Scabies on face and scalp?


#846 Oct 12, 2013
help help. What do w do in a country where ivermectin is illegal for humans. I have an 11 yr old to think about and dont want to poison him with animal treatments

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#847 Oct 12, 2013
ppink089 wrote:
help help. What do w do in a country where ivermectin is illegal for humans. I have an 11 yr old to think about and dont want to poison him with animal treatments
First try Permethrin 5% cream (prescribed by your doctor). It's very Very Safe and well tested. You can use it on your son's scalp too. Doctors advice to use twice with 1 week interval. You can try 3 times 5 or 3 days interval because it's really safe. It's safely used on infants too.
If permethrin cream does not work try Noromectin by Norbrook (buy it at the feed store). You can try it topically first. It has been effective topically in a pilot study conducted in Colombia (google it to learn more) on few family with children. The study mentions the ingredients mixed with ivermectin. they are the same ingredients of Noromectin (even if they don't mention Noromectin).
If Noromectin applied topically does not work, then try it orally, diluted in some water, with an empty stomach (maybe around 3 am). Also ivermectin is very safe and well tested. It's been used at double the scabies dose in children with onchocerciasis for many decades with no ill effects. It's very safe.
The Noromectin compound is sterile and meant to be injected . You are taking it orally, with all the body's filters during digestion. It's really a safe choice.
Good luck with your boy. Kids are usually very resilient and have a good immune system that helps keeping the scabies at bay.
itching head misery

Haiku, HI

#848 Nov 4, 2013
WOW! I am not sure if I have scabies but seems like after 4 years of relentless itching and bumps on my scalp and ears and completely wrong diagnosis from 4 doctors and 2 specialists...I have tried every medication the "Docs" prescribed and it only made it worse, all natural remedies for parasites nilch.. i have an appointment wed..will ask for these scabies meds...I sure hope it works...synptoms seems like kept giving steroids

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#849 Nov 7, 2013
My son age 14 was misdiagnosed with psoriasis by a clinic and then diagnosed with a skin infection at the doctors surgery . Because of this the poor kid is infested with the scabies. Finally got the scabies answer about 4 weeks ago. Meanwhile he has been suffering for 4 months. My daughter and I ended up with them. The itching is all over though. Its crazy. I can not get rid of these disgusting festy creatures. I feel dirty and ready to explode. We have been treated 4 times, once a week, wash the bed sheets everyday, towels everyday, clothes every day, vacuum constantly, aired our rooms out for a week and didn't sleep in them, put all the pillows in the dryer, left all donnas outside for 4 days in the sun. Hey I've have done everything, i am tired and frustrated. I had never heard of anyone having scabies but we have!! I am more than depressed about this bullshit.

Homewood, IL

#850 Nov 7, 2013
Why would acidity of your skin on your head keep scabies away? For heavens sake, nothing kills them but yet they won't go there cuz of a little acidity!?? That's ridiculous. I had them on my head too. I always had sore scabs on my scalp, behind my ears, neck, tickles constantly on my eyelids and in my nose and ears. On my head they didn't itch that much tho. I don't think that is demodex because they have methods to check for it and my doc found no evidence of that.

Permethrin only knocked them down briefly, but did not cure. I had this insanity for over 15 months, probably at least a dozen tubes of permethrin, 2 treatments of malathion, and many treatments of stromectol/ivermectin. It wasn't until my doctor told me I needed to use the permethrin and ivermectin TOGETHER that I was helped. I have had lesions since but 4 biopsies later came back as folliculitis. I won't say I'm cured anymore tho because I still feel itchy and crawly and it's more than 2 months after treatment. But my skin cleared up almost immediately with only occasional marks now. I can't explain the itchiness, crawlies and sometime pinpricks I still get but almost no marks, where before I was covered in sores.

I can't stress enough to everyone that you should use permethrin and ivermectin together. I did 4 treatments a week apart, but I think it wasn't nearly enough. The problem is the doctors will only give you 2 treatments if you're lucky. I had to buy extra animal ivermectin online (Vetrimec) and luckily had leftover permethrin from my many treatments.

I've since decided to keep taking ivermectin over a longer amount of time to see if the itchy crawly thing gets better.

please... forget the do it yourself at home remedies. They DO NO WORK - I tried them all. You will only prolong your misery and let them get entrenched. Get ivermectin and permethrin and use them together.

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#851 Nov 8, 2013
where do ypu get the permethrin and the ivermectin, I can't find a dr that will give you anything, they say it's your nerves, dermatitis or something. I know what it is and it does invade face and head.

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#853 Nov 8, 2013
I know a lot of people have used those online pharmacies, but I could never pull the trigger on those, too scared of them. The Vetrimec was from Amazon. They also sell permethrin tho I've not bought it from them so I can't vouch for its effectiveness because it's from some other country like India or Switzerland or who knows where. They only sell it in 30g tubes, so you will need at least 1-1/2 to 2 tubes per treatment depending on your size. American permethrin comes in 60g tubes.

There's another thread here that has a chart for ivermectin dosage that I found to be accurate according to my own research.

I've actually increased the ivermectin dosage just a tiny bit because of the fact that it is being ingested and that these bugs seem to be getting more and more resistant. But that's just me, you all have to make your own decisions.

Hope that helps.

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#854 Nov 21, 2013
We've been dealing with this for about a month. I did the permithrin treatment then I've been following up with natural remedies. I've come to feel it's important to hit it from many angles.

I have in my arsenal (I would recommend looking into these), in order of appearance:

--clove oil mixed into coconut oil
--thieves oil mixed into coconut oil
--Borax and hydrogen peroxide baths
--grapeseed oil and diatomaceous earth mixture (1 to 4 ratio)
--Recently I took a bleach bath out of desperation, in really hot water and I used a kitchen scrubber to exfoliate. The itching stopped everywhere, including my scalp. This made me wonder about my face, also. So I bought powdered clay for face mask.
--I also bought Neem soap, 20%, to disrupt the reproductive cycle of the mite.
-- I have enzyme cleaner on order, too,(Kleen-Free) to spray everywhere
I"m feeling much better now,though exhausted. I'm too lazy to have a foolproof system. There is so much cleaning and OCD rituals involved in wiping out this mite, that it's hard for me to keep up with everything. I'm working on it.

Arlington, TX

#855 Dec 2, 2013
I had scabies or three weeks now, sadly I wore my favorite shirt again and got infected. Now I have a scabies on my face but I believe their dead now.I've been washing and dying my clothes in hot water. By the way where can I find the sulfur lotion I know it's prescribe but I just don't know where I can get some.

Philadelphia, PA

#856 Dec 5, 2013
KSF wrote:
<quoted text>
How common is scabies???? How do you think you got it???

How do you get scabies?

Direct skin-to-skin contact is the mode of transmission. Scabies mites are very sensitive to their environment. They can only live off of a host body for 24-36 hours under most conditions. Transmission of the mites involves close person-to-person contact of the skin-to-skin variety. It is hard, if not impossible, to catch scabies by shaking hands, hanging your coat next to someone who has it, or even sharing bedclothes that had mites in them the night before. Sexual physical contact, however, can transmit the disease. In fact, sexual contact is the most common form of transmission among sexually active young people, and scabies has been considered by many to be a sexually transmitted disease (STD). However, other forms of physical contact, such as mothers hugging their children, are sufficient to spread the mites. Over time, close friends and relatives can contract it this way, too. School settings typically do not provide the level of prolonged personal contact necessary for transmission of the mites.
soooo tired

Drury, New Zealand

#857 Dec 6, 2013
janetinnyc wrote:
Scabies3, don't mean to get personal, but you are an inspiration. This forum works thanks to the tireless efforts of the likes of you.
Incidentally, I ended up throwing out a few days ago both open jars of MSM Cream and Cocoanut Oil, which I loved, but all the double-dipping--no, no. I don't know where or how these things abide in a jar of cream, but they began to seem contaminated to me, especially the MSM cream. If it can't be poured or squirted, I ain't going near it anymore.
The iver works pretty well in the short term--it's the long term I'm worried about. Why do these damn mites or whatever keep coming back? I buy so many vinyl gloves, I have to go to different pharmacies--like an alcoholic switching liquor stores.
Do you know, I have benzyl benzoate and didn't know I could mix it with alcohol and spray. God, that's good to know.
I have posted elsewhere that I think I may have comorbid worms, too. Keep throwing iver at them, feel better for a few days, then symptoms come back, almost with a vengeance (it seems). This could be my scabies, the degree of infection, or it could be something else, too, that needs medicine. I think I need to be "dewormed" as Aha put it. I have always loose bowels, and the thing is, the iver makes that better, not worse. Also, I have a nasty ringing in my ears that gets worse when condition gets worse. It's one way I can tell what's going on, on me and in the environment. Also, there's a scent my parasites carry--its' now gotten easy for me to read the amount of infection from that scent. It's not even a terrible odor, more like a yeasty, sweet smell. But I hate it. I really do.
If anyone else has these symptoms in particular, I would appreciate hearing about it. All of these symptoms, which I have not seen reported here, may mean I have to look elsewhere too (Not an either or situation, you can be sure).

I to have that smell to my skin and yea its not nice. I have suffered with post scabatic itch for nearlly a year because ny doctors said it wasnt. Have started treatment and have never experienced such intense insane itching. Painful also. My body looks like like a join the dots puzzle. I just want it to end.

Castlegar, Canada

#858 Dec 20, 2013
Keep in mind that if you do the treatment too many times too soon you can suffer from central nervous system stimulation and will feel the crawley sensation as a result that may not be scabies at all. This was why they pulled gammabenzinehexachloride in canada
Perm is Safe

San Mateo, CA

#859 Dec 20, 2013
I completely disagree with Lance. She is talking of lindane (gammabenzenehexachloride) which has been pulled out of market in Canada & Europe for causing in some susceptible subjects some neurological effects.
Permethrin 5% has never caused neurological issues. It is absolutely safe for human use as demonstrated in many studies and in decades of use all over the world. Thinking that permethrin 5% is unsafe is fruit of ignorance. Unless you are allergic to it, you can and should use it if you think you have scabies. It is so safe and mild that it should be used for longer time than the suggested 14 hours.
My doctor told me to apply it in the morning after the shower and to reapply it again the next day for a total of 48 hours. Than wait 2 days and reapply the same way for another 48 hours. Than wait another couple of days and reapply it. Keep it again for 48 hours. This routine suggested by a very smart doctor saved me.
He told me he would have prescribed me ivermectin pills too, should I developed symptoms in my scalp. In his experience topical permethrin does not work on the scalp.
Permethrin is Extremely Safe in humans. The only side effect is a slight sensation of cold immediately after you rinse it off.

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#860 Dec 21, 2013
I have been dealing with them since about september, i have tried mexican remedies, all kinds of things i even tried using rattlesnake venom that i heard helped cure them but i didnt have enough too buy another dose :/ i also tried sulfur nd it seems too calm my scabies down I haven't gone too get medical attention since I have no health care :( i'm desperate i tbh i have contemplated suicide everytime the irritation starts bothering me alot which is like almost every day i'm at wits end i need help nd a friend too talk too about this i dont want no one too know whats wrong with me i hate my life :(
mrs t 3053

United States

#861 Jan 6, 2014
MM-M wrote: ies--itching
States "Recent research has shown that 30% of scabies patients also have mites in the face, scalp, and ear regions"
cant get rid of tjem had them for some time.
Have used cream 3to4times .
Got new bed still ichie i can fiel them can some one help

East London, South Africa

#863 Jan 6, 2014
I had scabies for 6 months last year and thankfully am free of them.
The number of pages on this thread tells me that scabies does go to the face and hair
Eventually in desperation I treated my back then plastered it with wide thick sports plaster and did the same on my face until I knew they were gone
In the end what got rid of them once and for all was hairspray. I sprayed my whole body and it suffocated them. The eggs just popped out from under my skin.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#864 Jan 15, 2014
my son has a pimpley rash that two doctors have said is dermatitis. but looks and sounds a lot to me like scabies but we havent seen any trails from mites. his dad who doesnt live with us has some sort of scaley rash on his nose and within a day of seeing his dad, twice, my son has broken out in a pimpley rash that itches and sores. and now his dad says he has a rash on his back too. i havent shown any signs but i am itchy just thinking about it. thoughts?

London, UK

#866 Feb 4, 2014
What is the most common cause of a scabies infection

Hamburg, Germany

#867 Feb 9, 2014
Do not anyone fool u that u cant get scabies on the face! I have a spot under my eye, end of nose and on cheeks near mouth. Most GPs know very little. Had to make a scene and they treated me like a hyperchondriac - because I insisted on seeing a dermatologist to get the required medicine after moving to Germany! Two doctors GPs told me I was 'imagining things'' and that I had dermatitis and wanted to give me antihistamines only. Had to sms doctor who did lab test in Singapore - confirmed scabies (he also doubted me for over a year until I insisted on a test) and he sent confirmation so that they would believe me. They also told me the crap about not on face - so had a confirmatory scraping from under eye (have had this mark for 3 years and wondered what it was and why it changed shape - by the way it was NOT ITCHY - but one on nose and cheek was). Then they believed me - but gave me a pathetic small tube of permethrin that didnt even cover body for one application. Have worst areas on my fingers - which I have had now for over twenty years (only found out it was scabies when I looked up the rash online - originally thought the little black spots -which do not always show - were rose thorns from gardening -) and because had no idea that I got it (originally from volunteering in old age home in South Africa) it remained untreated and now have spots which are classified as crusted or Norwegian scabies - which are mostly on hands. However, be aware, the pics that most show on online sites show extreme cases where whole body is covered - I have never had this (just odd local breakouts) but scabies have not gone away permanently despite using Ivermectin (orally), Eurax, Malathion (in Singapore - illegal in Germany), benzyl benzoate - useless except as deterrent on skin I think, and Infectoscab (permethrin). Best one however have only found in Africa but it is manufactured in Europe - its a oily spray called Spregal - just use in ventilated room. Because spray easy to get onto back areas but if u inhale too much not good for u so do it on the patio (best is naked somewhere private) or in garden! Nothng works better than Spregal directly - immediately afterwards - well day later that is- little black mite spots come to surface. But for ANYTHING to work - especially once it is right under the skin (as mine on fingers are) u must get it under the skin to the mites - so best to do it after a bath when pores open. I also use bleach bath method - which does help to control but not eradicate on its own - and Selsun Dandruff shampoo on head and face. Also use sulphur soap - 10% various brands depending where u are - ask the Pharmacist near u - which I keep in kitchen and all bathrooms and use whenever I wash hands and for showering/bathing instead of normal soap. It dries out skin a bit but then use tissue oil or cream time to time. U can also soap yoursself all over and walk around while it works (about 15 mins or so) and then hop into shower or bath (with neem essence or bleach). Also heard that paste of Turmeric and neem EXTRACT is good natural remedy. But if u have stubborn scabies like me - nothing works on its own and it takes forever. Can sort out spots on buttocks and neck and shoulders when they come out but the fingers are worst and worst for reinfection - keep hands clean - use washcloths or paper towel to dry hands rather than towels as laundry is pain... Dont take Drs word, or even Dermotologist - insist on test if u have read all blurbs and identified what u have. Remember just one strange ringworm like patch or just a pinhead pink or brown spot or a small red pimple or a line that looks like u scratched skin cd be Scabies,. You dont have to have the bad all over like the pics - which can give u the idea u DONT have it when in fact u might . A friend wondered why for years she was allergic to her Bra (prickling and itchy all the time around the band on back - common for scabies. gotta go. comment space running out.... xx

Hamburg, Germany

#868 Feb 9, 2014
I am an expert - because I have suffered for years and not known about Scabies until 5 years ago and since then am still a sufferer and doing research although can never know everything! Most GPs have no idea and are unable to identify scabies - unless its one of those bad all over infections like they have on most of internet pics - which by the way is not typical for most of us who have these spots which flare up from time to time. U get it from a mite - and that mite comes from another person - though sex, holiding hands, shaking hands, and; although the deniers will deny, from bus and airplane seats - hotel rooms . Institutions such as schools, hospitals , and esp old age homes, are rife with it. Most try to hide it and so stuff doesnt get treated as there is a stigma attached to Scabies (people believe; COMPLETELY WRONGLY, that u have to be dirty to get it. That myth comes from the fact that poorer people with not such good hygiene habits are more at risk of getting it in the first place - because it is transmitted and breeds easier when in close contact like hospitals and in areas where linen and clothing is not washed in hot water or where medicines are in short supply or non existent. U will likely never know where u got it unless u know of a family member that has same symptoms. Sounds like Smalltalkers son has it. Chances are if he is not a typical psoriasis or skin disorder long term sufferer - he has scabies - the disease that increases because of ignorance by doctors and even dematologists - who mistake it for something else. Scrapings will help to prove mites are present but are not foolproof. First and second scrapings and Drs and Specialists that pooh poohed my insistences were negative and they though I was a hperchondriac - but after I personally saw the black spots and made sure they collected one (from under hard skin on my fingers)- jackpot - confirmed what I already knew for some time.... But esp in Europe (Germany) u have to have a spec check u out and confirm before they will give u even mildest creams and lotions - no Malathion in Germany. Poisonous they think - but it works a charm if used correctly. Spregal best - oily spray but difficult to find (so far only in SAfrica but made in France!) Bleach baths, turmeric, neem oil - everything and anything- washing washing washing - nothing alone gets rid of it. If u have it for a long time it is hardest..... if u have scales u probably have had it for ages as the crusted version is the worst - and it doesnt look like the interet pics always - my fingers have slight crust which just feels and looks like a small patch of rough skin but is in fact crusted scabies which is the most contagious and difficult to treat b ecause topical ointments do not always reach all the mites under the rough skin. Best to use treatments after bleach bath. Pīlse pls dont let the doctor talk u out of it. It is not always itchy, can look like ringworm or tiny blister, thin line which looks like a scratch on skin, cn also show just as slight pink discoloration - not always raised but sometimes looks like pimple - but this pimple doesnt go away like normal pimple after a few days and remains there although it may fade and then come back again ( usu in same place). Can also look like a black head - can be just one little black pinhead or pink pinhead mark on entire back or under breasts or waistband or on face (yes u can get it there.. I have scaly patch on nose which I just discovred is not from sun or just enlarged pores - its confirmed with scraping - scabies... after they told me u could not get it in face . or was rate unless u were an infant! Anway running out of time and strugging to get comments to appear... have rewritten this now three times..... going off to bed but happy to give any advise... Have researched on my own (as Doctors are not specialists in this and were unable to diagnose most of time - moved a lot to various countries.... good luck

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