post nodular scabies, does it ever end?

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#45 Jun 6, 2012

United States

#46 Aug 24, 2012
After being treated by using the premethrin 5% lotion four times and taking stromectol orally to help with itching and swelling of post scabies bumps i used athletes foot cream (antifungal) on the bumps located everywhere but my genitals for i used vaginal cream on and in just a week of using antifungal creams on them (because of the anti itch AND antiflammatory abilities) you will notice a great reduction in swelling and some bumps may completely dissapear within a few days you cannot over use these creams i put them on four times a day and im fine also if you have post scabies bumps that are sleep-wakening itchy at night cover them with a band-aid before bed it will help stop you from scratching them in your sleep which can cause secondary infections, scabs, and permanent scarring.
#47 Aug 26, 2012
What can i use to get rid of scabies?

Laguna Hills, CA

#48 Oct 22, 2012
itchyjules wrote:
I feel as if I'm in Hell - just totally disgusting. What could be worse? I am an organised, very clean and tidy person - don't even wear shoes in my apartment and don't live with anyone else. I have beautiful skin that I look after and never expose to the sun, but now I'm just covered - all over my arms (esp forearms), hands, legs, thighs, back, mid-section, shoulders and neck with these hideous itchy, red nodules.I work at home, have a boyfriend, but he has no symptoms. We're spending a few weeks apart as a precaution.
It took 3 docs to diagnose scabies and I covered myself in 5% permethrin cream 2 nights ago. I have long hair and my head is so itchy too, though I was told not to treat my head. I've spent the last 2 days washing my sheets, recently-worn clothing and bedclothes, spraying my furniture with insect spray, vacuuming carpets and furniture, but I'm reading that I should also zip-seal my mattress and do my blankets too - and also to put everything in a drier. I don't have all these things!! I've survived cancer and all sorts of awful health conditions, but this is up there with the most miserable and I'm paranoid now that I haven't done enough and that my treatment wont be successful. Apparently, the creams don't kill the eggs. WTF! Can't pharmaceutical companies come up with something better than that? I'm basically just in despair - can't sleep or eat. Thinking I should just go away for a week, so that any of these little shits will die off. But would that be long enough?
I exactly understand what you mean. I started this each back in June and first I thought it is an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I was taking for my sinus infection. After visiting several doctors from 3 different dermatologiest, Allergiest,Ruhmatologist,Famil y Doctor and Kidney specialiest, who all could not tell me what it is. After they took several byobsies at the end I am still not sure if I had scapies or not?!!!! All type of stroid and any anti scapies cream was applied several times and each time after application my symptoms got worse. I am a 56 years mother and never had any skin issues. When the last dermatologiest told me that I might have scapies, I started crying like a baby. I was already 4 months into suffering and had no more energy. He told me I could have gotten it from the Nursing home where my mother resides.I didn't believe him since the pathology came back with unclear results, it said no sign of scapies in three paragraph and in one paragraph said there is sign of scapies. I have tried to have the doctors read this result and after they read they still tell me its hard to say if you had scapies or not. But now that I am reading all these here, most of the symptoms I read matches mine. I went for Chinees Medecine treatments and immediatly after that my iching reduced from 10 to 4 and then less and less. I am still iching a little after one month pass the chinees medicine but nothing like before. All the pumps are now softer but iches at night more. I still take 2
Benadryl every night. It is better than 5 different antihistamine per day plus many other anti inflamatory medecine which non worked. the famous Scapies cream did not work and got my symptoms worsen. As I see here I think I had scapies and still going through its post symptoms. My husband just started some sever iching and that made me believe that mine was scapies that is why he has this iching. We have done all the precautionary as to did not sleep in same bed since day one of my symptoms, washed with Borax powder and bagged everything and sparyed all the beds with mites spary. I washed my clothing everyday and this hell does not seems to end now five months. My husband and I are also cleaning freaks and I also work at home too. God only knows where we could gotten this mites. But there is a hope nothing last for ever. This problem need patience.We now have to see what happens to my husband!
please help

East Brisbane, Australia

#49 Nov 10, 2012
I've had mine for 6 months or longer. What's the best remedy get rid of them !?!?!?:(:(
Itchy in wv

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#50 Jan 10, 2013
Peter wrote:
After treatment, most of the nodules around my body cleared up pretty quick. Unfortunately that isn't the case for the shaft of my cock, around my inner thighs, scrotum and around my body where the shaft connects.
This is still going on about 3 & a half to 4 months after treatment. I have no signs of reinfestation on other parts of my body, nor am I itching at night or any areas of my body apart from my crotch. I am still getting new nodules / papules and I'm concerned the original five nodules that appeared on my shaft are going to scar. Obviously I'm also getting very tired of this on-going condition. I want to go out and meet women, and to be frank, if I saw a woman with these sort of things around her crotch, I would be pretty hesitant to get it on with her. This really sucks.
The strange thing is that the first nodules I experienced (that cleared up quickly) were everywhere else on my body. My crotch is the last place any nodules appeared but they just won't leave.
everything u r going through is exactly what I am going through...... The other parts of my body has healed except for the shaft of my penis and one on the tip..... It's been itching like crazy especially at night.... I've been doing sulfur treatments (over the counter) whenever the itching starts and that seems to take care of it.... It seems now that it's healing and day after day the itching subsides..... Hopefully this is the end

Ashtead, UK

#51 May 20, 2013
I have had scabies for over 8 months now. I was misdiagnosed with eczema and given a steroid cream to use which only made it worse. Itching got worse and worse to the point of being unbearable, the itching made me skin bleed and left me with red raw scratch marks on my body. The doctor finally diagnosed me with scabies.. the first treatment of permethrycin i did cleared it up. However it came back then i was treated again which seemed to clear it up but it came back again! Overall i have done about 6 treatments & every time the scabies comes back. Furthermore, i have 4 purple post scabetic nodulars (as diagnosed by a dermatologist) which wont go and still itch. In addition to these, i still have random scabies marks which itch, some under the skin (with a grey silvery line inside) others are inflammed and very sore. Also when i get slightly hot my hands burn and turn very red & itchy, has anyone else experienced this? I'm literally at my wits end with this disease, il do anything to get rid of it, its literally the most uncomfortable thing ive ever experienced, going through this at my final year of uni has been incredibly upsetting.

New York, NY

#52 Aug 17, 2013
I caught scabies(mild case) from my son who brought home. My dr said it's not scabies&basically treated me like it was in my head. Dr. Put me on Prednisone cuz he did see the nodules&a med for the itching. I've treated twice in 2 wks w/permethrin, but every other day I'm getting these little nodules on different knuckles. Wtf! The 1st nodule was on my wrist&sometimes disappears for few hours but comes back. I started taking taking wormwood&black walnut supplimentIinternally which helps kill parasites. I am a HUGE germ-a-phobe/OCD freak Iin a sense. Everyone thinks I'm just nuts. I've only been dealing with this for 2wks&I'm starting to lose it. I don't know how much more I can take. I've changed my diet to no sugar, not even fruit hoping killing any Candida yeast in my body will help. I use neem lotion&soak in tea tree baths w/olive oil as well. I clean&wash everything all the time. This is a f***ing nightmare! What do I do!??? I am reading people's stories&hear people having these nodules for months, you got to be f***ing kidding me. I can't go another week w/this. There has got to be a cure!

Eagle Pass, TX

#53 Nov 12, 2013
Bitey wrote:
Yes, I had cancer too. With this, you have to have patience. It is a really humbling experiance. I am not the same after this. Mine are still healing and I hope I do not have a lot of permanent scars. Ask the doctor for some Ativan (a light valium like sedative) and hang in there, figure it will take a few solid months to get past this. And then a few more months to heal. Ask the doctors for creams and oils to use besides the Perm to heal your skin once they are gone.
use the permethrin cream to kill the mature mites. Then the eggs that were not effected will hatch, that's when you use the cream again (about a week after your first permethrin treatment). Oh, and use a 10% sulfur soap when you shower. Also use a bed bug spray on your bed every other day.(this will cost you about $80 on Amazon for the cream, 2 soaps, and spray). After all is done and you have big red nodules left over you can use topical tacrolimus .03% on the nodules itself twice a day until they are gone (this ointment costs around $80 dollars just for the tube!)

Eagle Pass, TX

#54 Nov 12, 2013
please help wrote:
I've had mine for 6 months or longer. What's the best remedy get rid of them !?!?!?:(:(
use the permethrin cream to kill the mature mites. Then the eggs that were not effected will hatch, that's when you use the cream again (about a week after your first permethrin treatment). Oh, and use a 10% sulfur soap when you shower. Also use a bed bug spray on your bed every other day.(this will cost you about $80 on Amazon for the cream, 2 soaps, and spray). After all is done and you have big red nodules left over you can use topical tacrolimus .03% on the nodule itself twice a day until they are gone (this ointment costs around $80 dollars just for the tube!)

Modbury, Australia

#55 Nov 17, 2013
metalhead929 wrote:
I was diagnosed with nodular scabies in November 08 went through 5 treatments of permethrin, 1 of Ivermectin, 1 of eurox, and 4 of kwell. I was not cured until June of 08. Now for the past nine months I've had the same nodules popping up and suddenly disappearing. This happens at least twice a week. I've been reading that these symptoms can last anywhere from months to years. Basically I am curious as to how other people dealt with this and if anyone actually got to see their symptoms stop.
Dear friend I got it for my birthday in august and only now did they discover post modular scabies after see two dermatologist and 1000.00 expense and have to pay 30 dollars for cream

Camberwell, Australia

#56 Nov 17, 2013
lisa GA wrote:
My son teenage son brought home scabies from God knows where. They spread to the entire family, including my mother and father who were visiting a week before we were diagnosed. My teenager, younger son, husband and father no longer itch, or feel pinpricking. My mother and I still have these coming and going symptoms. We are eight weeks past our first treatment. Three rounds of stromectol, and three rounds of elimite cream. I've been told by a doctor and a dermatologist that it is just recovery from the invasion, but when I have a bad night of itching and pinpricking I panick and think I still have live activity. But then it goes away for a couple of days. It does seem to be getting futher apart between discomforts, but I am still panicking, do you suppose The women are the ones suffering still because our skin is just more sensitive?
i got it from my son for my birthday and had it for 4 months now and 1000 in expenses and expect it for another 3 months at least, change your clothes everyday and do not ware it for a week

South Perth, Australia

#57 Jan 4, 2014
John.. did you apply the t gel everyday? Did it actually work?

South Perth, Australia

#58 Jan 4, 2014
John wrote:
*****Please read this if you are suffering from Nodular Scabies around the genital area.*********
This is the first time i have ever commented on anything on the net, i have always been a reader and user of comments and blogs but not a provider.
Seeing as this is the first result blog that comes up after typing the obvious into a search engine i felt compelled to share what worked for me.
I have always been a sufferer of psoriasis so i have a bottle of Neutrogena T-gel (trust me i dont work for them either!)handy for my scalp in place of normal shampoo.
Having read the comments picked up from the limited research i did on basically google, i found a recurring trend that they used to use coal tar in 'rare cases', history shows the simplest methods work the best so i started using the T-gel as a wash around the affected areas, and to get it happening dried the area after a shower then simply applied the T-gel to dry skin and left on all day, this did cause redness and slight burning but a week later and no nodules at all.
I have nothing to gain by telling you this except do yourself a favour and try it, i can finally go out again without fearing that i might get lucky and a girl might see it!!!
BTW- big relief when i found out it wasnt STD, but very depressed when no solution was found before this, share the wealth and go forth and procreate!!!:)
How often did you apply the T-Gel.. every morning? Did you try any other methods?

Perth, Australia

#59 Oct 26, 2014
I treated myself for scabies around 4 or 5 months ago and I'm still experiencing issues with nodules on various parts of my genitals which flare up and become itchy and red every few weeks, the time between them doing so seemed to increase until it plateaued so there does not seem to be more time in between each time it does this.
I've been treating them with eurax lotion which helps with the itching and redness but not always with the swelling, additionally been using a strong prescription antihistamine called fexofenadine which also helps to reduce the symptoms. My advice is to avoid touching the nodules as much as possible as contact with them can inflame them further and they can take days to return back to their previous size. Once I became particularly frustrated and I slashed several holes one one of them with a stanley knife and squeezed at it in the hope that I might remove the supposed mite debris causing the problem. This doesn't work, the skin scabbed and healed right back to the nodule as it was before. It looks as though the only option is to wait several more months and find something else to do that doesn't involve showing people your genitals.
Also if you experience this problem and recover from it please take the time to come back to this page and let us know how long it took and that there is actually some hope for a return to normality.

Birmingham, UK

#60 Jan 26, 2015
Plz HELPI have treated myself and my children with lyclear for one mth a week apart ,I don't seem to itch anymore but inbertween treatment I tent to get little blisters they don't itch and after I apply cream the redness goes but in some lights can still see ,I have brought neem oil and other oil to help but was wondering does anyone else have small bumps after treatment I know takes 3 days for it to take affect ,I have very bad ocd with cleaning at the best of time so its on overload while dealing with this my baby girls dad has admitted he has this and believe it's past due to spending time around xmas with her and now we all have PLZ help as doc gave me cream and said no need to go back till after 6 weeks if still have but im worried it will spread out of control if I leave ....feeling helpless and feeling sorry for my children having to deal with this I have not seen family since started and my mum has become very ill but worried to pass on .

Newark, CA

#61 Jul 6, 2015
I came down with the scabies the last week of Jan., 2015, as a non-stop itch on my shoulder blade. By early Feb my body was itching maniacally and I went for several days on end without sleep. This carried on for weeks, but there was never a rash anywhere, none, so I didn't know what to do. I tried coating my body in white vinegar; that would bring relief for several hours. I did this about a dozen times. Then I coated my entire legs and buttocks (but not genitals) in high-power capzacin cream meant for muscle aches. It knocked out the leg itching pretty much for good, but unless you know what capzacin (chili oil) feels like, don't attempt it, and keep it off of children. By now, early April, I finally went to the dermatologist who told me I had a drug reaction from the blood pressure meds I had been taking for a year -- all because there was still no rash, other than a mottled flat rash on the front of both thighs near the crotch. I stopped the BP meds but the itching continued, although I could control it with what I have described. Now the scrotum began to itch and I developed countless nodules, and then foot nodules and the thigh rash. My dermatologist still said it was a drug reaction, and a week later my doctor's replacement agreed with her, despite the nodules. I was controlling the itch with Sarna (both original and sensitive). I also regularly used Sea Breeze, the camphor & menthol astringent straight from the bottle on the scrotum. At this point, I checked into a motel specifically so I could use all of their hot water in a constant shower. I showered ten times at the hottest I could stand (and I have a high tolerance), then reapplied the Sarna and swabbed my scrotum with the astringent. From that point on, the constant itching essentially disappeared and within a few weeks the nodules on the scrotum disappeared, and I could sleep easily with merely a light rubbing of Sarna original, which I used 24/7. Five months after the first symptom, I finally saw my actual doctor and not the dermatologist or replacement. She took one look and said it was scabies. I told her the itch and rash were gone except for the ugly skin on my ankles, calves and feet, or when my thighs heat up from exercise. Scrotum was clean. Instead of prescribing Permehthrin, she said, "Go back to the dermatologist as she is treating you for this." But the derm has a waiting list of there months! So I bought sulphur cream and sulphur soap and have been using it regularly. It gave me a terrible flare-up which I assumed was its attack on old mites under skin. But I am controlling it with sulphur and Sarna. I still have an occasional twinge and itch, or a creepy crawly feeling, and I only get a bad itch if I initiate it by scratching at the calves and ankles which are healing. No new red spots at all for a long time. I suspect the scabies might still with me, but the direction is good. If I get anything resembling a flare-up, I am going to Home Depot and buying malathion for the garden, and will thin it with water and apply to body. I know how to use that stuff.

Newark, CA

#62 Jul 7, 2015
One thing I did not mention is that nobody ever tells you that scabies can make you feel sick in several ways. Sometimes your skin aches and burns; at other times the skin on your body feels "fatigued" all over, the way your behind might feel after having sat on a hard chair or bleachers for hours, except it feels that way everywhere. Also, because your skin's nerves are on hair-trigger alert for any kind of sensation, you get fatigued yourself and can feel foggy or out of it for weeks and months.


#63 Jul 18, 2015
I was going through hell the last 3 monts. After having sex during the treatment the situation went so bad that my doctor inject me 8 times with steroids. It seems to help. Other thinga you can use is tee tree oil. And there is a cream called Tacroleemus. Try to be in the sea/ocean if availabke in your country. Time helps, be patient

Sofia, Bulgaria

#64 Aug 7, 2015
Attention Attention !!!

Guys, anything you can't get rid off for 2 months, my advice is to get blood test. Im my case, I was curing for NS for long period of time. And suddenly, the things change the way they look. So I made a blood test and it was Herpes type one (which is usually on the mouth) but in some case it can go downstairs.

So my advice - just to make sure and sleep well, go and get all the tests. The results are ready from 10 min for the Hiv to 5 days to wasserman (syfilis)

Hope everybody get better and respect your bodies and health - don't go in shitty places and fuck "suspecious" woman

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