My Scabies Treatment with Naturasil a...

My Scabies Treatment with Naturasil and Diotomaceous Earth story

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Since: Aug 12


#15 Oct 19, 2012
I decided to give DE another shot with my sulfur, what is best for application? Mix it with the sulfur, apply it and rub it in after the sulfur, powder lightly before the sulfur or powder it lightly on top?

Since: Aug 12


#20 Oct 20, 2012
Aloe is not a scabicide. It may sooth your skin but does not help. You find aloe in some sulfur treatments because sulfur is hard on the skin and aloe helps to soothe the skin. Oils can be good if they contain poison. Scabies eating poison hopefully kills them. It is why some oil treatments have worked in the past. Scabies have developed resistance to poisons now.

Bathing does not kill them and yes they can swim. They actually will float and spread to a new location.

Since it sounds like you already have them everywhere, a bath maybe soothing for you.

No, treatments do not force them to the skin surface, only deeper. I believe scabies actually prefer to live closer to the surface as it makes it easier to craw out and infect someone new.

The benefit of de is supposedly for juveniles that crawl on the surface or possibly when they dig into the skin. Maybe some mixed into the teatment and some dry on surface is best, but I did not have success with DE in the past. I'm hoping that using it with sulfur will have more effect. The edges on DE are microscopic and sharp, but scabies are microscopic too which makes a difference. DE may only be good for larger insects.

Corn starch is used in some anti itch topicals Scabies seem to love it. DO NOT USE corn starch.

Since: Aug 12


#25 Oct 20, 2012
So what you have is not scabies.

Do you use a flea comb?

How vigorously do you scrub when you wash.

As long as what you have does not lay eggs under the skin, you should be able to reduce the population by washing away the eggs.

You could try derbac M which contains malathion.

Best luck.

Since: Oct 12


#71 Oct 22, 2012
Hi SOS, I am reading your thread as I got a link from the other thread... just wanting to know if they are completely gone from your scalp now?

Since: Oct 12


#78 Oct 22, 2012
Hi again SOS, have had them for about 4 months. Had a roof cleaned and some bugs came through from the roof via a professional blower vac. Mainly concentrated on scalp, thriving despite everything. I'm getting some iver tabs tomorrow. I've made a few posts on the end pages of 'my ivermectin story' if you want to read there.

exhausted and crying.

Since: Oct 12


#82 Oct 22, 2012
omg sos that is heartbreaking... it is so hard to even half-function with the itching, popping, and flaking skin and bleeding lesions. I feel like the life is being sucked out of me, cannot even begin to imagine how you've hung in so long. Doc diagnosed me correctly and has allowed the daily use of permethrin, however he won't prescribe iver so am taking care of that myself.

Since: Oct 12


#83 Oct 22, 2012
sos, my facial skin was being eaten alive too however when I applied perm cream there it stopped, though there have been three new holes since then recently (eyebrow forehead and cheek since Saturday). Looks like they're becoming resistant to it on my face. Scalp is a mess.

Since: Oct 12


#88 Oct 22, 2012
oh my gosh I hope so, was just getting so desperate and since finding these forums there's almost a sense of relief that it CAN be done. And now I know I'm not alone which was so important to my state of mind.

Am interested in giving the iver one or two tries just because I should exhaust everything. I used to work for a pharma company 20 years ago, so yeah the real nasty chem's can stay for a lifetime and even shorten life expectancy by a few years. But I have to get my old great life from a few months ago back.

Winston Hills, Australia

#97 Oct 22, 2012
ScabiesOnScalp wrote:
I went to Walmart and they started biting my body. The whole time I felt I was getting pricked.I feel so embarrassed, why do they get so excited when other people are around. But when it's just me they hardly move.
maybe your activity, increased heart-rate, the mites reaction to an increase in electromagnetic activity from the shops and lights??

Winston Hills, Australia

#98 Oct 22, 2012

maybe we all have the right form of resistance and this is why its so hard to beat now...

Wollongong, Australia

#109 Oct 23, 2012
I'm getting the feeling that fighting these demons is like using sticks and stones against microbes. WHY aren't the big pharma companies in on this?
uncle bobo

Golden, CO

#171 Nov 1, 2012
just a topical wont work you need to take an oral treatment plan too because they just get too deep for any topical to ever reach.

there is a flaw- cognitive dissonance
sol rosenburg

Golden, CO

#173 Nov 1, 2012
ScabiesOnScalp wrote:
is it a flaw? or is it part of the plan.
no it's trust issues..........

there never was any kind of "plan" this isn't an austin powers movie with an evil genius and the government is just too incompetent to do anything more than get through the day,it's life and when you accept that your thoughts on conspiracy theories are just an escape mechanism because you don't want to deal with reality. heck reality isn't so bad , attitude is everything.

when I was in the navy (11 years) they gave me a test then told me i had a 145 IQ, so if there was any kind of real conspiracy I would have already had my M14 trained on the evil ones and thanks to my navy training they would be gone. That's the kind of revolution that keeps democracy honest. I love democracy.

But there isn't a conspiracy . there is however rampant incompetence. just look at mitt romney , he's a complete self serving idiot and almost pulled it off with obvious lies. If there are any culprits in this country it's the electorate for being such lazy idiots.

Sydney, Australia

#181 Nov 6, 2012
Morgellons isn't a recognised disease or infection- it doesn't exist as it only describes a vague series of symptoms -already known- to parasitology and hasn't been able to identify any new parasites as such. Its a con. Even their website is gone now.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#192 Nov 9, 2012
ScabiesOnScalp wrote:
Well atleast I got to spend my last days in peace. Should be the same in heaven. So when I wake up it will be the same.
Don't give up ScabiesOnScalp.

We all have this. Morg fibers have been found in the blood of pregnant woman just to name an example. What varies is your level of infection and how your body reacts to it. Those with poor nutrition, sleeping problems, immune deficiencies and the elderly are hit the worst.

Prior to having the biting symptoms I was living a pretty normal life even though I had been infected for at least 2 years. I enjoyed outings with my family, reading and doing research on topics I had interest in. I was suffering from a little brain fog, contact allergies and always tired, but It was in part due having a busy schedule. I was working 50+ hours a week at my stressful office job, than weight training until 10p.m. and always pushing myself to lift more, even though I had not slept well for 2 years. I was addicted to the stress relief that the gym gave me. Iím not one of those meat heads, who are so dense that they can only talk about lifting by the way.

I was also very busy doing things for my church. All this took a heavy toll on my health and moved me closer to this nightmare. My manager has tons of fibers on heís head and face, yet heís not dying. He recently had an ear infection, 2 spiders supposedly bit him and he has a persistent cough, but heís not dying. The more you think about this the worse you will feel, because your brain focuses on the symptoms and makes them worse. The more I read about all the poison we eat through GMO foods and the poisons like carcinogens that are put into things like almond and soy milk the worse I feel. Your mind plays a huge role with this disease.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#195 Nov 9, 2012
ScabiesOnScalp wrote:
This is a scary disease, and I'm telling you who ever are responsible for this disease are evil. So do not jeopardize yourself and your family's safety. That's all.
I know they are evil and we are all already dying a slow death from these things. My elderly neighbour passed away 2 days ago and he is resting. These things can no longer hurt him the way they are hurting us. Iím behind several firewalls, so donít worry about my safety. Iím dying slowly each day so they are already doing me much harm.

If I could only ask these psychopaths why they want more power?
And why they want to kill most of us and enslave the rest?

Most of humanity is already living pay check to pay check in this modern day slavery, in which if you stop working you canít survive. Even the elderly can no longer live off their social security and have get jobs at WALMART and restaurants to survive. They have no pity or respect even for the old folks. How can anyone be so cold and heartless?


#198 Jan 19, 2013
I uSed nayurasil cream for scabies,the naturasil bath oil and a different brand neem oil/lemongrass soap. For the most part it worked. But is still have itchy spots,why?

Morden, UK

#199 Aug 23, 2013
i have scabies for the past 3months how do i get rid of them

Rialto, CA

#200 Sep 22, 2013
Do they sell this sulfur in stores along with the oils

Hollywood, FL

#201 Sep 23, 2013
Dolores wrote:
Do they sell this sulfur in stores along with the oils
you can buy sublimed sulphur from amazon.
amazon sells everything now.

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