Post Scabies: my story & advice!!
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#22 Nov 27, 2012
Meri gand marni hai to fon 08950041236

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#23 Nov 27, 2012
Do a second treatment on the entire family. Clean environment again and see your doctor after. Don't delay. Don't cheap out by only treating yourself. Don't panic.

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#25 Nov 28, 2012
TruthbeTold wrote:
Do a second treatment on the entire family. Clean environment again and see your doctor after. Don't delay. Don't cheap out by only treating yourself. Don't panic.
The knowledge that truthbetold has is regressive and dated he is a self appointed guru with a very limited understanding of the real problem, a simpleton who just likes to pump up his own ego at the newbies expense.

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#27 Feb 24, 2013
scaredexhaustedandITCHY wrote:
My 12 year old son was diagnosed with scabies after being misdiagnosed 3 times. By the time we found out what it was, my other 2 children and myself were starting to have sporatic itchy red bumps. My son had bumps all over his body and my youngest had them all over his stomach, legs and arms. We treated with permethrin 5% one week ago. My children seem to be healing nicely. I started to get this really itchy rash under both of my arms 3 days ago and its speading fast! I think it is starting on my right thigh as well because that itches really bad now too. Is this a reaction to the permethrin cream? Should I do the second treatment or see my doctor first? The rash under my arms looks horrible. Please someone help me. Tha
nk you in advance
Don't panic I had the same problem and went overboard. I'm glad that they're healing well well as for u, what helped me was permethrin and tea tree oil... I put tto in my bodywash and lotion and even shampoo. It helps a LOT with itchiness. Specially after a shower I would be the mist itchy. I'd cool down fir 3 mind and then put on the lotion w tto. It will itch a lot for 3 mins and then u suddenly feel relief. It gas helped me so far I haven't seen new bumps thank you God!
Hope thus hwlps

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#29 Feb 25, 2013
Faerie with ooglies wrote:
Lotus Fan/Fred/Virtual Scabies wrote
TruthbeTold wrote:
Do a second treatment on the entire family. Clean environment again and see your doctor after. Don't delay. Don't cheap out by only treating yourself. Don't panic.
Lotus Fan wrote.........."The knowledge that truthbetold has is regressive and dated he is a self appointed guru with a very limited understanding of the real problem, a simpleton who just likes to pump up his own ego at the newbies expense.".........
This is Narcissistic Projection = accusing others of behaviours displayed and used by the Narcissist himself.
Australia, you are cyber-bullying every single post made by me or Fred. You are cyber-bullying and it's illegal and you can be held liable. You need to stop this. You are being an aggressive cyber-bully. This is punishable in a court of law. And you are incriminating yourself, too, and it's all written right here on this forum. Every single one of your posts.

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#30 Feb 26, 2013
How do i use boric acid on carpet

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#32 Jun 6, 2013
Mama wrote:
How do i use boric acid on carpet
borax not boric acid.

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#33 Aug 10, 2013
[demarologist says we are in post scabies and that my husband developed a really bad exzema rash on legs from the treatment. just so hard to believe jt is gone when he still itches and has a nasty rash. im an emotional wreck![QUOTE ]who="Angie"]This is my first time actually posting here, but definitely not my first visit. I think forums like this can be kind of dangerous in some ways, because I honestly didnt start having panic attacks about my scabies until I came on here & let it all go to my head. BUT there definitely is some useful information as well.
I thought I would post a few things that I did during my treatment and am still continue to do now just to be safe & maintain the itch a little. Nothing drastic or out of the ordinary, but I swear, we all know how TERRIBLE the itch and pain is, and these things helped me.
I've always had sensitive skin so after 3 rounds of Premethrin, my skin was WRECKED. I became obsessed with reinfestation because I was itching just as bad and in new places where I did'nt have bumps or itched before. After talking with my dermatologist, she explained that Premethrin is powerful and neccessary to kill the mites, but it's going to make your skin crazy dry and itchy. I think it is also what causes the "crawling" sensation I've seen alot of people mention, because I didnt experience that at all until after the treatment. One of the best things you can do for dry/itchy skin is DON'T TAKE REALLY HOT SHOWERS. Shower with warm water instead, and after a pharmacist recommended it to me, I started using Aveeno Dry Skin Relief body wash - make sure you get the bottle that has no fragrance & is for dry/itchy/sensitive skin relief. I'm telling you, that stuff is like heaven. I would get in the shower and rub it everywhere in a nice lather, move out of the water spray, and just sigh in relief. It is amazing. I tried soaking in oatmeal baths a few times, and it definitely didnt hurt but I wouldnt say it really brought any relief either.
I also started taking Zyrtec every night before bed, and if the itch was really bad, I'd also take a Bendadryl. The Zrytec does wonders for the itching, and the Bendadryl helps knock you out for sleep. I'm not sure how safe it is to take both of those at the same time so you might want to check with your doctor, but I've been fine so far. Cortisone cream helps for temporary relief, but we all know the itch goes way beyond that.
I think the biggest thing is that you have to realize that while scabies suck and are terrible awful creatures, sometimes we end up being our own worst enemey. I started having anxiety attacks and the stress would cause me to itch even more. I ended up getting a prescription for Klonopin to help deal with that, but unless you already have diagnosed anxiety issues (like me) I don't know if I'd recommend that. As soon as I stopped reading these forums for hours and scaring myself to death, and try to start living my life normal again (while still taking certain precautions), things got SO much better. You have to believe you'll get better, which I know sometimes feels impossible. But you can do it!! I hope this helps somebody, because after being misdiagnosed & suffering from this for 4 months, having to go through the embarassment of telling my close friends, family, and boyfriend that they had been exposed, not sleeping, itching like hell, ETC, I can finally say that I believe I am post scabies. I still itch from time to time, but not nearly as bad and no new bumps. My main concern now is that eventually the bumps/bruises will fade, because I really don't want these ugly purple bumps all over me for the rest of my life.
Good luck everybody, and remember to try and stay positive :)[/QUOTE]

Homewood, IL

#34 Aug 10, 2013
I have to disagree with what people believe are post scabies symptoms. If you feel crawling, you still have an infestation it in my opinion. I've had this for over a year now and was told I was cured way back a year ago. Except now I'm covered in rashes and sores, and the itching and crawling is more than I can take. After 5 doctors, I have finally found a great dermatologist that is treating me so we'll see in a few weeks how it goes.

I think there's a difference with experiencing residual itchiness, and still having crawling feelings and getting new bites and rashes. That is not cured.

These sites have been good and bad for me. It took a while to weed through the nonsense and realize not to expect to find a "home" cure. I'm here a year later because I wasted too much time trying all those things. Well the other part of that equation was that I could not find a doctor that knew what to do, would listen to me and understand that I know my own body and know what is going on, or they would not believe me and say it was in my head right before they hand you a bill for not helping you. If I had found this current doctor sooner, it may have been different.

There are no home cures. Please stop wasting your time. There is ivermectin and permethrin online (amazon) if you don't have insurance. Those threads are good to read and investigate. They have to be used together, twice, a week apart, in my case maybe even another week. The other stuff about bleach and borax and neem and tea tree oil and clove oil and sea salt, all waste your time and let it fester into a bigger problem.

I agree with people staying positive because this really does make people suicidal, however all the positivity in the world doesn't mean beans to the microscopic bugs on your body. Seek help, seek a good doctor, seek pertinent information not miracle cures.
Losing it

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#35 Aug 10, 2013
I just want to tell people that this too shall pass. This has been one of the most humbling and awful things that has happend to me in my life, I just want to remind you to think positive... I know it may be hard, it was really hard for me to I almost left this take me out, but I pulled threw it and so will u.

I also said I would post when I've been cured, It's been about a week now with no new bites and the itching is much less its also been a few days with out putting anything extra on my skin. I did 3 permethrin treatments each a week apart and showered with sulfur soap twice a day and Vaseline and sulfur powder at night 3 or 4 nights in a row, then in the day when i went to work I mixed up lotion with tea tree, neem and clove and maybe orange oils if I felt like it, I cleaned my bed sheets, clothes and towels after every use with borax, moped and vaccumed a few times and bug bombed my house and sprayed my car with lice spray and Lysol. I sprayed down my shower with bleach after every use also, I still think I could have done more but thank God i think this may be behind me for now. I'm still gonna be nervous but try and live more and hope and pray these purple scars go away . I think you will notice when your post scabies when everything starts to dry and your rashes go away and no new bites

That's just my 2 cents good luck

Los Angeles, CA

#36 Aug 27, 2013
Please do this it works: use permethrin twice one week apart but cover your whole body including yiur face and leave on for at least 8 hours. But that's not all. Take hit salt water baths for at least an hour everyday and scrub your body with a dish washing scrub(the coarse side).last but not least follow this by standing in the shower with the water off and pouring listerine all over your body including your head and face and let it sit and dry on your body for at least 5 minutes. Do this everyday. Wash all clothes and sheets everyday and mop your floors and buy a new matress. Cover your matress in a alergy bag and wipe it down every day. Throw your pillow in the dryer for at least 30 minutes. Don't loose hope this will go away if you treat it correctly. (Use 25 pounds of salt in your bath and a whole bottle of listerine on your body) you can buy these items at costco for cheap. And make sure to sty hydrated when taking the salt bath.) You will heal yourself if you follow this procedure. Best of luck to you.

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