Scabies and your immune system
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Los Angeles, CA

#23 Apr 28, 2009
Hi everyone...So, I recently started getting little random pimples (very little) on my left leg. I first noticed something odd when I had what felt like a bug-bite or mosquito bite on my left calve. Then I got another one about an inch and a half away from that one (2 total on my calve). I scratched it and then its now going away.
Then I got one on my upper thigh- same leg, I shaved over it, and then it looked like maybe an ingrown hair(s)?, then ended up with more randoms in the same of 2 or 3 about an inch apart from each other...but all of these seem different from the initial 2 on my calve. Now I've noticed a couple other random pimples by themselves by my left knee, 1 on my right forearm, one on my left thigh. I don't have insurance, and cannot afford to stop working. Does it sound like scabies? I don't have these "pencil-like" lines that keep being described by other posts...I feel like maybe I'm paranoid or losing my mind. But do have random crawly/bity sensations, too. I don't typically have body acne, and usually ingrown hairs are in one area (plus threw out razor and got new one). help!

United States

#24 Apr 30, 2009
ReyRay wrote:
Anybody have to take meds to supress their immune system?
Our 15 yr old who takes anti-rejection meds shows almost no signs of scabies. He had one mosquito type bite between his shoulders and a few on his leg through this whole ordeal.
I'm wondering if his meds somehow make his body not react to the mites?
I think he is infected only because if he spends most of his time in the family room and it seems infested in there. I was so glad because all of my cleaning paid off and I thought that room was clean until last night.
Also we went somewhere Saturday and he threw a fit so to calm him down I moved him away from my wife and I sat in the middle where he was sitting. I hadn't felt crawlers in a week at the time and I immediatly felt stuff crawling on my legs. I had shorts on.
My parents watched him a week and a half ago for a while and he fell asleep on their sofa. They told me after that the sofa was infested and they immediatly had to bathe and moved the sofa outside.
I checked him and saw nothing so I assumed their sofa was previously infested. From when they had the mites.
I didn't tell my wife because he is my stepson and with his special needs she gets very defensive quickly if anyone says anything about him.(a different issue all togther but I completely understand where she is coming from)
Note: He is develomently delayed; he is like a 2 - 3 year old in some areas.
I have spent hours in our basement looking for animal droppings hoping to find the reason for our home office heavy infestation and found nothing. His room is directly over the home office and I am begging to think he is the host that I couldn't find.
Do you think his suppressed immune system due to antirejection meds could make him not have a normal reaction? He had a kidney transplant a few years ago but will always be on those meds.
He can't talk and only knows a few signs. Also, I have NEVER seen him scratch himself or seem to have any itches. I don't think he feels them.
Any thoughts or info please.
I'm bumping this thread on suppressed immune systems. read the full thread if you have time. Reyrey cured his family of 5 and posted his regime on

United States

#25 Apr 30, 2009
Ps, reyrey hadn't been treating his son because his son didn't feel the bugs at all. The son turned out to be the host infecting everyone...aunt, grandparents, couch, carpet, downstairs office below his bedroom. They started treating him also and cured the whole family.

United States

#26 Jun 1, 2009
Bumping thread again. Well worth the read. Explains a lot.

United States

#27 Jun 20, 2009
Bumping thread. Good read. Explains why some people don't feel symptoms. Reyray cured his family of 5 and is gone now.

Albuquerque, NM

#29 Nov 5, 2009
bumping an old thread. reyray and his step son, a carrier with no symptoms. good read.

Albuquerque, NM

#30 Feb 8, 2010
I'm bumping this thread on suppressed immune systems. Read the full thread from the beginning if you have time. Reyrey cured his family of 5 and posted his cure on

Grand Rapids, MI

#31 Mar 25, 2010
I have had the itching for a couple months and lately no sleep for days. I thought it might had been the fire safety chemical in the new smoke so quite for a few days. Tried the yougurt, no sugar in my coffee and foods rich in vit c. Finally today went to the Derm Dr. and damit it's scabies:(
I was prescribed Permethrin Cream 5% applied as directed. 5 pharmacies did not have eurax so order and get tomorrow.
Took tylenolpm to sleep not it's 5:40 srinking coffe been up all night. Going to clean under my nails now. Already washed everything in the house but going to get more cleaners that all have reccommended tomorrow.
This is the worse experience ever, having to reschedule interviews because I can't sleep and go in looking like a zombie. So sorry for all who have this!!!
Thanks for your post I am taking everything into consideration if the meds don't work.

Santa Fe, NM

#32 Mar 28, 2010
I'm bumping this thread again. ReyRay's journey into discovering why his stepson didn't show symptoms but was a carrier. Read from the beginning if you have time and are interested in this.
Here's his link again:

Leominster, MA

#33 Feb 19, 2012
This thead has been bumped so much, I want to be the one bumping & give it another.

Since: Aug 11

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#34 Feb 23, 2012
I can tell you that Scabies took quite a toll on my immune system because during the five months I suffered day and night. I was severely infested and had the mites crawling in my eyes, ears, up my nostrils, they were every where! I couldn't sleep, I couldn't enjoy life. I gained weight, and caught colds and the flu very easily. It was only after I was completely cured that I was able to exercise, take vitamins and get my health and quality of life back.
m cambel

Windsor, Canada

#35 Feb 25, 2013
I have been battling scabies for years, think there gone, but back again. Read the treatment drives them into the body, where they then start to comprise the immune system. Doctors won't ever admit this. I think it causes lymph gland problems and cancer. Way more dangerous than they will ever admit. I try to eliminate sugar and junk food, junk food is harder. I also use parasite cleanses, they help and so does wild yam root and bitter melon. Aloe vera helps internally and externally. Try and get whole leaf and 98% gel. Pine needle oil, will stop the itch. God bless and strengthen you to fight this menace.

Redmond, WA

#36 Nov 29, 2013
mitewarrior77- what finally killed them off for you? What were the things that worked, & what didn't? My brother who's HIV immune compromised has caught them - the past 2 mo's they've really infested him now.

Hollywood, FL

#37 Nov 30, 2013
JennyE wrote:
mitewarrior77- what finally killed them off for you? What were the things that worked, & what didn't? My brother who's HIV immune compromised has caught them - the past 2 mo's they've really infested him now.
Mite Warrior used a 45% permethrin spot on (for dogs) and I think she used Advantage or Advantage-Multi (I can't remember). My derm told me that they treat HIV patients with an ivermectin intravenous drip.
Look through the Imidacloprid thread. It's very informative and a bit contentious, but some good information in there. Good luck!!

Export, PA

#38 May 16, 2015
Scabies3 wrote:
<quoted text>
He could be the main host. You never said anything about your carpeting. Do you own this home? Can you pull all carpeting up? I have always had ceramic tile, because of my pets. The entire house is ceramic tile. Can be done in piecemeal and not all at once, ceramic tile is easy to install. And I guess you think, well, why isn't she over this yet if her floors are concrete? I have no idea why, other than I have a poor immune system and get colds easily and had pneumonia when I was a baby. and i'm old. I know someone who had to move from her apartment because of this, was all carpeted. Now she has hard wood floors in her apartment, and things have improved for her.
Cover the carpeted floors with diatomaceous earth, it should kill every mite in the carpet within 8 hours. It worked for me.


#39 Nov 20, 2015
Only people with insensitive immune systems will show telltale scabies symptoms after an incubation period of four to six weeks.

An average person has an average attentive immune system, and such an attentive immune system recognizes the vicious intruders almost from the get-go and will develop visible symptoms slightly raised bumps after 12 to 48 hours!

NB: if they have never encountered scabies!! The itching will kick in a little bit later on after these initial bumps.

The incubation period can not only be four to six weeks, it can be prolonged up to 7 months! That's an interesting detail, of course, but of no importance to any mean sufferer.
the one week cure

Swansboro, NC

#41 Oct 19, 2017
Diatomacious earth powder under your sheets and on top of your sheets and then take grape seed oil and the powder and mix it and spred it on your skin before bed. The powder clings to the mites and dehydrates them to death. Do this every night while treating furniture with the powder where possible or a furniture spray you can order online in more public spaces. The little bastards will die for good
the one week cure

Swansboro, NC

#42 Oct 19, 2017
Its the cheap lazy mans cure. No continious cleaning of floors and so on. No expensive products. I believe the powder is like 15 bucks for a 50 pound bag. It will be 50 pounds of your best friend and their slow painful death
the one week cure

Swansboro, NC

#43 Oct 19, 2017
I often just drop some powder on my skin and spred it. They are INSTANTLY unable to move

Schaumburg, IL

#44 Mar 24, 2018
Hi! I am currently scabies free (after 3 LONG recurrences), and thought I'd come back and let you know that they have been missing something for YEARS! I scoured scabies' forums and treatments, and never saw anything on immunity until now.

Funny thing, I took my dog to the vet for alopecia, and the vet did a skin scrape, and low and behold, showed me the little buggers under a microscope. "Oh, he's a puppy and his immune system isn't working as well yet, plus he's a rescue and has spent time in a shelter and now has a new home. Give him a little time to relax and this will go away.(I think she gave some cream or meds, too, but honestly, I forget.) It did.

Then talking to another medical professional yesterday, she remarked, "Oh yeah, vets have known for years that stress and a wacked immune system is the reason for scabies and mites on animals."

So I had to come back to a forum and just tell you...YES. This is the missing link. Go ahead and do all your tea tree oil, sulphur creams and medicine (with formaldehyde in it!), but if you are stressed (and we definitely are when we get scabies!), please please treat your immune system!

Everything above, including meditation, 30 minutes of walking, eating well and definitely getting enough sleep is crucial for recovery.(If you have had trauma in your life, I'd even suggest counseling.) Breathe! And BEST OF LUCK!

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