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San Diego, CA

#1 Jan 30, 2010
It occurred to me that since it kills fleas and ticks, that Imidacloprid, which is used in veterinary medicine and agriculture, might be effective against skin mites.

I googled it and found that it has been effective in canine studies against mange. So, I am trying it. The first day's results are impressive.

Has anyone else tried this?

Denver, CO

#2 Jan 31, 2010
I did a preliminary search and found one study stating Imidacloprid acts as a fertility drug for spider mites. Whether this has anything to do with any other mite, I don't know. Thank you for sharing and, please, report your progress.

San Diego, CA

#3 Feb 2, 2010
I don't want to be prematurely optimistic, but WOW! I might have beat these little bastards.

My story is that I have harbored a couple of nodules which would get itchy for years, perhaps decades. I had no idea it was mites. I have been to dermatologists over the years, and all they gave me was steroids/antibiotics which relieved itching but never cured anything.

My symptoms did not present as typical scabies. My housmate (not a sexual relationship) came down with scabies. I treated my body with Perm, and all the itchy nodes acted up. Then I tried Iver, and one of them opened up into a large sore, oozed about a week, and then started to heal. The others shrank quickly. But I found that after three days, as the serum level dropped, the spots would start growing and itching again. As they are years old, I think the mite population was huge, though generally confined to these nodes. In addition, small burrows opened up and healed at various places.

I have been battling this for months. I tried Iver every other day for a couple of weeks. It came close, but did not wipe it out.

I tried Iver at higher doses. I had good results, but not full success using deodorant topically. I have been bathing daily with 10% sulfer soap daily, soaking in Arm and Hammer, etc... this all reduced itchiness but no cure.

I read that in Europe, they have switched from Perm to Malathion. That was effective at reducing the nodes, but not a complete remission, and it seemed highly toxic.

I was on a business trip and sleep deprived. Then I had to handle an family emergency. I went with little sleep for a week. All hell broke loose. Suddenly I had hundreds, or thousands of bites near the major node sites. I think the sites were shedding mites, and my immune system was compromised from fatigue.

I dosed up on Iver at .37 mcg/kg and then took 12 mcg/kg for three days to keep the blood serum level up. Then I applied veterinary Imidacloprid topically. DAMN! The area around the most stubborn node turned black and blue for a several inch radius. Other sites reacted strongly, and in a large radius around the sites. Right now, for the first time, I have no pain or itching, and all the sites appear to be healing. I have large bruised areas where the worst infestations were. I think the mite count under the skin was huge. There is still just a bit of pain and thickened skin in the very center of the worst site. Since Imidacloprid is systemic when absorbed through the skin, as wall as a contact killer, and I am nowhere near dangerous dose levels, I will probably apply some just to this spot for good measure.

If you try Imid - be careful. It is very persistent. You should wait a month between doses. I see this as a good thing to help prevent recurrence of this infection.

I'll keep the list posted as to my progress with this. I am optimistic for the first time. I hope my optimism is well founded. My dermatologist has been useless.

San Diego, CA

#4 Feb 2, 2010
I stated my latest Iver dosing at .37 mcg/kg. That was a typo. I dosed at 370 mcg per kg of body weight, which is the same as .37 mg per kg.

Iver is almost completely excreted over 7 days, with the first day showing a reduction in blood serum of about 30%. So, I continued to dose for two more days as 0.12 mg per kg for two days. By my calculations, my blood level should have peaked at about the same as a dose of 0.39 mg/kg which is almost exactly twice the recommended dose for mites. Iver is very safe, and is used all over the world. But it is not risk free. It binds to neuroreceptors which do not exist in mammals, and so does not cross the blood/brain barrier. The same is true of Imidacloprid.

However, it is poison, and the theoretical effects of someone who is sensitive, or of an overdose could be very serious. Anyone trying this stuff should be aware of the risks. The decisions I have made are for myself, when standard medical practioners let me down. Rather than continue to live with this stuff for years, I decided to take some calculated risks.

San Diego, CA

#5 Feb 2, 2010
One more thing about Imidacloprid - DO NOT USE AGRICULTURAL IMID. The "inert" ingredients are highly toxic to mammals - more toxic than the actual insecticide.

Veterinary IMID is available over the counter under the brand name "advantage" for flea control. The veterinary study which I read used the feline formulation. I happened to have the canine formulation on hand, which has one less ingredient, and I used it at the same dose that it would be recommended for dogs by weight.

San Diego, CA

#6 Feb 21, 2010
I'm sold on this stuff. I have used it weekly, four times now. My infection was resistant to everything on this forum, from perm, to borax, to ivermectin at at double the recommended dose. Three different MD's were not helpful.

Each time I apply it, the results are dramatic. I am probably at about 1% or 2% of where the infection was one month ago. My assumption is that this stuff kills the adults but not the eggs or intermediate forms, so I have to apply it through a bit more than a full life cycle.

At the current rate I am assuming that this week was the last application, or I might need one more. I've had this for years, and it is finally going away.

Rio Rancho, NM

#7 Feb 21, 2010
I'm glad it's helping you!!!!!

I had a few of those big pimple nodules. I asked the doctor if it was the Mothership he said "It's a wart." He was a doctor who truly cared too. I should have asked him to open it.
I didn't remember ever having a wart there.
And it's long gone now so yes, it was the Mothership. My back area was the worst for feeling vibrations inside my skin. Vibrations are mites hatching (my theory) or tunneling or mating. Oral Ivermectin (horsepaste, 25 days straight) got rid of those vibrations.

I had one nodule on my arm near my wrist and opened it. There was a largish pupa and an egg in the nodule. YUCK!!!
Caz - Birmingham UK


#8 Feb 22, 2010

Exactly where on the body did you apply imidacloprid? Did you include face and scalp?

Thanks for your information.


Warren, MI

#9 Feb 22, 2010
Is there a place online you purchase this product?
Wondering because it is NOT cheap. We are in jeopardy of my husband losing his unemployment, and then ... I don't know what will happen?????
Nightmares Do Come True

United States

#10 Feb 24, 2010
Very interesting, I know that there have been others to use "advantage" and had some good results with it. I am wondering about the exact name of the product though, since advantage makes several varieties of flea and tic medicines for animals?

The beginning of my journey started with two nodes or nodules on my foot that itched like crazy, then a few weeks later it was hundreds of under the skin crawls and probably 50 or so "bugs" racing across the top of my skin. I have since figured out that I have Morgellons, but I do believe that it all started with a mite infestation, so I am a bit curious if this treatment might just help Morg sufferers as well.

San Diego, CA

#11 Feb 27, 2010
I have applied it everywhere except the face and scalp. It is a contact insecticide, so I apply it more generously on the areas which I know are infected, and immediately surrounding.

I will apply it once more this weekend, and I think that I will be done with it. At least I hope so. This has been a very difficult infection to get rid of.

Yes, it is pricey. About $50 per dose at my body weight. That comes to $250 for the five treatments. I hope I won't need a sixth.

It is probably available online. I have been getting it at the local dog bathing business. They sell it over the counter. Vets sell it too, but they keep records. I assume that they would raise an eyebrow since my dog should only need 12 packets per year, and I am running through 4 per week.
Caz - Birmingham UK


#13 Mar 6, 2010
Advice again please. I have been fighting this mite since July 2009 and have tried everything to get rid of it. I almost succeed, but nothing kills it totally.
So, can you tell me which Advantage you used - was it Advantage-Multi? Or was it another type?
Many thanks for your help and I hope you are going on ok now.

San Diego, CA

#14 Mar 6, 2010
I used the standard, however the vet studies I read used the multi, which is the formulation usually used for felines. I tried the standard out of curiousity - really as a test - and found that it works. The reason that I chose it was that it was available in quantities for larger dogs over the counter. Cats tend to be smaller.
It is systemic as well as topical, so I concentrated it on the areas of most severe infection, but also knowing it would be absorbed and become systemic. Areas opened up to shed mites which I did not even know were infected.
I appear to be free of the infection with sites healing. However, I am going to use it one more time tomorrow, which makes a total of six treatments in six weeks now. I just want to be sure that I am rid of this crap. It is very persistent.
Caz - Birmingham UK


#15 Mar 6, 2010

Thanks for replying so quickly. Also can I ask you how long did you put the imidacloprid on for before washing off?(Sorry I didn't think to ask you this before).

I am so pleased to hear that you are healing.

Thank you for your help.

Willards, MD

#16 Mar 12, 2010
I have been thinking about this for a while. I have one dose of Advantage left from when I had my cat. It might be slightly expired, and I am certainly larger than he was. I'm going to apply it to my thighs. If it goes well, I'll consider trying the Advantage for large dogs. I've been infested as long as Caz. I've already done permethrin and ivermectin. Nothing else has worked.

I am also interested in how long you left it on before washing. I don't know how long I can go without a bath.

San Diego, CA

#17 Mar 17, 2010
I left it on for 24 hours before washing. But it is absorbed very quickly. I noticed this when using it on my dog. Putting it on the back of her neck causes her to start moving her mouth as though she can taste it, almost immediately. I noticed that I can taste it too, very quickly.

My experience is that permethrin would stop the itching and pain pretty quickly, but would not clear the infection at all. Ivermectin would help reduce the infection, but even at double the recommended dosage did not clear it. The results of the imidacloprid were dramatic. Immediate cessation of itching and pain, and reduction in symptoms within an hour, with sites reducing in size and returning to normal skin color. Lesions which have persisted for months, healing overnight.

Windermere, FL

#18 Mar 25, 2010
Bumping...this is good info for someone! Also a thread that hasn't been thoroughly saturated with jaded judgements, just sharing what worked for them...Thank you

Dalian, China

#19 May 12, 2010

Thank u for your information. It seems you have been cured, so happy for you. Are you still here?

I have read your posts for many times. The effectiveness you described is impressing. My symptons are very like yours, so I think what worked for you might work for me.

Hope more people share their experience with Imidacloprid on this thread.

Hollywood, FL

#20 May 13, 2010
Nightmares Do Come True wrote:
Very interesting, I know that there have been others to use "advantage" and had some good results with it. I am wondering about the exact name of the product though, since advantage makes several varieties of flea and tic medicines for animals?
The beginning of my journey started with two nodes or nodules on my foot that itched like crazy, then a few weeks later it was hundreds of under the skin crawls and probably 50 or so "bugs" racing across the top of my skin. I have since figured out that I have Morgellons, but I do believe that it all started with a mite infestation, so I am a bit curious if this treatment might just help Morg sufferers as well.
Nightmares Do Come True:

Have you tried this yet?
(for your dog)

I was just curious..





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Hollywood, FL

#21 Nov 11, 2010
Bumping this thread up for those who may want to try this.

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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