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#263 Aug 5, 2008
Use a monthly topical flea and mite treatment on your dog. Have a veterinarian check your dog for parasites.
The first thing I noticed was my dog and cat looked scruffy. Then I was itching. Then i had a bump,then a burrow, then crusts.

Good Luck!

Wellington, New Zealand

#264 Sep 2, 2008
i resently found out i have scabies
they r on my hands,armlegs,ankles,
tummy,can you drown scabies?

Since: Aug 08

Auckland, New Zealand

#265 Sep 2, 2008
help wrote:
i resently found out i have scabies
they r on my hands,armlegs,ankles,
tummy,can you drown scabies?
Hi "help". Another from Auckland! Someone else from here posted yesterday on "Post Scabies and still Worried" thread. Are we in the midst of an outbreak ?!? Scabies has just spread like wildfire through my extended family of 3 generations. Goodness knows how many more we've infected before knowing we had it. Only two out of 8 of us went to the Dr. for diagnosis. There must be a lot more of this around than official figures suggest. Permethrin is available without prescription in N.Z. so get some from the chemist and really hit it hard and try and "nip it in the bud". Some of us are still having problems because we didn't leave it on long enough and we put it only from the neck down. Posters are recommending 24 hours. Maybe they don't burrow in the head as often as in some other places, but I don't see why they wouldn't be wandering there. I'm sure they don't see an invisible boundary line ! Some family members appear to have got rid of it with just one Perm. Which seems amazing because it would have had to kill all in burrows. Good luck and keep us posted.

Since: Aug 08

Auckland, New Zealand

#266 Sep 2, 2008
help wrote:
i resently found out i have scabies
they r on my hands,armlegs,ankles,
tummy,can you drown scabies?
I tried to drown them - no luck. If anyone knows how, please please tell us.
I tried all sorts of things. Had to resort to the chemicals in the end. Perm. got rid of most, but it's going to take me a bit longer because I gave the beasties more time to spread while I messed round trying the "natural" stuff. Tea tree oil etc. gave relief from itch but didn't rid me of mites.
going crazy


#267 Oct 13, 2008
progress wrote:
I have decided to do two saftey treatments at one week intervals.
2 days of iver and BBTT/BB.
I am on day two of the first round and after retreating i have to say the intensity of my symptoms has increased significantly!! The itching is lasting longer, the pinpricks are back and the crawling has doubled!!!
The only thing i have changed is i retreated.
I will now wait 1 more week and do the same.
I will also retreat with peremthrin at some point to see what that does so i can tell you guys. I suspect it will bring on my symptoms even worse.
I know that some of you are probably thinking i might still be infested but i am completely certain that i am not. I feel about 80% the same but there are a few things which are qualitatively different (mention above), plus after i week off treatment things have slowly and consistantly got better. plus i havent seen any new skin bumps at all.
I am confident i am cured, but it took removing all possibility otherwise to convince me of this.
could u please email me i would like to talk to u about this i need some help i cant take this email me @ [email protected] please ty
Itty Bitty Critters

Pompano Beach, FL

#268 Oct 13, 2008
Going Crazy: I think Progress is long gone. This person posted his entire process from beginning to end, and he has been cured for some time now. What is your email address? Lneedacure or is it Ineedacure?

Dalian, China

#269 Oct 17, 2008
Sam wrote:
Not necessarily bird mites. I had a bad scabies infestation way up one nostril. These evil creatures will go anywhere to escape the meds. They are so tiny they don't need a lot of air to breathe.
You can keep wiping your eye area with a wet kleenex when you feel them crawling there, use eyedrops to wash them from eyeballs.
I don't know about the back of your throat. I've gargled with listerine original, don't rinse, to keep them from going in my mouth. I have felt them bite my tongue a few times. Maybe try salt water gargles? Scabies3 had some good ideas above.
I just finished a treatment with Permethrin 5% 2weeks ago. After the treatment,I found there is a new rash in one nostrol, I'm not sure it is because of scabies.
I wonder if scabies mites can live in nostril.

I'm not a English speaker, sorry for my poor English.
staying patient


#270 Oct 22, 2008
I just wanted to take a moment to put my experience with scabies down in case anyone else can relate and with the intention of giving hope to those who can.

I guess mine was not a particularly severe case at it was not over my entire body but being on the genitals it did cause me alot of distress. I wondered at all the horrible possibilities before a doctor at a sexual health clinic was so convinced that it was scabies that we took all steps to cure that.

He prescribed the use of a lotion called "escabiol". For me it was an uncomfortable treatment due to its high potency. However i was of the mindset of no pain no gain and i was ready to try almost anything. So two days using the treatment then wait was basically all i could do.

That's not to say they didn't still itch like the devil for a long time after. There were definitely times when i felt like they must surely still be alive. It is easy to attribute every little sensation to mites doing their business under the skin. But then i just considered that no new spots were developing and took this to mean that they must be dead. I think that could be a fair assumption to make when worrying that treatment hasn't worked. "Am i developing new lesions even after treatment?" For me the answer was no. So over the last month or so no new lesions have developed and the old ones have slowly been disappearing and the itch has slowly reduced. I guess it takes so much time because there are still dead mites, dead eggs and faeces under the skin so it's no suprise they still itch each even after treatment. In an attempt to quicken the process of bringing the debris to the surface of the skin and eventually out i went to such extremes as to deliberately scratch away at the skin until it was bleeding. Amazingly i think this may have helped to a degree but probably not enough to warrant trying it. I'm certainly not recommending it as i'm sure we suffer enough without deliberately hurting ourselves also.

The other thing that has helped i believe is the regular application of vitamin E oil which can be found at the pharmacy. It is known to help with the regeneration of skin and aid the healing of scar tissue. So now i have only small lumps under the skin in some spots and the colour is starting to return to normal. I think this ordeal is nearing the end for me. Fingers are crossed.

I hope my experience might sound familiar to some and give hope that things are getting better even if at times it feels like they might not be.

stay patient


#271 Oct 23, 2008
Staying Patient, Good news. Please post in the "I'm cured column". So I've heard that Ascabiol is a good treatment, and I am glad to see someone "I know" has tried it and cured it. I think they have this online, but you have to send to the UK, but it was not too expensive considering how much Perm is. I have no medical, so it's all the same to me, nothing is reimbursed, and If I'm not mistaken, Ascabiol can be used on the scalp, according to whatever website I saw it on.

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#272 Oct 23, 2008
Progress' ideas helpful, but schedule had some contradictions. Said did iv day 1,2,8,9,15,22,29, then said every day 1-14 then 20,21 and 27,28.

Did I miss something? Also what is cheapest way to buy bb?

Grand Blanc, MI

#273 Nov 13, 2008
Welty wrote:
Staying Patient, Good news. Please post in the "I'm cured column". So I've heard that Ascabiol is a good treatment, and I am glad to see someone "I know" has tried it and cured it. I think they have this online, but you have to send to the UK, but it was not too expensive considering how much Perm is. I have no medical, so it's all the same to me, nothing is reimbursed, and If I'm not mistaken, Ascabiol can be used on the scalp, according to whatever website I saw it on.
After I found out I had critters by researching skin rashes on the net, I was sure it was scabies. Permethrin for scabies is at 5% and is only available with a prescription. I asked the pharmacist at a drugstore and he told me to use Nix lice treatment. This contains 1% Permentrin and is available everywhere and is alot cheaper. I got 2 bottles of cream rinse for under $15. I put this cream all over my body from the neck down, but this stuff is made to put on your head so it should be safe to put all over. I left it on for about 20 minutes, and then took a shower. I felt so much better even an hour later, because all the little bastards were dead. I put on clean clothes and washed the bed sheets. I know that a couple of my bites were not bites but females under the skin. Over the next few days, I put the perm on any spot that wasn't getting better. About 5 days later, I repeated the treatment all over my body to kill any eggs that might of hatched. I continued to put the cream (perm) on any spots that were not getting better quickly. I slept in bed with my wife the whole time, and never told her that I had them. She never caught them, though she might have gotten a bite or two. Scabies is a human mite transmitted by humans to humans. The say that the mites can live for 24 to 72 off humans. My cat never got them and I didn't get them from the cat. My two large parrots didn't get them and I didn't get them from the birds. The pet version of Scabies is Mange. One of the main things you have to do to get rid of these horrible, rotten pests that I woundn't wish on my worst enemy, is try to find out were you got them from. If you are trying to treat a whole family and someone in the family keeps getting infested from an outside source, you are almost fighting a losing battle until you stop the reinfestation. Good luck to all.

Dakabin, Australia

#274 Nov 22, 2008
go to beginning of this forum as it has very good info step by step on his procedure to kill the mites

United States

#275 Dec 23, 2008
My name is Tonya me and my fiancee just found out that we have scabies. I had no clue that what scabies were until I went to the E.R because of a really bad rash that I had on my stomach the DR. said it was one of the worst cases of scabies that he has see in a very long time. I just found out like yesterday so I hope this medication permethrin works. We are also bombing our house I hope that help if anyone has any advice about after doing cream and just leaving the house for a couple of days will kill all of them off in the house.
scabfest in dallas

Quinlan, TX

#277 Dec 26, 2008
progress wrote:
<quoted text>
I never treated my workplace. I never at any point considered it a major risk (im on my feet almost all day). You don't need to treat your house at all when you return. Crank your heat before you leave. Read back a bit (1st page maybe) and i list survival times at different temperatures. Even if you dont leave, the hotter your house the faster they die.
Before I got out, i was sparaying, vacuuming, washing, drying, ironing, like mad. And i didn't think it was doing anything. However in retrospect I now realize what I was using as feedback as to what was working (body sensations) was completely unreliable. You will save yourself a lot of grief if you take to heart what i wrote about post scabies and post treatment. I am still convinced ther are a lot of people on here that are already cured and probably have been for months. I felt fully infested when i stopped treating and did for several days, but each day gets better (unless i retreat -- then it feels like im infested again for a couple days -- even pinpricks!)
first just to say hallo to you all,i have lurked on this website for about 9 months and have learned soo from you all..thanks

i dont know about the temprature gets to 100plus farenheit in dallas and the mites still survived this.then i kept my winter clothes in a bag for 6 months and sure enough when i wore them i got reinfected.i have successfully got rid of scabies about 5 times in the 1 yr that ive had it but got reinfected due to believing that mites die after a certain time.thanks to all the advice ive gotten here i dont fell getting rid of scabies is an issue for me.hte biggest problem is reinfestation.i have made up my mind to move,trash my carpet,computer and computer desk and workout machine.or some reason i have gotten reinfected fro thisin the past.

i appreciate everyone on this site.i owe you my sanity.
scabfest in dallas

Quinlan, TX

#278 Dec 26, 2008
a lot of people had trouble with getting the mite off thier soles of their feet,i use a 10% sulfur cream i got at a spanish store called pomade de azufre.i apply it to the soles of my feet day and night and put socks first i used it for the scabies and when they were gone i kept using it as a prophylaxis and also because it exfoliates all the calluses and now i feel like i have just come from having a pedicure everyday.the smell was bad at first but i got used to it and plus i wouldnt dare let anybody get close enough to smell me until am 100% sure ive gotten rid of this .also fill your tub with water and borax and soak all your shoes for 12 hrs and air dry them.that got my shoes clean.borax has been my best friend.ive also used 1% pyrithione zinc(stuff used in dandruff creams).i mixed it with the sulfur and got the worst chemical burns my whole skin peeled in sheets AND STILL THE MITES LIVED ON....i havent done the tea trea but thats something im willing to try.

Since: Dec 08

Saint Peters, MO

#279 Jan 2, 2009
My name is Tonya I am scabie free I brought in the new year not itching the best news I have heard in a while we stayed away from our house for 1 1/2 weeks so I think the house is clear from scabies what do u guys think we are going back to the house this weekend and I am afraid to get them back
steve bourgoin

Thunder Bay, Canada

#280 Jan 5, 2009
When I had scabies it was the most horrible thing , I felt uncomfortable around everyone and thought it would never end,there is a quick way to end your breakout safely. Permethrin does not work folks if you have had scabies for a couple weeks and it is dangerous.

"STOP Scabies Pain And Itching From Home, In 24 Hours Or Less With No Doctors, No Wasted Money, And No Drugs..."

Goleta, CA

#281 Jan 12, 2009
i am a 20 year old University of california, santa barbara scabies back in september and was misdiagnosed for a while...i fucking went CRAZY with this shit, had to be prescribed anti anxietys because i kept reading all these forums which would just make it worse and make me think of scabies LITERALLY 24/7...dreams about scabies,etc ...the worst part was when someone said the crawling feeling meant young mites walking all over your body...i'd feel the slightest thing on my skin and flip the FUCK out all day everyday. I couldn't sit in lecture, couldn't sleep because of stress...finally went to another doctor, who said i HAD TO been cured because of the mass amount of treatment, and he prescribed me anti anxiety to "help with mite concerns" I'm pretty sure Im in post scabies...i did one final treatment (my doctor prescribed me two more doses of ivermectin merely out of pity for me because I was so paranoid) and I just took the second dose of it. WIth a fat piece of cheese and some alcohol cuz that's what progress suggested.(not so shabby eh?) lol. BUT GOD DAMN FUCK SCABIES IS THE seriously the worst thing I've had to deal with like many tears and friends telling me i was fine and i felt liek i was the only one in the world who knew that i wasn't actually cured....good luck to all of you I feel for you terribly.
much love,

PROGRESS I LOVE YOU....i can't express how much it means to me that you actually took the time to write all this shit even after you were cured...reading your post scabies experience literally made me cry out of joy....

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#282 Jan 14, 2009
I have been reading these post and thought that today I wiil order mass doses of Ivermectin. I stumbled on a site today that talked about deaths with iver or stromectal. I dont have the study in front of me now but the number was pretty significant, it was not immediate death but within 6 month of treatment. I am desparate b/c I have been dealing with scabies for about 5 months now, but dont want to risk death. Anyone know of this or advise--please help.

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#284 Jan 19, 2009
I followed progress schedule 14 days
Shower b4 take Iver at 91mcg per pound w/fat intake plus topicals

at day 15,16,17days no topical Teattree only

then start a test schedule on day18 iver+topical if any continue addt'l 3-5days depending how many bugs yet, or if
too many yet consider start frm beggining again.

best topical skin can take was Teatree 10drops +lavender10drops+Neen Oil one dropper 1drop hand soap w/1/2c water put in spray bottle douse yourself if can handle double up on drops skin will get hot but does not burn like those folks using sulfer which just burns. Alternate use Suave cocoa shea lotion instead of water helps to alternate and keep skin in better shape over time.
Am very grateful to progress' research &assist to us ALL.

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