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#108 Apr 23, 2013
Hi All,
Been reading these threads for the past week or so and freaking out over them. I went to visit a physically sick friend who had been complaning of lice. That I don't fear at all for a couple of reasons. However, later I went walking and noticed circular transparent bugs on my arm. I killed them and the remembered my friend saying he hoped we didn't catch this 'mess', which I assumed was lice or body lice. I didn't even know what scabies was until I started searching the Internet. I'm wondering of what he has is scabies as I was starting to thing the whole bug thing was all in his head. I feel pin prick sensations and sometimes very clearly a bite. Went to my main doctor, which isn't going to be my dr anymore, and she said she didn't think I had scabies and didn't want to do a skin test-I'd have to see a derm for that. Made an apt with the derm and she said its possible, but can't know for sure yet. Treated with the cream and locked my house up for 3 days. Been taking vinegar baths and using tea tree oil. Tonight I see what looks like burrows or tracks. Still can tell much. It's frustrating....ah also washed 12 loads of laundry in hot water and a hot dry.

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#109 Apr 29, 2013
i applied permethrin on my whole body last week and now im startin to feel pinpricks and crawling again..did they come back??:'( the dermatologist said it was pruritis somethin not scabies but i still applied just incase coz this started when i my friend gave me a dog and slept beside it.. im sure i got sum mites on me.. need advice pls

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#110 Apr 29, 2013
Hello =)

I started this post over a year ago. I can't believe it's still going!

First of all, I want to let anyone who has replied to my posting, there is hope! Ignore the scary postings you've read and don't freak out. I know how awful having scabies, or even thinking you may have scabies, can be. Here are a few quick words of advice…

The very first thing you should do is go to your dermatologist (or find one) and have a skin scraping test done. The more you know, the better. You may think you have scabies, but you actually don't - or even worse you did, but they're gone after treatments and everything however you still think you have them.

If you do have scabies, I recommend avoiding the Permethrin cream! That stuff is toxic. After using it two or three times I had a very bad reaction. It was not a pleasant experience and I don't recommend it to anyone. It is basically insecticide... Not good! If your situation is dire, okay, you may need to resort to extreme measures. However, I can't suggest using the Permethrin cream expect for severe cases of scabies.

My recommendation is to see a doctor and get a prescription for Ivermectin! The stuff works wonders for mild-to-moderate scabies. Just make sure and read the directions! You have to take the pills in a specific way. Follow the instructions explicitly!

Also, buy sulfur soap. You can find it in bar form by a company called Grisi. It's inexpensive and helps a lot. Use it daily and wash every square inch. From top to toes. It's really helpful, however, it will dry your skin out like crazy! Have some tea tree body lotion handy, you'll probably need it. Avoid the "scabies remedy" sites. They are rip-offs. What you need can be found relatively cheaply at your local supermarket.

Colrox cleaner (or hydrogen peroxide cleaners) are your best bet for killing scabies on surfaces in your home. Clean all surfaces you come into contact with daily. Wear protective gloves (I recommend the purple colored, disposable, form fitting sterile gloves you can find at Walgreens) when cleaning and doing your laundry. Also, wear a mask to avoid inhaling the fumes from the cleaning products. Protect your bed with a plastic resealable cover. You can find these at Wal-Mart (white with zippers). They're inexpensive and help with the daily cleaning - and keeping the scabies from having a place to hide when they leave your body at night.

I don't have a lot of time at this very moment to write more, but I'll come up a step-by-step list of what I did to get rid of my scabies.

Again, DON'T LOSE HOPE and DON'T PANIC. Scabies aren't as hard to get rid of as people believe. It's all about using the proper medicine and treating your environment the correct way.

Hang in there!
Troubled mum

Brisbane, Australia

#112 May 20, 2013
Did the whole house thing have done treatments. Will treat again tonight as I am still quite itchy and so is one of my children so here is to hoping. Everyone else in household is not itchy now so fingers crossed. Is it normal to still be itchy?

Austin, TX

#113 May 20, 2013
Itchiness will continue for weeks, in some areas of your body it can last months. Neosporin mixed with a lotion and a drop of tea tree oil can help itchy areas. You may also want to try an antihistamine. The itching is an allergic reaction, an antihistamine may help.

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#114 May 20, 2013
Max wrote:
Itchiness will continue for weeks, in some areas of your body it can last months. Neosporin mixed with a lotion and a drop of tea tree oil can help itchy areas. You may also want to try an antihistamine. The itching is an allergic reaction, an antihistamine may help.
How long did the pinprick, crawling and itchiness last? Congrats on being cured!

Austin, TX

#115 May 20, 2013
Thanks for the congrats!

For me, the itchiness lasted for awhile... It was probably a good two months before all itchiness disappeared, and even then, sometimes I still itch on my shins and stomach the same way I did when I was post scabies. Come to find out they don't call it the "seven year itch" for nothing.

If you're still feeling the itchiness, pin prick and crawling sensations on your skin but you think you're post scabies, I cannot emphasize the importance of having a skin scraping done. The cost is worth the peace of mind!
Troubled mum

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#116 May 20, 2013
I have read so much information now. Is it essential to go to such extreme measures? I have 5 lots of bedding including quilts to wash and put thru a dryer each day and four kids in a house plus a hubby home.. My doc told me to wash our bedding once after we had been treated. I vacuumed all the beds washed put it thru dryer and washed all hard services in bleach. Gave everyone a bleach bath last night and re treated myself .. Will that be enough or is it necessary to continue this for five days. I live in Australia so a lot of treatments are not available to me like in America.
Bugged in nc

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#117 May 20, 2013
Leslie - I could have written your post. I hope you are healed and long gone but if not pls update. I am not going to survive this.
Leslie wrote:
<quoted text>
PLEASE HELP! I honestly have thought of taking my life. June- had bird mites attack us ( my husband, two children & I). It took months to figure it out. We got rid of them in our home and environment. Kids are fine now. I took ivermectin for 2 weeks ( everyday) and permethrin topical. I also did bleach/borax baths. I have had no itching or bites for weeks, but I have tingling- not crawling- some crawling from time to time- but the tingling and pin pricks are worse than when I was actually getting bitten! I also feel like I have cool coming from my legs and a weird feeling in my mouth- can anyone help? Tell me what this is? How long before- if ever I can feel normal again!?

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#118 Jul 8, 2013
gosh My sympathies to all of you and I hope everyone here gets better soon. My husband got it, and did not tell me what it was got himself treated and 4 months after he got the rash and itch again and I was still ignorant of it and now I have it! Did not even know what scabies was, never had skin illnesses ever.. so put sulpher solution and have a few tiny bumps on my hands but no real itch even at night and only a few pin prick like sensations. I am usually scruplously clean but my head itches a bit. Have no idea if the mites are killed or , no way to see a doctor - I have some oilve oil and aromatherapy oil with me wonder if it will help!!

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#119 Jul 12, 2013
Hi all,
So I've done the Rid shampoo treatment last year (helped for a short while) Then I sprayed everything in my room (didn't help at all) and I realized I kept getting reinfested. So, I started doing my homework and checking through this site for answers to my prayers. I found that bleach baths are a great help, and after a many great deals of reinfestations, I decided to give it a try. I cannot BELIEVE the difference!!! I've also put sulfur ointment and TTO and oil with neem leaf extract on my skin and scalp and it helps a great deal for new mites. I also wash ALL my clothes (worn or not) with borax and do a thorough vacuuming with boric acid powder once a week. Be very careful not to get the boric acid on your skin or inhale the stuff, because it can burn you. I bagged whatever I wore for the day and wouldn't wear it twice. I don't feel pinpricks anymore, but I do get the crawling, still. I do get rash patches from the side effects, so I've taken to rubbing acetone on the lesions, just in case. They're slowly but surely healing. And I have prayed too. My mother thought it was all in my head until she saw the bumps on my skin. I'm glad the madness is almost over. I've been dealing with this for almost a year. Fight the good fight everyone! I know still am!

Lititz, PA

#120 Jul 12, 2013
I have been dealing with scabies since March. Never had a scraping . But went and saw dr who said I have scabies. I have used permethrin 4 times. Also used borax bath, tea tree bath and lotion, bleach bath and a product called kleen free naturally bath and spray with water on body and naturasil. I have very little itching but feel very buggy and crawling. I also get little bumps every few days. They itch a little but not like when I first went to dr. They go away in a couple of days. Haven't had any new bumps in about 7 days. My husband and 3 boys were treated with the cream but never got rash or itching. Wondering if I am in post scabies??? If so, will the buggy and crawling go away and when? Should I just quit doing any kind of treatment to see if the rash returns? This has taken over my life. I am consumed with thinking about scabies. Haven't hugged my boys or husband in months. I sit on one chair in my house and use towels when in the car that I wash daily. Had been washing bedding daily too. Even lived in the basement for a month . Worried and not sure what to do. If I'm in post scabies does that mean that I am no longer contagious? Any advice would be appreciated!!!

Knoxville, TN

#121 Jul 15, 2013
I think I have scabies but I'm not sure. I have a few bumps on my tummy and a little itching but nothing at night. I did the treatment cream as directed 2 days ago and now It's nothing. Like it never was. So my question is, Do people get over them that fast?
Lady from the Roc

Potomac, MD

#122 Jul 18, 2013
Today will be officially a nine months struggle with the crawling itchy feelings, however this is a continually fight that I can say now only gets better. Noone knows better than you how to treat you. I got to say you are one in this battle. All I can say without support that I got from comments and people feeling just like me I didn't go crazy. I remember when I wanted to comment and my irritance was just to controling at first but now I'm more in control of this than ever. I can say the nightmare is over. I will appreciate your comments and uestions at any given time.
Itchy crawling help

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#123 Jul 20, 2013
Haven't had any new bumps in over 3 weeks. Stopped all treatments. Now feel crawling in scalp and face and a little itchy on hands. But nothing more. Never had any rash but on hands and feet and ankles. Should I just wait it out and see if I get any new bumps and spot treat them. If I still have any live mites how long till I get the rash back. Haven't had the rash since my first treatment of permethrin which was over 3 months ago. Last permethrin treatment was 1 month ago. Thanks please help!!
Itchy crawling help

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#124 Jul 21, 2013
Finally broke down and went to see an E Care doctor or should I say cried to the doctor. He doesn't think I have scabies not sure if I every did. Said I need to stop putting on the harsh chemicals on my sink. Gave me a Rx for lorazepam. Hoping this will be the first night in over 4 months that I sleep maybe 4 to 5 hours. My advice to all out their fitting this. Go see a dermatogist. Call around and ask if they have experience with scabies. Get a skin scrap and know for sure if you have it!!! That was my mistake 4 months ago!!! Get the true facts and stop reading all these stories here. They will drive you nuts!! They did me.

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#125 Jul 21, 2013
Please! I want to know if I cure or have post scabies?, oh maybe I'm still infested? I'm itching, have crawling sensations and something that feels like bites, went to dermatologist last Monday and I ask for a biopsy, doctor toll me that he can't do a biopsy to me, that I look ok, and he says I'm cure, because I don't have burrows and lines, but I don't feel cure, I feel a lot of movement of crawling and bites, and itching, every day is more and more, but I don't see nothing on my skin, just the feeling, some times red dots but they go away in few days, and dermatologist toll me that maybe I didn't had scabies because my Family haven't show symptoms, and scabies is highly contagious, but I was diagnose with scabies from my first doctor, he gave me permethrin 2 treatments 7 days apart and a 3rd treatment with iver(3 doses) and more permethrin, so dermatologist look at me like I'm crazy and didn't belive me, also the father of my children think I crazy too, but I know that what I feel is real, i so tired, and feel scared that my family can have this by me! I take my gloves off and I been touching my kids since doctor toll me that is ok. to touch them without it!:( I not feeling well doing it! after my last treatment in June 20-2013 I use some sulphur ointment for 4 days and sulphur soap but I stop using it because irritated my skin! Now I start using Tea tree oil since yesterday but I still feeling symptoms, i don't know what else to do, doctor don't want to treat me, because they don't see nothing, I been thinking is possible that mites can be on human skin without showing lines and burrows or bumps?- please if you know! God bless you all and God help us to find a cure soon, Let's keep praying, I know God will heal us! I have a lot to fight for, my beautiful family needs me!
Itchy crawling help

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#126 Jul 22, 2013
To very tired: I am you times 5 worse!!! I lived in the basement for months and had NO contact with anyone! Won't let them touch me. Your stress level is way high!!! Mine was too. It consumes you. Did you have the scraping when you were first diagnosised? If no, then you might not be dealing with scabies. I would recommend getting on a anti stress med and stop all treatment. If you have scabies it will return and then get a scraping done by a derm. Your right it's your life you will never be in control if you don't know for sure! Too much permethrin can effect your nevers and hurt you!! Harsh chemicals can cause scabies symptoms too. Or the true test would be sleep with husband and start snuggling again. If he gets it or not. But not knowing is not good!!! Get your life back.

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#127 Jul 23, 2013
Wow!- Thank you! for your answer, Itchy crawling - you been really stressed, I hope you out of the basement! And cure! I think that's my problem too, too much thinking about this! Worried all the time! Maybe I should think positive!-your right! I don't want to use permethrin ever again!-but I'm so desperate to know, if My family are going to be Ok from me, I don't want nothing bad happen to them, and NO -doctor who diagnose me with scabies never did an scraping test, but I'll think about your comment, I have to get my life back, I hope you'll be Ok, God bless You! I'll will pray for all of us!

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#128 Jul 23, 2013
very tired x1 wrote:
Wow!- Thank you! for your answer, Itchy crawling - you been really stressed, I hope you out of the basement! And cure! I think that's my problem too, too much thinking about this! Worried all the time! Maybe I should think positive!-your right! I don't want to use permethrin ever again!-but I'm so desperate to know, if My family are going to be Ok from me, I don't want nothing bad happen to them, and NO -doctor who diagnose me with scabies never did an scraping test, but I'll think about your comment, I have to get my life back, I hope you'll be Ok, God bless You! I'll will pray for all of us!
Permethrin is very safe to use. Permethrin and ivermectin are the number one meds here in the united states that the doctors use to treat scabies. Don't use home remedies or all the stuff sold by the scam artists here on this forum, like diatomaceous earth. Sulphur barely does anything either. Believe me when I tell you this. Ivermectin and permethrin CURES SCABIES. Period. Punto.
Even if a doctor takes a scraping from you, it doesn't mean that the results will come out positive. It's difficult to get a positive diagnosis. The doctors diagnose based on symptoms.
Most of the posts on this forum are from "plants" or people who are selling products where they claim cures scabies, so beware of the people on here. Get your meds from the doctor or from a low income clinic. don't get wrapped up in home remedies. they don't work.

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