Mix your own Sulfur cream!

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Chickasha, OK

#43 Mar 1, 2012
itchygirl wrote:
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Yeaay! Mr Al (Itchy Al before cure), cured himself with sulfur cream, and a lot of us have used it. It gave me a lot of relief. If my doggies and kitties hadn't been breeding more mites for me, I'm sure it would have cured me. It has been used since Roman times for scabies.
Hi, try this site for your pets:

Bakersfield, CA

#44 Jun 1, 2012
Neem oil may kill your pets do not use it on your pets. If you put in in your bath water it smells real bad. I used it I don't know if it worked or not I liked the Tea Tree oil better.
TiredOfMites wrote:
This is my 1st post on here. I was reading through a lot of these comments, trying to decide how to mix up sulfur powder that I have ordered. Some of these posts brought up a question - scabies mites lay eggs anywhere?! I thought they only burrowed into human skin to lay eggs? I read that they burrow to the deepest skin layer and lay 3-4 eggs daily for 10 days, which would mean that even when we treat to kill surface mites eggs can then hatch every day afterward for up to 10 days. I didn't know they lay eggs off of the body.
My story is that my 15 year old son came home from a week long camp and then a few weeks later we noticed a rash which led to a doctor visit and confirmation of scabies. That was back in September. The doctor told us that only he needed to be treated. So about 5 or 6 weeks later my 13 year old daughter started getting bumps on her hands and then my husband on his elbows. We demanded permethrin cream for the whole family. Then several days later I broke out on my neck and stomach and my husband had new bites on his arms. It is ongoing!
So we used our refills of permethrin to treat and left it on overnight & all nxt day while we washed and cleaned everything. I began research and got some tea tree oil. We are putting 30-40 drops in our baths and adding a tsp to all loads of laundry. If we itch, we take a TTO bath and it does help! But after a while it starts irritating you skin. Plus, my 4yr old seems to be vry sensitive to it. I also took hand sanitizer and added a full dropper of TTO and some lotion for thickness and keep it at the washing machine to apply before and after starting and folding laundry. For furniture and car - I used a spray bottle and added 5 drops of TTO for every 4 oz of water! Seems to be working great! But I read to use a variety of natural treatment methods for best and quickest results and to save your skin! So I have ordered neem oil and sulfur. I am going to make a spray of neem for my pets and furniture then try sulfur application mixed with petroleum jelly. I have a total of 4 kids and hope that it is safe to use on them, but it has to be better than the prescription stuff we used - which also broke out my youngest 4 year old son. Since adding TTO to our laundry and bodywash, we have seen a huge improvement. It is just a daily thing of spraying and applying and washing - so tiring! We have also informed playmates and grandparents because if everyone you are in close contact with doesn't treat also you may never get rid of it!
Luck to all of you! I am fed up and sick of all this - going on the 4th month, but I am determined to rid my family of this nightmare!

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#46 Oct 18, 2012
I'm trying nu stock with 73% sulfur but I can't seem to rub it into the skin well. Most of it just cakes on top. I'm looking at mixing it with some oil so I can rub it in. I'm not sure whats best, I would like something that absorbs well into the skin and doesn't leave a film so that I can do several light coats a day, each over the last.

The other that I tried was germa sulfur ointment for pimples which was quite nice, but the amount you get per container is very small. I need more than 1 2.6 oz container to do a coat. It also seems to be in some sort of waxy substance.

I have some on order from sulfurointment.com so will check that out too. Probably the same as yours from the sulfursoap site, it looks to be the same co.

Any links where I can order this naturisil to Canada? There are no sulfur products available here. The guy at the homeopathy store says he is not allowed to sell them.

I can't get the powder so there is no way for me to mix my own.

I tried DE but not with sulfur. I didn't find DE effective at all. DE is good for insects, but not sure about microscopic ones. I read the DE success posts, but it looked like the people cured had something other than scabies.

For people looking to buy sulfur soap, the stuff from Grisi seems to have good sulfur content and big bars. It is from latin america.

Denver, CO

#47 Oct 18, 2012
Scabies on Scalp wrote:
Best sulfur cream i tried was naturasil's which i still use. it irritates the mites so bad that they go crazy and jump out of my skin. then i rub diotomaceous earth to kill them on contact. scalp and face turned smooth and itch free temporarily. now i have them all over my body.
i'm still having problems as i cannot contain them.
the 10% sulfur ointment from sulfursoap.com didn't work. the sulfur powder mixed with hair conditioner didn't work either.neither did sulfur powder with petroleum jelly. it just dried up my skin. but mites were still there.
with naturasil and d.e. i would be itch free for an hour, then one or two itches per hour throughout body.
sounds like sulfur and de don't work..........

Cook Islands

#53 Jan 16, 2013
Mix sulphur powder at 1/4 to 3/4 part coconut oil in a bottle and then use a cotton wool to dip and rub on affected area. I tried on tinea, rub in the morning, leave on all day... shower and rub the affected area with soap.. leaves the skin smooth as some scaly skin came off and do it twice a day...morning and evening.... stuff smells but patience to cure it

Park Hills, MO

#54 Jan 24, 2013
I went to a dermatologist and they tested me for scabies and it came back negative, I had it since the beginning of October and I have been to the doctor numerous times and they gave me permethrin cream 5% I used it over 5 different treatments and I still itch and now my legs are burning and I have treated my home and bedding I have no other resort and dont know what to do and my 3 year old and 6 year old has it to and we cannot get rid of it please help?
Bitey wrote:
Hi all, I am the one that was misdiagnosed as having a "rash" for over a year when all along it was scabies. A month ago I was properly diagnosed and given Perm cream.
I used the Perm cream but it has been a month, a lot of washing of clothing and bedding and freezing and bagging of clothing.
I went back to the Derm but he said I HAD NO MORE SCABIES...
I am still getting itchy new bites though probably from my car. I am having both our cars detailed next week and before that I will hang a no pest strip in each one for a few hours...to kill anything alive still hanging around there.
Today I mixed my own Sulfur cream...
1. I ordered some Humco sublimed sulfur in yellow powder form.
2. I mixed two tablespoons Cetaphil cream, and two tablespoons Eucerin calming cream and two teaspoons of the sublimed sulfur in a small bowl with a small size metal (tiny) whisk.
3. Soon, the mixture was light yellow in color and I rubbed it all over my body.
Things started falling off of me the more I rubbed the homemade sulfur cream in...... and that could be dead skin or eggs so I took a dark color hand towel and rubbed my body with it.
I have no itchies now....like I did all day today....and at first i felt a slight burn feeling in a few areas of my body but that is gone now.
I am going to do this for a few days and see if I can get rid of the rest of these scabies mites!
Good luck you all and feel free to mix your own Sulfur cream healer too!
scabies fight

Thousand Oaks, CA

#55 Mar 10, 2013
Use Aqueous Cream wrote:
I used this, my own sulfur lotion based on Phoenix 62's recipe except one difference.
I put in at least 8-10 ounces of aqueous cream from the RX. Aqueous cream puts the water back in your skin so that you can wear the sulfur solution almost permanently.
I used it for about 45 days straight w 20% sulfur.
Is phoenix 62 now bitey and did you use that person's recipe on the top of this forum thread?

scabies fight

Thousand Oaks, CA

#56 Mar 12, 2013
Igor s wrote:
<quoted text>
Glad someone is using it!
Sulfur is the absolute best.
Did your cream stay on you well? I mixed sulfur with lotion once and I had two problems:
1. the cream would wipe off too easily, and I would have to constantly reapply to the given area
2. I got dried very dry afterwards
I think the ingredients in the lotion made it super absorbent. But that can be good as long as you don't get too dry.
By the way you may want to see how dry you get after use with typical lotion before you do a few days straight of it. If you want to go for days with it on I can say sulfur with Vaseline will not dry you out too bad. I did it for 10 days straight.
Did you use bitey's recipe or just mixed sulfur with vaseline and how much sulfur did you add to how much vaseline? Thanks!
The Crazy Momma

Columbus, OH

#57 Apr 7, 2013
I knew that I will do that for my daughter she is one years old. They doctors gave her the perm cream and it is horrible to use on a baby. Auh, I will never have to go threw this again, but when I retreat her I will not use the perm cream it is way too much for a baby, no way, I have a 5 pd bucket of the sulfer the yellow pouder, and guess what I had that from my Husband who plays with chemistry, so I got and I was scared to use it first. But hey that stuff, I sprinkled it into the carpet and brushed it in, and you know what, all the spiders came up and out, I think no ants will be visiting us this summer, and one more thing, It got the carpet cleaner, it's actually a cleaning agent, but do not shampoo the carpet after ward, do not get the sulfer wet, it lets off a gas, but to sprinkle it on and then vacuum it up, and hey clean bug free carpet.
Ayla Morgellons

New York, NY

#58 Apr 8, 2013
So Bitey,(the original creator of this thread), It's been 3 years since you posted about the sulfur treatment and I'm curious to know if you rid yourself of this problem? I looked at the last two pages of the thread and didn't see any posts from you.

Would love to know what has transpired since.

Golden, CO

#59 Apr 8, 2013
Ayla Morgellons wrote:
So Bitey,(the original creator of this thread), It's been 3 years since you posted about the sulfur treatment and I'm curious to know if you rid yourself of this problem? I looked at the last two pages of the thread and didn't see any posts from you.
Would love to know what has transpired since.
Just going by your posting name I would say that no amount of sulfur in the world will heal morgellons, btdt. Morgellons is an infection associated with lyme disease but the variables of the bacteria/ nematode/ fungus are not completely understood by anyone. However if you have morgellons and treat for lyme and it's coinfections with broad spectrum antimicrobials then the morgellons goes away.

Antibiotics don't work but when you use certain antimicrbials together for a long time they do. The antimicrobials are Samento, Banderol, Olive leaf extract and teasel. These should all be pulsed at 10 days on and two days off. you have to work up to the level used because of herxing. You will feel pretty bad initially because of the herxheimer effect. If you go google the above antimicrobials and "lyme" then you can come up with a dosage plan. It takes 8 months of this program.

Here is a link associating morgellons and lyme.


Wrexham, UK

#60 Sep 13, 2013
I'm going to try sulphur tablets

Wrexham, UK

#61 Sep 13, 2013
also I been told to use flower of sulphur like talking powder and use sulphur soap for the shower

Eau Claire, WI

#62 Mar 14, 2014
Here we are all talking about using a sulfur, I haven't tried it yet, however I did order cedarcide oil...We are spraying and fogging our home and vehicles with this on a every 2 to 3 day basis, we are soaking our bodies down with it nightly before bedtime. shower in the morning and put a multi essential oil mixture in eucerine oatmeal cream and rubbing our bodies down with that in the morning. I feel like I'm banging my head on the wall. clean sheets and blankets daily, my daughter and I and bf have been battling this since September...UGHHH with the cedarcide and fogger we are into this 500.00 and almost out of cedar oil. NOW WHAT!!!

Ashburn, VA

#63 Mar 18, 2014
me and my family have scabies here in philippines were trying to get rid of mites by rubbing of leaves of mother of cocoa and using some sulfur soap it helps a bit

Ashburn, VA

#64 Mar 18, 2014
do you have any idea, how to get rid of this scabies mites? if possible ,alternative.. or whatever plants can help me?

Johannesburg, South Africa

#65 Mar 24, 2014
I took vaseline , mixedit with 5kg of crea. But it mde clotsin the cream.how do I get rid of the clots in 5kg cream
Thanks it would help.

Cape Coral, FL

#66 Apr 6, 2014
Did anyone use Epsom salt to cure scabies? I read on other sites that it works. Any opinions??

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#67 Apr 6, 2014
Pallet wrote:
Did anyone use Epsom salt to cure scabies? I read on other sites that it works. Any opinions??
Look up using sea salt too. I've seen some postings here and other places online from people who tried everything including all the prescription creams and pills (ivermectin) and they cured themselves by soaking in 2 lbs of sea salt every night for 20-30 mins for a couple weeks.

Sea salt can get expensive, especially if you're going thru 2 lbs a night. I stumbled upon a forum for people with psoriasis who got a lot of relief from soaking in sea salt baths and in order to save money, they were buying Morton's water softener Solar salt sold in a 40 lb bag at Lowe's, Home Depot and other hardware/home stores (under $6)

They said when you use Morton's water softener salt in the bath, the pieces of salt are pretty big so it takes a while to dissolve it so they put the amount they needed in a couple inches of hot water in the tub and left it for 15- 20 mins to dissolve most of it before filling the tub. The Solar salt is the same as sea salt although it doesn't say on the package "sea salt"- it's evaporated by the sun and that's how sea salt is processed.

Sea salts are harvested through solar evaporation from seawater or salt lakes. Wind and sun evaporate the water from shallow pools, leaving the salt behind. Whereas table salt is solution mined.
In solution mining, wells are erected over salt beds and fresh water is injected to dissolve the salt. Then the salt solution, or brine, is pumped out and taken to a plant for evaporation. Most common table salt are produced this way.

Plains, TX

#69 May 14, 2014
My story is very different from the above. I have been wearing a colonscopy bag for over 1 1/2 yrs. My stoma is in my waistline; (bad place). I have created some bad little sores around my stoma. went to dermatalogist, gave me some cream. At first it did some good. But now when my stool stays on my skin, it gets really irritated. And a friend of mine told me to make a paste with sulfur and crisco lard. Don't know if it will burn my skin or get worse. Any suggestions?

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