bleach bath recommended by dermatologist


#66 Nov 4, 2009
Welty wrote:
Reatha, Be nice to the Doctor, but firm. You have a Grandpa with Alzheimers and you work with children, and that it is going to be hard to treat Grandpa with topicals. Call the office, and tell them you need refills on perm and several weeks for the Ivermectin. Did you wash your sheets on hot after the Perm? Some Docs, like mine, told me to wash my sheets before. Many Docs are afraid of Ivermectin because its off label for scabies. But the company that makes it isn't making any money off this fifty year old drug, so they won't every test it for this. It's used for mange in animals. That's how we know it works, and some Docs are braver. Plead with the Doctor.

Get all the meds you can. Hair/scalps seem to "waste" a lot of perm, but this is essential if you have them in your hair, and Grandpa should have a scalp treatment, because bathers get more scalp involvement, and really the CDC now recommends this step for a complete cure.
Excellent advice, Welty. However let me add that the use of Stromectol, the human version of Ivermectin which as you state is a fairly old drug which has been used to effectively treat mange in animals, has been discussed on this forum before. Fortunately I saved the information so I'm posting it here as Stromectol for the treatment of scabies has been the subject of a successful study by the medical profession as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. Read the study here:

If the Link in the Abstract for the full study doesn't work, try it here:

In June of 2003 the use of Stromectol was further acclaimed as the "treatment of choice for scabies" at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatologists:

This would be an ideal treatment for Reatha's Grandpa or for anyone suffering from a debilitating condition who also has scabies. The Abstract and the Full Study can be printed out and given to their physician to help in procuring a prescription.

To read about how to determine how much to take (the dose is determined by bodyweight), and about its use as part of a combination therapy with 5% Permethrin cream which has been effective for long standing and difficult cases such as Grandpa's, read this thread:



#67 Nov 5, 2009
In my above Post you should note that although the articles at the provided Links refer to the use of Ivermectin to treat scabies, the article at the third Link, entitled, "Ivermectin: treatment of choice for scabies and maybe lice, too" clearly identifies the Ivermectin as Merck's drug, Stromectol, at the beginning of the first paragraph:

"SAN FRANCISCO - Ivermectin (Stromectol, Merck) is becoming the treatment of choice for scabies..."

United States

#68 Nov 7, 2009
well you probably won't believe this but this stuff dworks on everything i've tried it on. it will even lighten up age spots. and it is so simple, and inexpensive. do I have your attention now! well heres how i make it i like to make it into a salve by heating vaxaline and the honey andthen mixing together.. it will separate but thats ok it doesn't seem to matter at some point just reheat the bottle and mix again and let cool.. but you don't have to. your gonna crap when i tell you this stuff is all natural.
it is simply HONEY THAT'S RIGHT HONEY. Here's how to use, first i want to say that it is a natural antibactial. ok enough bs simply apply it to the infected areas and cover with bandaids. or if larger areas use your imagination.
do this in the evening. like I do or when ever it is convient for you . leave the area covered for
24 to 36 hours. and then I usally wash of with alcohl. and reapply until your problem is gone. it doesn't take long to see results.


#69 Nov 8, 2009
For those inquiring about what constitutes a safe dose of chlorine bleach to be used in a bath, one half cup (measuring cup) of bleach per full tub (40 gallons) of water has been officially endorsed as a safe dose by at least two prominent physicians in the medical community. Dr. Amy Paller, Pediatric Dermatologist and Chair of the Department of Dermatology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago conducted a study using that dosage to safely and effectively treat eczema and Staphyloccus Aureus infections in young children. That study was widely reported on by the news media throughout the world. Also Dr. Nanette Silverberg, Director of Pediatric and Adolescent Dermatology at Beth Isreal Medical Center in New York states that she has been using the same mixture with her patients for years with a great deal of success and without any adverse side effects. Although this doesn't pertain to scabies, it does establish what constitutes a safe dose or ratio of chlorine bleach to be used in a bathtub full of water for those who may be interested in taking bleach water baths to treat scabies. Note that the baths were taken as often as 7 days a week with children without adverse side effects. I would add from personal experience that more than that, e.g., 3/4 cup of bleach or more to a full tub (modern low boy - not high sided) may present a problem with gradually melting away body hair which is regularly soaked by the bleachwater. However limiting the dose to one half cup seems to avoid that problem. Read about the study and physician's recommendations here:,859...

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

#71 Nov 24, 2009
Hi all. I just got back from a hectic tour in America and who knows where I got it from, but I am covered with these itchy spots around my neck, arm, and abdomen. Did I catch it in the train, bus, hotel bed and towels, or in public toilet?! I can't believe people suffering this for over 10 yrs!I feel for you all. I am wearing gloves as I am typing this. I read online about enzyme treatment along with the oil treatment so I have applied some 100% tahitian noni on it. It stung but I hope the stinging enzyme kills the damn thing. Thank goodness I have bought a UV C light a long time ago to start a bed mite killing business...which didn't take off. So I have been using these UVC light to kill bugs on my clothes beds and chairs.I will try the bleach bath though. I have ordered neem oil too. I shall post my battle with these evil creatures.

Edwardsville, IL

#72 Nov 24, 2009
the bleach baths have done wonders for me, but not other family members? I wonder why not?

Dennysville, ME

#73 Dec 22, 2009
Using 3/4 of a cup of bleach in a full size bath-tub full of water is NOT hurtful. Several family members and myself tries this and it worls like a charm. We were told by the doctor to use this twice weekly or more for a month. We all saw positive healing from critters. OF COURSE---the house cleaning and laundry washing must still be strictly adhered to! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


#74 Jan 3, 2010
KATHYEY34 wrote:
Using 3/4 of a cup of bleach in a full size bath-tub full of water is NOT hurtful. Several family members and myself tries this and it worls like a charm. We were told by the doctor to use this twice weekly or more for a month. We all saw positive healing from critters. OF COURSE---the house cleaning and laundry washing must still be strictly adhered to! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
The key to the amount of bleach which is side effect free is the ratio of bleach to water. In your case 3/4 cup was not too much as you have a "full size" bath tub. However as I stated in my Post above, I have a modern style low boy which doesn't hold as much water. Thus 3/4 cup of bleach, which was effective at relieving the symptoms, also melted away my body hair after several baths soaking for 20 to 30 minutes each time. That included the hair on my arms, legs, and genital area. After stopping the baths it has since grown back.

In the clinical study (for which I provided the Links in my above Post), Dr. Paller, M.D. used 1/2 cup of household bleach to one 40 gallon tub of water, for those who may be interested. However remember also that the study was conducted with children, 6 months to 17 years of age, who obviously didn't have much body hair to lose, so that wouldn't have been a noticeable side effect. Thus it could be argued that the jury may still be out on the body hair issue even at that ratio of bleach to water (again, 1/2 cup bleach to 1 full tub defined to be 40 gallons of water). Although your own experience and the recommendation of the two prominent Dermatologists cited in my above Post, and the other physicians mentioned in the articles at the Links in my Post, clearly indicate that it's safe to use the bleach water baths even as often as 7 days a week in some instances. However, for those who try the baths, be aware that if your body hair, more noticeable in your groin area, starts to feel oily, that means that it's beginning to slowly dissolve and will eventually disappear as it did in my case, unless you reduce the amount of bleach.

Chesterton, IN

#75 Jan 12, 2010
My son has a little patch of scabies on his stomach. He spent the night at his frends house. My grandmother told me to get a paper towel and apply bleach right on the scabies. Don't mix it with water! The next three days they were already going away. It burned him but it worked. Stoped the itching and I washed his skinned a hour after I applied the bleach. But IT WORKS! She says it even kills ring worms!

Carmichael, CA

#76 Jan 13, 2010
I have been itching for about four weeks I thought it was flea bites but then I avoided all places with pets to make sure and still itched and had bumps. So Finally looked online and narrowed it down to three things, the next day went to a clinic. They diagnosed me with Scabies. WORST THING EVER!!!! I put the cream on that night and washed all my clothes in hot water but my problem is I dont stay at home much I am a social butterfly as you would say... lol I have stayed at my brothers, best friends, friend i was interested in, dads, and another good friends house and i slept on the couch or sit on the couch at most places. so do you think they can get it. I am now on my 3rd day and put it on once more just in case. I am worried that I gave it to my family one of my guy friends got it and we went and got the cream for him. So thats ok. I was honset even though it was embarassing to tell. lol but I heard you should spray couch and cars and rugs and shit with lysol or rid? Is that necessary. I have read so may horror stories... lol Do they leave marks? what else should i do to get rid of it for good? email me at [email protected] Thanks
Thank You so much for your help!!!!

Knoxville, TN

#77 Jan 21, 2010
my derma told me to take a bleach bath 3x a wk. 1/4 of a cup of bleach. i suffer from boils

Atlanta, GA

#78 Feb 24, 2010
Dermatologists will recommend a diluted bleach bath. It will kill just about anything if you do it properly and it shouldn't irritate the skin. Same as swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool just a higher concentration of chlorine. I had a stubborn staff infection and tried everything (including hibiclens) after about 4 baths my skin is completely healed and spotless. Been that way for about a month now and I just use normal soap now.

United States

#79 Feb 24, 2010
i took bleach baths for a few weeks. I used a 1/2 cup often but i didn't have any allergic skin reactions or issues. however after a few weeks i noticed my skin becoming very pale white that wasn't normal for me so i stopped. I was taking them at least 3-4 times a week. they are only a temporary relief. i reccomend everyone use Ivermectrin to at least kill the ones burrowed or you're not getting anywhere just killing the surface mites.

Greenwich, CT

#80 Mar 2, 2010
ima try the bleach bathe once to see if it works!!!!

Greenwich, CT

#81 Mar 2, 2010
how do everybody feels about THE BLEACH BATHE that should i or no juss continue using mah meds>?

Edwardsville, IL

#82 Mar 26, 2010
Do not apply bleach full strength directly to skin. This causes a bad burn and must be immediately washed off. The bleach baths with 5 or so cap fulls of bleach are nice. I tried tea tree oil with some effect. I got the **equate lice shampoo** from Walmart and applied it with a cotton ball covering the itching areas, left it on for about 30 minutes then showered off using some more of the shampoo. This was the last for me. I had this rash for a year. It was like a belt around my stomach and on my thighs tops at front and my on my back it seemed to move around. Thought it was poison ivy, doctor said contact dermatitis, tried permethrin cream and that was pretty effective.
the itch stops here

West Babylon, NY

#83 Apr 10, 2010
i've read this forum extensively because i was afraid i had scabies.

i started itching. i had red bumps everywhere. the itching was horrible at night. i couldn't sleep.

i could no longer ignore these symptoms, and i feared i had scabies.

i went to the urgent care clinic and they suggested scabies, but they sent me to the dermatologist. the dermatologist assured me it wasn't scabies. thank god!

now i have have antihistamine and steroid cream and the itching is reduced.

i hope the derm was right. i was pretty close to jumping into my first bleach bath, but i'm glad i held off until i went to the doc.

you should do the same.

Houston, TX

#84 Apr 10, 2010
The itch stops here,
If you have scabies mites multiplying in your skin, the meds your derm gave you will mask your symptoms allowing the mites to breed. They are breeding machines. That's all they do. It can't hurt to start washing your laundry often in hot hot water, use arm and hammer powdered laundry detergent, change your sheets often, get a plastic mattress cover, clean with windex, clean with borax and water, use head and shoulders blue bottle shampoo, use some of these cheap lifelong good habits you read here. I read that people in the south have used a capful of bleach in their baths for decades.

Since: Apr 10

Mccurtain, OK

#85 Apr 10, 2010
The itch stops here,
It took 1 1/2 years for me to be diagnosed with scabies. I have been on way too many rounds of prednisone, medrol packs and medrol shots. They work great for giving relief and actually "clearing" things up for awhile. But they always would come back worse each time. It was the second derm that finally diagnosed me through two skin plugs/biopsies. So now while learning how to start getting this treated I am also having to protect a hole in my skin (first one closed pretty quickly). Definately do what buggie suggested to at least help keep better control of the situation.
Geri Nurse

Merced, CA

#86 May 5, 2010
I got scabies a couple of weeks ago from my patients. I had no idea they're scabies because we were told by the unit managers that they're just rashes. The truth is, they were just in denial because they didn't want to treat the patients right away. Now, even the staff have scabies.

I started with Permethrin cream last saturday and didn't see positive results. I noticed that I have more burrows now after the treatment. I don't have the classic sign of intense itching which makes me wonder why, but I can definitely feel the scabies crawling on my skin. Is this a sign? Do any of you feel the same way? I have tried bathing in bleach water (2 cups of bleach + 40 gal of water) today only for 4 minutes. I think I put too much bleach and not a lot of time in the water. I will try it again tomorrow. This time, 1/2 cup of bleach with 40 gal of water for 20 minutes. I will post the results here soon.

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