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#23 Jul 21, 2010
Sorry, Merry Beth. Had to vent... I am not familiar with detoxing, have read some things on it. I did read a book once on FASTING, which I thought was cool. both detoxing and fasting are scary to me, as our bodies need nutrition, especially with these mites. Help me out here, Armed. lol....

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#24 Jul 22, 2010
Hey Joe,

We know you aren't advertising and thanks for posting the additional links. I think taking care of our immune systems in general is just a good idea. We are so stress during infestation that our bodies do take a toll. I think it's just a good practice for good health no matter what.

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#25 Jul 22, 2010
Merry Beth,

I think detoxing is a good idea. Can you tell us how you are doing the liver detox? It might help many on the forum. Good liver health is essential.
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#26 Jul 22, 2010
Joe wrote:
Sorry, Merry Beth. Had to vent... I am not familiar with detoxing, have read some things on it. I did read a book once on FASTING, which I thought was cool. both detoxing and fasting are scary to me, as our bodies need nutrition, especially with these mites. Help me out here, Armed. lol....
Hi Joe,
I'm not much of an expert on detoxing...the tox part I have down though :-)

I do know that there are several 3-5 day regimens that are supposed to be helpful as "liver flushes", many of them are juice fasts, followed by drinking olive oil..I haven't done them myself.

What I tend to do is at the beginning of every season do 3 weeks of 'no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine' That is a pretty gentle detox because you end up eating a lot of green vegetables, but still have lean protein. When I'm really serious, I go on the 'Body Ecology' diet (book by Linda Gates)..it's a bit more involved with food combining. What I've noticed for myself during this whole bug thing is that I do feel an improvement with lots of green vegetables, so I try to remember to eat a lot of those no matter what else I do. With all the cleaning, etc. my juicer has just sat on the shelf (because it is a bit of work to clean after using it)..but this is a good reminder to get back to it. GREEN = GOOD for detox. When I remember, I also take Chlorella tablets (got mine at mercola.com ). That is helpful for a gentle detox. The mercola website explains more about that. Some people take Milk thistle supplements also.

What I'd like to do,(but haven't) and think would be really helpful for both during and after this infestation is a series of FIR saunas.

The article you posted on Pre and Pro-biotics gave a pretty good explanation of the use of these types of supplements. I like that it mentions the benefit of 'repairing' food sensitivities over a period of time in using pre / pro-biotics. What it didn't mention is that it is better to start with a pre / pro-biotic in either a non-dairy form (capsules, or eating kim chee or sauerkraut), and then later you can move on to the Activia type stuff. Adding a supplement that includes GLA (found in evening primrose oil, borage oil, current oil, spirulina) helps even further with this.

Also, a doctor once told me that the best anti-oxidant is exercise. I have no scientific proof, but I think laughing helps too :-)
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#27 Jul 22, 2010

Here's a like to the mercola site..this immune support product looks good to me, but I haven't tried it yet.
What I find nice about his site, is that you can look around on it and there are little mini-talks by Dr. Mercola that come up. Even if you don't order his products it gives some good information.
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#28 Jul 22, 2010
and I thought his thing about the swine flu was pretty funny :-)

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#29 Jan 1, 2011
bumping this thread --sorry again for the double posts...the links have a lot of information
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#30 May 24, 2011
Armed and Fabulous wrote:
And, as if that wasn't long enough.... A FEW ADDS :
GLA (gamma linoleic acid)-
In addition to the fish oil, I like to take a supplement that has GLA (gamma linoleic acid). This can be from black currant oil, evening primrose oil, borage/starflower oil, or spirulina.
It's am omega 6, but without the inflammmatory properties, helpful for skin conditions, as well as being a food that helps good bacteria thrive, and the bad bacteria, like candida, don't like it at all.
The way it has been explained to me, Selenium fights off germ infections by feeding the atacking viruses and stopping them from attacking healthy cells, and it helps in the production of white blood cells and T cells. This is how it is good for your immune system. A lower reserve of selenium reduces the amount of glutathione peroxidase produced in the body and greatly reduces the body's defenses. Glutathione peroxidase is used for detoxification and breakdown of environmental toxins in our system (mostly in the liver).
I take up to 300 mcg of selenium per day total.
ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)-
I haven't tried this yet, but am thinking of starting.
It's an antioxidant, which among other things cleans up behind white blood cells when bacteria and viruses are killed, and also raises the levels of glutathione.
Adrenal Support-
Those of us who have been through the mite experience have probably experience some adrenal fatigue. This is a supplement from my doctor that has felt great to me:
Xymogen "Adrenal Essence".
It contains B vitamins and PABA among other things. PABA was one of the key supplements that my friend suggested 10 years ago. I don't know what it does, but it works for me.
MSM, tumeric, bromelain & etc-
Another good one from my doctor -all purpose goodness:-)
Allergy Research Group "InflaMed"
that's it!
It's hard to get Xymogen and the other professional formulas, especially in rural areas. I wouldn't buy them from online vendors, since they're "gray market" and could be of inferior quality. I'm fortunate to have a relative who sees a local guy who lets his patients order direct from distributors and manufacturers. See http://thpn.com/order/ and thanks for the recommendations!
Morgellons Scrubber

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#31 Mar 4, 2013
This is a video on how to make a Morgellons Scrubber.

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#32 Mar 4, 2013

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#36 May 20, 2013
Oil of Oregano Oil of oregano is a very potent anti-microbial. In some studies, it has out-performed antibiotics, especially with some anti-biotic resistant organisms. Oil of oregano does not come from the common oregano grown in most gardens or sold in most grocery stores. There are many different kinds of oregano and the most beneficial to health are found in the wild around the Mediterranean. Thymus capitatus is found mostly in Spain, and Oreganum vulgare is found in most other areas in the Mediterranean. If the oregano is not from one of these two varieties, there is little health benefit. Other varieties do not make the same components when they grow. Some of the beneficial components in oregano are also found in other plants, but oregano has combined them all into a very potent oil that is anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. Carvacol is probably the most powerful of these components, but it works best when combined with the others components. It has been found effective in eliminating candida, aspergillus mold, staphylococcus, campylobacter, klebsiella, e. coli, giardia, pseudomonas, salmonella, and listeria. Tymol works against fungus. It is sometimes used in mouthwash. It helps boost the immune system and encourages healing of tissue while preventing further damage. Terpenes are also found in pine trees. This is the source word for turpentine. Terpenes also have anti-infective properties, which is why turpentine is often used as a cleaning agent. Rosmarinic acid is a very strong antioxidant which can prevent free radical damage and has been shown to be beneficial in preventing heart disease and cancer. It can also be effective in treating allergic asthma and is a natural antihistamine. Naringin is also found in grapefruit. It can inhibit cancer cells and works as an antioxidant. Other nutrients found in oil of oregano include vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C, and niacin. Grapefruit Seed Extract Grapefruit seed extract is a very powerful anti-infective herb. Some studies have shown it to be effective against many pathogens, including some that are antibiotic resistant. It is also anti-fungal. It can be used as a water-purifier when traveling to areas that do not have safe water. It does not destroy the good bacteria. It can be found in capsules or in liquid form. The liquid form is very versatile. It needs to be diluted or it can cause a chemical burn. It is taken by the drop and diluted with water. Start with a low dose and work up to about 15 drops 3 times a day. Higher doses can be taken, as no over-dose has been identified that is within reason. It can be applied straight to warts 1 or 2 times a day to get rid of the warts. Other herbs with anti-microbial properties: Goldenseal Thyme Aloe Vera Lavender Echinacea Licorice Turmeric Usnea Acacia Cryptolepsis Eucalyptus Ginger Honey Juniper Sage Elderberry flower oil Black elderberry Astragalus Eucalyptus oil White willow bark Sponsored by: Colton Seventh Day Adventist Church, Mears Infusion Consulting and Lyme Education, and California Integrative Care


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#37 May 31, 2013
You can supplement till the cows come home but if you don't remove the actual infections you will have to get used to the lifestyle.


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#38 Jun 17, 2013
Borax and H202 - I found out it was Morgellons instead of scabies when I sprayed borax and hydrogen peroxide on my itchy face and popped came out a thread. The formula is on another thread. To get pass the percentage remember that 10 percent of a liter is 100 ml. Buy a measuring cup that is in ml. Remember your basic chemistry and it's easy to convert anything online now.

Far Infrared - I am getting better with the Far Infrared heating pad that I bought. This is the most effective detox. I feel them crawling out of my skin. I also use Dr. Staninger's far infrared equipments every week.

Alkaline Water - Something that helped significantly is Alkaline water, 9.5 ph that you can buy at any water store in your corner. Instead of using the zapper to alkaline your blood or drinking apple cider vinegar try this for yourself and you will also feel the result. I feel them dissipating on my scalp when there's activity and I drink it. I also feel a bursting bubble sensation on my face. I drink 1 glass of alkaline water at night (3 hours before my dinner) and 3 glasses of alkaline water in the morning (3 hours before my lunch and I eat no breakfast). I do this because the alkalinity might interfere with the digestion as it might neutralize the stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) that the stomach releases. Instead of eating and drinking foods to alkaline your body, why not just drink the water, it does the same thing. And instead of using the zapper to alkaline the blood, why not just drink the water, at least it's systemic. I also spray it on my hair.

Schumann resonance - Since they respond to frequency I seem to be repelling them with my schumann necklace. Get the one that is rechargeable through AC/DC. Don't get the battery or non rechargeable one like I did. What it does is it energize your cell, and it works the same way as the FIR as I feel them crawling out of my skin. It stays on my stomach which is great cause that's where they reside and breed mostly(due to the stomach acid that is a highly acidic environment). It gives you more energy and doesn't drain you like the FIR does.

Lion - from Dr. Staninger. I no longer have the flea problem or crawling sensation that I had on my scalp. It really does break the nano particles apart.

Supplements - drinking 4 capsules of a variety of supplements like probiotic(for the colon and further breaking down of food to better absorb the nutrients), ubiquinol(for the mitochondria), multivitamins, iron(important for blood formation), vit c(boost your immune system), enzymes(helps with digestion to better absorb the nutrients from the food you eat), sulfur, fish oil(for the brain), glucosamine sulfate(to fix leaky gut which you definitely have if you have morgellons). I have about 40 supplements but I drink only 4 per day to not over work my liver. I just need them to fix my methylation within the cell.

Exercise - For some reason this seems to be the factor as to why I had it for 3 years and I had no sores as opposed to other people having it for a year and are highly infested. I do yoga everyday.

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#39 Jun 17, 2013
By the way I'm not cured yet. Just getting better and better everyday. It's my 8th month of treatment.

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#40 Aug 15, 2013
The importance of keeping your glutathione levels up.

Glatathione - The Mother of all Antioxidants....


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#41 Aug 24, 2013
This is a great video from a lyme literate doctor who treats lyme and coinfections. I recommend that anyone who has a certain mite that won't go away with typical scabies treatments, watch this video and make an appointment with a lyme literate doctor for coinfections.


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#42 Aug 24, 2013
This is a tweak to the Morgellons Scrubber.

morgellons stripper
aloe vera gel
salicyclic acid
citric acid
ascorbic acid

1 tsp ascorbic acid
1 tsp citric acid
1/2 tsp salicyclic acid
and about 1/2 cup of aloe vera gel

3 acids in a blender with gel
or power extrator
blend untill everything is disolved
pour into mother jar and add the 20 drops of iodine
don't use any metal - to mix, pour between two jars back and forth about 20 times
When mixed, apply to skin briskly, and you should see a lot of the morgellons come through your skin
apply before and after a bath, and you should see incredible amount of debris from your skin

My modification

1/2 cup aloe ver gel
1 t ascorbic acid
1 t salicyclic acid
juice from 1 lemon (couldn't find my citric acid)

about 1/4 t dmso
about 1/2 t glycerin

t = teaspoon

I blended the powdered acids with the lemon juice, then added the aloe, and just stirred them.

Added the dmso and glycerin. The aloe already penetrates about 3 layers deep into skin, and the dmso adds to that,
and will also penetrate the mite bodies because it's a solvent. Expensive vitamin c serum is usually just vit c and
glycerin, and the treatment seems more effective when it's wet, so that keeps it moister. The aloe is already a good anti-fungal, and the dmso is also one, and also an immune booster. I also think getting a bit of acid on the skin is a more natural ph for it, so that may help it heal as well.

I even put some in a spray bottle (strained the lemon juice through a coffee filter so the sprayer wouldn't clog) and added some witch hazel for my hair.

From using this for just a day or two, my skin does look better, and areas where my skin thickened from pests, has really gotten better. You may have to apply it anytime you feel an itch or bite,
but it should do a double bang against the pest and the fungus. You have to watch out for your ear, eyes and hair, because
the pests will try to escape, so you might want to have some plain iodine around to protect those. It might not hurt to have some lidocaine spray around for your delicate areas because it can sting a bit.

I got the acid powders from amazon, and I think on average, they were about 10 or so, so they weren't overly expensive.

I'm going to try to add vitamin c and e to all of my topical remedy attempts, because it has really seemed to be helping my skin, and I thought probably the healthier your skin is, the better your immune response, and we all could use that.


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#43 Aug 25, 2013
An interview with Tony Pantellersco. He is using a new substance for Morgellons.


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#44 Aug 28, 2013
This was posted on another morgellons thread on this forum, but I wanted to post it here, because there is so much information on it. A good read.


Don't let the initial picture scare you away from reading this.

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#46 Oct 12, 2013
Take the time to listen to this doctor.

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