What really are the signs of scabies?

What really are the signs of scabies?

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Concerned and Scratching

Singapore, Singapore

#1 Jul 26, 2010

I would appreciate it if you could help. For over two weeks I have had worsening rashes and constant itching. Having spent a week reading up, it seems the most likely cause is scabies. I have had sexual intercourse with a a few women in the past 6-8 weeks. Two of which a regular partners and one of which was on holiday. It is highly unlikely that the two women are the cause. One I slept with 6 weeks ago and although I havent asked shows no symptoms. The other was 3-4 weeks ago and again at present shows no symptoms (i have asked). The 3rd was a more casual encounter and I am not aware of her status. However, the symptoms started 3 days after contact with her. From what I read it seems unlikely she could be the cause as I have never had scabies previously. This would infer that the other two, displaying no symptoms were? This seems odd. Although I realise it can be caught through other contacts, as i read it is unlikely unless living with someone. I do not live with anybody.

Sorry for the long nature of this. But as you can imagine i am concerned. Particuarly of passing it on. The first symptom was incredibly itchy palms. Red blothes appeared on my palms. After that this has spread rapidly in the past two weeks to almost every part of my body. The rash is strange. Mainly it is read and bumpy but appears and dissappears in sometimes 5-10 minutes. Aggrevated by my scratching. I have been looking for burrow marks but while they were elusive, I can now see some tiny holes in a row on my shin and two on my stomach (although no line behind them). These maybe caused be through scratching and breaking the skin.

Finally since last night I am experiencing an itchy face and scalp. Although I hear that this is highly rare it is possible. Could this all happen in two weeks through scabies or does it sound like something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am visting a dermatologist in two days but from reading other posts it seems mis diagnosis is common and I want to get a concensus of opinion. Thanks for reading!

San Ramon, CA

#2 Jul 26, 2010
It's good that you're going to a dermatologist. With our outbreak, our doctor just gave us Premethrin Cream to use, and said if the itching stops then it was probably scabies. A lot of the people in this forum say their scabies get confirmed when a doctor takes a scraping and looks at it under the microscope. My advice to you is to get your doc to make a positive id before you treat for it. Otherwise you are kind of shooting in the dark. We've treated 3x and my husband keeps getting "bites" here and there. I am so sick of doing all the wash and cleaning the house, throwing away towels, etc. Tomorrow he's going to his doc to try for a positive i.d. I haven't seen my grandkids in over a month and I'm starting to feel like one of those people who need to live in a bubble. As for your symptoms, they sound like there is a fair chance you have it, though I never got any on my palms and haven't heard of it much or at all. Good luck. Whatever it takes, ya gotta do it.
Concerned and Scratching

Singapore, Singapore

#3 Jul 27, 2010
Hi Itchygirl. Thanks for the advice. Yeah it seems really tough from what I have read. Its driving me crazy. But mostly I hate the thought I might have passed it to other people. The palms and scalp is what seems to go againts the common diagnosis.

May I ask did yours spread that quickly? Also did your rash's emerge and be itchy for about 10 minutes and then dissapear? The photos show similar rashes but not how long they stay each time.
Dr Spock


#4 Jul 27, 2010
Hey Sailor,

It seems you need extra attention.

They say that it starts with an itch...

Let's put put it bluntly and as course as possible:
Have you had any unprotected anal sex with those beautiful Ladies?
Concerned and Scratching

Singapore, Singapore

#5 Jul 27, 2010
Dr Spock
Yes I have had, in fact with all 3, i know feel stupid. To be honest I have looked into other std's and it seems that this is not a symptom of other stds neccessarily. Although it could be viral.
HIV rashes are also different. I have looeked into that. Any thoughts
Dr Spock


#6 Jul 27, 2010
Now I will have to wash your ears!

Never have unprotected anal sex, because escherichia coli (intestinal bacterium) is loaded with factor you don't want to know about.

What people learn from Piggy Porn, is to do A. B. C.
Vaginal, Anal, Oral.


The long term result can be an irreversible or very difficult to treat (and almost always undiagnosed gone) skin, gum, vaginal, bladder, testicular disease an so on.


What you describe associates with Syphilis.

Consequently: the advise is to ask for a blood test to exclude Syphilis.
You also can opt for a combined test if you have something going on that resembles a (small) sore. This often involves the penis, the anal region, or the lips. Can be very difficult to spot.

If you have pustules, than have a swab taken to exclude any bacterial or fungal infection.

Ask to see excluded: the colonization with in particular staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, gram negatives, or any other virulent organism.

Only excellent microbiological research can try to define what actually is going on.

Ask your GP or specialist to issue this type research.

Be so kind to report back what the result is of this type action.

Mite Buster

Hollywood, FL

#7 Jul 27, 2010
Dr Spock wrote:
Hey Sailor,
It seems you need extra attention.
They say that it starts with an itch...
Let's put put it bluntly and as course as possible:
Have you had any unprotected anal sex with those beautiful Ladies?
Netherlands. You are starting to show your true colors again. You need to back off with that. If you want the people out there to respect you, you need to back off.

Benha, Egypt

#8 Jul 27, 2010
Dr Spock,

Respect. And well done on your response. A little humour goes a long way in this stressed-up world in which we live.

And you advice seems sound. Being aware of such possible alternative diagnoses will help lots of people who would otherwise waste months or years of their lives treating "scabies" when they don't actually have it.

Keep it up.

The good work, that is.
Concerned and Scratching

Singapore, Singapore

#9 Jul 27, 2010
Mite Buster.

To be honest I appreciate any answers at the moment.

Dr Spock are you actually a doctor? I have thought about syphilis. The palms etc. I also had a sore on my lips but this went in a few days with cold sore remedy. Essentially facial herpes. Anyway ill ask for all the tests.

Mite Buster

Hollywood, FL

#10 Jul 27, 2010
Concerned and Scratching wrote:
Mite Buster.
To be honest I appreciate any answers at the moment.
Dr Spock are you actually a doctor? I have thought about syphilis. The palms etc. I also had a sore on my lips but this went in a few days with cold sore remedy. Essentially facial herpes. Anyway ill ask for all the tests.
Okay, that's cool. No, he/she is not a doctor. Sometimes she/he gets off track and will post sexually explicit stuff. He/she once posted a very graphic and sexual music video, that included blood, etc. I'm just trying to keep him/her in check, but, I can see, it might be difficult this time around. This is a Scabies Forum, and sometimes I lose patience with him. How much can you read about staph, MRSA, bleach, and now syphilis. If I have to fight him on my own, then so be it. Enough is enough. Most posters know to skip over his comments and just let him be. I am the only one who will stand up to him and he/she doesn't like it. That's all.
Humor him. He likes it.
Dr No


#11 Jul 27, 2010
Hey Span,

How are you,

I forgot to ask what you received in terms of treatment, and if any culture has been performed plus susceptibility testing.
And are you symptom free?

By the way, need to go back to Egypt.Cairo is marvelous, Sinai is marvelous.

Like to get back!

Concerned and Scratching:

You need earlier mentioned tests, you only can work by exclusion.
The Syphilis sore is transitory, thus will disappear.

If you have a sore, it may easily become super infected.
Does not matter what comes first.

Its like a piece of plowed land.
First this specie, than suppressed and/or another.

Herpes is a difficult one, and you probably would like to know if it is type 1 or 2. In your case probably type 1.
Also for this a type specific test is available

Theoretically a cure exists for Herpes, but it is not on the market.
Was somewhere in 2008 announced.

Advise is to ask for the blood test and have also other microbiological tests performed.

I think it is not that difficult to get tests issued.
Why not tell the attending Medic that you have been playing Russian Roulette with a few "James Bond girls" of unknown pedigree.


Crewe, VA

#12 Jul 27, 2010
sounds like you have scabies. I think the biggest sign is the prickling, and the tiny burrows. occasionally your hands will have this prickling feel to them, almost like its static electricity around your hands, but its scabies mites. I've found a lot of misinformation/symptoms out there, and people saying they have scabies having completely different symptoms than me. I haven't seen one scabie yet, while some claim to see their move regularly. Anyways i would BET you have scabies from your symptoms, especially if your hands are getting that sort of prickly/tingling-static feel to them.
Concerned and scratching

Singapore, Singapore

#13 Jul 27, 2010
Thanks guys

I appreciate the effort in speaking. Im off to the doctors tomorrow so will ask for all possible testing to rule out what its not. Hopefully that will show it to be something other than the above mentioned. None of which is great. Im kind of hoping its pyschosymantic after some risky behaviour. But that I guess would be a dream of mine!
Concerned and scratching

Singapore, Singapore

#14 Jul 27, 2010
By the way nobody has confirmed whether it is normal for scabies rashs to appear in 5-10 minutes itch like hell and then just dissapear. From what I have heard they seem more permenant and constant. My rashes move around my body constantly throughout the day. This might be because I aggrevate them by itching and that is why they appear.

Anyway. Thanks again
Response unit


#15 Jul 28, 2010
First gently press for microbiological research, and the syphilis blood test.

By the way; the syphilis test is often free of charge in sexual transmittable disease center. Also try to get the Hepatitis tests (A B C)

Why not also invest in a nice set kinky colored condoms?

Roodepoort, South Africa

#17 Aug 2, 2010
Here is a Great Video on the signs and symptomps of Scabies. You can watch it at

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