Scabies on face and scalp?

Hamburg, Germany

#869 Feb 9, 2014
mrs t 3053 wrote:
<quoted text>cant get rid of tjem had them for some time.
Have used cream 3to4times .
Got new bed still ichie i can fiel them can some one help
Hard to get rid of..... been trying for years - limited success but others have no problem getting rid of mites after one treatment. New bed nothing to do with it - cos u sleep in it once and u reinfect!!!! Good u have new bed because itchies other than Scabies - such as bed mites also cause problems in old mattresses -- but better u put plastic sheet over mattress (old or new)- spray with dilution of bleach or Lysol - Bleach will kill mites - Lysol not always, but if just ONE - just ONE MITE goes on floor or pillow or on yr pjs or shirt - whole sorry saga can start again.... its a real pain. But most first treatments u only know if working after a while cos doctors (who know nothing well a little- see post below Scabface -) dont tell u that it is actually worse - the itching and pain and marks - after u have been treated cos when the mites die (all or some of them ) under your skin - their dying secretions cause worse itching than original . so u think they still biting u - which they may be cos its difficult to get them all---- Treat after a hot bath- add two cups of household bleach or 1 litre of Vinegar to hot bath - this also kills a lot of the Scabies mites and opens pores for other meds to work. But if u then go lie down in sheets u slept in night before u treat or bath - mites are gonna reinfect u.... so each time u treat (before u get in bath or shower - take off linen - pref wash in 60 deg plus (washing powder not washing liquid as Borax in wash POWDER kills Scabies mites.) and spray bed with mite spray (dustmite spray will suffice but may not kill all the mites as dustmites and Scabies mites TOTALLY different species!!!) or wash plastic sheet with solution of bleach - just wipe over with cloth will also do. Then put yr yucky linen in washing (or if u cant afford that put the linen in garbage bag or other plastic bag and put in garage or unused room for at least a week - as the mites need to feed off humans within 72 hours or they die - cold is also good. If u live in cold area put bedding - pillows etc. linen, towels, anything u cant or dont want to wash all the time, can be put out in cold -best under 10 deg Celcius (fahrenheit u convert)- freezing best - then you only have to leave out for the day and can use again......But its a bugger because one tiny microscopic mite can start the whole sheebang all over again. But I can tell u now - rather u carry on because if u dont what u have now, or what u had, will be nothing compared to if u are not vigilant about control - even if it seems u are losing the battle u are containing the problem which makes it so much better even tho it doesnt seem so at the time. When yr immune system is down u also suffer more - there is some evidence that bad health increases the amount of scabies infection sites.... eat sunflower seeds, zinc,etc. and please wash hands...... sulphur 10 percent soap from drugstore - use all the time.... and u can get on face so dont pick.....dont squeeze normal pimples which u may have at the same time, and which can but not always look just like scabies infected sites..... good luck gotta go. happy to help another time. p

Hamburg, Germany

#870 Feb 9, 2014
Just before I go re´member another tip.... if u have a large freezer u can put towels in it instead of washing every daywith new towel. Best use handtowels while u have problems´with scables as big towels waste of money washing. And if u shld also put yr sofa covers, cushions, soft toys etc. in freezer too. Just overnight will do as cold kills them quicker than anything and lot easier than washing at high temps and then using power for dryer. U can also just shove them in dryer for half hour on heat instead of washing every time and ironing is also good and immediate to kill them ! Good night all....

Camberwell, Australia

#871 Feb 20, 2014
Greetings from Melbourne Australia , I have had these little critters for 3 months now and have tried various solutions and they seem to re infest me . I'm currently living in muggy conditions and that makes it worse may I add .
I'm going to give you all some serious factors to help minimize the problem of scabies .
1) Remove your bed , pillows , doona and throw them out !! It's a breeding ground .
2) Every piece of clothing is to go into a dryer . It kills them and their eggs instantly .
3) Call the pest control and have the whole entire house sprayed , in particular the areas you usually spend sitting at night most .Explain to a experienced pest control professional that it's scabies and is rapidly spreading .
4) Apply petherim cream from neck to toe .
5) All of this must be done at the same time .
If anyone else is infested at the same time please advise them to do this as well on the same day/night . You really don't want to be re infested like I was over and over . A good spa and steam room will also help and last but not least a nosel spray .

The only problem I have is in my hair on my head ATM and I'm worried it will spread again . It's mild but enough to worry me because I'm deeply aware of what these creatures can do !! Why did Mother Nature create this PEST !! Good luck guys . Good luck ....

Houston, TX

#872 Mar 14, 2014
I have this my parents do to everyone in my house does ive tried getting them to treat it but the y refuse. This is the 3rd time I got it .. it doesn't even itch anymore it just hurts.. Should I test myself and move with my dad?


#873 Mar 15, 2014
I had itching on my head and face, I had itching everywhere. But I didn't have much of a rash anywhere. My family did have rashes and I was the first with symptoms(it wasn't in my mind) The permethrin worked, I used it on my scalp once and treated everywhere else twice. When I told the doctor I was going to put it on my head, initially she said not to, they don't live there but then when she checked the latest information on her computer and she said "oh actually now they do recommend treating your scalp if you have itching there" . She still wasn't convinced it was scabies but the treatment worked for the whole family.


#874 Mar 15, 2014
younguy you need to get away from your family if they won't treat, hell I'd live homeless before subjecting myself to that. How long has it been since your last treatment and what kind of pain do you have? Everyone can have different symptoms, it's possible your family just don't have the obvious symptoms yet, very selfish of them to refuse to treat when they are likely reinfecting you. It is possible you have been successfully treated and just need to wait it out for symptoms to ease.

Brooklyn, NY

#875 Apr 10, 2014
2ScratchOrNot2Scratch wrote:
I'll take the scars, too.
My friend suggested a chemical peel, but I don't think I can afford an entire body peel. lol
I just has a full body lazer treatment because all my scars were very dark and it was kind of embarrassing every time someone asked what happen to my skin . Iam desperate because somehow they r back and on my scalp and face , my eyes my mouth my ears , this hasn't been cheap or fun at all and let's not talk about the mental damage it does to you

Rockford, IL

#876 Apr 11, 2014
Wow we are. A family of nine including a baby and I'm to afraid to take us to the doc but we all have little numbs that itch here and there and my oldest daughter ac has sores deep ugly scars cus she digs we know what it is because are oldest son caught it and got treated and month
Later we al have it I bought so many meds over two hundred dollars worth we still have it grr what do we do

Galveston, TX

#877 Apr 11, 2014
why me wrote:
I am in tears---I have been dealing with this for a year now--I was told by my doctor that this was folical dermatitus-- My scalp has been itchy and had these raised areas on it--I used all of my perscription cream but the itch was still there. this summer is started getting these little blister
spots on my fingers--what next? I am thinking--I went to get some Psoriosis shampoo and that seemed to make it worse-- what the hell??? I am so angry and upset--A whole damned g!get some capex shampoo it will run them out!!-- Is this really what it is?? Your descriptions sound spot on-- I could just die.
get some capex shampoo it will run them out

Galveston, TX

#878 Apr 11, 2014
get some capex shampoo it will run them out

Galveston, TX

#879 Apr 11, 2014
BBB wrote:
Am infectites of parasites been eaten by them
All my mouth gums tongues are distroy and my troat
Too , I can hardly eat my mouth is to dry without saliva
I need help or am going to dyE ,my stomach is block too
Can't go toilet. Back side and private part been eaten too
Am in skin problems too all my face are peeling
Penful eyes ears block and noise in my head
Am in agonies, my scalp scratch and am losing all my hairs
I need emergency help am dying. Am in london. Please help
Am at the end,
capex shampoo will help u it will kill them n ur hair n body will come back god bless u

Collingwood, Australia

#880 Apr 29, 2014
I have treated my body neck to toe, but feel my head is itchy also. Do you think a headlice treatment would work for this area?

Chula Vista, CA

#881 May 6, 2014
So how do you treat your scalp with hair in the way?? And also how do you treat children.. I'm losing it seeing my one and three year old itch their heads like crazy..they've already been treated w perm twice from face down.. But no scalp.. Id hate to keep dowsing them in dangerous chemicals..


#882 May 8, 2014
Hi everyone I think I may have scabies I haven't been diagnosed with it yet I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but I have done my research on the Internet and I think I may have them, I have very itchy blister looking things in my hair on my face near my eye and on other places varying from legs, stomach and boobs.
If they are scabies how do I get rid of them the fastest way before I spread it through the whole house hold and how did I even get them? I'm only 19 and I need my job seems I live out of home and I can't be away from work to long if I do have scabies so I need your help please I can't handle the itchiness and I've only had them for 3 days, I just pray there not scabies please help...

Since: May 14

Thessaloníki, Greece

#883 May 12, 2014
hey!! i just had this ''scabies experience''. I went to the doctor before 3 weeks with an awfull itch on my hand, she diagnosed scabie. She gave me the BB cream and told me to apply it on the whole body, from the neck down. Everything went weel, i cleaned everything, washed all clothes,beddings etc. When the treatment was done, i went there and asked her to see some bumbs i had on my face (thinkin it was scabies) but she told me it's just acne. BUT since last week i started feeling very itchy on my scalp and face. I read everywhere that scabies go on children's heads only and not on adults's. Please tell me what to do, i can't stand one more time this whole madhouse that these little bugs make..

Flushing, NY

#884 May 13, 2014
Where did you get Lindane? Kwell lotion had Lindane in it and it was banned. Its time for them to bring it back. The FDA needs to re-approve it cause too many people are spreading and getting this again!

Since: May 14

Thessaloníki, Greece

#885 May 13, 2014
I didn't get Lindane. Doctor perscribed me the Benzyl Benzoate cream. This cream i used to get rid of scabies.

Cape Coral, FL

#886 May 22, 2014
Okay, here's my horror story. I had itchy bleeding sores and secondary infection for FOUR months, and went to SIX doctors before getting diagnosed. I was told I had fungus, allergic reaction to detergent, cellulitis and countless other misdiagnosis. I actually had to diagnose myself after seeing curly cueds and figure 8s all over me. I went to the Urgent Care and told them to give me the freaking cream. They did, and it worked! But even after cleaning the house, washing everything and spraying the furniture, the scabies came back. I just went to another dermatologist today and got pills and more cream. Found out that my husband, who has not shown any symptoms, is a CARRIER. Yes, there are folks who do not react to the bites. They never know they have it. So apparently he's been reinfecting me.He didn't get treated because he's been in and out of the house traveling and we thought he didn't have it. So getting back to the original question...YES, I found burrows on my forehead and my scalp is also itchy. So don't believe everything you read. I would use the cream ALL OVER top to bottom and pay special attention to the groin area, those critters like the soft, moist folds in the skin. I can't wait to conquer this. It is by far the worst scourge I have ever had to deal with.


#887 May 24, 2014
Will it the scabie cream make my face breakout ?i have them really bad
O nd should I massage it in my scalp?
pasadena tx

Pasadena, TX

#888 Jul 7, 2014
after seven years still have those critters on my face and scalp only not in the rest of my body . if anyone need some meds .let me know

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