangerous.
When you get a Lyme test they may test for two or three different strains of Bart although there are 30 strains of bartonella and another 200 bartonella like organisms.
One of the bartonella like organisms is agrobacterium.
" Based on phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA sequences, the relatedness of Bartonella spp. to other alpha-2 Proteobacteria including Brucella spp., Afipia spp., Agrobacterium tumefaciens, Bradyrhizobium spp. and Bosea spp. has been demonstrated"
Agrobacterium was designed to change DNA and Bartonella can shut down the immune system. When put together they form a symbiotic relationship and readily exchange information and share DNA. Then you get a mutated hybrid that a bath tub soak won't get rid of. You need to treat for a year because the infection gets in your bone marrow.
From the above link;
"bone marrow progenitor cells may also play a central role as a sanctuary site in the pathogenesis of Bartonella"
And you would treat with appropriate antibiotics, NOT herbal tinctures, Fred.
Do not confuse this disease with scabies. Scabies is treated with antiparasitics, like ivermectin and topicals likes permethrin.

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#235 Aug 6, 2013
FRED wrote:
The infections being spread by ecological change.
GLOBALIZATION AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES also significant, along with global warming.

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#236 Aug 6, 2013
I found this on another forum. I thought it was very useful.

....But if scabies are inside sinus cavities, ears, crotch areas and deeply, multiply layered in the skin, then they are very well established, most probably after years of being incorrectly diagnosed, and essential oils, herbals, etc. are just not strong enough to kill them. I've found that even with drugs it is still a battle. The most critical thing of all is to never give up.

I started working on my infection just as some areas of my skin were developing the "crusted" kind of scabies. I actually had a pretty weird brownish-grey layer forming along my collar bone areas and on my feet also, especially around the toes. I battled it with the herbal remedies with partial success. I wish I hadn't been so stubborn and anti-drug and had gotten on the ivermectin sooner, but doing is learning I guess.

Before I go on, I owe a debt of gratitude to for posting on the use of Ivermectin.

I got Bimectin (Ivermectin oral paste for horses) from a farm supply. It comes in a syringe with notches, easy to administer the correct dose. I followed ICU's protocol, one dose is .2mg/kg body weight.(ICU's protocol says it's for strongyloides/filariasis/morge llons but I thought if it hits those nasties it probably would hit scabies too.)

I didn't like the taste of the ivermectin, so I pushed the dose out on a sterile surface and put it into two 00 gelatin caps.(Bag of 100 caps from a pharmacy.) I used a new flat toothpick to put the gel into the caps. I know, fiddly, but worth it to me to avoid the taste. Took it late at night on an empty stomach, with a big glass of water.

I originally was going to do the CDC (American Center for Disease Control) protocol for ivermectin, which I found online. Their ivermectin dose was similar to ICU's but the days were different.(CDC: one dose each day, on days 1,2,8,9,15, and possibly 22 & 29. ICU'S: one dose each day for 4 days, then 3 days off, repeat for five weeks).
I initially was worried about the ivermectin and its side effects so I did the day 1 & 2 and took a break. I got a promising result but it clearly was not enough. I realized that my infection was so severe I needed as much drug as possible in my system.(Ivermectin stays in the body about 16 hours.) So I went for the four day protocol.

Ivermectin side effects. Mainly feeling sleepy and sleeping more than usual; why to take ivermectin at night. I also noticed some light sensitivity upon waking up in the morning, which goes away on days I'm not taking ivermectin.

I did start taking Benadryl every 6 hours to combat the allergic reaction of the die off from all the toxins of the dead mites and their debris in the skin-I knew about that from previous experience. BUT I DID NOT start taking antibiotics right away as recommends. My mistake!
After three weeks, the ivermectin had killed off SO many mites, I couldn't get them out of my skin fast enough; it set up secondary infection. My whole body turned into one big inflammation and my skin looked like it had red sunburn all over. My legs swelled up. The massive infection overloaded the lymph glands in my legs. I was having hot and cold chills. I finally got antibiotics and had to go through three courses of them.

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#237 Aug 6, 2013
continued from previous post
........So I HIGHLY recommend what says, if you have a really bad parasite load of scabies, make sure you take antibiotics AND Benadryl AT THE SAME TIME you are taking the ivermectin!!! I had clindamycin a doctor gave me but the antibiotics ICU suggests would be good.
It was difficult and demanding having so many dead mites at once. Went through lots of clean clothes washed in hot water with borax, slept on a camp bed wrapped in plastic, clean sheets constantly.
(A lot has been written about home protocol for scabies; washing stuff super hot, baking in oven or freezing items you can't wash in freezer, wearing clean stuff, keeping environment clean etc. This is all important.)
Okay, Benzemul;
I found Benzemul,a topical application for scabies, while searching online. Why I chose Benzemul instead of permethrin again: two reasons, I found that permethrin did not kill the scabies I have which are probably the permethrin resistant ones, and it also made feel pretty sick, as permethrin is neurotoxic.
I ordered the Benzemul and had it shipped from Australia. It is a 25% benzyl benzoate solution in a lotion that has a fragrance a bit like almonds. About 2 coverages per bottle.
"Application: total body every five days, maybe one or two applications". I found this was not enough for a severe infection. I have used Benzemul several times with good results. I found I like using it on about the 3rd ivermectin day, so I seem to be doing it once a week instead of every 5 days. I have skipped one or two weeks, giving my skin a chance to heal when it was really bad.
IMPORTANT NOTE ON BENZEMUL: ALL skin must be BONE DRY before applying this, as it reacts to moisture with a burning sensation. WAIT to apply after a bath. I even gently blow dry myself to be sure. TEST the solution on a small area before applying everywhere. I found I could use the 25% solution straight from the bottle and I have sensitive skin. Instructions on the bottle say to dilute with water (!) for children or if you must. To me that doesn't make any sense-dilute something with water that reacts to water? No way would I...with some carrier oil maybe, but certainly NOT with water.
Don't put Benzemul on the face. I put it on my (dry!)scalp though.
I did not try putting Benzemul on crotch area. I use either Boudreaux's Butt paste or a 16% zinc oxide baby rash cream that I mixed with some peru balsam E.O.
On days I don't use the Benzemul I use Original Noxzema applied in a thin layer. I sometimes use the zinc oxide/ baby rash/peru balsam cream all over as I think the zinc oxide helps heal the skin. It's good to apply something to the skin to protect it, maybe VCO with Essential Oils mixed in. Scabies love bare skin.
Shower: Bentonite soap and peppermint shampoo from the health store. Add some lavender and clove E.O to the shampoo. Also using D.E. in the shower. Makes a terrible mess, but helps exfoliate the dead mites and kills some too. I use disposable gloves to protect my hands (do my hands first, then put the gloves on) and VERY GENTLY scrub...don't want to further injure my skin with the D.E., it's already under attack. I put the shampoo on my dry scalp at the beginning of the shower and work some D.E. into my hair as well.
The D.E I also purchased from a farm supply, it is meant for animals. I sterilize it in the oven in batches as I need it. Try not to breathe the stuff, the dust is not good for the lungs.
I found the Hot/Cold treatment at the end of a shower helps if you can stand it. Scabies don't like temperature change. I can only stand it on my legs, but if you can do it elsewhere it would be good. Run the hottest water you can bear, for as long as you can, maybe only seconds, then run the coldest water you can bear the same. I found this helped my legs where the infection seemed worse. The Hot/Cold also appears to help the "black nails" where the darn scabies had actually gotten underneath toenails and even a couple of fingernails.

Quezon City, Philippines

#238 Aug 6, 2013
Please help me i think i have scabies that wont go away.
I got a ring like patch on my right leg in april that was itchy so i treated it with an antifungal cream that made it subside but was still visible.
Then in late may i started to get a few small itchy bumps on my arms and legs that seemed to spread over time, i thought it was another fungal infection so i used sulphur soap and antifungal cream spot application for a week, when the bumps didnt go away i started to become really paranoid and looked up everything on the internet.
I thought i had hiv or std and got myself tested all of which came out as negative Thank God!
I was able to see a dermatologist last july13 and she said it was just an irritation and asked me to use a mild collagen soap from her clinic and prescribed citerizine (anti-histamine) 1x a day and to put betamethasone cream on the bumps. 2 weeks into this the rash spread like wildfire and it was red and very itchy, it spread all through out my body except for my neck, shoulders, upper back and face.
When i went back to the dermatologist last july 27 she said it could be scabies and asked me to apply 1 part 5%permethrin 1 part hydrodex lotion from the neck down twice a day without taking a bath for 2 days then stop and bathe for another 2 days then repeat the 2x a day for 2 days application of the creams which i did. My 5yo son who sleeps beside me every night did not get any rashes though so i had a doubt that it was scabies although i continued with the treatment she reccomended.
I threw away my mattress, washed all my pillows, beddings, clothes. I sanitized all surfaces and changed to fresh towels and beddings every day. I was already taking the anti histamine tabs twice a day.
i also started using sulfur soap since july 30 because i read somewhere that it helps.

But the rash was still there and its getting worse.

I decided to apply only the permethrin 5% last sunday august 4 which would have been my fifth application and took a shower the next day. I asked my mom and son to apply the perm just in case.
Monday and tues a take a bath twice a day with the sulfur soap.
And just tonight i noticed that the rash on my legs looks dried up and scaly, my thighs and arms still had the bumps. my palms are getting scaly and is flaking off.
All of which are still very itchy that sometimes i want to peel my skin off especially at bedtime.
I have red that it usually takes about 2 weeks before it all clears up.

But now i have these red rashes on my neck and shoulders and new ones on my stomach that i didnt have before.

I have been sufferring with this for almost 2 mos now. I no longer go out of the house or even my room because i look like a monster and i dont want anyone else to get infected.
I think that this disease is taking a toll on me emotionally, physically and even mentally. I sometimes want to set my skin on fire.
I dont know what else to do and im really scared that even my face and scalp will get rashes.
Please help me.

Golden, CO

#239 Aug 6, 2013
The above posts were all made by the resident troll.
Vss=virtual scabies=Scabiesophobic= 1000 different other posting names and locations and subsequent lies.

Golden, CO

#240 Aug 6, 2013
vss wrote:
<quoted text>
And you would treat with appropriate antibiotics, NOT herbal tinctures, Fred.
Do not confuse this disease with scabies. Scabies is treated with antiparasitics, like ivermectin and topicals likes permethrin.
Resident Troll-because your frame of reference is very narrow and you don't read enough to understand what you are really talking about then let me explain this, I doubt if you will read it because it's clear you are only concerned with what comes out of your mouth;

The reason that pharmaceuticals are identified as toxins in the body is that they are synthetic chemical isolates. They are not naturally occurring substances in the body or any organism. All organisms are essentially made of the same building blocks or molecular structures, just rearranged to make a person, a wolf or a rose. The medicinal ingredients in the herbs work against these pathogens because they are the plantís natural defense systems against the same types of pathogens. In the rain forest where it is warm and moist that is a good environment for these types of pathogens to grow. Not all medicinal plant tinctures come from the rainforest, some of them are made from the roots of the plant. The root is in the soil where pathogens also thrive. That's why these plants have these kinds of defense systems. Plants have natural defense systems that are extremely sophisticated and complex and science doesnít have the capacity to understand all the intricacies of their function. Medicinal plants can have 4,000 to 5,000 different phytochemicals inside each plant. These phytochemicals naturally occur in an organism and the historically used medicinal plants are compatible with organisms like Lyme patients. Synthetic chemical isolates do not occur in nature and cause a burden to the body because they are toxins. This is also why medicinal plants have few or no side effects.
The tinctures are organic and will be easily metabolized and processed in your body. Synthetic ABX toxins can stay in the fat cells for life if not properly detoxed.

Plant medicines cure scabies as well but you also have to treat the fungal infections that is attracting them and treat for the infections that they pass to you.

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