My Ivermectin Treatment Story

Long Beach, CA

#1014 Nov 21, 2012
UK2 doesn't have morgellons. The bug form of morgellons has already been documented and it is concluded we all had the same bug. UK2's pictures of his bug is different. His animals are not similar. People can be infested will all types of animals. Yes it is SAD and PITTIFUL that all kinds of bugs infest and there are some that aren't determined yet. Some people are challenged more than others I guess. Langolier's for example has Candida or colembolla (i forgot exactly but it's in the borax thread). The picture of his animals looks to be an exact match. The key is to identify the animal, and determine treatment. If you prescribe magnets and he has animals, then that would be a waste of his time and effort.

It is SO SAD it gets me depressed and makes me want to shoot myself in the head. Sometimes I don't even want to wake up in the morning, can you imagine that. I just feel sorry for myself, and other people around me jus feels SO SORRY for me too. This is unbearable it's like hell on earth.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#1015 Nov 21, 2012
I'm not being silly In UK2. This disease is real and was manufactured to make the entire world sick. There are certain triggers like stress. I have only ever used Ghon or Ghon E to post and have no other aliases.

If you have read my thread you will see that Iíve been some pretty of the wall stuff. These things can make what looks like pieces of debris on the floor move. They made my protein powder jump of the scoop like there were hundreds of them in it and have even created white mosquito like bugs, which sounded like they there were made of hard plastic when I hit them, just to name a few off the very odd things that Iíve seen. I hope your treatment goes well and good luck. Have you been tested for Lyme disease? Or agro bacteria?
Alice In Wonderland

Long Beach, CA

#1016 Nov 21, 2012
I'm sorry folks I just have way too much drama in my life. Maybe I'll write a book. Ofcourse I'd have to warn peope of the very graphic details of my infestation which causes a lot of misery. However I do feel it is quite important to have that documented as part of my journey.

What is going on with my life!! Too much trials!! Some people just has it badd. so sadd...really need to go home from this internet cafe before I pass out.

Long Beach, CA

#1017 Nov 21, 2012
@ghon the mosquito like bug are smaller than fruit flies which some morgellons have. I took a look at his pictures, some with pimples but it is evident he has a different bug with wings. He doesn't have morgellons I'm quite sure he has something else. Since I started treating myself I found fibers. He's been overdosing on the cattle chem for months yet still no fiber. He doesn't have morgue, he has a different bug infestation.

Might I suggest Senior UK2, to move to the farm lands. There you can be free to treat yourself along with your "friends". Have a PT party :)

Long Beach, CA

#1018 Nov 21, 2012
@ghon leave UK2 alone now, you might contribute to his demise and he'll just have someone to blame for his death.
Shelly Weltsy

Los Angeles, CA

#1019 Nov 21, 2012
Alice/Fed how were the test results? Hope all is going well. Drive safe back 2 CO.
Shelly Weltsy

Los Angeles, CA

#1020 Nov 21, 2012
K, everyone Anything from Redondo Beach is Fred yall. There are not that many sufferes who have been on this forum from Redondo Beach.

At times we all can be a bit Psycho especially with this affliction. Fred/Brittny/Alice, Please let us how everything went at the docs?

Bisbee, AZ

#1021 Nov 21, 2012
In UK2 wrote:
misery_in_au: everyone agrees with you. The Augsburg clinic is the best and from what I am reading, we are looking at $80,000 at least. And, most are never 100% cured. I was comparing the task of getting there, with the task of a restful permanent vacation and a way for family to live without turbulence after a few months of grieving.
Germany has very progressive medical views; probably the best in the world. It's not your kid's money--it's your money; spend it on yourself so you can meet your grandchildren.

Long Beach, CA

#1022 Nov 21, 2012
@Shell I mean UK2, don't forget to add Christina on your list. Some people think you owe it to them to provide information. I'm surprised you haven't injected yourself with the Cattle CURE. Birds of the same feather flock together.

Have not been hangin around fred, and me sounding like fred - that's an Insult.

Doctor Karjook has instructed me to take 1 drop of 65% Windex into a 600 ml diluted in Distilled water, to be further diluted into a %5 mixture of 409. Drop to be increased in 3 increments.

Long Beach, CA

#1023 Nov 21, 2012
@Shelly Wetsy what is your problem?!! I've not insulted you once since I've been on here and you calling me names like PSYCHO is not going to be tolerated OKAY!

you all are so serious on here like you live on this thread. Go call for help and write petitions to remove my postings. Keep this freak thread free from unlooney bins unlike yourselves. BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER people.

I see how this thread is, you insult people and when they insult back you go cryin for professional help. THIS IS TOPIC FORUM AND ANYONE CAN POST WHATEVER IS ON THEIR MIND. IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE EVERYONE'S OPINION THEN YOU SHOULDN'T BE ON HERE.

What is an old person who has Serious Health Issues doing on a TOPIC FORUM!!
Shelly Weltsy

Los Angeles, CA

#1024 Nov 21, 2012
Yup, seeÖ. totally Fred. I just wanted to know about the docs office. Did not mean to offend. I may have had a few aliases in the beginning too!

Always wishing you well!

Long Beach, CA

#1025 Nov 21, 2012
You called me a psycho and you didn't mean to offend me? You must think I'm stupid.

The doctor told me to ingest Windex, but have to mix it well with 409 OKAY!!

Fred, cindy, sophia, lauren call me whatever and like I give who you think I am. You're a lunatic yourself. And I suppose everyone on here is just one person also huhh shel i mean uk2. WAS I TALKING TO YOU? or are you also UK2.

Enough with your bs OKAY! wish u the same.

Long Beach, CA

#1026 Nov 21, 2012
Ya'll stalk people you make fun of and ask for their cure. Ya'll are sick here, seriously. That means YOU SHELLY WETSY AND UK2.

Long Beach, CA

#1027 Nov 21, 2012
@FRED you don't owe anyone here a favor to tell them where yah been, who you been seeing and what you been doing. Let them continue to assume. Makes me sick the kind of people who pay attention to you and the kind of people that they are.

Sister, the last thing I'd like to remember is me taking you to dinner, and that's the last thing I want to remember. Not the fact that you sent me all my medication and have received my package.
In UK2

Barcelona, Spain

#1028 Nov 21, 2012
Now kids, my Ghon post was a bit of spoof. You may not have picked up the meaning to all the initials and references. Apologies. All these aliases and cat fights happen here when one person wants to disrupt a thread, but mine is documenting my Journey.

I had Lyme Disease in 1988 or so, which was classic bullseye. My German doctor was an experienced on who had many initials in his title. He told me it was a fungus and prescribed a cream. The bullseye was quite big and fading across my back when finally properly diagnosed and I was given 21 doses IV of Rocephin (Ceftriaxone). My daughter thinks this current thing is related. Maybe, but there are definitely bugs involved in some sort of infestation. Between my legs a lot this night (5am).

Here is an adult captured on exit (see folded back wings) magnified 120x::

Here is one captured on lint paper after feeling sensation (different development stage, but see folded back wings again). Magnified 500x

This part of a larvae that broke up as the lint paper captured it. The legs are evident and the bright color is documented in some Thrips larvae:

My daughter questioned if sensations weren't from nerves etc. This is how I know they are not: with a high powered hand shower, I can locate the occasional colony - somtimes near a hive or sore, but most times not. Locations have been side of scalp, top of scalp, leg or rectum. The high power spray dislodges them when trained for a few minutes. You will (without a doubt) feel them grab or bite on way down the water stream, but mostly on feet. No nerve sensations could do this.

My ex friend partner went to the same doctors as I in Bangkok and Vaccinology and Tropical Medicine Clinic, Oxford University, where only simple blood, liver and kidney tests were done.nothing was done except we were given a single dose of Stomectol (Merck ivermectin) and sent back down the months long channel to GP level. She was six months later sick and was diagnosed with a breast abscess and hospitalised for two weeks. She was given several days of IV antibiotic treatment and bags full of oral antibiotics. She says she is symptom free except for occasional spots. During treatment, nothing was ever mentioned to her of a cause, although they had her extensive records of what we were going through.(Ghon, another reference). Of course remember that she was 5 months behind my symptoms - and we were not living together except a month we were at our place in Spain.

I have what I have, but competent medical diagnostics is needed as first step. I suspect treatment is long, expensive and probably not 100%. Remember that I initially went to doctors when only one sore was present over my left eye and my eye itself was being irritated. Something was keeping me from proper care at each turn (Ghon, another reference). I could not believe that each doctor was brushing this off, except the top government hospital for the Thai military, where the top professor had samples taken with a keen interest.

Am I done and can I get real treatment now? The next month will be telling.

I'm listening to Lisa Bourne, Soul Searching, on Bluehipnotic. Its the film opening for One-Eyed Kings. "I remember... when we first met. Oh my darling.... how can i forget. I remember.... walking through the park... kissing in the dark. Oh how can I forget. Tell me baby... what went wrong. With our love..."
In UK2

Barcelona, Spain

#1029 Nov 21, 2012
Early morning ramblings:
Competent assistance in my illness would be appreciated. In my lifetime, I have known many highly competent people: sat next to Ralph Lauder at dinner, partied in Tokyo in a very small roof top bar with Niklas Zennstrom, downed vodka on the Black Sea with ministers of both Russia and Ukraine, met Helmut Kohl at his apartment at the kanzleramt in Bonn (we were political students), invited on UNESCO conference panel raising awareness for building the Alexandrina Library (now realised), had dinner and fun in communist East Germany with director of a major, if not the top, public library in USA etc.

As mentioned, ramblings early morning.
In UK2

Barcelona, Spain

#1030 Nov 21, 2012
Thanks for the package, sis. All my love.

Long Beach, CA

#1031 Nov 21, 2012
LOL I thought you were going to say Alexander the great. I don't believe that story for a second as he's obviously stupid. This is interesting though the CATTLE CURE.

Long Beach, CA

#1032 Nov 21, 2012
I' pretty sure he doesn't have morgue, all the bug morg sufferers have the same bug which had been documented already. Senyor UK2 is infested with grasshopper, or giminy cricket.
In UK2

Barcelona, Spain

#1033 Nov 21, 2012
I'm leaving the forum now and won't be posting more on this topic. I only have a few things to do at this juncture and Ivermectin, the topic, has shown to help, but not cure me completely. The same can be said about new clothes, hotels and other meds such as Permethin and Bynzl Benzoate. This does not mean they won't work for Scabies, just not what I have.

Love everyone
Veritas Omnia Vincula Vincit

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