Do you get new bumps after post-scabies?

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#129 Sep 4, 2013
Thank you SO much for this information. I feel so much better knowing this.
matt wrote:
Scabies once treated should only produce an autoimmune response to the debris of the dead mite and their feaces for about 2 weeks ,such as itching and appearance of little red pimples ,the itching should not be like how it was when you had active scabies it should be better and sleep should be easier also no burrows occur in the post syndrome if they do you have been reinfected. Make sure girlfriends partners have been treated same time as you and hoover all upholstery car seats and furniture etc. If you are unsure get a skin scrape for a definite diagnosis best of luck. Regards matt. RN

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#131 Sep 5, 2013
marychat wrote:
Im going to go back to my Drs to tell Him about this so He can give me more than one tube ,I started cleaning with AH and bleach and will take a bath with Arm and Hammer,I know Its not going to do any good till I get the Med
You can buy horse paste at the feed stores and it has the same ingredients as the stuff you get from the doctor. Don't let the Scabies get in your eyes.

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#132 Sep 5, 2013
If you have to treat more than once or twice, you may have Norweigen Scabies.
Worn Out and Weary

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#133 Sep 10, 2013
I was still getting itchy red bumps, not as bad as the original scabies, but enough to scare me, for months and not just weeks after I now believe the bugs were gone. But I'm much more sensitive to things like nylon in clothing than before, but didn't know it back then. I'd have some bumps, then I'd get paranoid and use the permethrin cream yet again, and I think that made it even worse. I had to make myself stop it. The difference is that my red itchy bumps now go away and stop itching after I've put something soothing like a strong Aveeno lotion on them. I never used to be sensitive to anything like I am now. But now if I wear something with Spandex or nylon or actually ANY synthetic material, I start to itch, and start to get scared again! It's horrible what this bug does to us mentally and emotionally, as well as physically.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: I did develop some fungus-type of skin condition after getting rid of the scabies, and that added to the itchiness. I used both prescription meds and Selsun Blue and strong Head and Shoulders Extra Strength 2% pyrithione zinc all over my body a few showers every week, not just on my hair and scalp. Using the shampoos did really help.

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#134 Sep 13, 2013
Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences……. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with. I have used the permethrin twice.. thought I was possibly all clear, but I have new bumps in a line in new places. Now sure how this is possible. Bumps in a line-does that indicate that the fuckers are digging or could it just be my body clearing itself of the buggers? I am scared that I have passed it onto my roommate, she thinks I am paranoid and need to relax, now I feel that her nonchalant attitude has reinfected me.

One of you mentioned that clothes should be bagged for three days AND then washed in hot water and dried on hot? Is it not enough to hot wash items and dry on hot?

Why is it that most health care providers claim that this is contracted through bedding or rubbing skin on skin…. while others hiss that bleaching your tooth brush handle is of utmost importance and that it can be contracted in the easiest possible way?

I am supposed to go live in a community type situation, and I cannot bare the idea of passing this off to others…..

Please help

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#135 Oct 7, 2013
Hey I be had scabies for like 4 months or a little more and I'm still itchy. I've applied the premithirn cream about 5 times. 1 week apart. Please help! Does this ever go away? Should I put it on again? It's been 2 weeks since I haven't. I'm not as itchy but I still have bumps on my thighs & legs
Shayla Brown

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#136 Oct 20, 2013
My newborn daughter got scabies while still at hospital. Her dad and I both got them also. We did two treatments for everyone(only half a tube for her). After first treatment Wash Everything , clothes and bedding. I Lysol everything every washed couch and carpet. We also bagged any clothing that wasn't getting used. They went away. My daughter did continue the breakout for months after they were gone. I would follow up with your Dr. After second treatment if there are still any concerns.

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#137 Oct 22, 2013
*READ THIS if ya want but it worked for me.*
I have been treating myself of scabies for about 2 to 3 months now. I believe I was infected in june but signs did not show up until at least 4 weeks after. I am going to get straight to the point of what I use so that all of you wonderful people have another option besides a doctors prescription.
Here is a list of everything that I use
-tea tree oil
-neem oil
-clove oil
-grapeseed oil or coconut oil
-thyme (herb)
-chaparral (herb)
-cinnamon sticks
-diatomaceous earth (food grade)
-sulfur soap and neem soap
Now here is what i do
1. CLEAN EVERYTHING! This doesnt mean once, I mean persistently keep your surroundings clean especially your sleeping area. I wear clothes only once then bag them in a trash bag and sprinkle the Diatomaceous earth and close it for at least 2 to 3 days. I do the same with blankets.( this can be hard if not enough clothes or blankets are provided but do your best. If that is the case then at least bag it for a day with DE sprinkled). Sprinkle DE everywhere! on your bed in your clothes before you wear them and before and after they are washed. Also sprinkle it on blankets, furniture, cars, etc. CLEAN YOUR CAR, when i say clean i mean clean everything. I dont drive that often but when i do or have a car to i vacuum at least once a week and sprinkle the DE at least every other day. I wash my clothes with the hottest water and dry them on high heat. sometimes i also put my dried clothes in the sun for extra heat exposure. I also sprinkle the DE on them before i wear them
- bagging clothes and blankets suffocates the mites and prevents them from moving around. The diatomaceous earth you guys can look up but it basically scratches all types of bugs and dries them out. A plus of using this is that it has eliminated household bugs as well.
I also vacuum the house every other day and sprinkle DE everywhere after.
I take 2 showers a day. After i have dried myself after the shower i then put the mixture on my entire body including face and head/hair. I take a little bowl mix in about 20 good drops of clove oil, same amount of tea tree, a little more neem, and then top it off with some grapeseed oil or coconut oil. You need another oil such as grapeseed or coconut to not only tame down the potent and harsh oils like clove and tea tree, but to also help the other ingredients absorb into your skin. With the herbs i take a pinch of the thyme and chaparral and mix them in and break little pieces about a pinch full of cinnamon. Sometimes i also crush cloves into the mix. I try to let the oil/herb mixture sit for a 20 minutes or so ( sometimes i make it overnight and let it sit) to let erything mix together and let the herbs soak in. In the morning i use sulfur soap and at night neem because of the smell ( it can be quite a potent smell). Its important to apply oils after shower because your pores are more open to absorb. It's ideal to sit with the oils on without clothes for at least 10 minutes but do what you can.
This is pretty much my daily routine and has been for about 2 to 3 weeks. Ive been treating myself for 3 months but I wasn't as persistent or rigorous with it until 3 weeks ago. I have seen amazing results. I did get reinfected once or twice i think but that was before i was so persistent. Post scabies are just starting to show up now. I did however have a little pimple on my finger today but i suspected that because i used the same blanket twice which i later found out was dirty in the first place. My mother also has them and since ive been cleaning everyting it is likely that i got it from her clothes or belongings.
This method does indeed work however its a pain in the ass. It takes up some time not all day but a good 2 hours. It is all worth it in the end when scabies are gone. It's also a good practice of keeping a sanitary environment. DE is awesome! Look up food grade diatomaceous earth. Much luck and love

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#138 Oct 23, 2013
It's dirt and does NOTHING FOR SCABIES.
Don't pay attention to these long drawn out posts from DE sales people. Please...

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#139 Oct 23, 2013
So if after two weeks of permithian treatment it's normal to see some itching and then a couple if red bumps appearing?
Dave wrote:
Hi everyone!
I was diagnosed with scabies a couple of months ago and all the sudden the word "scabies" become 50% of my google searches and daily thoughts. Fortunately I am now healed and would like to share some survival tips:
1 - Accept the fact that it will take at least almost 2 months to get rid of symptoms. This is because even after treatment the itch will continue and it will take long for scars to heal.
2 - Do NOT get paranoid. New bumps and rashes will show up after treatment, Perm 5% is extremely bad for you and it will turn your skin into Hiroshima. Thus the body will need to fight not only dead mites, but also the cream itself. Hence, it's easy to get paranoid, thinking that you're still not cured and that you keep getting infected. This is not the case, you just need to give yourself time. The stinging you feel for example, are not mite bites, it's just your skin that is infected. I've read comments of people so paranoid, stating that they could actually see the mites: you can't! Just be patient, DON'T do a third treatment with Perm cream - you are damaging your body by doing so.
3 - Avoid using cosmetics. Your skin needs to recuperate and above all, using more chemicals will only make it worse. The only thing I used was Neutrogena in my hands to help with the eczema. Also, if you can avoid using cortisone even better. The itch I felt post-scabies was very mild, so if you can discipline yourself and not scratch, your body will heal much faster.
4 - Use loose and light clothes. Wearing tight clothes will make itching more intense.
5 - There will itching hours. I can't explain why, but you will have a couple of hours per day, when itching will become super-intense. Again, don't get scared, you're not re-infected, it's just the way it is.
6 - Don't close yourself. Go out, talk with people, if you can confide with a couple of good friends, even better! I was honest with my friends and despite the fact some were disgusted, it didn't prevent me from seeing them. It helps you during the healing process. Obviously, be responsible and do not get laid during treatment.
And that's it. If you do 2 rounds of treatment and follow standard cleaning procedures pre/post treatment you'll be free.
Scabies is CURABLE - it is NOT HIV, it is NOT cancer nor any other major illness. It's horrible and a pain in the ass, but curable!

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#140 Oct 23, 2013
vss wrote:
It's dirt and does NOTHING FOR SCABIES.
Don't pay attention to these long drawn out posts from DE sales people. Please...
Well no it doesn't "cure" the scabies on your body but it does kill them in your household and clothes. The DE is used as a big killing agent so sprinkling it around your house and In clothes helps kill the scabies. It's helped me to keep my surroundings and clothes scaby free.
Salami Sam

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#141 Oct 29, 2013
Sam wrote:
I took a treatment last night, and red bumps started to occur and one line of red on my hand. I have a very minor case before I treated and it seems that the treatment made it worse. Is this post scabies?
Assess for bed bugs. Bed bugs often leave a "line" of red marks. Scabies is normally scattered
so tired of ITCHING

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#142 Oct 30, 2013
I applied prem cream last night for scabies. I woke up, waited a few more hours while I vacuumed and did laundry, then took a shower and put clean clothes on. The itching wasn't bad, just here and there, but no more than 6 hours later i started getting an even more intense itching then I've had for the past 2 months with the mites. I also started to get a lot more red bumps scattered throughout my body, some on places I hardly ever itched at.

I just need to know if I've already reinfected myself, or if the dying mites are just making the itch more intense.

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#143 Nov 5, 2013
No longer all mitey wrote:
Hi everyone. I wanted to share my good news! after suffering from this horrible bug for a couple of months before being diagnosed and then getting into a panic after reading info on various forums about how hard they are to shift, I am finally cured after 2 weeks of hard graft. I did use permethrin 5% twice (7 days apart as advised), even though I usually only use chemical-free products on my skin for day to day skin care. I treated my skin with tea tree oil in jojoba base for 2 days to calm the infected rash from scratching before first treatment. Did first treatment and then bathed in dead sea salt, 8 drops of tea tree oil and neem oil every night leading up to second treatment. I also used 10% sulphur soap and left it lathered on my skin for 5 mins before washing off in shower every morning. I had the washing machine running all day keeping clothes and bedding clean an also hoovered everywhere, including mattress and sofa everyday. The Premethrin is strong and made my skin break out in places I have never had spots before - on my back and thighs. It is important to be kind to you skin after permethrin and try to use
Moisturising products as much as possible rather than bleach etc that will dry it out more and cause dermatological problems. Stick to docs prescription and use gentle products in between and after and allow yourself time to heal emotionally and physically without getting into a panic if you can. Don't read all the horror stories! I did my own head in and made the experience even more traumatic than it already wAs by doing so! It's physically and psychologically bad enough without adding to the torment. Post scabies itch and skin healing after permethrin will make you continue to itch but give it time and don't continue to be harsh to yourself or your skin - you've been through enough already. Sending you all love. This has been a tough anti social journey for me too! I've done all I can and now allowing my body to heal just knowing all will be well and jojoba oil
And pure coconut oil are my new best friends soothing these post scabies breakouts.
Yep amen to that!!! I have used perm twice to get rid of it, people if your using it less it recommend more BC that way you can get the spots you maybe missed or to make sure your clearing up. Of course I'm still itchy but not like when I had active scabies, I could see the burrows. Now my skin is on the way to healing!! I ordered more perm cream but will be picking up more if I suspect a reinfection and I'll also have my bf be treated for a third time if I'm infected and give it a week before I see him again....coconut oil works wonders on post scabies skin since the cream really dries it out

South San Francisco, CA

#144 Nov 5, 2013
sweentytodlol wrote:
<quoted text>
Yep amen to that!!! I have used perm twice to get rid of it, people if your using it less it recommend more BC that way you can get the spots you maybe missed or to make sure your clearing up. Of course I'm still itchy but not like when I had active scabies, I could see the burrows. Now my skin is on the way to healing!! I ordered more perm cream but will be picking up more if I suspect a reinfection and I'll also have my bf be treated for a third time if I'm infected and give it a week before I see him again....coconut oil works wonders on post scabies skin since the cream really dries it out
And yes you will be itchy for up to 2 weeks, if your still itchy after that give your doc a call n make an appt BC you still may be reinfected, worst case scenerio...otherwise you have a rash from the cream if you don't see new scabies bumps

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#145 Nov 9, 2013
I did the treatment last night and I'm still freakish out help!!/: this is gross

Champaign, IL

#146 Nov 13, 2013
Yall got aids
please help me

Atlanta, GA

#147 Nov 14, 2013
Adana wrote:
You will not itch or get new bumps after the scabies are gone.
if dont get crawling feeling does that man they are ead
please help me

Atlanta, GA

#148 Nov 14, 2013
please help me wrote:
<quoted text> if dont get crawling feeling does that man they are ead
if dont itch does it mean there dead

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#149 Nov 14, 2013
I am currently in my 5th month of this horror. I got scabies from my ex boyfriend. I wish I had NEVER gone to see was a bad trip then and I've been paying for it every since.
About 6 weeks or so after our visit..I broke out in blisters and bumps all over..especially my feet, legs and private area. Then they spread to my arms..and by then I itched so bad I could hardly sleep. I had no idea what in the heck was wrong with me and finally went to the doctor. He put me on steroids..and gave me hydroxyzine for the itching.
I did the permethrin treatment...three times..with no luck. Then I tried the Kwell..all that did was make me sick for three days. Then I did the Eurax good. I have changed my location 3 times during this time. I finally moved into my own house..which does not have carpet thank goodness. I think things would be worse if it did have it.
I have given up on the doctors and started treating myself. I've tried various things..but I think I've finally settled on a routine that will take about a month but that I have confidence will work. I've been studying what the scientists are saying and doing about this horror..and they agree that the usual treatments are no longer working. Doctors seriously need to get caught up to speed.
I have been taking Ivermectin injectable orally..but while it has helped to keep somewhat under has failed to eliminate them. I was also spraying it on myself topically..but again it just didn't quite kill them.
I do believe DE can help in the environment..and of course I do my laundry with borax. I have also heard that spraying everything with Windex is very good. You need to spray it on everything and then leave the house for a bit. I put a dust mite/bed bug proof zippered cover on my mattress and pillows..with vinyl covers over they are all double covered. When I take the bedding off..I spray down all of them with permethrin I mix myself from concentrate..and spray the inside of my shoes every night with it.
I have started putting Cydectin (Moxidectin) cattle pour-on all over my skin..and I discovered today and after reading this article

..that you can also get it to take internally, and plan to get the Quest Moxidectin horse gel and start taking that. I was doing just the topical because up until tonight..I didn't even know there was a way to take it internally.
From what I have read since..taking it internally once per day..and putting it on topically once per day and leaving it on..every day for 30 all the usual stuff..laundry care w/borax and Windex/Permethrin/DE around the environment..will finally put this nightmare to rest.
I do think..that this disease..has definitely left my skin MUCH more sensitive to everything! Tags and seams of clothing just about drive me out of my mind..whereas before they didn't bother me. I also will give my skin some TLC..I have found that grapeseed oil and especially coconut oil is very soothing. I have been living on Zyrtec for the last several months since my script for the hydroxyzine ran out long ago. One or two Zyrtec helps a lot.
I pray for all of us affected by this..I have NEVER been through such a nightmare in my life..and I hope once it's gone I NEVER have to go through anything like it again. And I hope the scars go away..because my skin looks very bad now. I'm glad it's winter and I can keep my arms covered.
I hope that each of us finds an answer to this terror..and I hope maybe I have helped and this routine might be a cure for you also.
Prayers for healing and best of luck to us all!!

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