My Ivermectin Treatment Story
Faerie with ooglies

Brisbane, Australia

#1320 Feb 27, 2013
The Ivermectin did this to me. I was incoherent in speech, could not type and staggered when I walked. Did not feel psychologically drunk.
I went to sleep for hours with my husband checking me, no change to breathing or pulse.
Stopped taking the Iver and all symptoms went away within hours with no residual effect.
The Iver may have got straight into your bloodstream through the sores on your hands and arms to increase the levels that were taken orally.
Faerie with ooglies

Brisbane, Australia

#1321 Feb 27, 2013
"Tomorrow will be a few days off of meds, if still here."

In-UK have you stopped treating?

There has not been enough time on the oral treatment yet. I did only 3 weeks ...was clear for almost four weeks and they re-emerged. They were not gone, just layers of population killed.

Please, if you are not coping with this, if you are tired, call a trusted friend or go to the hospital you are booked into.
Calling High Power s

Jamesville, NY

#1322 Feb 27, 2013
Sorry to see some of the same names suffering still. I have not been here for months and too still suffering.

I have studied into many similar diseases and it seems the hardest to rid are either in your spine or in your intestines.

I strongly believe it takes more then just medicine to rid this.

The issue is that the skin symptoms are only an allergic reaction to the excretions and dead organisms. Ivermectin cannot clean out the intestine. The germ is colonized in a protective layer of swallowed food and your own body fluids.

I believe that after a fully ivermectin treatment, we need surgical cleaning of our intestine ( if possible ) and that might not even be enough.

It exists in our glands and place that creams & internal medications have little affect.

One infection said there really is no cure but taking ivermectin for life will prevent it from getting so bad on your skin. It basically limits the bug to a few internal areas only. In some lucky cases it is enough to cure after taking a few YEARS. I struggle to get even one dose of it.

Luton, UK

#1325 Feb 28, 2013
Sorry for any drama, but that's just the way I am taking it alone at the moment. I communicate with family by email and phone with my daughter. I don't tell them everything. Probably a good rule all the way around.

I slept well after 2am and each time I reapplied to hands it got less and less activity for shorter times.

Probably the injectable used as a topical effects you overall less. The 50ml bottle of ivermectin bought Monday has just one more 4ml dose and topical application left. I am doing it this morning.

I'll sign off for a while to the forum and by email to my family now and take a month break or so as in past. I can imagine that my experience is stressing too many people out. Unfortunately, I cannot have even a minute break. Love all

Goshen, IN

#1326 Mar 1, 2013
I'm considering talking ivermectin for bedbugs. I am reading these posts.

Goshen, IN

#1327 Mar 1, 2013
Who know anything about ivermectin for bedbugs. I will try it if it doesn't hurt my body. They are driving me crazy.

Since: Oct 12

East Elmhurst, NY

#1328 Mar 1, 2013
Lynne, I don't think taking anything will help. You need to enlist a great bed bug exterminating service for you home.

Bed bugs bite, but they don't burrow into your skin.

Since: May 10

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#1329 Mar 1, 2013
This is a lengthy discussion among horse owners about the toxicity of using ivermectin. Most owners have no problem with it; but, occasionally problems arise. I found it interesting because you don't see very many threads on the actual usage of ivermectin and these people know all about it, first hand.
Internet Computer

Hollywood, FL

#1330 Mar 2, 2013
In UK2 wrote:
I'm still in Thailand (It's me, but I'm not signing in on this Internet computer). Last night was the first night EVER that I slept the total way through with no bites or crawling. Forget itching, I've never itched with this and can take that. Just hours before I was almost crying in the shower thinking this will never end.
From the beginning:
Three days here, after signing off the forum because of the BS from Augustmidwest, I flew my ex-partner-now-friend over because I could hear the total desperation in her voice when I called. The fear of these things progressing, the wear-and-tear of the washing, cleaning and new clothes every day was breaking her down. Plus she knew the 5% Permetherin that her UK doctor prescribed was presenting itself as a joke.
I picked her up at the airport and took her to the same resort-spa nearby where I initially stayed. She didn't look anywhere near my condition and I was afraid that she may become even more infected. We got twin beds and I gave her 36mg of Ivermectin (Vermectin) and a coating of Lindane 1% that the Phaya Thai Hospital Nr. 2 prescribed me. The next day, another 36mg and a coating of 5% Permetherin, since I had a bunch I was not using. She immediately felt good after day two and has continued so.
Before her arrival, I went to the specialist clinic in North east Thailand near the Laos border as recommended by my friend. Queuing up at 8am, a kind of presenter started speaking to the audience-patients (and their assembled family members) about how things would take place. I couldn't understand, but I was in the good company of my friend's mother-in-law and her friend. There were six desks and when they called your name, you moved down the line of desks. This was far different than the professional Phaya Thai Hospital Nr 2 gave you your own interpreter (mine was a young French person) who did practically everything for you as you moved within hour through screening, a doctor consultation, a dermatologist consultation, payment desk and pharmacy collection desk. Here, things took all day in the open and hot reception and in the end I came away with Benzyl Benzoate ($0.45) per half liter and a special washing liquid that looked, and probably tasted like, a red lollipop. The place was really remote and after a week of not getting that much better, I returned to Bangkok and the doctors at Phaya Thai Hospital Nr. 2. My friend's family were taking daily care of me, but I was so afraid that I would infect them with their casual attitude towards this illness.
When my ex arrived, I took her to Phaya Thai Hospital Nr 2 where they prescribed Ivermectin, Lindane 1%, Harogate sulphur soap, a special German cream for the skin, a steroid cream, a petroleum based acid for taking off scabs, anti-histamine tablets and a list of directions on how to use all this stuff. I had the same.
I can honestly tell you, while she improved, I got worse with sores breaking out again on my face, hands, elbows and side of body. In a dismal state, changing hotels every two days, boiling clothes and showers, I finally went to the Vet. I can tell you there is no Advantix ii with Permethrin here, so I ordered 10 Advocate and took the one Revolution that they had on hand. I am sure the Vet could see what it was for. My fingers were getting biting mites from my iPhone and THE PAPER MONEY in my pocket. Initially, rubbing Lindane on my fingers and in my nails would stop them after a minute. Advocate, expensive as it is, stopped it immediately. Advocate rubbed on whole body at bedtime (after the Lindane) was the only thing that let me sleep a bit through the night.
That's okay; you don't HAVE to sign onto the "internet computer." lol....
Fraerie with ooglies will explain it all to you. I heard she is taking some computer classes.
Possibly Langoliers...

Hollywood, FL

#1331 Mar 2, 2013
In UK2 wrote:
Yes, I have to apologize for dissing the homeopathy treatment plan, but it just does not make sense to my mind or the research. Saying that, my "ex-partner friend" believes in homeopathy. I have to admit that she does not fully appreciate all that I am doing for her in flying her here, paying for hotels, hospital, medication, laundry, meals etc. The thought has crossed my mind just to send her back with a link to the homeopathy cure. I guess this is why she is the ex now.
I am still getting bites. The Ivermectin seems to work, but a topical that can kill all stages of mites seems to be the failing point. I'll keep putting on the Lindane etc until either they or I die.
I need to get back to my business. This is my driving force at the moment and probably the only reason that I have not off'd myself yet.
This is THE MOST ridiculous TROLLING I have ever seen here.
Notice how Fraerie, Cindilu, AND UK2 ALL disappeared AT THE SAME TIME.


#1332 Mar 3, 2013
Don't listen to anyone here except Lunatic Fred, or one of his aliases! You have been warned!

Hollywood, FL

#1333 Mar 3, 2013
VSS wrote:
Don't listen to anyone here except Lunatic Fred, or one of his aliases! You have been warned!
France, again, posting behind a proxy server. COWARD!!!


#1334 Mar 3, 2013
All hail Lunatic Fred and his imaginary friends


#1335 Mar 5, 2013
A word of warning: Moxidectin prolonged use makes your hands or fingers jerk unconteollably.

I'm still taking though in this war. Will switch back to ivermectin when vet gets some in.

Careful all. For me there is no cure.

Since: Feb 13

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#1336 Mar 5, 2013
Internet Computer wrote:
<quoted text>
That's okay; you don't HAVE to sign onto the "internet computer." lol....
Fraerie with ooglies will explain it all to you. I heard she is taking some computer classes.
Possibly Langoliers...
Geez you been reading that far back, how long did that take?
Did you go out and get some sunshine? Get away from that computer man
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Hollywood, FL

#1337 Mar 5, 2013
Lawson1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Geez you been reading that far back, how long did that take?
Did you go out and get some sunshine? Get away from that computer man
Lawson.... What are you doing?
Having fun?

Since: Jan 13

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#1340 Mar 13, 2013
Hi Uk2 and Hope, I just spoke to misery in AU and she wanted me to send you guys her love. She's not able to get back on the forum due to Internet issues. She hopes you Both are doing well. If you want to contact her send me an email. Again much love, and speedy recovery.

Barcelona, Spain

#1341 Mar 15, 2013
It was going so good, taking high doses of Ivomec ivermectin (8ml) orally last few weeks and activity decreasing to very little, but tonigh (2:30am) I feel like a flower pollinating - things zinging off me every which way continuously. Other activity too hands and feet. I thought hands were really getting good until this. I think they exit also from a really rough area in back of both heels too.

I want my life to end.

Love all.

Since: Jan 13

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#1342 Mar 16, 2013
In_UK2 wrote:
I want my life to end.
Love all.
It is depressing when you feel like it's starting to come under control and then they hatch and it just feels like back to square one.

I wold like to know what exactly these things are, and why they are so hard to get rid of.

suffering - meaning =despair.

Find the meaning... it won't change the suffering, but it will end the despair.


#1343 Mar 16, 2013
UK2 see quinine plus doxycycline combination therapy. Can you not get a parasitological diagnosis? What the hell! Don't give up hope!

Well yay, am being tested for cancer or liver disease now. I have spider angioma. I believe this to be correct :( Will let you all know of results.


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