bleach bath recommended by dermatologist

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#23 Sep 10, 2008
Hi All, just soaked 45 mins. in a bleach bath. Started with half cup and decided that was too dilute, so gradually increased up to 2 cups (and I'm still here to tell the story ) Maybe it's more than necessary, but I don't think it did any harm - so far! Half cup just didn't seem enough. Probably should be scientific about this. Would there be a couple of hundred cups of water in a bath ??? If so, then 2 cups is 2%. What do others think ?
Feels good - got rid of surface crawlers no doubt.

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Wellington, New Zealand

#24 Sep 10, 2008
A quick word to Welty and Scabiegirl. Thank you for taking the trouble to answer my recent questions. Haven't had time to reply. This problem takes up so much time doesn't it. Off to bed, "perchance to sleep".

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#25 Sep 10, 2008
Well, I didn't sleep as well as expected. Some tough crawlers braved the chlorine residue that I can still smell on my skin. And tickled !!! Skin still feels ok but I'm a bit concerned I may be giving wrong advice - suggest others don't put in as much chlorine as I did, till we know more.

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#26 Sep 10, 2008
That is way too much bleach, yes I tried that long ago and my skin flared up. Many many bumps and it took a couple of days to get rid of. From what I was told from friends that are LPN and nurses that bleach bath could help with scabies but its not true cure.

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#27 Sep 10, 2008
Thanks Mr.Al.

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#28 Sep 10, 2008
reatha wrote:
<quoted text> Feduptothemax.......I am too! I sure feel like crying right now. Guess I reached a point of sooooo much much wash between five of us. I'm the one that it started with and now everyone is struggling with those little buggers. The thing that topped it all off was seeing grandpa,with alzheimers full of the bites when my husband lifted his shirt tonight. We tried perm. they came back right away, I probably didn't clean hard enough. Now doc perscribed Ivermectin, I think just a one time pill for each of us. Do you have any idea how long before the bugs start dying so I know when I can go back to work. Do you know if it is suppose to kill the eggs also since she just is giving a one time pill or pills. Hope you are doing better. thanks
Hello Reatha, sorry you to hear you and your family have this horrible mite, I've been fighting off and on 10 years exactly now, mostly on though. As for the Ivemectin, the first time she gave me a one time dose of 9mgs. I ordered it from an on-line pharmacy and although it looked shady when it got here I took it, but I got 12mgs. instead.(the doc was under prescribing the dose I looked it up for my weight and realized I could probably take up to 18mgs but didn't want to push it.)
Nothing happened so I went back to the doc took some literature with me that I got from a few sites others had posted here, she prescribed three 12mg doses, which I had filled at the drug store, I was told to take one dose immediately, then the second dose in a week, then the third dose in 3 weeks. To date I have taken 4 doses of iver, because the drug store erred and gave me 5 doses instead.(lucky me)

After the first dose and permethrin from the scalp on down, I felt really good for about a week, then I either got reinfested or it just wasn't gone, I suspect reinfestation from shoes or something, I took to wearing flip flops and rubber shoes for the rest of the summer,(now winter is coming, I'm terrified.)

After 4 doses of iver and over thelast week or so permethrin from head to toe daily not even washing everyday just re-applying because I keep waking up a mess, I'm still infested, I read somewhere, I think it was a post from JanetinNYC that according to a doc she saw in Florida it could take at least 6 months of constant treatment.(With the way these doctors act, picture that.)

I just read an article where they are saying that different doctors prescribe the cream to be used in different ways, but they have to give you enough treatment for hatchings, this is where the docs are old school and could be one reason why the treatment is failing also some say neck down now some are saying face down avoiding the face, I was thinking back early on one time when I beat this and I was using it on my face as well avoiding the the eyes, nose and mouth areas, I really don't know what to say, I also read on a site called that some people have been using insecticides for spiders in their environments and having good results, because this mite is in the spider family others are trying the bleach bath, I checked the measurements which are 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach to a tub of water so I've been thinking of trying that when I clear up from all the perm I've used over the last couple of weeks. I'm sorry for you and your family but that's all I've got, just keep coming here and doing research and pray, pray, pray....I just want to say that you may definitely need more than one dose of iver for hatchings, because iver doesn't kill the eggs, I would call the derm and plead for more with a schedule on how to take....Good luck to all of us.
Itching as a way of life

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#29 Sep 11, 2008
A couple on the bird mite site told me to apply straight bleach to my skin. No way! I think I will try the bath though.

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#30 Sep 29, 2008
Hi All, just to say that I used the bleach baths (quarter cup) for over a week and it gave relief from nipping and crawling but, sad to say,it hasn't eliminated the scabies. Probably knocks out surface crawlers though, and so reduces mite numbers. Worth doing, for the relief if nothing more.
A couple of earlier posts said that bleach baths were recommended by their derm. I wonder whether they were suggested as a cure, or just palliative.
Word of warning - take care if your skin is damaged. It may not tolerate much chlorine.
I phoned local swimming pools and was told they add 4 or 5 ppm. That's a lot less than a quarter cup in a bath !
There must be many things that kill surface crawlers. Unfortunately they all seem to kill skin too.
ScratchinInSanta Cruz

Walnut Creek, CA

#31 Oct 14, 2008
My gal and I can't figure where this horrible pest came from either. A piece of thrift store furniture? An airplane seat ? A hug from a friend ? Sitting on a chaise lunge at the public pool ?

Amazing that modern science has no magic for this creepy thing.

The constant laundering, vacuuming, Elimite cream treatments over 3 months and we are still getting reinfected. Tea tree oil, Tamanu oil haven't worked. So, we are thinking about the chlorine bleach baths, too. I think that using a skin moisturizer after the chlorine bath is important , so that the skin doesn't get too dried out.

I think we will also use the flea bombs in the house, and some ant and roach killer on the rugs and furniture. Then plastic sheeting on the furniture.

I also worry about the winter, when I have to wear more clothes. Granted Santa Cruz is not Minnesota, but still we do have to switch from flip-flops to shoes in the winter, and from shorts to pants,etc. etc.

Wanna think about something else creepy ???? Some people say, go stay in a motel for a week. OMG !

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Wellington, New Zealand

#32 Oct 14, 2008
Hi Scratchin, I've had this about the same length of time as you. Tried various natural treatments without success - symptomatic relief only. I broke out in massive rashes (different from scabies rashes)after taking too many bleach baths.
Lots of perm. treatmts, but topicals just couldn't reach all mites hiding on my head, so I gave in and took first dose of Iver a couple of days ago. No side effects except incredible relief. Wish I'd done it sooner. Fingers crossed that it lasts !!!!

Elmwood Park, IL

#33 Nov 1, 2008
I feel for all of u suffering scabies. I too suffer from this. I have like many tried all the cures that dont work. However, last week I started using bleach & Borax soap in the laundry, as well as for wahing dishes, while bitching to a friend of how the bites were now on my hands, I happened to look. The bites were gone & have not came back in over a week. SO I am attempting a bleach & borax soap bath today. I have found vaseline all over helps keep moisture in the skin.

Cleaning ... I have found putting 3 pairs of shoes in the freezer helps .. I keep them there 24 hours or better and alternate. I have found less bites on the feet.

Laundry. I put the laundry in buckets ... I then ptu borax soap on them and then pour scalding hot water on them and let it sit. After 10 - 20 mins I then put all in the washer.

Autos .. I have two cars and alternate ... I put plastic garbage bags on the on the seat and find i have less bites in the ass.

The truth in the matter is all these cures that are on the market ... very few work at all from over use and the mites have built up immunity to these cures .. its a matter of common sense .. any pests will eventually build up immunity to these cures.

I will be back to tell how the borax & bleach works as I intend to use a little more than recommended.

Doctors are obviously aware at this time their cures dont work. I am not surprised at the ignorance of may of thier nurses whoinsist on taking blood pressure. I have told them several times ... If u and all that comes in contact with this equipment would like scabies I will be glad to go ahead and let u put your equipment on me.

Oh you are right I am told ... I ask why is it u have an atteniton span of a fly .. u just seen my chart and then ask to take blood pressure ...

well thats all I have ... Thanks to all of u that have posted ... I will continue to post with my experiences ..

The most important thing is ... We must not get depressed .. so easy to say ... hard to do ...

Go away Scabies

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#34 Nov 14, 2008
This is what I have done so far:
I purchased some Raid (flea kind for furniture) and took my shoes, put them in a plastic grocery bag sprayes the raid in there, and will be leaving them there for a week.(Did each pair of individually in each bag)
I have not been sleeping in my bed at all. I sleep on the floor and only use two blankets and one pillow. When I get home I put both blankets in the dryer for 50 min. and the pillow also. I then vacuum the carpet in the roon and spray some of that Raid on the carpet.
I put some very hot water in the tub and then I add some bleach in the water. You will feel like it stings, but thats because scabies 1:do not like hot water, and 2: the bleach has done wonders for me!
I tried the damn 5% P cream that the doctor recommended but that stuff just doesnt work.
Once Im out of the shower I put on some flip flops and throw the towel in the dryer...(I also wash the flip flops with bleach every day)
I purchased some of that neem oil.(it smells horrible) but it helps at night.
After two days on the bleach baths, I noticed that the mites were drying out and i could see the little freaking black dot......(bingo) I took a needle and picked them out!(desperate times call for desperate measures)....
I also took a swab with clorox bleach and dabbed it with bleach then I swab every place that has a mite or every place that I itch and leave it like this for a good 10 min.(this burns a little) then I jump into the tub and stay there for my body to soak.
I have noticed that I have less stinging when I go into the bleach water. This is probably because those little f^&*&*^& are probably dying!!!!
I have not been itchy for the last week at night....I think I'm killing them finally!
Go away Scabies!

Mount Airy, MD

#36 Jun 10, 2009
Here is my Advice:

-DO NOT BUY most of the advertised scabies products. Most are scams and don't work like they should. Especially the ones that advertise their own products here.

-Take Bleach Baths. They help A LOT. I put at least a cup in of bleach per bath and haven't had any issues. My skin feels much better since i've been taking them and it feels i only get a few bites in between each day at most. Its worse on rainy days for some reason but the difference since taking bleach baths has been huge.

-I purchased Permathrin from CanadianDrugs and it works as a decent spot treatment. Covering your whole body every time is impractical and expensive, and doesn't work better than a bleach bath anyways. But you can't take a bleach bath every time you may feel it so permathrin is good in that case.

-Ivermectrin is probably what i need to fully cure myself but its too difficult to get. I don't really trust going the animal Ivermectrin version route that some people are. I'm too embarrassed to go to the doctors about it also. Right now i'm trying to cure it mainly through bleach baths and laundry. Its just certain places seem more infected than others, like near my computer for example. I think the ones in my bed all jump on me and die when i take the bleach baths. Since my bed seems to feel much better than it did when i was just doing the laundry only.

Anyways i just wanted to say Bleach Baths are the best thing i've tried. I luckily don't have any reactions to bleach. Don't trust the 3rd party companies selling their snake oil.

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Kearny, NJ

#37 Jun 11, 2009
I bathe at least 2 times per day-
first I boil a half a cup of Alfalfa in distilled water and I pour that in a half a tub of very hot water and soak in it- very healing and parasites and mites don't like it -- its very alkaline. I add 20 drops of GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT GSE - which helps it soak into my skin -- I stay in this submerged up to my face ( dont get the GSE in your eyes.) for about 20 minutes

Then I rinse and run a new hot tub- this time with 20 more drops of GSE and about an ounce of TTO that has been mixed with Dr. Bronners TTO Soap ( about 50/50% I was told that the soap keeps the TTO IN the water instead of on it -- and it goes into your skin better. I also add 1 drop of Lemon Grass oil ( for uplifting ) and a few drops of Jojoba oil ( for soothing )

I stay in this as long as I can stand it 30 to 45 minutes- then I wash my hair in Neem shampoo and use Neem conditioner and just leave it in for the night.

When I get out - I cover myself with the 50/50 Eco dent TTO mix - take an antihistamine ( ever night- the body must have rest to heal )

I never wear socks -rarely wear shoes and walk bare foot in the Borax. I spray my shoes with alcohol before I put the on.

Internally I am taking a load of stuff to build my immune system and smell unfriendly to the mites

here's my list- I split it up and take half of this stuff twice a day to make it easier...

NEEM LEAF 8 capsuls ( stops reproduction )
GARLIC 4 Capsuls ( they hate the taste and smell i n my blood (
TRIPHALA 8 capsuls ( builds immune ssystem )
B complex 1
Vitamin C 3 thousand Mgs
Vit A 20,000 mg
VIT E 1,000 mg
VIT D 3 1,000mg
ZINC 100 mg
KELP 1,500 Mg
GRAPEFRUIT SEED OIL 18 drops in juice

everything else is for skin and healing.

I am also doing TONS of laundry and living in a BORAX Snow storm etc.

Hope this helps-
The Mitey Warrior

PS- if you think I live in my bathtub- you are right -- but Only when I am NOT doing tons of laundry.

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Kearny, NJ

#38 Jun 11, 2009
This is part one of the last post -- sorry- It's late :-)

Please read my post on killing the eggs and stopping their reproductive cycle...

I have had no bites for 3 days!-- I know I am not out of the woods yet - but no matter what else you do -- or I have done -- if we don't interrupt their reproductive cycle -- THEY just keep reproducing - and then we have more scabies to fight off etc.

1 Adult pregnant mite can lay about 200 eggs in her life time of about 5 to 8 weeks- even if only 10% survive that's 20 new mites to get pregnant and lay 200 eggs each -- that's 4,000 Eggs!!

If you take the NEEM LEAF while you are treating topically and killing the skin crawlers AND THEY CAN'T LAY ANY MORE EGGS --eventually WE will win and be scabies free.

Neem leaf is CHEAP -- I got it on line from a place called Vitacost for about $4.00 -- my local health food store has it for $8.00. It's called Natures Way but any brand from India will do.

It takes time for it to build up in your blood so you have to take it every single day --

I don't know what the max dosage is - But I was so desperate after trying everything else for months, that I am taking 8 per day -- 4 in the morning and 4 at night

I am also treating topically with a variety of things. I use a 50/50% mix of organic TTO ( from a place called Tea tree wonders on line that has the highest quality least caustic TTO Cheap) and I mix it with Eco Dent Oral Wound Cleaner -- this stuff has 14 essential oils in it and is very soothing for the itch.

Fairfield, CA

#39 Jun 12, 2009
Good info but all this stuff costs a lot of money. I haven't tried bleach baths cos I don't have a bathtub and a hulda clark influenced healer told me to stay away from bleach. If I try it it will be a small amount of bleach.

By the way, for those of you who clean house with bleach, the dog pound recommends only 1 tablespoon bleach to 1 gallon water. More bleach is not not not better. They clean everyday with that. They say because bleach is slimy and if you use to much it doesn't kill but critters or eggs adhere to the slime and do not die.

Mr al, I look for pomada del azufre in every mexican store in oxnard ca and can't find it. I'm travelling so can't buy online. I also have tried to buy lymdip 99.9 percent liquid sulfer at every vet store but they won't sell without a vet visit $$$$ scammers like doctors just my opinion. Mr al says sulfer is a slow kill so spend your money on that if nothing else. I've been taking ivermectin horse paste almost daily for a few weeks and it helps.I treat daily and my laundry is worn once bagged and when washed once a week in hot with borax to kill eggs and dried on hottest hottest dryer for 2 hours solid and then bagged. Clothes never touch any surface before bagging. Straight into double bag from dryer.

Schaumburg, IL

#40 Jun 12, 2009
I tried the bleach baths. Of all the treatments I have tried this one was the worst. The night of the first bath was awful - the mites went crazy and the itch was worse than ever. I thought that meant it was working. The next two days were not much better. Then they came back even worse. I think it may have just made them burrow deeper. For people with advanced cases like mine I do not recommend bleach baths - sulfur is more effective and safer.

Buggie - I am in So CA and found the Pomada del Azufre at Rite Aid it was with the other Mexican treatments and the sulfur soap.

United States

#41 Jun 18, 2009
Perma is working some, but not completely. It is getting very expensive. Bleach baths are giving a lot of relief and my spots are drying up. I still get new ones some days, so does my husband. If I ever find out where these things came clue. I am so SICK of washing, laundry, cleaning. Nothing has worked so far and it is all so frustrating. I was misdiagnosed for 4 months so they have been really bad. People....don't forget your car, even if you do not have cloth seats, they get in the carpet and creases. Shoes is another whole story. I have used pounds of borax, boric acid and gallons of bleach..everywhere. These nasty little things just don't die. About the time you think you have FINALLY dried them all up...Bang, there's more spots.

United States

#42 Jun 18, 2009
Ladies, I have found your purse is a major source of reinfestition. I take everything out of mine at night and put it in a plastic bag with Boric Acid. Change purses daily or don't carry one. Also, earrings, necklaces, rings...don't wear them, they can also reinfest you. Meant to mention these things on the last post.

Safety Harbor, FL

#43 Jun 30, 2009
You guys don't sound like scabies, sounds more like Morgellons. If thats the case...I feel bad for you! Check out

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