Collembella, All that you wanted to k...

Collembella, All that you wanted to know!

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Milford, PA

#1 Oct 23, 2009
A virtual horror story! That some of maybe experiencing:

Follow all the links here, very informative.

United States

#2 Oct 23, 2009
Yay. The swedes!

See, you're already helping people mikdee.

I'm on a cellphone so I can't post a link, but if you go to the cedarcide website, dr. Ben oldag, entymologist, talks about collumbola mites. We breath them in. Skf, there's no bug you can't kill unless the bug is using your skin and body as a free honeymoon motel with meals included. Lol. Bugs are smart, they know when they have a good thing.

Glasgow, KY

#3 Oct 23, 2009
LOL - yeah, but whatever ones were intimitaly enjoying themselves all over me, i evicted them, they have been banned here, if they return they will be prosecuted,

Glasgow, KY

#4 Oct 23, 2009
similiar to what i posted a week ago and i sent a pic to cdc and told them to check this out, i made a post about pareidolia ramosi. images on there are looking like alot of morgellon sufferers photos i have seen, the last photo especially, its very interesting . dont know if anyone read it or not.
Nightmares Do Come True

Spotsylvania, VA

#5 Nov 12, 2009
Mikdee, that is some of the scariest info I have seen. I pray that they come up with a solution for collembola! I sure hope the black specks coming off me are not this crap. I already shaved every hair off my body, so that doesnt bother me, but knowing that there is no cure?

Wilmington, NC

#7 Dec 17, 2009
Nightmares Do Come True

United States

#10 Dec 18, 2009
Hey Mike, I'm sorry I thought you had seen that video previously or I would have posted the link on one of your threads. The next time you want to find out more about it, try this link, it should take you to the collection of videos they have put together. Some very interesting stuff.
Nightmares Do Come True

United States

#11 Dec 18, 2009
And don't be depressed, I have already resigned myself to finding a way to beat this thing. There are plenty of cases of this stuff being in remission now, whether or not a person can be totally cured is another question, but as long as I can be rid of the crawling, I will be a happy man. If you ever want to, feel free to email me soulsearch3r2003 at

Since: Nov 09

Milford, PA

#12 Dec 18, 2009
N.D.C.T. I started this thread, & posted this link to begin with,,,lol,,, But I was in disbelief, & denial, so never ventured any further on the info. Last night I happened to be searching for answers as usual, and hapazardly clicked on this link in my favorites, and studied it further.

It seems like things are getting worse around my house since I vacuumed over a week ago, and then sprinkled Barox on the carpet?
Nightmares Do Come True

United States

#13 Dec 18, 2009
Well, this is just from the research I have done, but it seems that what is important now is to clean from the inside of the body out. Kind of counterintuitive compared to fighting mites. From what I have found, a person has to clean up their mycoplasma in order to get done with this ordeal. That means cutting out all sugar and dairy, and perhaps most carbohydrates until they have cleansed and detoxified their system. I have ordered emulsified oregano and wormwood from a homeopath, I will take those for a week and then do a liver cleanse. This is only the beginning of the necessary steps, but is a move in the right direction. I think adding coq10 and magnesium is going to be a very important step also, perhaps along with some probiotics.

Everything I have read about collembola points to Dr. Bonners peppermint soap being very beneficial in the fight. I have been soaking my clothes in bleach, A&H, and Borax for a couple days in a garbage can prior to washing. It is very effective for my bedding, but some clothes like fleece and such, still bug me when I put them on. I feel these things immediately now when I put on infested clothing. On top of that, it seems like these things are impervious to water, the only thing that gets them off my body hurts my body.

I tried a soak in borax and baking soda, when I got out I had blue fibers coming out of my body everywhere. I picked them all off my leg and by the time I picked them all off the other leg, the first leg had a bunch more coming right out of my pores. Now keep in mind that I have no open lesions, so this is all from unbroken skin, same for the white fibers coming out of my face and scalp from vaseline. I am now soaking in borax and sea salt, and only have a few of the fibers coming out afterward. The baking soda increased my itchiness by double.

Good Luck, and just remember, this thing can be beaten, many have done it with proper protocols.
Mr Common Sense

Indianapolis, IN

#14 Dec 18, 2009
These are all my posts relating to Collembola, there's a lot of research here, it's not all my work, but at least it's in one place.
Nightmares Do Come True

United States

#15 Dec 18, 2009
Mr Common Sense, I have been studying your website for the last few days! It is great to see you here on this forum. Thankyou for all the hard work you have put into your site, for us to find out what is really going on and learn from someone who has been through it.
Mr Common Sense

Indianapolis, IN

#16 Dec 18, 2009
One more thing, Collembola are a result, not the cause. The key to surving this is avoiding scary conspiracy and reading about all the horrible things you have eating you alive (cause most of it is not true). I live a mostly symptom free life now, but at one time I was making the proper preperations for my death, but here I am, alive and well. Read my posts in red on this link, you might find them useful.

If you have this condition I feel for you and have been there, if you have collembola they are secondary invadors, they are not the cause, you might find this post interesting.

Good luck everyone, whatever you do, if you have this don't freak out, don't let it rip your family apart, that happens all to often, it's a real mind trip when you get this stuff bad and it will take everything you have to rise above the fear, but you can do it.
Mr Common Sense

Indianapolis, IN

#17 Dec 18, 2009
You're welcome and you're name is so appropriate, for 2+ years at least I was in a very dark place, I am the president of a successful software company, I am certainly not delusional. If you could see the letters I see of families being torn apart, divorcing over this, being financially devestated trying everything under the sun to get rid of this (often dangerous things) and so on then yes, you'd know, nightmares do come true. There is something horrifying about this disease/condition that is almost worse than the condition itself.

The key for me was to stop searching for the cause and start focusing on my health, no help is coming from the CDC, we are on our own. But we can do it, again, try reading those "red" articles on my "All Articles" page, that is what turned it around for me at least.

Today I am going to post an entire families account and struggle with this condition.
Vann from Tennessee

United States

#18 Dec 18, 2009
Can you experts comment on this simplified diagnosis procedure we can all use? Anything missing?

DON'T GUESS !!! These symptoms could be lice, Morgellons, Fleas, Bedbugs, Scabies or several other conditions
Following tools are required:
1) Black Light 2) Lint Roller 3) Microscope
Very simple diagnosis:
How To Tell the Difference Between Bird Mites, Scabies and Early Morgellons Disease
A) It is Morgellons if:
** You see fibers coming out of skin
** if burrows can only be seen under black light
** if inside ears, nose, anus, vagina

B) It is scabies if:
** Burrows can be seen under the skin in normal light

C) It is surface mites of some kind
** If not A) or B) above
** Also possible bedbugs or other.
** Use a lint roller & microscope to identify

D) More diagnosis details here


United States

#19 Dec 18, 2009
Nightmares Do Come True,
I too have Blue, Red and Black wiry fibers coming out of my skin. They are very itchy. And black specs from my scalp, which bite.I never had a rash or open sores. I have tried everything including iver and BB. But they are still here. Many posters have reported blue lint like fibers on their skin. They even survive the hot washer and hot dryer. I will try borax and seasalt.
Nightmares Do Come True

United States

#20 Dec 18, 2009
suffering- From everything I have read, it is imperative that you stop using the chemicals on your skin ie. permethrin, BB, etc...the chemicals are reported to only drive this stuff further into your central nervous system. Of course this is only once you are sure that your problem is not scabies.

The next step is to change your diet, DRASTICALLY! You will need to cut out all sugars, dairy products, and most carbohydrates. Check out Mr Common Sense's website, there is an absolute wealth of information on there for sufferers of this affliction. There is a section with videos from Doctor Rotcod, as you can see this is just doctor spelled backwards, but the videos are very enlightening when it comes to the ph balance of your body and how important it is to keep your ph levels in order. I have drank soda as my beverage of choice for close to 30 years and it appears to have turned my body acidic. I bought some litmus paper today to check it out and sure enough my ph is 6.0, it should be 7.4 so I am stopping my soda intake, on an empty stomach anyways ;)

When your ph level falls below 7 it creates a breeding ground for bacteria. This effects the mycoplasma and brings on a whole array of severe problems in ones heath. Treating from the inside out seems to be the only option when it comes to these fibers and the crawls affiliated with this affliction. It is not cheap to get your mycoplasma back in shape, but getting rid of the crawls and bites is the only thing on my mind at this point. So I am getting on a regimented diet and taking the necessary supplements to get my body back. I am losing a ton of weight because of this, so hey, I might just be healthier than ever in my life when this is over, and look great too!
Good luck on your fight!
Vann from Tennessee

United States

#21 Dec 19, 2009
"I too have Blue, Red and Black wiry fibers coming out of my skin. "

You most certainly have Morgellons, please confirm with these links:

"This condition report a range of symptoms including
* crawling, biting and stinging sensations;
* granules, threads or black specks on/beneath the skin;
* skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores)
* Also such as fatigue, mental confusion, short term memory loss,
* joint pain, and changes in vision."
See this first,"What Is It" -

mites-scabies-and-early-morgel lons-disease.html
& ; ; ; ;
* Blacklight Test for Morgellons Video
Red wine, purple grape juice or peroxide swish
in mouth releases a LOT of Morgellons Toxins
Sugar feeds this condition
Garlic, tea, YesToCarrots cream helps
**Morgellons/Springtails from Mr Common Sense

Nightmares Do Come True

United States

#22 Dec 19, 2009
Ok guys, I know this is a little early to post, but yesterday I bought some supplements and took them. Magnesium )elemental),probiotics,and CoQ10...well I havent had a bite since taking them 24 hours ago. Within 3 hours of taking, my crawls subsided by 80%. I have slept 14 hours in the last 24, so it sure seems that this is the way to go, at least for my body!

Morgellons like symptoms are caused by the storing of metals and the mycoplasma being overly acidic, this is how the affliction is able to take root in our bodies. So rather than trying to figure out how we got this crap, it is important to feed the body what it needs to get well.

I do not expect these 3 supplements to be a cure, but they sure gave me some relief. I hope you all can get a little relief too, in order to continue this fight. These 3 supplements cost me less than $25 for over a month worth, far cheaper than permethrin that did nothing to help me when I thought I was battling scabies. I am just glad to finally know why the scabies treatments that were working for so many others were not working at all for me.

As I am sure you all can attest to, these things get immune to medications in a hurry. So I don't know how long I will find relief with just these 3 supplements, but getting over 3 hours sleep was well worth the money.

Stay strong my friends, we can beat this!
Nightmares Do Come True

United States

#23 Dec 23, 2009
Well its been several days since I began with the supplements in the last post, and I am still sleeping a whole lot more than before. I still have a bit of activity, but nothing compared to before. I no longer have bugs racing around on top of my skin, I do occasionally feel a few through the day, but they are stationary for the most part and just kind of quivering. The under the skin crawls are also reduced by at least 80%. I did up my dose on the magnesium and probiotics to one tablet when I wake up and one before bed.
I just received my emulsified oregano and wormwood in the mail and am adding those to the supplements to try and flush all toxins and/or parasites from my system. In one week I will do a liver cleanse and then probably start adding a few more supplements from the "poor mans protocol"

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