This isn't scabies folks its Morgellons

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#231 Feb 8, 2013
I'm not a sulfur soap salesman, that's a waste of money. I'm just calling out someone posting toxic "cures" and they belong in a mental facility.


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#232 Feb 8, 2013
FRED wrote:
I'm not a sulfur soap salesman, that's a waste of money. I'm just calling out someone posting toxic "cures" and they belong in a mental facility.
You're not, you're a sales man.

You are steering people away from proper medical care, you know. DOCTORS, ever hear of them?
Morgellons Scrubber

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#233 Mar 4, 2013
How to make a Morgellons Scrubber.

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#237 Jun 17, 2013
Ghon wrote:
<quoted text>
I know my family and I have Morgellons. My wife is a VERY stubborn woman who will probably die from this. She is still in denial and thinks nanotechnology does not exist. She's the type of person who will just go into denial about things she cannot comprehend and therefore in her mind they can't exist. It's a shame that most people think this way.
Exactly my family. They took me to a psyche ward and had been diagnosed as schitzophrenic. I tried Respiredone and that made me loopy and was driving me crazy. I swear it caused me to be suicidal. I stopped it and I'm continuing FIR therapy. I'm back to living with my mom because Morgellons causes me to have psychosis. It's really bad I know but don't loose hope. We know people beat this. There are testimonies on the internet. Stick to that therapy that we know does beat it.

I'm doing FIR, Alkaline water, Schumann resonance, supplements and Lion.

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#238 Jul 9, 2013
Thanks for the comments I've had scabies before to be precisely in May 2013 at first I started with itch on my hands then my legs and last all my body I could feel them crawling under my skin I thought I had some kind of allergy and started drinking Benadryl and it didnt work at all it will only make me drowsy finally I got desperate and annoyed so I went to the Dr. he prescribed me an oinment and had it on me for 8 hrs. and now the itch is gone just make sure you wash all your blankets and clothes in hot water...

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#239 Aug 6, 2013
Langoliers wrote:
<quoted text>
Uncle Sam is another alias.
They also go to other threads to try and show you up. These are very hateful people in it to make a buck only.
They don't care about your pain!
This is exactly what has been going on in this forum FOR YEARS!!!
Oh yes.... I'm surprised Lang brought this up.
Very greedy and hateful people on here.





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Found these it may help

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#240 Oct 29, 2013 ... ... ...
Morgellons treatment
In the context of any Lyme treatment and not as stand-alone regimen, the main drugs which worked on Morgellons were:
Internally: Flaghyl, Doxycycline, Augmentin IV, Praziquantel, Levaquin, Tinidazole, Bactrim, Lufenuron, Diflucan, Itraconazole, and all kinds of bitter herbs or sour fruits and anti-fungal enzymes such as e.g. Candex or Blockbuster and natural stress mitigating and hormone-balancing products such as e. g. Estrogenex.
Externally: Antibiotic/Antibacterial/Antif ungal creams as e.g. Flaghyl (Rosiced) or Bactrim-Cream, Tetracycline, Perphenazine or Terbinafin (Lamisil), and without prescription also DSP cream or DSP Gel helps to reduce and relieve Morgellons skin symptoms.
Alternative used remedies with some antibacterial properties
Many have used remedies with antibacterial effects, such as thymol or thymus serpillum oil, oregano oil (oreganol), artemisia, propolis, tumeric/curcuma, manuka honey, clove oil, samento, cumanda, garlic, sarsaparilla (smilex), lactic acid, grapefruit-seed extract, ozonized oils, MMS and micro-current machine treatments.
Some have used Cumanda and Samento (see also this protocol) in particular. Cumanda is a herbal extract from the Amazon basin and it is effective against fungal/bacterial and viral infection. Samento is a plant extract from Peru, also known as Cats Claw , which is a good immune stimulator, antibacterial, and has a cytostatic effect on some pathogens.
It might be effective on some bacteria but not much on Borrelia bacteria. Some new studies, from Prof. Dr. Martin Sievers, showed that Samento used for Lyme treatments has a contrary effect on killing Borrelia, but rather forcing a growth of them. ...(use Google translator)
The plant extract wormwood Artemisia absinthum (with 250 active substances), can be very helpful against bacteria, fungi, viruses and fever (old malaria medication) and may support the liver, gall-bladder and blood, reducing inflammation and clearing impurities and it works as de-wormer.
Many had some short improvements with Salt & C treatments or using Colloidal silver and MMS (magic mineral supplement), but the moment they stopped to take them all symptoms started again. Why? Because MMS same as colloidal silver, penicillin or penicillin-based cephalosporins, do favor the creation of cystic Borrelia forms which morph back again into the spiral and motile forms later!
If you want to take ozonized oils for 4-8 weeks, be aware that ozone is a free radical which kills pathogens, but as a side effect, also vitamins and minerals etc. You should replenish all vitamins and minerals a few hours later or in the morning. To do this, use vitamin E, A and C, Glutathione, L-Cystine, Co-enzyme Q10, Selen, Zinc and Folic acid to fight free radicals, and of course, N-Acetyl-Cystein (NAC).
Read more information under additional treatments

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#241 Nov 11, 2013
This is a new yahoo group out there for Morgellons.

It's called BitesRUs yahoo group.

Feel free to join.

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#242 Jan 23, 2014
Adana wrote:
I expect to go blind from scabies in a day or two. Can't get a diagnosis and can't get rid of them. No one believes the eye doctor that he sees them. Stupid VA Hosps don't care and the other ERs believe everything they say.
Hi, try bleach. It kills scabies on contact. Dilute the bleach to one part bleach to 4 parts water. Example: one teaspoon bleach to four teaspoons of water. So I seen this on earth clinic, many people saying they were cured of scabies by spraying bleach all over there bodies after bath or showers. I dismissed it, because I thought the bleach would hurt my skin and really not do much for the scabies. So today I'm cleaning my house and feel scabies crawling ALL over me. I have a bottle of 50% bleach and 50 % water in a spray bottle on my kitchen counter, in frustration I spray it on my arm where Im feeling a lot of crawling and biting. IMMEDIATLY the crawling/biting stopped. That was hours ago and it has not returned. I get happy and spray down the rest of my body. All crawling stopped. I have not felt a thing in hours. So I research and find out that bleach dissolve the biofilm or skin on scabies killing them on contact. I know this is the cure for me. I am going to finish cleaning my entire house with bleach, including wiping down walls. to prevent reinfection, And will spray my body down a few more times to get all the hatchlings. BLEACH, its cheap, it kills on contact and it disinfects your home. I feel like an idiot for not trying it sooner, after spending hundreds on neem oil, clove oil, DE, perm cream, horse paste, borax, arm and hammer, happy jack products, 10% perm oil during the 4 months I have had this. To think some generic bleach from the 99 cent store and tap water is the cure, is shocking. But yeah its works great! Hope this helps you!!

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#243 Feb 1, 2014
Well what can I say. It's been a long journey. M isn't scabies, its not nanotechnology , nor is it chemtrails. It's for sure water contamination with atrongyloides.I had gotten sick with gastro symptoms and the doctors couldn't figure it out. I was itchy all over, recieved bites and mysterious scratches. Never got the DOP diagnosis but was put into a psych ward. Mind you a 4.0 GPA college student just doesn't go bananas over night.I could not eat at all and was throwing up after showering. Shower had low water pressure, and sometimes would not get hot enough. landlord mother refused to believe anything was wrong and did nothing to fix the water heater.White slime would intermittently be seen in the water most likely dicty.I bathed my cats and noticed there after they started getting white flakes in their skin like I after I had bathed them. My bf from Indy came to see me in NJ and showered. When he came to visit again I noticed he too had white debris in his hair and clothes. I have since moved out of that place to Indy with my boyfriend. We are following our own protocol with OLE , Colustrum, Enzymes, Hoodia, Zeolites, Cats Claw, GSE , Virastop and Candex. Topically we have tried everything from Tumeric, Oils, lotions and Neem. Kleen Green for the environment.We just picked up Eucerin advanced dry and found overnight it literally eradicated the strongyloides in our skin overnight. My boyfriend was covered and he woke up this morning with zilch on his clothing. It's worth a shot. Eucerin advanced dry. Bathing in Palmolive Oxy has helped as well. We ordered Dinovite for the cats, and Re9 advanced bodywash( expensive) to get the integrity of our skin back. Don't give up! Keep at it. Pray. It can be beat.My bf has been my strength in this , and continues to remind me that we can overcome this struggle.
pop shoveit

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#250 Sep 21, 2015
chesterisstupid wrote:
<quoted text>
youre an idiot. why dont you bugger off. scabies are bug enough already can we all just get it right and realise that its not scabies, or Morgellons, it is GMO PESTICIDE TOXICITY POISONING!!!
After putting anti scabies pesticides all over my body several times, it has been almost a bloody YEAR and my legs have the three in a row dot pattern, the circle pattern lesions all over them, I STOPPED SPENDING ALL OF MY MONEY ON CREAMS, ANTIBIOTICS, DRYCLEANING, CONSTANT WASHING AND CRAZY NEUROTIC ROUTINES AND CHANGED MY DIET TO ORGANIC AND GUESS WHAT?
Im in the process of suing my family doctor. I suggest you all do the same.
pop shoveit

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#252 Sep 21, 2015
oh one last thing that i had to find out on my own : REACTINE HAS WHEAT IN IT.

So the more you take this allergy pill if you are gluten free...the worse you will get. Awful.
pop shoveit

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#253 Sep 21, 2015
and finally, forgot to tell you...the sores all over my arms and face, I erased the scars with Lavender oil...pure, not hybrid, 12 dollars a bottle in the health food store, and rose oil, pure again, more expensive but both are CELL REGENERATIVE...meaning, you can throw away the Polysporin since it does not work half as well as these essential oils...I should mention I was in the Film and Television Industry, this is why I was losing it and why I am writing now on here. I found out all these things through my own devices...
and out of desperation really...It is too bad I waited for the homeopathy until I had so many scars to deal with
Smart dust

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#259 Sep 26, 2016
Morgellons is a body invasion of the argentine ant. The invasion could start with an attraction to live mealy bugs in cotton clothing (the ants farm mealy bugs). It could start when the ant colony moved into the garbage disposal or shower drain. Since argentine ants take over other ant specie colonies, it could start after you poisoned one species only to attract a far worse species. If the ants took over a Harvester ant nest, then you probably have the morgellons with plants growing out if your skin. My Morgellons involves garden insects and sewer nematodes. Secondary vectors would be the parasitic mites, wasps, and flies that the govmnt is releasing. They are doing as planned by nesting in your scalp. The only only problem is that the govmnt isnt performing human safety studies nor communicating with the victims of this hell. Try getting a human to answer the phone at the CDC. Go to your local Health Depart and see what's up there. Meanwhile you can spread these bugs to everybody. FL has more planned releases of GMO Phorid flies. This is much more than diet and building a strong immune system. I had a great immune system and health until I caught this.

Melbourne, Australia

#260 Sep 27, 2016
Vann from Tennessee wrote:
Endless Itch,
This is a far better site for Morgellons. Many photos & videos to watch. Here we can see that early stages of Morgellons is identical to symptoms of Scabies:
Later stages of Morgellons are horrible beyond belief!
What is a black light and where do you get one?
Chilly Willy

Colorado Springs, CO

#261 Nov 24, 2016
And Morgellons is a Bartonella infection that you can get from cats.

Moncton, Canada

#263 Jan 9, 2017
Not sure where my other posts went or if it were here that I posted...
I want to tell you that I have found something very odd.

This past summer I had a new friend and she needed a place to stay.
She is Vegan and is totally different than me.
Not that Vegan had anything to do with it but she had a regular house fly one day and I told her that they were diseased and are pests.
She said 'No, they are our friends"
A few weeks later I got to thinking about the Fly and did an experiment by getting naked and not giving the flies any issues when they decided to land on me.
Within a reasonable amount of time the 2 or 3, sometimes half a dozen flies or so would land on me and one or two would position themselves as a lookout perhaps on an item within viewing range, sort of like a military scout or watchman.
The flies landed in the areas that I was feeling itchy and altho was difficult to let them land around my mouth and nose they seemed to be eating the microscopic bugs off of me. My understanding of how flies eat is that they spit on the food allow it to start digesting and then return to eat it.
These flies seemed to be doing that or simply eating them off me. When ever they landed on me I could feel the bugs moving around on different parts of my body (I am desensitized from these bugs and feel them when I concentrate. I know that after I get cleaned up with the Poor Mans Protocol stuff like Dr Bronners & Coconut shampoo which seems to help a lot, that I do notice when I put my same shoes on or lie down in my bed that hasnt been treated I can feel the bugs within moments itching around my nose and other areas of my body. When I put my shoes on I can feel them head towards my back & head in particular.
One note is that I use Dr. Bronners directly on my skin undiluted.
Another note is that after using the Coconut shampoo on my skin I can then rub my skin and all the scum and the barrier that these bugs have built up will roll right off. Alone these products dont do much in the longrun if you dont treat your environment somehow. I feel that I am making progress as I feel so much better after rubbing all the scum from my body and then put on the Tea Tree oil conditioner. As long as I dont put on my same boots or sit in a fabric chair that is infected I feel great for 2 or 3 days and this is with my environment in bad shape.
Maybe this will help someone or get more details on things about how these bugs work, they are real and they can be seen and caught by the simple house fly - the Black ones not the Shit flies (i call them) with gold and silver back....
another clue to the mystery of seeing these things.
Another post I made stated a way of seeing these things.
On a sunny day I can open the Front door of the house and of course heat escapes at the top half and cold air enters into the bottom of the crack. I can stand there and shake the bugs off my hair and face etc., and watch the tiny dots fly away out the crack into the sun.
The original way that I mentioned that you could see them would be to darken all windows of a room and then put a hole in one or a slit where the sunshine could shine in directly from the sun. then you will be able to see the tiny buggers like walking into a dusty barn with light shining through the cracks in the boards.
This is for Morgellons Not scabies.
Also do not use permertherins they will cause Shingles in the people living in your household if you are dealing with Morgellons, the itching and crawling feeling of bugs that are not seen.

Moncton, Canada

#264 Jan 9, 2017
Morgellons is a fungal/bacterial infection that attaches to mites and other skin infections to make new things. Morgellons bugs can and will assimilate things so your protection will not last.
I am no doctor I can only go by what I have read and then attribute to the symptoms that I am feeling and discovered.
My work with the 800x hand held microscope didnt' discover much, or did it.
Let me reiterate. I see tiny red pathways under the skin which leads to a round spot on the skin.
If you are sweating profusely you notice small opaque balls travelling rapidly through the pathways and seem to exit at the red holes (dots) and then are unseen.
There are areas of white flakes on the skin and close to these flakes are these pinkish red dots as well as black or dried-blood dots. If you find some pink dots (with 800x) you will notice close to those there is the white flaky stuff and under this flaky stuff you will notice things travelling in tiny circles within their circles. Note that I have ring worm and HPV and this may be a contributing factor but I have doubts on this.
Thanks for allowing my contribution and hope Im in the right post and on topic.
Again, DO NOT use poisions or permertherins. Only use stuff like peroxide and alcohol which I will elaborate later.
Using permertherins in my household caused my 13 year old to get Shingles on his head at least that is the closest the medical people could come to with the diagnosis, sore neck, scab on his head. I also got this big round welt on my leg that eventually opened up and is still there and purple 2 years later, like there is now a nest in my leg and the skin is funny looking and purple. When it started it was purple blister the size of a quarter and the skin was scaling and peeling from the middle outward.

Moncton, Canada

#265 Jan 9, 2017
Gabi wrote:
<quoted text>

What is a black light and where do you get one?
Black light is a UV light and you can buy them anywhere practically.
You will need a very strong light or several lights to be able to see anything if at all. Read my posts above and below to find out how to see these bugs.
Black light U/V can cause permanent damage to your eyes like a laser. Use with caution on extended periods or get a U/V filter for your eyes.

Moncton, Canada

#266 Jan 9, 2017
Sorry but one more note. I am in Canada East coast and the winter can be around -20 to -30C at times and these bugs dont like the cold and it will not kill them. I have had them for over 2 years and nothing beyond turpentine will kill them but the PMP does stun them so you can wash and rub them from your skin with the use of Dr Bronners & Coconut Oil Shampoo especially as this breaks down the barrier that these bugs make from the skin oils and dirt on your body. Even after washing several times if you dont rub your skin you wont know the difference - you must rub the scum from your body. my hair is always cut very short.
To continue, I have these bugs in my cold storage and can feel them everytime i open the doors or sometimes go near the doors that I have opened because they dont disappear completely even in the wind rain or cold although the wind does help carry some away once wonders where they go.
Anyways Im going to try a few experiments with sulfur (can only find boxes of matches) to set off inside my storage room and let that sit for a while. Spraying my boxed effects in storage had little effect as you must completely soak things for several weeks to be sure of extermination.
Best Idea is to get rid of all belongings, books, carpets, clothing, pets. get rid of it all and then paint the place with oil-based or terpentine based paints. This is an idea not a tested theory because I was free of them for a while when I sprayed turpentine in my house for several days in a row as well as treated my self with peroxide and alcohol sanitizers - the good stuff I stole from the Hospitals.
I will update about the sulfur experiments in a month or two.

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