Nair kills scabies?!

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#1 Jan 20, 2011
I prayed for a solution and then tried Nair. For what it's worth to anyone I put Nair hair removal in areas of itch for 10 minutes +(although directions state less than 10 minutes as might harm skin) and began to raise bumps not seen before. Some might say it was an allergic reaction to Nair, but the bumps were not everywhere the Nair was applied. I believe the heat kills those awful things and causes their burrows or whatever to react and surface in form of raised bumps. I wonder if the heat muscle creams would do the same. I'd stick with Nair as it's pretty powerful and after all it burns the hair off so it burns the skin and mites too the way I figure it.

I don't care if something is harsh on the skin, harmful to my health in any other ways as I would gladly trade those possibilities to rid this tormenting nonsense some of us unfortunate good folks have to endure for whatever reason. I would go as far as pouring gasoline on my skin to stop this crap.

I'm also taking silver liquid to help rid yeast in body, probiotics, garlic, humaworm herbs, zinc, vitamin C. D. Earth on floors and on mattress, borax in landry. Hope this all works. Not saying I have the answer, this seems to work but I won't confirm it until being free for a long time. God bless you all.
sick of scabies

Van Nuys, CA

#2 Jul 1, 2011
Godhelpusall did your remedy work?
Me too

Murrieta, CA

#3 Jul 1, 2011
I can relate. I have used peroxide with booster that I had used for my hair and lathered it onto my skin. I think it killed some, but unless you get rid of all of them......the infestation continues. If someone could find something that kills the eggs, they would be rich!
The Haunted one

Maryland Heights, MO

#5 Apr 2, 2012
I used the 5% perm cream and the Ivermectin at the same time waited for three days before showing off then a full body rub down of nair. I also stayed in 4 hotels for 4 nights and I was cured!

Fort Mill, SC

#6 Dec 26, 2012
The Haunted one wrote:
I used the 5% perm cream and the Ivermectin at the same time waited for three days before showing off then a full body rub down of nair. I also stayed in 4 hotels for 4 nights and I was cured!
May I ask how long you had scabies before you used the Nair? I've had them for like 5 months now. I've tried just about everything. I'm at a point where it seems they are at bay. I have no more rashes, but I still have some itching and can feel them crawling under my skin. I've been taking baths in A&H laundry soap. I was doing bleach baths for several weeks, but started getting very sick. I'm running out of options. I took a bath in Surf laundry soap tonight and followed it with Nair for 10 minutes. Got out of bath about 30 mins ago and it feels like maybe it's really helped. I have a rash that I think is from the burrows surfacing. I'm hoping this will be the end of these horrible things.

Horsham, UK

#7 Jan 1, 2013
I used clove essential oil in the bath and lemongrass essential oil I also steam my clothes and sheets before washing them. Its hard to know if they have gone because your skin can itch up to a month when the dead eggs fall off the skin and new itchy patches will appear. They are just a pain. I am about to try Nair aswell

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#8 Jan 6, 2013
Nair does not work. I use it and still have them. More false hope...

Hinesville, GA

#10 Sep 18, 2013
I had scabies for three months straight... Me and my roommate both. We lysoled everything and bagged up our laundry for a whole week and just dumped them in the trash. We finally read sulfur helps kill scabies... I thought nair has a great bit of it in there... I naired just about my whole body till i couldn't take it... It never came back. I used promethium cream but it seemed they were immune. I wish I would have done this before taking bath with a crap ton of bleach... I had to a one point convince my roommate not to spray raid all over her skin. We did tea tree oil rub downs to the point we actually liked the smell... I literally would not wish this big on my worst enemy. It's the damn devils work lol. Well after the nair it finally went completely away a week later... The bigger nodules I had on my buttox and groin area went away a few days after that week. Seems to be a remedy to try. I'm sure ill have cancer later from all this crap we did but the torture is gone. The insane 24 hour a day itching and biting feelings are gone and have never returned... Even when I get a mosquito bite now I get freaked out. Worst thing to ever happen to me. God be with you... Nair and pray! NAIR AND PRAY!!! Do NOT wear the same clothes twice! Lysol your car and all surfaces. Do it twice.. Once a week later to make sure you kill any eggs that may have hatched.

Fort Pierce, FL

#11 Dec 21, 2014
Wow. I am in my 8th week with them, I used the elamite cream, washed my clothing and cooked my cloths in dryer for a hour at a time, I threw out my couch, recliner and
chair, bed , replaced them with leather chairs , etc. I sprayed,, you name it?
I did it. Went to the Dr. At least 7 times, he gave me the cream that
I used over7 times and also some pills that kill mites. I thought bed bugs but never could
I find any or any blood stains.
I was loaded with bites all over, shins real bad, ass, arms,groin, itch and
I now have a lot of scars due to my picking them. The Dr. Took four biopsey and they were neg. He said that the RX. Cream kills them on the skin and the pills kill from inside out. He told me that I was getting re infected from some place, it only takes one to get them back again. I purchased the proreteium spray from wall mart and a gal. Of lqud. To spray. You must treat all your clothing ,etc to kill them. It is a night mare
I took my clothing and with plastic trash bags
I put clothing in them sprayed them with the bug , mite spray from Walmart and just used a few pairs of clothing , the spray will kill them in the bags. I had to remove a bed and carpet also, what a horror. You must get all off them or they will keep coming back. You must spray EVERY thing, car seats too. Or you will never loose them. The spray and treating the clothing is working so far. This sucks..😨

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#12 Dec 22, 2014
Topicals do not cure scabies in most cases. I did Nair for 2 weeks and it didn't have any effect. The mites are mostly under your skin, only a few on the surface and they move around a lot at night. I suggest you see your doctor for oral or better yet injectable treatment.

Lexington, NC

#14 Sep 25, 2016
My abs my roomie dealt with this hell for 4 months ... After borax, tea tree, two applications of the prescribed cream... Crazy rituals and lysoling everything.. Bagging up our clothes we wore... Buying 20 sets of sheets. We slept in one bed to keep them from spreading in the house... Even bleach baths...(We got crazy) I heard sulfur kills scabies... So I thought "what smells like sulfur (eggs)" nadir came to mind. I left nair on my entire... ENTIRE BODY except for my face. Dealt with the tremendous burn... Left it on itll I could t take it... I could finally see the bumps and canals where they can crawled under the skin... I itched for maybe two weeks after and it went away. Once it went away we broke our lease and moved out! They never came back. What a nightmare. I don't wish this on anyone. We threw away all our clothes we had worn and never looked back. It was expensive... But after four months I was willing to give a limb to make it go away.

Lexington, NC

#15 Sep 25, 2016
The incubation period is important. I haired twice... One to kill the scabies on my body and then 7 days later about a day after the scabies eggs hatched. You never have more that 10-15 scabies on you at once. You will continue to itch a while after because we are allergic to the mites and their feces... Make sure to find out their incubation period with the eggs and schedule your treatment accordingly. All I know is I'm scabie free and have been for 3 years now. Me and my friend laugh about it now ... But it was no joke when it was going in. God bless you and I hope you find a way!

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#16 Sep 25, 2016
I left the comment under the name GWH September 2013. I really care about you who are suffering. The best thing to do to get rid of them is find out how to kill them and make sure they are not in the house or car or common place you frequent AT ALL. I have been without for 3 years now... I was once there with you all suffering day in and out as well! Some nights crying myself to sleep thinking it will never go away. I isolated myself and became depressed. Nair killed those damn things I don't care what anyone says. You need to do it twice and get the hell away from anything that may have been contaminated by these little monsters. I got 5 negative reviews on my thread... But I'm scabie free. These scabies are becoming immune to topical treatment. That's what happens when something is subjected to one chemical... These mites have mutated to survive it. All I can tell you is what me and my room mate did and we are both scabie free. I'm tremendously sorry for those of you going through it... You must have a rigorous schedule of cleaning everything ALL THE TIME! We invested so much money and lost so much money getting rid of this mite. I hate to even think about those times. I promise you you will find a way! Just treat them and keep in mind their mating cycle, incubation period and when the eggs hatch. I'm positive that is key to killing them all... then get the hell away from those common quarters for at least 2 weeks. They can't survive without a host for that long. Praying for you!

Lexington, NC

#17 Sep 25, 2016
The Haunted one wrote:
I used the 5% perm cream and the Ivermectin at the same time waited for three days before showing off then a full body rub down of nair. I also stayed in 4 hotels for 4 nights and I was cured!
I followed this advice in 2013! Thank you. I was cured!

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