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#446 Mar 23, 2013
FRED wrote:
People are tempted to use Diatomaceous Earth on themselves and this is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. The people selling this stuff have mounted a large campaign to tell you that amorphous food grade DE is safe because it is not chrystaline. The way DE works is to scratch off the surface biofilm internally and to fill up the skins pores with tiny shards of broken glass. DE is silica, which is essentially glass. Glass is amorphous , if you get a window from a 100 year old house you will find that the glass is thicker at the bottom of the pane because it flowed over the 100 years. That’s amorphous neither liquid nor solid, it doesn’t have an exact melting point. But if you break that window it will still cut you. All silica weather it’s called amorphous or chrystaline is sharp, that’s how it works, and those sharp edges get stuck in tissue. That is why silica migrates through the body very slowly , it cuts its way through. Also your body doesn’t metabolize it. In the case of breathing it your lungs will isolate it as a foreign substance and grow tissue around it to protect you, this is called interstitial lung disease. Silica also has severe immune system effects. Don’t be fooled it doesn’t matter if it is amorphous or chrystaline, all DE, read silica will hurt you. Your body can’t metabolize either kind of silica and there is always some chrystaline silica in food grade DE. It also cuts through your GI tract which is how it has such negative effects on the immune system.

DE is a toxin and should not be used. Silica in the body is only safe if it is in molecular form and then your should only absorb it through food. It shuts down the very transport that is cell function that allows your treatments to be conveyed to all your cells. If you read the niosh study on chrystaline silica you should notice the section on immune disorders and auto immune deficiency. All amorphous silica has some trace of chrystaline silica in it and if you are eating it or inhaling it then it accumulates.
Freddy Freddy Freddy, DE cured me and the food grade DE does have harmful stuff you keep posting about.

Food grade DE is from fresh water and does not cause harm to anyone.

Edmonton, Canada

#447 Mar 24, 2013
Try Rub A535 it works also

Hollywood, FL

#448 Mar 24, 2013
Langoliers wrote:
<quoted text>
Freddy Freddy Freddy, DE cured me and the food grade DE does have harmful stuff you keep posting about.
Food grade DE is from fresh water and does not cause harm to anyone.
Lang, didn't you say you were cured by using Lindane. If I remember correctly you were adamant about the Lindane. That it cured you and your wife or something like that. Now it's DE? Are you selling the stuff? Tell me how rubbing DE all over your body is going to cure anyone of scabies....
And it's harmful to your lungs.
I'm just not buying it, AT ALL.

Toronto, Canada

#449 Mar 24, 2013
aussie itcher wrote:
man ive had these suckers for nearly a year, driving me absolutley mental, im using a bird lice spray that i rub onto my skin, its designed to take out lice in avian environments but is permethrin based so it should work well enough, Im so sick of having scabies! There should reallly be a little more of a focus on this condition considering it seems to be so damn prevalent!
My hub and I have had them for about five weeks because we helped to put bed bug covers on a tenant's mattress...seems she had three other bugs. Yikes! I've tried everything, Nix for lice, Nix for scabies, NEM, euculptus, salt and clorine baths, three hour hot drowning baths, tea tree oil and tea tree shampoo, Demprex shampoo. I had success one day with olive oil and kerosene, followed by Colgate Total (Wintergreen/icy oil ingredient) and then baby diaper rash Penetan, and when I applied the Penetan and took a wet (water) kleenex they came off in the hundreds all over my body. The next time I started with Penetan, Colgate Total toothpaste and finished with combimation of oils including Nem, clover, eucayptus, olive, tea tree and I wiped away hundreds. Then, nothing, but I still had them and I am gleaning. The Colgate Total Toothpaste takes the temperature down and I as freezing. I remembered a story that my grandfather took my aunt and placed her in a bathtub of motor oil for 72 hours to get rid of them way back then in the twenties. Kerosene should not be used by smokers nor in kitchens/ furnace areas. Everything we have are in plastic bags, dishes, books, everything and had a pesticide man, we still had the mites on our body, he is coming back and I have been spraying with Raid even on my body. Raid Ant was useful at night time as it gluded my pjs to my skin. It appears that these mites have trapped doors and one must massage them to open the traps. They don't like alcohol. I am going to try some of the suggestions found here and will continue to oil and massage for the next year just in case. I even wash my shoes when I leave the house and put them in plastic upon return. I plan a SCABBIE DAY for Nov 01 right after Halloween when the world pats Satan on the back for his pranks just to let Jesus know that I am still interested and to say a prayer for everyone like, "Please forgive us sinners Jesus" (and under my breathe, "feel free to jump in any time". I want to make it a yearly ritual.

Hollywood, FL

#450 Mar 25, 2013
Langoliers wrote:
<quoted text>
Freddy Freddy Freddy, DE cured me and the food grade DE does have harmful stuff you keep posting about.
Food grade DE is from fresh water and does not cause harm to anyone.
I love the way you guys try to hide the truth by posting some nonsense story of putting colgate toothpaste on your skin (newbies - don't believe their lies.

So, Lang, ummmm
here's a link to a thread where you were just basically saying you were taking everything from ivermectin, to permethrin, to lindane. These are all very strong scabicides/mitcicides. All three of these meds will kill scabies, but NOT Diatomaceous Earth. DE does not cure scabies and those were not pictures you took. You copied them from the net and manipulated the images and lied about them being a mite from your bed. Good try, though, Lang.

Hollywood, FL

#451 Mar 25, 2013
buckshot wrote:
Try Rub A535 it works also
An explanation of A535 from Wikipedia...
sounds good to me. all thoee ingredients are mite killers,
menthol, eucalyptus, menthol,,, all mite killers

a Canadian product...

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#453 Mar 25, 2013
vss is just another fred turd.

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Grande Prairie, Canada

#454 Mar 25, 2013
lotus_fan wrote:
<quoted text>
You will have to register then message me at Lotus Fan and give me your email. I then will send you a word file that will tell you exactly how to rid yourself of the infection. I'm not selling anything in any way.
Hi Lotus Fan, I just seen your reply after all this time, I hope you're still around. I registered tonight but Im waiting for a confirmation email but I still haven't received it yet. I will send you s message ASAP, Thanks for your help "Steve"

Wallasey, UK

#455 Mar 26, 2013
All of you presume you have scabbies (not all i know) but untill you can say i 100% have "this" condition you cant start to treat it , I thought I had them for years turns out I was wrong , The itch was identical to an insect under my skin but the problem was a fungal condition that also looked like scabies
So before you take a bleech bath or whatever advice is here , try and establish what is the cause of the itch

Houston, TX

#456 Mar 26, 2013
Gab wrote:
I was suffering from scabies for years. They begun to bite me always in the afternoons, and the evenings were the worst. If I ate a choclate, or something sweet, I had terrible itching. I tried the official anti scabical treatments, they have irritate my skin, but the scabies didnt disappear. I was frustrated, disappointed. I decided to get rid of them. Every evening I tried a new cream if one will help me, regardless what is this cream for After some weeks it succeeded, I have found the right cream!
I felt, that creams contain menthol or camfor like green horse balsam are good, the itching is much less, but not enough, they do not kill the scabies. Scabies do not like menthol and/or camfor, this creams help us to exorcise the scabies out from the deeper part of our skin. After the menthol cream evening I tried another cream I bougt in a pharmacy without prescription. It was not a n anti scabies cream. And it had killed the scabies within three seconds. Immidiately finished the itching, and never came back!
My opinion is that against scabies we need two creams: the first contain menthol or camfor to smoke out from the deeper part of skin, the second cream to kill them. About this second cream I can write more, if somebody needs it.
. Please tell me the second cream

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#457 Mar 26, 2013
Dave wrote:
All of you presume you have scabbies (not all i know) but untill you can say i 100% have "this" condition you cant start to treat it , I thought I had them for years turns out I was wrong , The itch was identical to an insect under my skin but the problem was a fungal condition that also looked like scabies
So before you take a bleech bath or whatever advice is here , try and establish what is the cause of the itch
Good Point! And agreed.
I turned out to have Tropical rat mites

Scabies die in 72 hours off the host.
Rat mites 6 weeks.

A scabie mite moves about an inch or so a day. A Rat mite is of the spider family and can cross a room in a day.
Yet both are the same size the rat mite has very long legs.

They can be quite a bugger.

Kalamazoo, MI

#458 Mar 27, 2013
hey everyone, I just started my own blog for people coping and trying to find a cure from scabies. I have posted on here a couple times now,and wanted to offer my blog to tell your stories on. I have dealt with it for nearly 5 months now, and want to offer support/advice to anyone who is or knows someone who is suffering. This is also simply a place to vent.

please visit, post and tell your story!!!

United States

#459 Mar 27, 2013
My blog rocks. Your blog sucks. i can build a ricket ship. I will fly my rocket ship to the moon. Your so stupid. I got a A+ in science.

Pune, India

#460 Apr 20, 2013
Gab wrote:
I also washed the clothes and bedclothes, but it didn't help. After the cream I did not need to wash anything. The itching stopped immidiately.
Go to a pharmacy and ask to make this cream, is it possible?
salicil (acidum salicilicum 0,6 g)
borax (acidi borici 1,5 g )
vaselin 28 g
This is a cheap cream, we can buy in pharmacy without prescription.
is the cream- plite useful? Please let me know.

Pune, India

#461 Apr 20, 2013
Please let me know the perfect cream!
I am suffering from scabies for last 2 months.
It is so itching and annoying at pennis area of my body. Please help me. With all details instructions medicines

Baton Rouge, LA

#462 Apr 27, 2013
I've recently become infected with scabies within the past month and the itching is just starting to get out of control. So I've been trying everything I can think of to at least get the nonstop, agonizing itching relieved. Just applied some bio-oil (used to get rid of stretch mark and skin blemishes) and the itching almost stopped immediately. Lets see what happens from here.
Plz Help

Athens, GA

#463 May 1, 2013
I've tried everything, what do I do...they're in my hair on my face eyelashes ears nose.... not to much anywhere else but do feel.on occasions itching and bites all over ...

United States

#464 May 2, 2013
Gab wrote:
The name of the cream is: Ung. ad vulnera
It contains 27,9 g vaselin 1,5 g acidi borici, 0,6 g acidum calicilicum
Where do they sell it

Perth, Australia

#465 May 12, 2013
What was the creams ???

Soledad, CA

#466 May 15, 2013
Canuckette wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi again, I am going back and forth, sometimes just for reason of time - going to the health food store to buy the glycerin I've run out of, rushing out the door in the morning, or finally falling into bed. It's not hard to do. I've had a similar reaction this evening as I think it was Lori, black things coming out of my skin - I thought that I was farther along the journey of healing than I seem to be, based on the numbers that still came out tonight. I used double the amount of Alka Seltzer tonight and it seemed to have double the effect. I've also used 40% zinc oxide cream in the last couple of days as well. It helps as well.
The recipe is a small handful of borax, 2-4 Alka Seltzer tablets, mixed in a very small amt. of hot water - let it fizz, then add 1/4 cup of glycerin. It will fizz again. Use all over. I don't know why you wouldn't use it on children, maybe stick with 2 Alka Seltzers. The only issue is the salicylic acid in the A.S., but it's not going in their mouths.
The Arm&Hammer baths would be great for kids.
I am thinking of trying the "Capstar" that August mentioned. It might be worth a try, to finish them off in my case.
Hang in there Des. You too, Lori - we've all been there. Please keep your little ones in mind. They need you.
. Does it really help I have had them for like 3 weeks so ill get cured faste rhopefully so the a&h baths and what else helps ? I'm 16 so is my so adage less ? I'm in desperate new dog tips my parents think its a joke they aren't taking this seriously

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