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99% Sarcoptic Scabiei Cure, the fox project

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Denver, CO

#1 Jun 8, 2012
In order to make the original thread more concise here is the short version of the information that is valuable.

Apr 14, 2012

I was looking for alternatives and saw a website from the U.K., it said the number 1 disease for wild foxes is sarcoptic mange. Since I got my scabies from my dog that got them from a foxes den I thought there might be some good info there.

I found 3 different links from the U.K. for different wild fox support groups, they all use this homeopathic cure which is arsenicum album 30c and sulfur 30c. They say the foxes recover amazingly at a 99% success rate. They also say it repairs skin and immune system so you're much more resistant to reinfection.

Since so many of us on here have been infested by a pet I thought maybe this could help. I found my local health store carried this stuff and just took my first dose.

These links are worth reading.





Just trying to offer some options here.

Denver, CO

#2 Jun 8, 2012
Apr 15, 2012

Also found this "Helpful Guidelines for taking Homeopathic Remedies"


"Try to avoid anything with coffee flavor, mint, camphor, menthol, large quantities of caffeine, or chamomile externally or internally. For example: avoid mint flavored toothpastes, chewing gums, and mouthwashes (mint and menthol); menthol lozenges and candies; coffee, even decaffeinated or coffee flavored ice cream or candies. If you must have caffeine get it from tea or caffinated soda. Avoid Noxema products and Tiger Balm (camphor); etc. Try also to avoid very strong aromatics or toxic odors like eucalyptus, wintergreen, peppermint, essential oils like patchouli, strong perfumes, strong after-shave and soap, smelly chemicals, moth-balls. If you drink alcohol, avoid extremes. If you smoke marijuana, try to avoid it during treatment because it is a high and aromatic."

Denver, CO

#3 Jun 8, 2012
Apr 16, 2012

I remember reading in Progress thread about how 30 people took turns getting in a bed infected with scabies and only 3 got infected. I was talking to another poster on here who part of her family is infected while the other part isn't and they live together. After reading some of the Fox project stuff I decided to take a serious look at my own immune system and found that there is a doctor who is respected in this field. She wrote,

"The latest medical research has targeted inflammation as the basis of ALL symptoms, conditions and diseases. Inflammation is a chemical process that occurs in the body when the cells of the immune system attack proteins they do not recognize as their own. The ideal situation occurs when the immune system only attacks and kills foreign proteins in the form of viruses, parasites and bacteria (“bugs”).

Unfortunately, if inflammation occurs too frequently or is triggered falsely by undigested foods, the natural anti-inflammatory system of the body, the adrenal glands, cannot keep up and the end result is destruction of the body’s own cells. This is manifested as a variety of symptoms such as allergies, headaches, heartburn and fatigue to conditions such as mood disorders,“irritable bowel” syndrome, unexplained weight issues and auto-immune syndromes (such as thyroid conditions, eczema and arthritis) to full-blown diseases such as heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, cancers and diabetes.

I now recognize aging as an “auto-immune process”. Your own body over time destroys itself through inflammation!

It has been estimated that 70 to 80% of the cells of the immune system are located in the digestive tract. This means that 70 to 80% of all the inflammation problems that occur within the body starts in the digestive tract! If you are already experiencing any health symptoms, conditions or have a degenerative disease of aging, you have a problem with your digestive tract.

The good news is by getting tested and following the individualized protocol to improve the health of your digestive tract, you can decrease the amount of inflammation in your body and halt further damage and furthermore improve your health by repairing the damage. This will also slow down the aging process.

It's starting to sound good to me, here is the link I found.


Denver, CO

#4 Jun 8, 2012
Apr 22, 2012

I just filled out a 35 page questionaire for the homeopath to figure out what kind of magic potion to give me. Everything from my favorite color to my masturbation habits to how old i was when i started teething, how the hell do i know i wasn't taking notes at 9 months.
It has to be tailored to you.

Denver, CO

#5 Jun 8, 2012
Apr 26,2012
Hi "Fred",

For week one, I'm going with an alternation of the Sulphur and the Arsencium Album both in the 30C potency which you already have. Here is my thinking on this choice: I can definitely see the reason for selecting these remedies plus both have been shown to be effective in the UK treatment of the fox. Both remedies are excellent for clearing effects of medications and drugs as well. Both have a strong affinity for the skin, especially Sulphur. We may make adjustments in dosing and/or potency after a few days but this is the best place to begin in order to be sure all is moving in the direction of improvement. We will be in touch about your response to the doses after a few days or as needed and go from there.

Please review the attached info about influences which may interfere with the action of a remedy. Some people do most or all of these and there are no effects while others may be exposed only slightly to one of these and experience an impact. The more sensitive the person is generally, the more likely any of these may be to affect the dose of remedy. I usually tell clients to be as aware of them as is reasonable in the first 10 days or so after a dose of remedy. I know we discussed Tee Tree Oil which I think may be included in this notice. I would go easy with it and by that I mean, I wouldn't put it in my face or surround myself with the fragrance of it.

Mixing the remedies:

Label each bottle properly with the name of the remedy, the potency and the date you mixed it. Without touching the pellet, carefully tap one pellet of Sulphur into the proper bottle and one pellet of Arsenicum Album into its bottle. Fill the bottles with filtered or spring water and let the pellet dissolve. With the BB-size pellets, this may take an hour or so.

Dosing your remedies:

No food, drink or tooth-brushing 20 minutes before and after each dose. Hit the bottle firmly (referred to as succussing) against your open palm or a book with a hard cover 3 times before each dose that you will take.

Sulphur: Take one dose morning upon rising. Succuss 3 times and take one dropper under the tongue letting it remain there a bit before swallowing.
Arsenicum: Take one dose in the evening anytime before bed. Succuss 3 times and take one dropper under the tongue letting it remain there a bit before swallowing.

It may be helpful to keep some notes once you begin taking the remedies. You should note anything better, worse or new that you may never had experienced previously.
Important: If you should become worse or develop new symptoms, please stop the remedy and contact me. Otherwise, continue with one dose of each remedy daily and let me know how things are going at about day 3 or 4.

Keep me posted

I've posted the guidelines in the next post

Denver, CO

#6 Jun 8, 2012
Please read this thoroughly and then refer to the specific instructions I have
noted for taking your remedy which have either been e-mailed or included
with the remedy. These are general guidelines and subject to individual
sensitivity. However, it’s best to stay clear of these influences in the early
days after taking the remedy if at all possible.
Experience has shown that some things can interfere with the action of a
remedy depending on ones sensitivity. Do not eat, drink, smoke or brush
your teeth for 15-20 minutes before and after taking the remedy. Do not
drink coffee, even decaffeinated, or smoke marijuana. Black and green teas
and other products containing caffeine pose no problems. Do not use any
products containing camphor, such as Vicks, Noxzema, Tiger Balm, Carmex,
Blistex, Sea Breeze, Campho-Phenique, Ben Gay or anything that smells like
these products. Avoid electric blankets, hair permanents, electrolysis or
becoming intoxicated from alcohol or drugs. If you need dental work which
would involve drilling or ultra sonic cleaning, please let me know. The use of
antibiotics or the impact of an emotional upset are the most common factors
affecting the action of a remedy. For some, the action of the remedy may be
antidoted (inactivated) from these influences. This means these factors
might halt the action of the remedy, if occurring during the active phase.
Special diets are not necessary while taking remedies unless otherwise
Store the remedy in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or strong
odors but not in the refrigerator. Remedies may be affected by
electromagnetic fields, so do not store them on or near your computer or
other devices such as cell phones, microwaves, televisions or outlets into
which these devices are connected. At the airport, don’t take the remedy
through security in liquid form. A “travel kit” is available for this purpose.
Dry pellets are generally fine to take along when passing through security
Since the action of homeopathic remedies is often a very subtle process, it
might be wise to keep notes of daily or periodic changes. The follow up
appointment is of critical importance for this purpose. The action of one dose
of a homeopathic remedy can last for several weeks or months. Do not
purchase additional quantities of your remedy at a health food store and
continue to take it. More is not necessarily better and if remedies are not
taken according to Homeopathic principles, it could actually do harm. Please
call if you have any questions regarding reactions to the remedy, how long to
continue taking it or additional dosing.

Denver, CO

#7 Jun 8, 2012
Apr 27,2012
Ok here is an important update;

I was thinking today why am I getting such great results for 15 hours then they start biting again. I figured it out. The homeopath said alternate the meds every 12 hours but the fox website said they give them together 3-5 times a day.
I see how this is curing the foxes , if you have complete coverage and they are not biting at all for 24 hours you are breaking the life cycle, that's how they are getting success . You have to mix the meds the same way as on the paper the homeopath gave me BUT you have to take them at the same time and 3 times a day at 8 hour intervals, that should give no biting at all and complete coverage,that's how they are curing the foxes.

What I saw on the fox sight is a link for someone to buy the meds.
The arsenicum and sulfur are combined.


Also the actual sight says this;

"Application of arsenicum and sulphur involves three to five drops (or tablets) daily for each affected fox"

Also on this sight in the lower picture they show one bottle inferring the med is combined,(synergistic?)


Denver, CO

#8 Jun 8, 2012
The results from this are truly amazing, I am beside myself with joy!

I talked to the homeopath last night and she said you can put both the sulfur and arsenicum pellets in one bottle. She agreed about the approach of 3 x daily too. She didn't really understand the disease but who would having not had it. I couldn't have gotten this clarity on the homeopathic approach without her.
I have a small headache but that's a small price to pay to finally get rid of these damn things.

Apr 28,2012



Denver, CO

#9 Jun 8, 2012
Apr 30, 2012

Here is an idea on what might be our expectations.
I don't really know how to access this but the fox project is treating for 3 weeks so lets say 1 week of that is for the fox remedy to come to full activity, now that number I just pulled out of the sky. Add the 5 days for an egg to hatch and we're at 12 days so if you still feel crawling at that point there should be a noticeable reduction around that time frame. Maybe they treat for another week as their safety margin. I had a little crawling this morning for about an hour, a little more than yesterday but not much really.

I believe that the people who are on this forum who can't get rid of it have the canine mite, which has true zooinosis and you can get from a human. The canine mite also has a mutated gene which makes it permethrin resistant.



"Eggs hatch after 3-4 days into larvae, which dig new burrows closer to the skin surface."



"The female canine mange mite lives in the upper layers of skin and lays 20 to 40 eggs singularly which hatch in 3 to 5 days."
"Dog mange is caused by the canine mange mite which frequently also attacks man."

Also part of this is the immune system we all had when we contracted it.In order to address that part of the equation I have been doing work on my immune system and I found the information here very enlightening. It explains how all the bodies systems are connected there is a very informative half hour video.


i found the book "the schwarzbein principle 2,the transistion" on ebay for a few bucks

Denver, CO

#11 Jun 8, 2012
The actual amount of the original ingredient is so darn small relative to what you started with it's mind boggling because the 30c, 30x, 1 M are dilutions . I read in the book that the sulphur starts to put the psora back in balance so you're not a good host. They define different characteristics of different types of people who have psora issues and say that sulphur would be right for one while psorinum would be good for the other.But they also say these different individuals have components of each so more often than not sulphur is followed by psorinum to effect a complete cure.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathic_dilu ...

"Dilution advocated by Hahnemann for most purposes: on average, this would require giving two billion doses per second to six billion people for 4 billion years to deliver a single molecule of the original material to any patient."

Why is this stuff giving me a headache every day?, this is insane.


"Two hundredth and higher potencies. Should not be repeated too often. Psorinum requires something like 9 days before it manifests its action, and even a single dose may elicit other symptoms lasting for weeks ( Aegedi.)"
So you have to use the psorinum much more carefully than you would the arsenicum and sulfur. The upside is that it would address the underlying state of psora that is the route cause
of the problem.


Denver, CO

#12 Jun 8, 2012
22 May,2012
So after reading many sites and progressing with the book I have the pattern I see is that homeopaths all approach things a little differently. When it is said that “less is more” in homeopathy it does not mean that 1pellet of a 30c remedy is less than 5pellets. It means that the Initial source of the cure was diluted down. A 200c strength of a remedy has been diluted and succussed 170 times more than a 30c but now this is done with a magnetic device instead of the traditional way. A 200c potency is considered much stronger than a 30c and it goes on to 1M , 10M ,etc.

The arsenicum/sulphur treatment could offer final resolution but really should be a stepping stone on a path that directly addresses the state of psora that caused this. Hahnemann , the creator of homeopathy studied psora for 12 years to come to his conclusions. When I started reading about this I became very interested because I saw several charitable organizations that were doing this for foxes and it struck me that because of the evidence that this had to have some validity. I have been reading about it ever since. I didn’t start the thread to be a flag bearer or to give personal guidance to people who are just too lazy to take some personal responsibility so they look up to me, for those people they have my best wishes and that is all. For the people who would like to be informed and guide themselves to a thorough conclusion I am inspired by your personal courage.

The theme that I am seeing is that psorinum is given in doses that increase in potency so someone would start with a 30c and perhaps do that for a few weeks , then wait a few weeks and then do some 200c, but there are as many varied approaches to this as there are homeopaths that write about them.I like the ones that aren’t trying to find a place for themselves in history but I guess you will always have those. Here are some links to some information on psora. It is important for anyone following this method to understand and address psora.





and of course google.
Psorinum in Cancer therapy.
One thing that I've read a couple times about psora. Your psoric state can reduce the ability of remedies to work or make them not work at all. When you take the psorinum if this was the case your remedies will probably start working regardless if you are taking them anymore because the psorinum will start addressing your psora. Your life force "remembers" everything because it's history, your history ,is part of it. This was the case when I said when I took the psorinum and the results were brilliant, I quit taking the Arsenicum and sulfur on the second dose of psorinum. The psorinum took on a life of it's own, pretty heavy, and I'm not taking anything daily now , I'm going to take my third dose of psorinum 30c this friday and I have psorinum 200c coming in the mail.

Denver, CO

#13 Jun 8, 2012
23 May,2012
This is the treatment protocall from one of the fox sites for the use of Psorinum. I would have liked to started with just the Psorinum instead of the Arsenicum/Sulphur because it addresses this condition on a much deeper level. I now consider the Arsenicum/Sulfur a detour for me personally because it doesn't address the root cause as well as Psorinum does.


Here is a source for psorinum,Katherine, the health director there is very helpful and said that the single dose daily of psorinum 30c is fine to do daily for 3 weeks,based on how you personally react to it. If you react very quickly or intensely then you would definitely back off.If your results come on slowly and steadily then stay the course. Only take one dose of psorinum per day.


Homeopathy is a complex field and needs the patient to have information to go about it properly.Also every patient's symptom picture is different so the approach is not completely generic although there a great percentage of patients who would respond well to the generic approach.I was learning about it from the beginning of this thread and still am.

Denver, CO

#14 Jun 8, 2012
May 24, 2012
The pellets come in different sizes so that is a factor in dosing. the Boiron 30c pellets are all "bb" and that is what my homeopath was giving dosing instructions by. Here is a link that may help explain.


Does homeopathy even work? Is it just the worlds biggest medical hoax? Let's not forget that we have a large medical industry that has made many doctors and pharmaceutical companies very rich, it is in their best interest to discount it. This link explains many things and it is well worth reading for all participants of this thread.


Denver, CO

#15 Jun 8, 2012
25 May, 2012
Arsenicum Album is a polycrest which works differently than a nosode(psorinum). Relapse could occur with Arsenicum/Sulfur because it doesn't address the root cause of psora like Psorinum does.

Psorinum addresses some far reaching aspects of your health and psyche, your psora. Some homeopaths say psora is responsible for up to 90% of all illness.

Psora is hereditary, it's origins go back further than you might think. It is why certain people are predisposed to catching this mite.

Psora has a positive side in that it is a journey. When psorinum takes you and leads you out of this dark place in your life you will be changed for the better.

I've been trying to make the case for psorinum for some time now and have posted many links pointing in that direction which an understanding of should be attained by the user.

Psorinum is infinitely more powerful than Arsenicum Album or Sulphur.

The above two posts are written with all due respect but were needed.

Please read all the links posted in this thread on Psora and Psorinum.
*Just one note. If you are putting a 30c remedy in a dropper bottle it is not further diluted down to an increased potency of 60c or anything like that. You might get a 30.0001c out of it because the dilutions are exponentially less. When you’re taking several doses a day of a remedy it is because you want to stimulate your vital force that many times not because you want to take "more" remedy. It is the frequency that you stimulate your vital force that is important. This is the reason that you should not take psorinum more than once a day, because it comes on and picks up steam as it goes so you won't be able to know what is in store if you take more than one dose a day.

Denver, CO

#16 Jun 8, 2012
25 May, 2012

Psorinum is hard to find because the bigger companies don't want to assume any responsibility for people using it wrongly and getting a severe reaction. Those companies will list it as prescription only so that only a Homeopath can get it. The website I listed on this thread from Elixirs.com will sell it and it is good quality. There is also another place i found called "the healing room" in New Jersey. It's important that you don't just throw this stuff down your throat.

Buy the 30c and 200c And use the 30c for at least two weeks before adding the 200c. In a two Oz dropper bottle put six of the small pellets into two oz of filtered water and take only one dropper full per day at about 7p.m. Do Not exceed One dose per day. Do that for 3-4 weeks. After two full weeks you can take one dose of 200c done in the same way. Take 3 doses total of the 200c spaced at one week intervals. The action should come on gradually and if something rapid happens in the first day disconinue use and wait for that to die down then you can recontinue. Some people are more sensitive than others.

I was only going to do a few doses of the 30c but when I saw what a profound result it was having I went on a daily schedule just to be sure. In Homeopathy sulphur is well followed by Psorinum, do not do them together. There should be a break of at least a few days between the Arsenicum/Sulphur and the psorinum.

Psorinum can release your vital force so that previous remedies will work better but psorinum is much more powerful.

I haven't had any crawling or biting for a long time but I am currently going through a very heavy Herxheimer reaction unlike anything I've experienced with any scabies medication, go figure.
I've tried to use just about any scabies med you can name and then some too.

What I'm experiencing is a classic Herxheimer reaction with rash, sore throat, headache and tiredness. I'm drinking 10-12 glasses a day of filtered water with 1/2 of a squoze lime in each. Lime is great for Detoxing. Is "squoze" a word?

You can expect this as your supercharged immune system (vital force) kills all the scabies over time;


Denver, CO

#17 Jun 8, 2012
26 May, 2012
Side effects all depend on the person who is taking it. The important thing is that it does not come on too strong too soon. It needs to be a gradual thing. You should start to feel something in a couple or 3 days. If it comes on dramatically in the first day then stop for a while and let your body adjust then try again in 4 days or so. As the eggs hatch out it will kill them and what is important is the trend not a single day So make a journal of your trend, if you are fine one day and then get some biting the next it is because the eggs are hatching out, That is the case with most scabies meds, you know that right? To explain what to expect from it in a meaningful way would take me hours and hours of writing of stuff that I've already posted. All the information is available if you'll start reading from like post # 115 and on that I made about psorinum.
I'm sorry I can't give you a simple answer because in truth it doesn't exist. All the information is there for you to read and enjoy.

Denver, CO

#18 Jun 8, 2012
27 May, 2012
What I was saying is that the psorinum brings that out in people. It purges psoric aberrations by exhibiting them as symptoms. In Homeopathy you expel things from your body unlike allopathy in which they are suppressed so you never really get rid of them.

One characteristic of psorinum is that it is well suited to people where every other remedy has failed and it is specific to people with underlying psora. Psora is the energy that made us all good candidates to get this. I am saying this because I am totally on board with homeopathy because I've felt the results and seen the effects on my body. When you take the psorinum you will have symptoms of different things depending what your body needs to get rid of. I had some of those symptoms as bitchyness, otherwise, I'm perfect...;)

The psorinum takes you over if your doing it right, you're gonna need some naps. It's completely amazing for such a sub atomic dose.

Denver, CO

#19 Jun 8, 2012
28 May, 2012
Taking psorinum dry or in water?

Classical homeopathy advocates taking the nosode in water for a variety of reasons, especially nosodes. If you google homeopathy and nosode and water dose there is plenty to read.

Here is something on the split dose in water;


You should remix the pellets with the water at least every other day. I'm using 6 pellets in a two ounce dropper bottle and only taking one dropper full. Since the 30c bottle from Elixirs says 3 pellets is one dose , I use 6 pellets for two ounces. I succuss the bottle 3 times before taking the dose. Katherine from elixirs includes an information sheet on taking Nosodes with the remedy . Do not use the dosing instructions on the label because it is a generic label, use the printed sheet that comes with the bottle that are instructions for taking Nosodes. I thought it was kind of sloppy on their part but it is what it is.

Denver, CO

#20 Jun 8, 2012
29 May, 2012
So as far as expectations are concerned it is a very good idea to keep a journal during your treatment with psorinum and track the trend. A couple of homeopaths I talked to didn't understand why the fox org's were even messing around with the Arsenicum/Sulphur since the Psorinum is directly implicated.. On the Elixirs website they have a search engine, you put in a disease and all the possible remeidies come up, when you put in scabies the only one that comes up is Psorinum.

This is from the directions for taking Nosodes from
Elixirs(Katherine Jones DiHom);
"One dose a day for a month, then reassess for continued need. Do not stop suddenly or rapidly increase dosage, instead gradually adjust dosage so you can determine the most effective dosage for you."
Also the Water dose is considered more effective, especially for nosodes, I've seen this in quite a few places.

On this site they are saying to treat for 5-6 weeks;


"One bottle will last for 5 - 6 weeks per fox, and an improvement should be seen after two weeks. The treatment is adminstered in 5 or 6 drops every evening on food, which should be plain dog food, the cheaper the better (and no fish flavours)."

I've also read that it doesn't matter if you are treating a kitten or a tyrannosaurus that the dose is the same, just to clear up any doubts of people vs.foxes.

On this sight they are saying give a 200c along with the 30c but I've also read that a higher potency (200c)will antidote a lower potency (30c) and that is one question I have for Donna from the healing room.


Also it' is commonly mentioned that sulphur is well followed by psorinum but they are giving it together.

Just like any other field there are really astute homeopaths and ones that are soso. To find one that really gets it and can think on their feet is really inspiring because there are a lot of variables. That is another reason why you need to be informed to a certain degree and make some good decisions without being impatient. People get impatient and up the dose and that's a mistake because you can't upset the frequency of your Vital Force, it needs to be nuanced. If you can't feel anything and aren't getting any results on the psorinum then you first need to look at anything that may be antidoting it. Even things like BCP's that upset your bodies natural home balance will affect it. Second you may want to ad a second dose at a 12 hour interval. If that doesn't help then you'll need to take another look at an antidoting potential. One thing I read is that allopathic drugs have a big impact and that psychiatric drugs are the worst. Has anyone evr suggested you take ORAP,pimozide? for delusions of parasitosis. It is on of the drugs that changes brain chemistry so it could create an antidoting blockage that may need to be addressed with something like Pulsatilla.

Here is a brief list of things that antidote for interested parties.


Here is a very good link on the dry dose.

The "conventional" medicine is suppressive and screws up your CNS.
I won't bother with Allopathy anymore unless there is no alternative now that I understand the philosophy of both.
I rubbed way too many insecticides on my skin during the dark period, fortunately i don't need to anymore thanks to Homeopathy, I'm symptom free but I won't say I've returned to health until I complete my psorinum treatment.

Denver, CO

#21 Jun 8, 2012
29 May, 2012

Unfortunately it took a lot of work for me personally to understand all the relationships of Homeopathy. I only invested the time because it has made me a believer. I read that you could easily get a relapse with the arsenicum/sulphur so that's when I decided to do the psorinum because it directly addresses the culprit and it is the exact remedy for the issue. Maybe the foxes are getting cured with the arsenicum/sulphur because they are innocent creatures, they don't have all the outside influences that humans do so it's cut and dry for them.

If your getting something negative that lasts 24 hours it's very likely that the remedy has been antidoted but if you can fix that problem quickly and get back on track you likely won't have lost all that you gained. I took the agressive approach for a very long time and it essentially got me nowhere except it continued to run down my health. When something didn't work I would always research why it didn't work to see if there was a way around it or if it wasn't worth the effort anymore and post those results unfortunately many people would challenge those posts without a real argument only emotions.

An alternate source for the psorinum 30c is


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