Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I want to discuss the load of internal parasites that I had when I ended up with scabies...I used xtra strength humaworm and also afterwards used aim herbal fiberblend......I believe my immune system is very low because of a hysterectomy and appendicts operations. The load of parasites was shocking. I fully intend to get the late Dr. Hulda Clarks parasite formula.......I just started realizing I must really build up my immune system, and yes I am the one who uses defendex dog shampo, so I have ordered nuvet plus powder for cats....the ingredients are impressive and so are the testimonials....also I am considering getting a life coach because this could be partly emotional, we are a body, soul and spirit.......well, I hope that I am not boring you.....I will keep you posted if you like.........keep your eyes on the eastern skies