idiots guide to getting rid of scabies

idiots guide to getting rid of scabies

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Torrington, CT

#1 May 21, 2011
So here is my story/advise. In short, Got some hives about 6 weeks ago and thought they would just go away with time and lotion. The last 2 weeks they got much worse. After 5 misdiagnosises I have found out I have scabies. I am visiting my cousin staying for the last 10 days at her apartment. We did our first permethrin 5% treatment yesterday with plans of each takeing ivermectin 3 days from today. Its clear this is something that can last much longer than it needs to for many reasons. The following is the best information from at least 500 pages of medical texts and forums over the period of a week:
1) READ AND FOLLOW the 10 commandments to get cured from scabies and HANG ON TO EVERY WORD. THIS TEXT IS YOUR NEW BIBLE!

while looking at all the scabies forums you will find more questions then answers by far. This Is one of the one of the only posts I saw that was written by someone who was cured for more than a month and this was by far the most helpful. The 10 commandments to get cured from scabies can be found here:

2) Do not scratch yourself AT ALL COSTS!

I know how this sounds. I am in the middle of this to and the constant itchyness has been the worse experience of my entire life! Because your hands are one of the scabie mite's favorite place to be, your hands are going to be your worst enemy. Scratching will pick up mites or eggs form one area and potentially transfer them to a whole new area. For that matter, touch your skin as little as possible. This will stop the mites imagration to many new unafected regions.

3) Treat everyone/everything in your household on the same day!

People can carry scabies for uo to 6 weeks without showing any signs of it. So it is important to treat everyone/everything in your household AT THE SAME TIME EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT SHOWING SYMTOMS. PETS INCLUDED (make sure you use a cat or dog treatment product that includes MITES on the list of things it kills).

This will ensure a proper killing cycle. If you have scabies you have to assume they are any/everywhere they can be. The potentially affected area becomes HUGE if you have pets because even though the human scabie mites cant survive long term on animals THEY WILL DEFINITELY BE INFESTED AND THEY STILL ACT LIKE A MOVING PIECE OF FURNITURE roaming around shedding and rubbing mites all over the place. With that said, lets say you start treatment on Monday with a topical oitment. The ointment should have killed all of the living mites on you body. Now here is where I feel a lot of people get reinfested. Then lets say you treat the cat, roomate/spouse or livingroom sofa on Tuesday. The cat, roomate/spouse or livingroom sofa is still is infested with mites that can and will reinfest any furniture cloths and people it comes in contact with on Tuesday and your Monday treatment in now poinless. SO TREAT ALL AT ONCE. But Then there is the eggs........ So now you are free of living mites but mite egg is not killed by permethin or ivermectin. The eggs can take 3-10 days to hatch depending on eviroment. That is why doctors will have you do another topical treatment one week after the first treatment to asure you kill any newborns who at that piont will be to young to mate and reproduce. so just like the first treatment THE SECOND, THIRD OR FOURTH TREATMENT NEEDS TO INCLUDE ANY PET, ROOMATE/SPOUSE OR FURNITURE AT THE SAME TIME(at least in the same day as closely spaced as possible). Now assuming you have been folowing the 10 commandments to get cured from scabies you have been TREATING EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH, WEAR, OR SIT/SLEEP ON AS IF IT HAS MITES. This means any cloths you wear need to be PUT IN A SEALED BAG/CONTAINED AFTER A SINGLE USE and not removed until you are going to wash them. When removing contaminated items for cleaning remember to handle with long kitchen gloves to avoid reinfesting youself.

Since: May 11

Torrington, CT

#2 May 21, 2011
4) Increace you odds of killing everything on your body by takeing permethin and ivermectin as follows:

First day of treatment apply the permethin or similar topical ointment. Then 3 days later (the fourth day of treatment) take your first ivermectin pill to kill any newly hatched eggs. Then 4 days after the ivermectin pill use your second treatment of topical oitment. Three days after you second treatment of your topical ointment take your second dose of ivermectin. Continue with this patten at least one more time for your third dose of each medicine. I will most likley do it 4-6 times(thats a total of 4-6 doses of each medicine over a period of 25-39 days) because I have read to many reinfestation stories.

5) Completely cover any bed, couch, or chair in WATERPROOF plastic or vinyl after cleaning them!

This includes the seats in your car. This makes it easy to be sure you will not contaminate furniture and or it wont contaminate you. Then wipe clean the platic or vinyl with bleech or ammonia after evry single use. Witch brings me to my next point.

6) Use bleech and ammonia (NEVER MIX BLEECH WITH AMMONIA. IT CREATES A GAS THAT IS TOXIC AND CAN KILL YOU. USE ONE OR THE OTHER ON EACH THING) on everything you come into contact with!

Mainly use on things that can not be cleaned/quarantined easliy. Espesialy your toilet seat after every use. Scabie mites are insects that breath through thier skin. Really any cleaning chemical will kill them almost istantly on contact. Bleech is great for you floors and tub while ammonia is good for things that are not white. I have been spraying my shoes, chairs coutertops, doornobs, couch and so on with a light coat of diluted ammonia ,then wiping it away with a clean rag. If your cleaning rag is covered with ammonia or bleach it can not be contaminated but kitchen glove are still a good idea. You dont have to drench it just a light coat will do.

7) Use sulfer soap daily inbetween topical oitment treatments!

Sulfur was the most common treatment for scabies the 1900s. Sulfur is one of the oldest forms of scabies treatments. ItÂ’s what ancient people used to use to cope with the disease. It is known to kill any mite that is living on the body. The higher the % of sulfer the more it will dry your skin and the more it will smell like rotten eggs. I recomend using any sulfur bar soap that can be fould at many walmarts or supermakets. Most sulfur bar soaps contain 10% sulfur and are mixed with other good smelling things like lavender. 10% should be enough to kill any living mites on the skin but wont dry you out. More consentrated sulfer products are avialible. You might want to avoid using sulfur products on the days you are applying topicl oitment to avoid a chemical rash.

I am very greatful for this forum site. Im gunna follow the 10 commandments to get cured from scabies and the above GETTING RID OF SCABIES FOR DUMMYS like my life depends on it. I will update update every 2 weeks. LETS BE DONE WITH THIS SH!T
anonymous carwash

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#3 May 21, 2011
tea tree oil, neem oil.
eucalyptus oil for the itching.
epsom salt baths.
hydrogen peroxide.
medicated sulfur ointment or sulfur soap.
take a bath or shower at least once a day.
keep you living areas clean, use disinfectant.
Me too

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#4 May 22, 2011
Great advice!! But it is important to know that a wash even with bleach doesn't always kill the scabies. I know this for a fact and was reinfected by clean clothes. Ironing does kill eggs and adult scabies and I would suggest ironing everything you wear.

Torrington, CT

#5 May 22, 2011
good to know. I will be ironing everything!!!!!!!1
That is absurd

New York, NY

#6 May 2, 2012
If one washes the clothing with borax, plus oxi soap, plus whatever you want to use. Wash it in hot and dry in hot it is impossible anything can survive to that. And even if you get reinfested. By the time you start treatment with ivermectin and continue to do so for 40 days ( lets say) that is 40 days and mites can live few days. So my guess is that they will be all dead with 5 treatments iver plus permethrin. Ironing everything I think is unnecessary but I you want to be 200% sure then do it.

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#8 Apr 15, 2013
This site has great step by step instructions! Get rid of scabies ONCE AND FOR ALL!:)

Northridge, CA

#9 Apr 21, 2013
I feel like Ive had scabies for 2 years....Cant shake them, only thing ive found is that drinking plenty of alcohol makes you not feel the itch for a few days

East Northport, NY

#12 Apr 23, 2013
This site gives great step by step instructions!! I got rid of them quickly and easily in one night! SCABIES FREE!!!:)

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