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Oak Harbor, WA

#1 Aug 19, 2008
treatment for skin cdc 1st line - permethrin 5% tip of head to toe for 8-12 hours/ repeat in one week. Absolute must.( the 2nd treatment)
harder to treat scabies/ or resistent - ivermectin 200 mcg/kg by wt /tablets if possible get both.
these are prescription meds. Permethrin over the counter in Canada.

3. Sulfur , in vaseline base 10%- non toxic ( if not allergic) wear for three days take a break then another 3 days, 24/7 if possible , or a week straight if possible, harsh and drying to skin
4. launder everything/ bleach /or clorox 2/ and borax laundry additive
hottest water and dryer settings possibe
5/ clean , mop/ vacuum/ cover furniture/ spray furniture/ borax or
acarosan dust mite allergy powder in carpets- persist and vigilant
cleaning. Never rewear clothes 2 times in a row without laundering.
6/ If you have mites treat your pets too, and vice versa.
7. cover mattress with vinyl mattress cover/ pillows too
8/ put away heavy blanket and comforters if possible, these are mite hotels.
9. Be sure to get permethrin or sulfur on scalp and under nail beds.
10. Highly contagious, in general whole family members and contacts
should be treated.
Good luck , ask questions/ other posters/ please add advice , maybe
we can keep this thread going at the top for new people needing
help, there are a lot of threads to weed through. Thanks TL

too long

Oak Harbor, WA

#2 Aug 19, 2008

11. treat car- upholstery and carpet
Sam, a cured poster used Acarosan dust mite powder in the car/
carpet and upholstery, you just brush it in
Some people power vac the car every or every other day
You can use raid fumigator in the blue box 17% permethrin in the
car- but stay out of it and air it out for the recommended time when
done. You can cover the seats with garbage bags, vinyl seat covers,

Oak Harbor, WA

#3 Aug 19, 2008
One of the treatments for pets with mange or scabies or other mites
is a lyme sulfur dip- you can look on the internet for it-
or get it from a vet- has it - stinks to high heaven!

You can get some online spot on drops that help to keep the mites at bay
from your vet- if not from them- check out look
for the drops called revolution or advocate- if your pet is heavily
infested you might have to ask the vet for ivermectin injections for your pet.
Some people take the bull by the horns (moo)) and get the medicines for their pets from farm supply type places , they also carry good pet treatment area sprays/ and dips.....some ideas for those are at and DO NOT USE PERMETHRIN ON CATS
Sorry to yell, but it's bad for them.....thanks and th-th-th-thats all for now folks.(oink)
Mite Killer

United States

#4 Aug 19, 2008
Itty Bitty Critters found this site. Benzyl Benzoate 100% can be mixed at home with oil or alcohol. 25% BB and 75% inert ingredients. Don't mix with water. Don't get wet after application, it will burn.

Benzyl Benzoate (USP) On Sale through August 2008.

Common uses:

As an antiparasitic insecticide that kills lice and the mites responsible for the skin condition scabies
As a fixative in fragrances to improve the stability and other characteristics of the main ingredients
As a food additive in artificial flavors
As a plasticizer in cellulose and other polymers
As a solvent for various chemical reactions
As a treatment for sweet itch in horses

50 ml:$5.95 $4.75

100 ml:$9.95 $7.95

1 Liter:$55.00 $45.00

Gallon:$110.00 $85.00

5 Gallon:$355.00 $285.00

200L drum:$2,500 (e-mail us regarding this item)

Oak Harbor, WA

#5 Aug 20, 2008
Knowledge is power- cliche' but true.
Read info on this forum for treatments for home, car , environment.
Doctors and vets are not always the best at offering advice on how to
treat yourself, your home, your pets
It is easy to become reinfested by not properly laundering clothes, bedding,
treating furniture , etc.
Many of the posters on this forum have suffered for a long time because of
mis diagnosis or being reinfested from enviornment or clothing or from
their pets.
Too Long

Oak Harbor, WA

#6 Aug 21, 2008
permethrin 5%
this is one of the first line treatments doctors will give you if you are diagnosed with scabies, apply it from head to toe and wear at the least 8-9
hours, everywhere, under fingernails especially.
Always repeat dose one week later and apply the same way.
This isn't always stated in the drug info packet but it should be
Good luck
Done That

Oak Harbor, WA

#7 Aug 22, 2008
sulfur treatments

sulfur is a natural and helpful treatment for mites. It can be harsh on your skin. One cured poster here swears by it. Some people might be allergic
so patch testing is a good idea.
You can order humco brand sublimed sulfur and mix your own with
vaseline or an oily lotion. Wear it for 3 days straight or all night at the least, take a break if you need to then repeat for 3 days,
you can wear it for a week straight and then take a break. Wear it every day if your skin can handle it. It is said to be a slow cure, but of course all of the other environmental and laundry precuations must be part of it.
Humco sublimed sulfur can be purchased at a lot of pharmacies call/ask
another place to get premixed is
Good luck may you find peace ,serenity and cures real soon!
Done That

Oak Harbor, WA

#8 Aug 22, 2008

There was a previous link about benzyl benzoate: BB is the slang we use for it here on this forum.
This is a caustic solvent , so buyer beware, when used properly it can have
many uses, a little goes a long way. Do not mix with water,
It is a good environmental spray mixed with alcohol, a very small amt like a
tablespoon mixed with 1/2 cup -1 cup alcohol you can add a scented oil to that. You can spray your furniture and car with it , or your shoes.
You can mix a small amount with a light oil or very oily lotion and use as topical. For example coconut oil. 2-3 tsps to 1/2 cup coconut oil.
Coconut oil melts very easily in warm water, or a few seconds in the micro wave, hardens up when cool.
One poster, who is cured, added 1 oz of bb to liquid laundry detergent
or clorox 2 liquid and used in laundry, he said this was very beneficial
in getting the tenacious little buggers out of his laundry, helps to use the hottest water and dryer settings possible.
But please be cautious when using this product. It burns like hell if used
improperly, but it does have mitacidal qualities to it.

Hollywood, FL

#10 Nov 16, 2009
article regarding how worms are becoming resistant to ivermectin and moxidectin in the treatment of sheep.

Girard, KS

#11 May 8, 2014
Two weeks ago I contracted poison oak, ivy, or sumac. I know it is what I contracted because I am highly sensitive to it and get it every spring. Some springs it becomes "systemic" as one doctor put it and I end up taking steroids or getting steroid shots in order to clear it up. This was THAT KIND of spring. When I went back to the doctor today he told me he thinks I have "oak itch mites" in addition to the poison oak and gave me permethrin cream. I was startled to read on line when I got home that " itch mites" are also knows as scabies....I have a relative who contracted scabies two years ago when he interned at a rest home. His rash was between his fingers, under his arms around his waist. My rash is located in NONE of those areas. Mine is on my forearms, my inner elbow area, and my upper torso but really my entire stomach and ribcage area. I used the permethrin, but am questioning if it is really scabies. None of my family members show any signs of it and they've been with me nonstop for the past two weeks...What do you think?
doting mother

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#12 Oct 20, 2015
They say, "Make sure your environment is cleaned! Clean and wash like a crazy person!" But what's the worth of it? You can clean and wash till Santa Claus gets pregnant, but you'll never beat scabies!

People recommend all that cleaning and washing because their mommy had told them how to do all these things. Unfortunately, they have never been taught how to treat scabies diligently and successfully!

Moderate cleaning once is better than obsessive cleaning daily. That's science, not opinion!

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