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red bumps


#82 Apr 3, 2011
adkahsdjk wrote:
I had scabies from May 2010 - November 2010 and I recently got red bumps on my knuckles today that resembles scabies but they don't itch at all and some of them go away.
It concerns me cuz i've gotten about more than ten in the past couple weeks and some of them scar and some of them go away. i'm not sure if it's still post scabies or if i am re-infected. i've been showering twice a day and i put tea tree oil/hydrogen peroxide on affected areas.
my insurance doesn't cover dermos and my primary doctor prescribed a lot of scabies treatment when i had it last year, so i'm sure she won't prescribe me anything.
my main question: would post-scabies still show up 4-5 months after treatment is over?
What's the matter, Jeannie, you could not think of a name? you just used random letters. come on.... you can do better than that....
my main question to you, jeannie, is that, if you so believe in getting all your help from doctors, then why are you on here? why not ring your doctor? the only way to tell is if you bought yourself a cheap scope and have a look for yourself. raised bumps means active scabies.
you can go to a low income clinic and have the doctor there take a look. pay out of pocket. oh, that's right, you are a med student, but asking us for help. I think you can answer your own questions on this forum, TROLL!!

Wilmington, DE

#83 Apr 3, 2011
red bumps wrote:
<quoted text>
What's the matter, Jeannie, you could not think of a name? you just used random letters. come on.... you can do better than that....
my main question to you, jeannie, is that, if you so believe in getting all your help from doctors, then why are you on here? why not ring your doctor? the only way to tell is if you bought yourself a cheap scope and have a look for yourself. raised bumps means active scabies.
you can go to a low income clinic and have the doctor there take a look. pay out of pocket. oh, that's right, you are a med student, but asking us for help. I think you can answer your own questions on this forum, TROLL!!
no, i'm not "jeannie" ..... but thanks for not helping ... i'm trying to get as much advice before deciding to spend money

United States

#84 Apr 17, 2011
It's a life changing experience!! I've been treating my children for 3wks now and they keep getting bumps with brown spots in the middle, don't kno what it is but I keep treating them with enzyme spray and natural seems to work tho natural treatments may take longer??? is the treatment I've chosen vs poison. Hope this helps.

Adelaide, Australia

#85 May 6, 2011
Right.. Teenager brought home what is still queried as scabies (diff docs diff opinions!) 12 months ago.. Treated her 3 times (and rest if family once we were informed -family all asymptomatic).. Her rash and itching went after a while, prob october same time as she stopped using soap and hot water (allergist queried dermatitis not scabies)
Forward to February- 9 year old diagnosed with scabies.. Only really on hands and wrists..I had intense itch on hands and several places, but onlynlittle bit of flaky skin. We all treated with benzol benzoate, 1 week apart. Confounding issue is that because of a disorder I have (hidradenitis suppurativa) I am unable to use topical
treatments everywhere, but told by doc should be ok.. 3 weeks after i went to docs, said i was itching like mad and it felt like scabies on my hands..Told it was psychosomatic. 2 weeks later
Both 9 year old and I itchy.. Her showing signs Referred to dermatologist .. Confirmed
scabies in 9 year old.. Treated her (and teen and boyfriend) with permethrin, I got oral ivermectin (-and permethrin for where I could put it). Washed and tumble dried at laundromat all bedding and clothes we would wear for next 5 days and left the house (I sprayed the car and put sheets over seats), staying interstate :) itch went but started mild 4 days following treatement. Home day 5.
Day 8 retreated (perimethrin and oral ivermectin). Mopped floors with bleach, re washed and dried everything, bagged what we weren't using , cleaned shoes, wiped most surfaces, sprayed /covered couch. Mild itch returned day 4 again.
So I'm freaking.. Stll itchy (second treatment was 12 days ago. Do we still have scabies?? Or is it post? I swear I can feel crawling!! Funny thing was the relef for 3 days.. Teen and bf have shone NO signs, 9 had small itchy patch on finger crop up.. I'm just itchy ;)
Myle Gors

Brighton, MA

#86 Dec 4, 2011
Hydrocortisone cream OTC is ok for the itchy small
dots in my head and chest?
Myle Gors

Brighton, MA

#87 Dec 4, 2011
Is hydrocortisone cream 1% ok to use for the red spots in my head and chest? Why I have this problem?

Brooklyn, NY

#88 Dec 5, 2011
I have similiar experiences to many of you and still have found NO ANSWER. I beleive i HAD scabies earlier this year. i was treated with went away. I also washed ALL clothes i had worn in HOT water and dryer for 24 minutes and it says.. and sealed my shoes in a baf for a week.. I also bought bedbug spray ands sprayed everything and put bags on pillows and bedding. NOW-- I am itching WORSE than when I MAY have had scabies...I am on TWO antihistimines--ATARAX (by RX) and benadyl AND using Calamine lotion on the itch and several Rx topicals...I sill ITCH.. I see NO bugs-_EVER. I do not have lice, I do not have bedbugs...and now a month after treatment for scabies I am itching all over except my feet and hands and face. specific diagnosis has been made. A PUNCH biopsy proved evidence of scabies or parasites..just irritated skin...So NOW WHAT-i am ithcing all over and have red marks on my arms and legs ???? if I do not use the creams or take ATARAX I cant sleep...ANY IDEAS on what I have or what else ican do?

Brooklyn, NY

#89 Dec 5, 2011
Possibilities..I truly believe i am hyper sensitive to allergens..and I have DUST MITES for sure *(as everyone does) but unlike what they CLAIM (you cant get a rash or itch from "dust mites" I beleive that is UNTRUE. ANOTHER possibility--is the FOOD we eat have soi many cconatminants and allergens in them it is possible something we eat causes rashes and itching. I had a full roster of allergen tests and it proved I am allergic to NOTHING on their list of over 100 items....but thet didnt test for the chemicals and additives used in our food as preservatives, food colors, high fructose, high dextrose and other bad any case---i dont know whY iam ithcing and have red marks....they claims I HAD scabies and now have some eczema...I am not sure I dont have recurrent scabies...but the ORIGINAL was on my LEGS and bled at night it is on my arms with raised Hive like appearance and does not bleed..STRANGE.

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#90 Dec 14, 2011
Friday 12/9I went to dermatologist for small itchy pimple like bumps all over since I went to one doctor about a month ago and was told that it was not scabies and it would go away.. but anyway Friday night both my boyfriend and I used the cream prescribed from behind the ears down and all my little bites have cleared on me mostly ans some are drying out and slowly clearing but today Thursday 12/14 I notice I have some little bumps on my ankle and possibly a new one on my wrist I'm scared ill never get rid of this or worse keep passing it to other people after reading on here I feel even worse about everything.. please help

Fairfield, CA

#91 Apr 6, 2012
Does anyone know if the crotamiton eurax cream kills the mites and eggs?

Arbil, Iraq

#92 Apr 11, 2012
my dr says that itis nearly scabies since it itch at night and more than one affected me and my 3 childs . all the family treated with perm for 3 days after aweek the itch becomes more intense so we retreated with perm and the same for the next weak .after3weeks of observation itching becomes more intense so another dr says we shold reuse treatment so we use perm then eurax for 3 days then perm again then eurax again then itis day12 after treatment i felt very itchy with blackpoint pumps start to appear in my hands as before. iam adoctor but i dont know what to doand to whome i go??????????
Melbourne 2012

Albert Park, Australia

#93 Apr 21, 2012
Hi, I came into contact with someone at work who had scabies and it took very little contact to contract it. That day I treated myself with Lyclear cream and did it again a week later to be sure. I stayed away from the rest of the family and washed my sheets/clothes etc... Then... it took a few weeks to start having the odd itch and a few small white head like pimple bumps appearing around my midriff but mostly on and around the back of my neck, shoulders and chest. It gradually moved to my legs, feet, and hands a little before I was convinced I had contracted it. It never itched continuously but when i excercised or was hot it would itch pretty bad and sometimes sting from the sweat. My family started itching as well (wife and 1yr old son) so we went to the doctor and it was confirmed we had scabies. I don't know how since I was treated the day I cam in contact with it. Since then we have done so much washing, vaccuming, cleaning, disinfecting and ironed / covered our couch. Anything else we put outside in the garage and won't be using it for a week. The big one where I think a lot of people get re-infected is the CAR. We locked ours up outside in the weather and are not getting back in them for 3 days - I will vaccum them first as well to make sure. One full treatment of Lyclear so far including our sons face and head and our faces and the backs of our heads and behind the ears - we were liberal with the cream to be sure! So far have still had some bumps and tunnels surface today but will wait 7 days before reapplying and re-cleaning then will see how we go... I think if most people follow this they will get rid of scabies. It is hard to handle mentally but you have to stay calm or it will drive you nuts. Apart from the fact you can have post scabies itch think very hard if this goes on for too long about where you may have initially contracted scabies and whether you are coming back in contact with that same person, groups of people or place where they are (ie, an infected nursing home, homeless or emerg accom. or a childcare centre where all the kids aren't getting treated at the same time as this will keep passing it around also.) Sometimes it will not be that you cannot get rid of them but more that you keep getting re-infested) If you can isolate yourself from your house and car entirely for one week and when you return there will definately be no live mites left inside. As long as you've treated yourself 1 or 2 times while you're away then you will be fine. Good luck and here's hoping I don't blow up my washing machine in the process of all this! Remember not to overtreat as this can cause dryness and itching in itself - you may need a moisturiser... and... you are not the only one out there, we are right here with you!
sick to death

Perth, Australia

#94 Apr 22, 2012
hi i am in australia i have had enough want to stick my head in oven waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Loki NY

New York, NY

#95 May 16, 2012
itchy or crazy wrote:
<quoted text>
About the crawling feeling, if you read some of the side effects of permethrin you will find that is one of them. It confused the hell out of me, I just kept thinking they are on me and I can feel them. By the time I figured out that the perm I'd been using quite consistently was actually causing the crawlies I was completely freaked out and sure I still had them.
As for the freezing of these little buggers, I tried it. I have no idea if it worked because I also steamed everything until it almost melted :) then I put them outside. I think I'm in post scabies mode now and it is ugly but bareable. Just knowing there aren't bugs crawling on me is enough to bring me back from the brink of insanity. I can honestly say these last 4 or 5 months have been some of the worst of my life and if it wasn't for this message board I don't know what I would have done some days. Maybe everything isn't 100% accurate but it sure does help to just let it all out and talk to other people with the same problem. Thanks everyone.
You have no idea how helpful you have been. I kept treating myself like nuts iver and perm for over 4 weeks now. And I did this bc of crawling and pin pricks. Now I need to give a try and stop all of what I am doing to my sensitive skin. I need to fight my mind now. I have no burrows no bites just crawling also on my head and I shampoo the hell of it w shampoos w Salic acid etc. today I need to fight my mind the crawling are killing me and also some pinpricks and some itchness but the itchiness is bearable. So now that you are telling me it can last weeks I think I am ready to stop treatments and face ugly post scabies. What a nightmare this is unbelievable.

United States

#96 May 26, 2012
I caught scabies 3 years ago and it got completely out of control before I figured out what it was. I was itching so bad I wasn't sleeping and felt I was losing my mind. I treated with Premethrin several times with no relief. I lived with my parents at the time but they never got it. However my daughter did. After all the frustration, I found All Stop. It not only eliminates the intense itching but completely eradicated the infestation. YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER PRODUCT. The site gives lots if info on how to get rid of it too. You HAVE TO TREAT YOUR ENTIRE HOME ALSO. The site sales products for home treatment too such as mattress covers and sprays and powders. I'm still paranoid at every itch but at least I know where to turn. Everyone suffering from this should check out ALLSTOP.COM . The price is comparable to premethrin and the product works a LOT better.

United States

#97 Jul 4, 2012
My mother got scabies from a mani and pedi a month ago. She still is being treated and the nail shop is not being cooperative with paying her medical bills. Do u have any advice? And how long did you receive symptoms after going to the nail shop.
Penny, you don't have to sleep under a bridge to get scabies. I got them from getting a manicure and pedicure. Post-Scabies is a real condition and from all my hours I have spent on this site, most who claim to have morgellons are probably just in post-scabies and will continue to be until they quit treating and let their skin to start healing.
Just relax everyone

Caledon, Canada

#98 Aug 17, 2012
rdh wrote:
Hi everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that it took nearly 8 weeks for my daughter's risidual red pimply/itchy rash to go away after just 1 pemethrin treatment. I thought I was going to go insane during that time. I kept thinking they were still there. You have to wait until your skin has shed the mite, which varies by person.
To help speed it up, I began to soak her in a very warm bath and scrub the areas with an exfoliant sponge. Also, her doctor prescribed her some claritin to help with the reaction and a steroid cream to help with the inflamation and itching.
The spots that were reocurring did not always appear in the same place. I was told this was common.
Overall, the waiting for 8 weeks was pure hell, but it seemed almost over night that the spots went away.
I have suffered with acabies for months, saw a Dr. Was treated for poison ivy, needless to say my flesh was a mess, full of trails some a inch wide. Finally I went to emergency, it was scanbies, I was given 100ml of Kwellada-p lotion. Perm 5%. I used it on my entire body, face was the worse. I waited the 14 hours before shower. I could see the change. i did have some new tiny little blisters, broke one put on some perm cream and no itching, raised reaction. Its just the body flushing out deadmites.take a claritan do something and try not to thonk about it. It will be ok, the trick is asking Dr for large amount if cream, 100 ml was enough for two but I put it on in layers. Have little left over to keep hands clean .Please dont bath in borax and bleach? Really? Would you ut a newborn in that. It will get better, its your mind that stays sick. Gl
Just relax everyone
#99 Aug 17, 2012
I see the spelling errors, sorry but tiny little cell phone digits are just as annoying as termites! Also the cream or lotion is available OTC so spring for the 100l not 30g When asking for a script get one for entire family.

Raeford, NC

#100 Aug 26, 2012
confused_mommy wrote:
itchy or crazy, the only way you'll know for sure is to give yourself some time away from treatment and see. By time, I mean weeks! It's normal to itch post-scabies, but is it the SAME itching as when you had it? I'd wait to retreat until you see a doctor to confirm. Be kind to yourself, this can wreak havock on someone's mental state! Been there! But, it does come to an end and you will confident that you're clear. Just stay OFF this site and OFF the computer with regards to scabies... that helps too.(-;
Your quotes are amazing. Thanks for remaining so positive about your experience! I just took the treatment yesterday and I have noticed a small itch here and there but NOTHING like it was a few days ago. I hope that I am cured! I only slept 5 hours last night. I cleaned everything I could think of.

Raeford, NC

#101 Aug 27, 2012
I had the treatment the night before last. Also, now, to be sure that I do not have it still, I am using sulfur8 for the next few days to be sure. I also ordered sulfur soap since I read that it can be used to avoid getting scabies again. So far, I haven't had that much of post scabies reactions. I did notice a pink spot on my wrist this morning but it hasn't risen into a bump or anything. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have been deep scrubbing my skin with a sponge. I also wrapped my mattress and pillows in vinyl covering and I am not going to sit on my couch for a week or so to be sure they aren't in it. So far, so good though. Everyone wish me luck. I contracted these things either from the hospital where I work or from the clothing store where I work. I feel confident now that I know what I am dealing with and hopefully the treatment did the job! So far, no burrows! It was just so hard for me to figure out what was going on at first, though, because I never really had a rash...just mosquito looking bites on my legs and pimple looking bumps on my hand. Then I finally got something that looked similar to a burrow but I saw a black spot and then I KNEW I had it. My Dr. acted like it was no big deal or hard thing to get rid of though. I am happy that I have read about the extra steps to take online and I hope to be done with this embarassing thing once and for all! I also pray that I didn't spread it to any friends or family when I first got it because I had no idea I even had anything. I have always been a target for insects, so I didn't think anything of it at first. Okay!:) Have a great day everyone and stay strong.

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