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Otis Orchards, WA

#22 Nov 21, 2007
Kaleb, you are wrong! My eye doctor said Crabs and Scabies can get in the eyes. I've read people's stories and talked to people who have gotten them internally, in their noses, eyes, etc. And I even have a diagnosis of Scabies as of Nov 2, 07. If there are so called skin parasites, what kind of skin parasites are they?
The company you mentioned is just as nieve as you are. You must have a bad case of Scabies to know what it's like and OBVIOUSLY, you haven't had it.
Ask any AIDS patient if they have heard of any AIDS patients getting them in their eyes!
Fl Scabies

Pompano Beach, FL

#23 Mar 9, 2008
Been There wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey Al,
Well, IMO, Martins is a last resort, can't get traditional Permethrin 5%, almost broke treatment if your aiming to use it as a topical. I was using Martins Control Solutions as a topical and ran out of it. Then I discovered I could mix it with a safe synergist{Sesamin} Sesame oil. I found it wasn't a good mite killer without a synergist or PBO. I never used the sesame oil with Martins but sesamin is used with pesticides as a synergist so it should work with the Martins too. Never use a permethrin thats mixed with petroleum distillates on the skin.
You would have to wait for the Martins to arrive, by that time you'll probably have your Permethrin 5%.
Martins makes me feel horrible, but so does Permethrin 5%. Permethrin is a slow kill too, something else about it that bugs me.
My topical of choice is 1/4 pure BB to 3/4 sesame oil and add a few drops of TTO.
What is BB? and Sesame oil from the grocery? Or from healthfood store? Do I understand sesimin is pesticide not for humans? What is Martins? Best Time for topical and duration and alternates?

Deerfield Beach, FL

#24 Mar 9, 2008
ScabbiesinFL wrote:
<quoted text>
What is BB? and Sesame oil from the grocery? Or from healthfood store? Do I understand sesimin is pesticide not for humans? What is Martins? Best Time for topical and duration and alternates?
bb is benzyl benzoate and can be ordered from, well, check out the ordering links. martins is an animal permethrin liquid. can be ordered from jeffers. i mix my bb with tea tree oil and alcohol based ivemectin; a cocktail.

San Diego, CA

#26 Jul 29, 2009
hey i have this big rash. it itches and just keeps spredin around my genetal. im guessing that's scabies . i havent tried anything to treat it, and i knoe ive had it for more than 3 years is it too late to treat it. please help me out i hate this s#!t.....
Paranoid-compusi ve

Cincinnati, OH

#27 Jul 30, 2009
I dont think its ever to late to treat it, my best advice is see a dermotologist if you had it that long!! someone just gave scabbies to me and its a living hell!!!!! have treated it just mon and still having sum itching but not as bad as it was they say its post scabbie itch.. whooooo knows i hope they stay the fuck away!! i cant deal with it! do you have it any other places there are common places scabbies like to go.

Glasgow, KY

#28 Jul 30, 2009
Itch Bitch wrote:
I had sex several times with a partner who had Scabies on his penis.
Is it possible for Scabies to live inside the vagina and other parts of the body such as the rectum, mouth, eyes, etc?
Scabies does suck!
yes yes and yes! once they start crawling you cant go anywhere without digging in your pants in public just to get them off .i lost my job over this mess .

Glasgow, KY

#29 Jul 30, 2009
scabies are not that hard to get rid of when we were kids my cousins got it and creams got rid of it in a couple of weeks .its birdmites i tell you BIRDMITES OR MAYBE EVEN BED BUGS .THATS EXPLAINS WHY THEY WONT GO AWAY .

United States

#30 May 26, 2011
I've been dealing with scabies now for about a year. My Doctor gave me the perm cream twice... That didnt work. But Ive been using Tea Tree Oil in a bath every night and .Dam I almost got it !..but its so easy to get re-infected! wash and dry all your cloths and bed sheets in hot water. clean all your counters were you sit and touch with bleach solution.

Since: Apr 11

Location hidden

#31 May 26, 2011
Dave you might be reinfected but perm does not kill the egss. So you may have new batches of eggs hatching. You have to keep treating everyday to catch newly hatched larvae.
Natural Scabies Cure

Albany, NY

#32 Jun 26, 2011
There are doctors that are actually saying 1 part clove oil to 4 parts grapeseed oil which if you have 16 oz of grapeseed oil it means you want to put 4 oz of clove oil will kill the scabies. I have actually rid myself of scabies this way. Also if you are a girl or just want to deter the scabies from coming back, 1 oz of lavender added to this mix and lavender scented shampoo and conditioner will deter any scabies and most bugs from actually wanting to come back on your skin they detest the smell of lavender. If you really want to go extreme you can take 3 drops of lavender and 16 oz of water and create a misting spray to spray your bed and sheets after you wash them to ensure they won't want to come back on your bed. I hope this helps someone like it has helped my family. I will admit the first time it did feel hot but after that I was fine and I used it for a month - even after I knew it was gone so that way it wouldn't come back. The best part is it is safe for children and adults but you only want to apply enough on your skin to cover your body. You shouldn't put the whole 20-21 oz clove oil grapeseed oil body lotion on your body the first day, however, if there is more than one person that is using it just tell them to put just enough to cover thier whole body too. 3 of us live together in my family and we all used it for a month and now were fine. Like I said I hope this helps. I tried DE and it's hard to breathe so we needed a real solution that allowed us to breathe in our own home without burning our skin and the clove oil, grapeseed oil body lotion works well for that. You dont have to wash it off by the way use it like lotion and apply it 1x a day spot treating as needed. (As with most oils don't get it in your eyes but if you do use vegetable or cooking oil on a rag on your eyes to not make the problem worse). By the way the grapeseed oil goes deep enough into the skin to kill the eggs provided you are using it with the clove oil which is what actually kills the mites. You can put this body lotion on private parts too to ensure that you get rid of it everywhere.

Victorville, CA

#33 Oct 6, 2012
With all do respect. I've seen three dermatologitst. They are one step below witch doctors. They look at it, go eww, then state that it's dermatitis. Dermatitis - irritation of the skin. Then they say use over the counter skin lotion. 3 out of 3 dermatologists oh and they give me a steroid cream. So everything from blindness to aging can be cured with store bought over the counter lotion and topical steroids. Dermatologist should be latin for I graduated at the very bottom of my medical school class and slept through all my exams and no other medical profession would take me so here I am. If you want to get treated for something see an internal medicine specialist who focuses on infectious diseases. Maybe you could see someone who's treated patients in 2nd or 3rd world countries who are familiar with treating parasites.
Paranoid-compusive wrote:
I dont think its ever to late to treat it, my best advice is see a dermotologist if you had it that long!! someone just gave scabbies to me and its a living hell!!!!! have treated it just mon and still having sum itching but not as bad as it was they say its post scabbie itch.. whooooo knows i hope they stay the fuck away!! i cant deal with it! do you have it any other places there are common places scabbies like to go.

Connellsville, PA

#34 Jul 12, 2013
ive been fighting scabies for a course of three years I had a partner that had them and didn't say a thing and next thing u know all my friends and family were covered in them and now every time I think I got rid of it 2 months later I break out again I don't know what to do ive used all the medicine and its as if my body isn't responding to treatment anymore is that medically possible? Ive used lindane, permethrin, and pills! Ive also tried to soak in the bath with the supposed remedies ive used bleach and gasoline and I cant get rid of it and its as if my doctor gave up on me and its driving me insane its even on my face and my lips and my doctor claims its impossible to get on your face but you can see it as clear as day please give me advice im going insane!!!!
pin prick woman

Annandale, Australia

#35 Jul 12, 2013
christines_crawlies wrote:
Another question. If my partner has scabies on his hands and fingers, should I assume I have them in my vagina? If so, how would I treat that?
NOOOO you can't its too acidic for their living conditions. Like our face scabies don't like acidic skin but by all means don't stop eating acidic food as mites hate it & you need a fatty meal with your ivermectin to make it last longer in your system. Don't shower for 2days after iver meds. Iver isn't human grade (no offence to the other person who said it is) TRUTH- your ivermectin dose is double what they'd give a horse. If you want to speed up recovery & kill these scabies u must use natural parasite cleaners. If you have the $$ use the pre made natural remedy advertised on internet. If not use 6% clove bud oil 20% tea tree oil 10% neem oil 10% eukylyptus oil or manuka oil 54% sesame oil twice a day. Apply oils b4 you dress & b4 your pj's are put on. This will take a month as insect live only 30days. Follow all the washing instructions given on internet. Use gloves when handling washing unless its coming OUT of drier. Put & keep all dirty clothes in clean plastic bags until out of drier & use them to store clean dried clothes until your pimples are gone. If you can't use the drier use the iron. Don't mix up washing baskets. Do this with bedding too. I didn't wash my doona i just put it in the drier. Re infestation from hard serfices is rare so concentrate on CARPET BED & CLOTHES. Cover couch chairs with plastic. Use salt & bi carb on carpet. Wear plastic shoes thongs as easy to wash. Put combs in freezer. I had scabies for 2months. 1st month using useless Dr's creams with no improvement but lots of improvement after natural remedy. Scabies have built resistance to Permethrin & ivermectin like all insects do but nature knows what she's doin. Reason gov uses pesticides is they are cheaper. Permethrin is only synthetic pyrethrin which is same stuff you have in mosquito repellent. Clove oil kills mites in 15mins neem makes mites sterile like a contraceptive & is a repellent so look it up on internet. Tea tree kills baby mites & gets rid of infection & fungus. Just keep killing them mites & bring their numbers down. Wear this oil in your hair. Don't ruin your skin with bleach & pesticides. Sorry if my post is all over the place. Iv only an hour break for lunch. Bless beautiful people.

Eau Claire, WI

#38 Sep 25, 2013
YEs you can get it on your scalp and in your nose and eyes we have it here for 3 months, docs just dont have a clue no one does until they get it.

Since: Aug 13

Location hidden

#39 Sep 25, 2013
aaisaw wrote:
<quoted text>
Beware of internet scams like this. They are making many posts on this forum to make it seem like they are legitimately helping you. What they are doing is redirecting you to their website, where they will take your money, until you have no more money to give them. Beware of websites like this!!! They are very clever in what they do!! They do not sell legitimate scabies cure meds. You can buy sulphur soap for $2.00 at walmart. Don't spend $40 for a small bottle of essential oils or $60 for an environmental spray!!
wow are they really charging that much....that is a scam. When I first had scabies I came across many of these websites that would only give out info if you paid. Luckily I think for the community much of what they were offering as cures got out there in the public domain to be judged. I saw one that was promoting milk of all things.

If your going to buy natural products like essential oils use the internet to source from places that provide organic/clean oils. Believe it or not most oils have pesticide residue in them, lemon oils have the highest pesticides. There are many online independant traders for oils, check its pure essential oil or just go to your health food store....

sheesh people don't fall for scams out of desperation and a simple mouse click, shop around and compare prices once you know what you want to do.

Since: Aug 13

Location hidden

#41 Sep 25, 2013
oh thats right, you have to pay $8 a click when listed with google, so yes posting your link here is free advertising.

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