Post Scabies: my story & advice!!

Post Scabies: my story & advice!!

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Birmingham, AL

#1 Aug 1, 2012
This is my first time actually posting here, but definitely not my first visit. I think forums like this can be kind of dangerous in some ways, because I honestly didnt start having panic attacks about my scabies until I came on here & let it all go to my head. BUT there definitely is some useful information as well.

I thought I would post a few things that I did during my treatment and am still continue to do now just to be safe & maintain the itch a little. Nothing drastic or out of the ordinary, but I swear, we all know how TERRIBLE the itch and pain is, and these things helped me.

I've always had sensitive skin so after 3 rounds of Premethrin, my skin was WRECKED. I became obsessed with reinfestation because I was itching just as bad and in new places where I did'nt have bumps or itched before. After talking with my dermatologist, she explained that Premethrin is powerful and neccessary to kill the mites, but it's going to make your skin crazy dry and itchy. I think it is also what causes the "crawling" sensation I've seen alot of people mention, because I didnt experience that at all until after the treatment. One of the best things you can do for dry/itchy skin is DON'T TAKE REALLY HOT SHOWERS. Shower with warm water instead, and after a pharmacist recommended it to me, I started using Aveeno Dry Skin Relief body wash - make sure you get the bottle that has no fragrance & is for dry/itchy/sensitive skin relief. I'm telling you, that stuff is like heaven. I would get in the shower and rub it everywhere in a nice lather, move out of the water spray, and just sigh in relief. It is amazing. I tried soaking in oatmeal baths a few times, and it definitely didnt hurt but I wouldnt say it really brought any relief either.

I also started taking Zyrtec every night before bed, and if the itch was really bad, I'd also take a Bendadryl. The Zrytec does wonders for the itching, and the Bendadryl helps knock you out for sleep. I'm not sure how safe it is to take both of those at the same time so you might want to check with your doctor, but I've been fine so far. Cortisone cream helps for temporary relief, but we all know the itch goes way beyond that.

I think the biggest thing is that you have to realize that while scabies suck and are terrible awful creatures, sometimes we end up being our own worst enemey. I started having anxiety attacks and the stress would cause me to itch even more. I ended up getting a prescription for Klonopin to help deal with that, but unless you already have diagnosed anxiety issues (like me) I don't know if I'd recommend that. As soon as I stopped reading these forums for hours and scaring myself to death, and try to start living my life normal again (while still taking certain precautions), things got SO much better. You have to believe you'll get better, which I know sometimes feels impossible. But you can do it!! I hope this helps somebody, because after being misdiagnosed & suffering from this for 4 months, having to go through the embarassment of telling my close friends, family, and boyfriend that they had been exposed, not sleeping, itching like hell, ETC, I can finally say that I believe I am post scabies. I still itch from time to time, but not nearly as bad and no new bumps. My main concern now is that eventually the bumps/bruises will fade, because I really don't want these ugly purple bumps all over me for the rest of my life.

Good luck everybody, and remember to try and stay positive :)

Birmingham, AL

#2 Aug 1, 2012
ALSO- not to discredit anyone on here at all, but some of the really extreme measures, I really wouldnt do. Most of my itching after using Premethrin 3 times came from just that - using the medicine. We are putting medicine & creams on our skin, taking medicine that drys it out even more, and at the end of the day you are just making your skin more and more dry which is going to cause it to ITCH. Some of the oils etc might be useful for relief, but I was infested pretty dang bad for 4+ & was able to cure it purely with the Premethrin and doing the normal washing/drying/cleaning/vacuum ing procedures. Please just don't panic and go overboard.

Austin, TX

#3 Aug 2, 2012
Some of us were misdiagnosed for longer than 4 months, try a year before we finally got the medicine we needed and we were instructed poorly ( apply neck down) on how to apply the medicine. We were also told that we were in post-scabies, when we were still infected. We believed that lie, but now it's 5 years later and I still suffer from my condition, but I can manage it by taking lots of hot showers and ironing clothes and using sulfur soap... It's REAL and people should go overboard. I wish I did go overboard in the beginning, but when I caught it, I didn't even think this board was in existence.

Since: Jul 12


#4 Aug 2, 2012
Angie you are sooo right!:) I've had it for a month or so now... and I had SERIOUS panic attacks where i would cry for days! Its the crawling sensation that is wrecking my life! But i decided i would bare it to see if it was my imagination or not... Yesterday and today i actually lived my life 'normally' and tried not to think about it! and it felt AMAZING i was soooo happy, as i am only 16... and its hard not to live 'normally' buuuuut unfortunately i noticed about 4 new itchy bumps about an hour ago and wandered back on this site :( agggggh. frustrated.

Yucca Valley, CA

#5 Aug 2, 2012
Well, I decided to take a bleach bath again just for good measure after all this time and the itchiness came back on my legs! I had to take a Zyrtec to sleep last night. These chemicals can cause an allergic reaction just like scabies!

PG, to to the kitchen get some vinegar and a napkin and press it soaked of vinegar against the bumps for 5 mins and it will kill the mites and the bump will start to go away!

Use that shampoo on your body you mentioned last time and keep it on for 10 min.

Im syre that will help

Birmingham, AL

#6 Aug 2, 2012
RRRRRR, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been dealing with this for so long. I can't even imagine, because my months have felt like years. My post was definitely not meant to imply that scabies isnt real, I just think that in some (not all) cases, the overboard treatment can end up making it even worse. But that was just my personal experience, and as I mentioned I had sensitive skin prior to contracting the scabies themselves. I just remember from seeing the dermatologist years ago for a different skin disorder her stressing to me that hot showers dry your skin out, and I found this to be true with the scabies too. But certainly everyone is different and you need to do what works for you. I hope that you are able to get rid of it once and for all soon. You mentioned that you feel it was incorrect to only apply from the neck down - did you get bites on your face or scalp? I sometimes wondered if I had/have them in my hair but I never put the Premethrin above my hairline.

ProblemedGirl, I completely understand. I have a few spots on the top of my foot that have been itching me today, but I am going to ride it out for a few days and see what happens before I start to get concerned. I have just a plain mosquito bite like right next to the spots, so I'm hoping it's just from that.

Mite-Not, the bathing in bleach is one of the things I would be nervous to do. I thought about it when it got really unbearable at one point, but I was always too afraid to try it. Do you think the bleach caused the itchiness?

Again, my post was just to offer some alternatives and perspective on what worked for me. We're all trying to achieve the same goal here obviously.

San Pablo, CA

#7 Aug 3, 2012
I highly suggest taking a look over at

Search:'mite infestation curEs questions'

Follow Ted's advice!

Since: Jul 12


#9 Aug 3, 2012
Mite-not i already used the shampoo and kept it on for like 20 minutes... didnt really help... But im hoping my new bumps are caused by the overload of coconut oil body lotion ive CONSTANTLY been using!(like 3 times a day) so i gave it a break last night and the bumps went down a bit.... STILL have the crawlys on my arms,back and sometimes legs :(

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#10 Aug 3, 2012
ProblemedGirl wrote:
Mite-not i already used the shampoo and kept it on for like 20 minutes... didnt really help... But im hoping my new bumps are caused by the overload of coconut oil body lotion ive CONSTANTLY been using!(like 3 times a day) so i gave it a break last night and the bumps went down a bit.... STILL have the crawlys on my arms,back and sometimes legs :(
I discovered this by accident and it works better than anything i've ever bathed in. I'm doing this parasite cleanse and it has caused some major itching so I needed to do something about that. I just had some stuff on hand and winged it. I put a 32 oz container of epsom salt and 36 oz of white vinegar and half of a 32 oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide in a hot bath and stayed in 75 minutes soaking everything. You should have seen the stuff that came outa me. Evidently the epsom salt makes the vinegar go a lot deeper. I found these two links after.

"Using a cotton ball, apply undiluted white vinegar to your child's skin, three times per day, for 10 days. Because the parasites that cause scabies are unable to live in an acidic environment, this type of scabies home remedy works to fight the infestation and kill the mites, and their eggs, over time."

A home remedy that may work for you is to apply some diluted vinegar to the effected area for a week. Mites can only live within a narrow pH range and the acid from the vinegar is enough to kill them.

Mount Vernon, NY

#11 Sep 11, 2012
i too was diagnosed about a week after the rash appeared. it has been 2 weeks since i began treatments (permethrin 5% 3x) the first time i did the treatment my derm advised me not to treat my family which includes my husband, daughter (2.5 yrs old) and son (15 months old) he said it wasnt necessary. i was googling everyday and saw that everyone recommends all household members! i called him crying cause all i do everyday is cry now! and he decided to treat us all! then a few days later i noticed bumps on my sons nose. they didnt seem to bother him at all but me being super scared i called his pediatrician explained the situation and was directed once again o treat the family (they were treated 2x me 3) its been 3 days since and his nose hasnt gotten worse (thank god) im hoping this is finally behind us because this is destroying my everyday life! my daughter cries to me because she wants to cuddle and this anxiety feels like it will be the death of me! i have maybe eaten 2 meals in 3 weeks and lost 8lbs i wash clothes al day and lysol everything my family thinks i need help! these forums are destroying any hope i have to rid this! i still itch but no bumps and my rash has gone away except for some scars from scratching can anyone post any good news? it breaks my heart to hear my daughetr say mommy please stop crying!! and my son call for his mamma but im too busy cleaning and worried well all be reinfested can anyone give me a lil bit of hope?

Since: Aug 12


#12 Sep 12, 2012
There are some cured posts.

Not everyone posts when they are cured either.

I know how helpless a person can feel.

There is hope.

Pelzer, SC

#13 Sep 12, 2012
Hi everyone. I came here today to try and find some answer to help with my scabies. Thank you all for the posts sone have been very helpful and other terrifying for sure. I'm in my second week after my two Premethrin treat meant one week apart and I can say I feel and looks SO much better! Most of my spots have cleared but the ones that were really bad from constant picking or scratching. I don't itch nearly as much and am finally able to sleep peacefully through the night! I really believe after 4 months of itching and scratching and crying that I am finally over this for good but am still washing everyday and over cleaning just to be safe. That stuff is torture on our skin for sure but lots of lotions an oatmeal baths really have helped. Good luck to all of you and keep your chin up bc one day u all will be free from this too.

Auckland, New Zealand

#14 Oct 14, 2012
I have currently been exercising years after having scabies which took years to diagnose and cure.
Is it possible that muscle growth can cause post scabies by pushing out all the debris from a previous infection. Final getting rid of any debris that has been sitting under the skin for years gathering dust.
No longer all mitey

Camberley, UK

#15 Oct 16, 2012
I did 2 x permethrin treatments and all the usual hoovering, washing clothes and bedding etc and I am over the scabies I'm pleased to say. The permethrin is so strong and did cause spots on my back and tips of my legs and gave me a crawling sensation through my body and my scalp! It made my skin really dry too. I've been using lots of soothing lavender lotion to calm my skin and it is healing nicely and it's a relief to feel normal again. For sure reading these forums when I was in the midst of scabies really scared me as I thought I would never get over it, but I have and it's a big relief. I bathed in dead sea salts, tea tree oil and been in between treatments too and would shower in the morning using 10% sulphur soap. I am 6 days after my 2nd perm treatment now and the itching is getting less and less each day.
I just wanted to share my success story
No longer all mitey

Camberley, UK

#16 Oct 16, 2012
That was meant to say bathed in neem not been (predictive text on phone)

Bakersfield, CA

#17 Oct 16, 2012
My little brother in law was just diagnosed with scabies. I have a paranoia issue with mites and little creepie crawlies that eat away at your flesh I take medication to help with my paranoia. My issue is that my kids have come into contact with him in the past few days and I'm morbidly afraid they are now at my house. I've completely bleached every surface in my home and washed my children's clothes and linens in super hot water none of us have any bumps or anything but is there anything else I can do to stop the invasion (other than avoid my inlaws like the plague)? Thank you please help.

Since: Jul 12


#18 Nov 16, 2012
I was diagnosed(by a stupid doctor) in July with Scabies. MY LIFE WAS ABSOLUTE HELL!!! I gave up on all treatments early September and everything calmed down, i still had it though, but a lighter and somewhat different way. As my family GP wasn't available i seen her sub (or whatever they would be called) and she told me it definitely not scabies and said it might be Urticaria Pigmentosa. I visited a Dermatologist and it was confirmed!!! I AM SO RELIEVED... GUYS PLEASE GET OFF THESE FORUMS.. they will destroy your hope AND sanity!! Best of luck everyone!x
Joe-joe Row your boat

South Porcupine, Canada

#19 Nov 25, 2012
These forums are what helped me find the cure. Bleach baths.
scaredexhausteda ndITCHY

Denver, CO

#20 Nov 26, 2012
My 12 year old son was diagnosed with scabies after being misdiagnosed 3 times. By the time we found out what it was, my other 2 children and myself were starting to have sporatic itchy red bumps. My son had bumps all over his body and my youngest had them all over his stomach, legs and arms. We treated with permethrin 5% one week ago. My children seem to be healing nicely. I started to get this really itchy rash under both of my arms 3 days ago and its speading fast! I think it is starting on my right thigh as well because that itches really bad now too. Is this a reaction to the permethrin cream? Should I do the second treatment or see my doctor first? The rash under my arms looks horrible. Please someone help me. Thank you in advance
scaredexhausteda ndITCHY

Denver, CO

#21 Nov 26, 2012
Sorry I posted on the wrong forum on accident, but any advice or suggestions you have will be helpful. I am very happy for those of you who have overcome this terrible "situation" I hope you all stay bug free for the long haul.

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