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#1 Oct 28, 2009
In July I noticed a rash starting around my belt line and spreading.

I had looked on-line for my symptoms re rash and itching and thought it was scabies. About 95% of the info regarding those symptoms is about scabies, or so it seemed to me.

The doctor said, "looks like scabies".

However, 1) there was no raised bump on the rash which seemed common from the info I found, 2) most of what I read said it was quite hard to contract and I hadn't even shaken hands with anyone in years. I had read a few comments about the difficulty of contraction being wrong or, "old info", so I speculated that I got it when receiving change back on a purchase at the grocery store or at the restaurant sitting where an infested person had just sat. These are the points that suggest something other than scabies.

In searching for my symptoms I didn't see anything about dust mites. I had never heard of them causing a rash but only about the respiratory problems.

After visiting the doctor I applied the Permathrin, etc. I was exceedingly thorough even abandoning my residence for a week and taking other precautions but, after a time and much pealing, the "crawling itch" came back. To me, in spite of the reputation of difficult eradication, this was a counter indicator for scabies - I should have been cured.

Now, they attacked my head. This is another counter indicator of scabies but that too, I read, here and there, was old and wrong info. None the less, and knowing that my place is not well looked after and not dusted very regularly, I searched specifically for "Dust mites" and "rash", and began to learn that I was blessed with not having scabies.

I cleaned up everything and vacuumed and dusted repeatedly and continue to do so. I attacked every itch with tape but those itches have diminished and I am symptom free.

Hopefully, someone in a similar situation will find this message before they go through the discomfort, anxiety and work that I did.

United States

#2 Oct 28, 2009
Glad to hear you're over it. I'm not sure what you meant by sparing others the work you went through. Cleaning the environment is usually a biggie. And mites are mites, I read there are 45,000 types of mites. Could you clarify?

I try to stay away or protect myself from movie theatre seats, sofas that dogs sit on, mattresses, carpets, any dusty cloth or uphostered item, and I triple protective paper on public toilets. I spray best yet by cedarcide on surfaces and take a plastic bag to sit on at the movie theatre. I wash clothes and blankets after one use in hot water forevermore. Oil on the body and in hair now and then is a good thing. A little bit of prevention.

Loon Lake, WA

#3 Nov 5, 2009
buggie wrote:
I spray best yet by cedarcide on surfaces and take a plastic bag to sit on at the movie theatre. I wash clothes and blankets after one use in hot water forevermore.
In a patent test cedar oil exhibited no effect on mites even after 24 hours exposure, so I imagine any alleged efficacy is from the product's surficant more than anything. If that's the case save yourself some $ and spray any old insecticidal soap.

I wash everything on hot too. Did you guage your hot water temp, buggie? It should be at least 130F.

El Cajon, CA

#4 Jul 18, 2012
Well I have something and it's annoying as hell. The doctor said it was scabies but the bites aren't that close together, which is common with scabies. So I'm hoping it's dust mites.

Lincoln Park, MI

#6 Apr 30, 2013
I have to agree with Erik......A HUGE RELIEF knowing it wasn't the scabies mite!!!! HUGE DIFFERENCE! Last September I started having rash-Like spots only they didn't itch they really didn't bother me too much.........I usually tan from march up until early November. Once I start it becomes this everyday thing I feel I'm loosing color if I don't go but since I developed this rash and couldn't figure out what was causing it after trying many things my last resort was to chill out on the tanning an everyday must had become a twice a week thing. And.....then the itching started it was terrible I scratched my feet so bad in my sleep they had open sores!! Finally educated on what it was I WAS DISGUSTED!!! I didn't grow up around filth Nor bugs or rodents I wasn't a dirty person However I worked in a hospital and I handled linens. Somehow my tanning prevented the intense itching .....It's as much mental as physical I was looney over this I cried I cleaned and cleaned and treated my home and myself first with the tea tree oil and witch hazel home remedy then I used the permithrin cream and left ot on way too long and used it frequently which is very dangerous to your health!!!! Then I would spray mybody with bedding spray because it made me feel more protected.....I looked up anything I could and made myself a overnight expert on the nasty mite I still think about the whole ordeal well 3 days ago I started spring cleaning and out of nowhere the red bumps the itching the paranoia .......DUST MITES THANK HEAVENS .....but before I found out it was dust mites I automatically diagnosed myself with scabies!!!! SO YES O MY YES THERE IS A TREMENDOUS DIFFERENCE. THE EGG LAYING BURROWING EEWWWW!!!! I'll forever be haunted

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