Pin Prick & Crawling Sensations? Post...


#154 Aug 11, 2013
After I had rid myself of scabies I was still itchy, mostly from scalp face to torso, I also had some hair loss on my scalp. Seems from the treatments I developed a fungal infection, like jock itch. It felt like mites crawling and had the pin pricks.
Eventually the Dr precribed Stieprox a topical antifungal shampoo. It helped a lot. Now I am bathing in a solution of baking soda, apple cider vinegar and listerine type mouthwash and I think it works much better than anything I've tried over the past year. I can see that it is really helping and the itch and pimples are going away and my skin is clearing and returning to normal.
All the best to everyone!

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#155 Aug 12, 2013
As of today I haven't taken any Claritan or Benedryl since Saturday..... I feel pretty good, still little nervous. I just keep telling myself they are gone. Haven't had anymore spots or bumps. Some itching today but not bad. Seems if I keep myself busy I'm good. No one else is showing any signs at all. June 29th was my last treatment, I guess I treated myself with perm cream a tleast 10 times, did the Borax baths, bleach baths, sprayed myself with alcohol. I think I over treated my body. I think alot of us do, its just the thought of something in your skin and the possibility of giving to your family ... your children, thats what scared me the most. My family Dr gave me busiprone for my nerves, she said it was a mild antiaxiety, I took 1 in the morning and one at night, took a Claritan of the morning and another around lunch time. I would have to take 1 benadryl about 6 and another at bedtime. I did this for about 7 weeks. I think once I got myself calmed down I started getting better. Praying for you all... you will win !!!!!
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#156 Sep 1, 2013
nick carter wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't think i have scabies but bird mites but i've been treating it with espom salts baths and dawn dish soap i'm not sure if it working i feel ok for a little while the itching starts again.I think i might be reinfecting dry skin patches a sign of it being active?
Did it end up being bird mites and if so how did you get them to properly diagnose it? Please reply the reason is a deeper off shoot of this forum post to me

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#157 Sep 3, 2013
I'm cure, I'm 100% sure, finally now, I'm know I was in post scabies, I been touching everything around my house, and sleeping in my bed with my family, and they are Ok. thanks to almighty God! I'm Ok,-Itchy crawling-hope in God that your Ok, too! keep praying for all of you! Don't loose hope, everything will be ok, and over soon if you have faith in God, if you don't have red spots or any bumps and no more itching, that means that your going to be Ok, I still feeling a little crawling sometimes but is getting less and less, no more itching, 2 doctors toll me that this crawling sensations can last for several months, please don't over treat your self! I know this post scabies make you think you still have it, but make sure first before you use more danger products in your skin, you can make it worse, and never ending story and waste money in doctors like me, well! Hope everything is over soon for you guys, and never loose hope in God!
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#158 Sep 20, 2013
I've had one permethrin treatment two weeks ago and a stromectol treatment one week ago and I don't know if I still have them. My stomach broke out in tiny new bumps a few days after the stromectol and I'm not sure if this was a reaction to the drugs or a sign of treatment failure. Also, the older bite marks have turned a dark red center. Is this a sign of healing or are they still active? I feel like I'm going crazy!

Placitas, NM

#159 Sep 23, 2013
I too was diagnosed with scabies, but just by a simple what do u feel exam no skin scrape or any testing, so I'm hopeing that is what it is is and I can get rid of it. If not I'm looking into bird or rodent mites. I don't have mice and my house is usually very clean but I did have a tree butted up against my house, so I'm not sure. I have found that spraying everything down with windex including the car helps. I too have the crawing sensations so I went out and purchased a black light to my surprise it is the everyday lint and dust that is on us all the time. My guess has to be that since we have had this on our skin and are aware of something on us we feel it meaning that we have heightened our sence of feeling. Also I have I have to add that the permithren might have something to do with it since I have felt it the whole day after a treatment. So if I had to guess that the permithren had something to do with it I would have to say yes. The pharmasist actually suggested the windex I readily tried it and have felt relief. I sprayed my vehicle and bed walls and floor and keep it by the bed to spray around the bed before llaying down. How this is helpful

Placitas, NM

#160 Sep 23, 2013
Clean everything with windex and spray it on the beds and couches and car. Also if you have a dr prescribe permithren use it for 2 weeks at the most make sure your skin is dry when u use it this will keep it int he layer of sin that they burrow in and kill them. In between find you a lotion like eucerin and mix it with tee tree oil it helps so much with itching also put it in your body wash and shampoo,but keep an eye out for new bites. I also have used neem look for it at a health food place and put that on on thosesextra itchy days. I too used the rid permithren spray but not sure if that was overkill on my system . I sprayed car and bed and floor, don't go around bare footed till you know they are dead and gone and have another place to sleep that you can alternate every 4 days. they die if left alone in that time sometimes it might take longer not sure but I read that somewhere. search on mayo clinic and CDC sites they are the most reliable.Good luck I feel like I'm getting relief I hope it ends soon. I need a job and a life where I can mingle with others this has made me feel so isolated. God Bless!

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#161 Sep 24, 2013
I was still feeling crawlies on my face 3 months after cure (was still doing various homeo treatments tho). I had scabies in my eyelids, eyebrows and scalp and they streamed downward so much it gave me zits and what looked like acne rosacea on my face. Interestingly, the last derm I saw post cure said he could prescribe neurontin/gabapentin to calm the crawlies. I thought that was a better suggestion than a psyche drug. Thankfully the crawlies faded so didn't need meds for it.

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#162 Sep 24, 2013
Forgot to mention that the crawly feelings seemed to occur when I was or had been outside more in the summer heat. Of course I just thought that the mites were more active in the heat - which was true when I actually had them.

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#163 Oct 5, 2013
Could you see the scabies on your eyes or just feel them?
I have the same thing and a few pimple itchy scabies on my face.
I'm starting to think they are just post? And the millions of crawlies and pin pricks all over are post?
I am right? Also p Creme even when I don't put it on my scalp makes my scalp hurt and feel weird.
I thought the scabies moved there but now I'm thinking it's just a reaction to perm.

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#164 Oct 16, 2013
Leslie wrote:
<quoted text>
PLEASE HELP! I honestly have thought of taking my life. June- had bird mites attack us ( my husband, two children & I). It took months to figure it out. We got rid of them in our home and environment. Kids are fine now. I took ivermectin for 2 weeks ( everyday) and permethrin topical. I also did bleach/borax baths. I have had no itching or bites for weeks, but I have tingling- not crawling- some crawling from time to time- but the tingling and pin pricks are worse than when I was actually getting bitten! I also feel like I have cool coming from my legs and a weird feeling in my mouth- can anyone help? Tell me what this is? How long before- if ever I can feel normal again!?

Hi Leslie, i thought that i had bird mites also and was in denial when a friend suggested scabies which i still have since its been 3 mos, i just found out this for about two weeks and just started a regimen of the baths, so far they are working, i feel less crawling, I believe you you have had scabies all along this time, the cool from your body you feel is the side efect of too much perm, also the weird feeling in your mouth, you may have to do all of the cleanning of your environment and the clothes cleanning and the perm and iver plus the bath soaks ( everyone of the ones cured have done bath soaks with some or more of this, borax, epsom salts, bleach, hidrogen peroxide, and have put on body, neem oil, clove oil (diluted) tee tree oil (diluted) sulfur. soap, sulfur ointment, i use according to another post 2 cups borax 1 cup epsom salts, 4 caps of the bleach container, 1 cap of the orange mouth wash, 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide, do not be scared by the peroxide making foam as it reacts with the bleach,i use it but you do not have to, and very important buy a good amount of kitchen scrubber pads and use a new one everytime, as it may have eggs you removed the last time, so trow it away, soak for at least 1/2 hr ( i do 1 hr) and scrub while you are soaking, rinse after and dry with paper towels, i wait at least 15 min and then use a mix of essential oils to my liking ( i nees to feel they somewhat burn a little so i think iam killing the scabengers!) I use neem oil( buy at an ethnic arab or indu store is cheap) tee tree oil, clove oil, rosemary oil,( use this only few srops per batch as they are strong, then i add castor oil, sweet almond oil and extra virgen olive oil, this oils i use them as. carriers to make my mix. Ill continue using this treatment for no less than 10 days but iam willng to do this minimum a month to ensure all of the eggs have hatched and kill them!! Good luck i hope it helps some. GOD BLESS

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#165 Oct 17, 2013
I think what a few or some of you may be suffering from is the rare case that mites have gone internal. If you have followed the instructions from your doctor as close as possible and still have them, this may be the case. That is what happened to me.
It took me a very long time to figure out how to overcome this since I had to do it on my own as no doctor will believe that and make the connection. Read up on candida and notice that some get a parasite with it. Same as for me but mine was the mite. Beat the candida/fungus beat the mite. I'll answer any and all pm's. I just wanted to give back some as people have helped me get to my answer.
pregnant with scabies

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#166 Oct 17, 2013
Please help. I recently got scabies from my two year old niece. She has had this for about a month or longer. We didn't know what it was until about a week ago. Her mom thought it was just a rash, but it eventually kept spreading. I would take care of her about 4-5 days out of the week including sleeping over. I noticed I started getting bumps and a couple of burrows. My mom, sister, and boyfriend as well. My dads house is also infected,being my dad and brothers.and my niece's moms house, all her sisters, and mom. I'm so scared because I'm pregnant and want this all to be over before my baby is born. It's seems impossible with everybody infected. I'm scared for my niece because her mom isn't doing anything about it and she's the one mainly infested. We have gotten permetherine treatments and I'm thinking about bringing my niece to be treated as well. Would that be better or worse? Please help. I've been holding them down with clove, tea tree, and been oil. Please help I am so worried
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#167 Nov 18, 2013
Did You find out what the specks coming out of your skin were
and did you cure it and how. I have the same problem and it is killing me. When I bath and put on oil of any kind I have the same white stuff coming out of my skin also some feel hard like salt.
I am so broken out and I look like I have an awful disease I have been to doctors and each one says it is something different. my skin hurts and I am in so much pain it is hard to go through each day.
Scabie girl wrote:
<quoted text>
I thought I was post. Really did. I wasn't itching at night. But crawling and pinprick were killing me so I did the castor oil test. Leave on for like 15 minutes and things started to come out. Like sand. White stuff some darker. And then next day I did some more and saw less specks. Anyway so I freaked out and did a borax - peroxide bath and voila it showed a big bite on my hand that I didn't know it was there. Huge scab that now is barely healing. It takes forever for his to heal or what? Does any one knows how long does it take for a scab to go away? It doesn't heal fast like when one cute oneself.
Anyway so now I am on day 3 o Advantix. Planning on doing it for another 10 days. And then give a break. And then again for 5 days again. I will probably do once a week for like 2 months after that and see.
I know I may die if cancer but I am already dying in so many ways with this I cannot even explain.

Sunnyvale, CA

#169 Dec 6, 2013
hey glad to hear some of you guys are doing better :) i actually have been using the permithrin cream from time to time on my shins if i suspect they are itchy again, but honestly i havent used the cream ina while and notice that i have no new bumps...and its been two weeks or longer! the only thing i notice is on my shins...i kinda get these itchy dry bumps but i think its just the residue (its not spreading to my thighs, hips, or other areas) i could be wrong, but i know the soap im using and kleen free solution that i spray myself with daily is keeping these buggers OFF ME. and its great! i know not everything works for different people, so give different methods a shot, natural cure is the way to go if possible. so pick up some neem soap and kleen free...

also don't take my word....but MMS and diluted with dmso (miracle mineral solution and a carrier for it for the skin) may work too. but DON'T take my word. i just watched a youtube video about some guy talking about it when he got it from a dog highly infected with mange. don't take my word, but it could work....
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#170 Dec 13, 2013
my boyfriend and i stared getting ichy ablot 2 weeks ago and after reading this im going to get checked out tomorrow we are ichy and theres so many people that come over its imposible to know who or how we got this way or even how we're gonna go about this and how to keep it from coming back ! im itchy all over and about 6 spots on me mu boyfriend has them worse on his legs ive never had this in my life and you all have scared me sayin there hasnt really been any cures in the 160 posts ive read ! i feel bad for the pregnant lady i cant believe she has to go though this ! if i do have this i dont know what im gonna do need more cured people to help us ! we dont know what we are doing or what this looks like or anything just know im itchyyyy as fu** o.O
Finally Cured

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#171 Dec 22, 2013
I have not read all the posts and I have not had scabies, but itching in spots was a problem until I found a cure. Hope this helps some people. It should sanitize the clothing.
I became allergic to dust mites (tiny spider-like things similar to the scabies mite I think) after living in a house full of them. I took me years to find a cure. I tried everything. Washing, heating, vacuuming - every day. The bedding, the carpets, the curtain, my clothes, the mattress, the pillows. But each time I got into bed I could feel the critters bite me. I tried all sorts of natural remedies and commercial sprays and insecticides.
Something made me try borasic acid powder (boric acid). Not borax. Relief in a matter of 15 minutess.
I have been in places that I can feel are full of dust mites. Dust with the powder, vacuum up an hour later and no problems. I travel with it and dust hotel beds before I sleep.
The very fine powder must be used. not the coarse granular. The pharmacies sell the powder in pharmaceutical grade, but the industrial grade is just fine and much cheaper. This powder is also sold as cockroach powder in large bottles. It works just as well.
The powder is absorbed through the skin, so one should dust it off or wash it off before sleeping in bed. This will of course kill the mites in the skin. Studies are uncertain of its affects - it might cause memory issues long term. It is as toxic as table salt meaning if you eat large amounts you will feel a bit nauseous. Studies have had people eat tablespoons of it to see how it is eliminated from the body.
Plants and fish and humans need small amounts. It is put into fertilizer and a micro-nutrient. It can be bought from a chemical company for about $1 to $2 a kilogram.
The powder does not harm fabrics or furniture or clothes. I do dust carpets and leave it on. It kills all insects. Mites, spiders, ants, roaches and so on. The US army claims that it is the most effective roach killer known. Dust around the cabinet and appliances and leave it there. They do not have to eat it. It affects their joints and they die. They take the dust to their nest and kill others off. It can last for up to 2 years if you leave the powder there.
It is the active ingredient in many insect baits. Put one teaspoon in half a cup of syrup, mix it in. Put a teaspoon of this in a can squashed closed in the garden, so. The ants will eat it, take it to the nest and you ant problem is gone.
When on an isolated farm, I boiled garlic in olive oil and covered myself in it to keep insects away. It was better than commercial creams. My skin was great also, but I had to shower twice before going into town. This might work because of the sulfur in the garlic. The olive oil might smother the mites also.
The farmers knew that used diesel engine oil stopped mange in dogs - the same mite as in scabies. It had to be used engine oil because the sulfur in the diesel fuel got into the engine oil with time. It does not work today because diesel fuels are low sulfur. Again - oil and sulfur - head to toe.
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#172 Dec 22, 2013
Oh, I forgot to mention a few other times boric acid helped.

A guy on a farm got a rash on the inside of his legs from riding his horses bareback. Two weeks and no creams were helping. Rubbed the boric acid powder on the rash on it was gone in a day.

A guy I knew was living in a poor part of town. His daughter started developing rashes on her body. After 2 doctors and 1 specialist failed to fix the problem I told him to use the powder on the bedding, the pillows and the furniture because I suspected mites. Fixed up the problem in a few days.

Since my environment is now pretty much mite free, I do not get ear wax. I suspect that the critters irritate the ear. My sleep is better as well.

Boric acid powder was used in creams for baby diaper rash many years ago. They changed to zinc based creams.

Boric acid is the active antiseptic in contact lens solutions, so some people are getting small amounts into their body all the time.
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#173 Dec 25, 2013
The reason I found this site was that one of our two dogs was losing its hair. Both I and the vet did not think it was sarcoptic mange because the hair loss was symmetrical and the dog did not scratch. I looked up hair loss in dogs on the internet, and found that owners can catch scabies from dogs with sarcoptic mange.

Yesterday I found that I have scabies. Only a few days after holding the dog for the vet to examine. I itch something terrible and am breaking out in bumps. I confirmed scabies when I saw the burrows in my skin using a jewellers loupe.

Instantly started with the boric acid powder over my body and hair. Washed my eyes with boric solution, and my ears. I got near instant relief, but am now faced with trying the various cures. I am not sure if the powder alone will eliminate them from my body.

First need to do my research thoroughly so I can beat this asap.

London, UK

#174 Jan 6, 2014
can red lines appear as post scabies symptom?

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