I did a strong permethrin 10% scalp d...

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#65 Aug 22, 2010
Joe Schmoe wrote:
1) I hate it when you spend HOURS researching all your symptoms, and you KNOW what you have, only to have the doctor barely glance at your body and tell you it's something else. Then you're standing there trying to explain how this and that symptom is scabies. First he told me it was just some harsh perfume in my soap (the one I've used for months without a problem). Then it was just a fungal infection. Finally I kept showing him the signs on my body and he prescribed Permethrin 5%.
2) You guys that had reactions on your eyelids: It was probably just the treatment itself. Your eyelids are sensitive. But who knows.
3) I've been told that the mites are too small for your skin's pressure/friction nerves to feel them individually. So if you're having crawling sensations, it's probably a skin reaction (yes, even to a mite itself), rather than you actually feeling a mite currently running on the skin.
4) All these people talking about dousing yourself with intensive treatments day after day, and still having "bites": You really need to consider whether it is your skin just reacting to the treatment. Skin is sensitive, and its bumps, eruptions, and inflammations can look just like scabies. Give it just a two-week break and see what happens! Although if you have burrows, that's definitely not just a reaction.
5) The possibility that scabies are developing a resistance worldwide is scary! I do not want to live like this the rest of my life. With all the nasty chemicals out there, surely we can find something that kills them better. They're just small bugs with needs for crying out loud! Although I think part of what makes them hard to kill is killing their eggs.
6) Before getting the Permethrin, I kept them in check by covering problem areas with soap (without water), massaging it onto my skin and letting it dry, and just leaving that on my skin all day. At the very least it made the bumps and itching subside; I also thought it would harass them and possibly prevent burrowing/eating. In the end it only slowed them down, and my skin was tired of getting dried out, so I'm using the permethrin.
7) I wouldn't call this a "nightmare" (I guess I have a minor case), although I am afraid of people finding out, and I can't go swimming or wear shorts.
God bless... Let's beat this menace.
#2. eyelids. yes, mites can and will infect eyelids.

#3. when you feel mites crawling on your skin, it is just that, mites crawling on your skin. the young ones looking for a mate. it is part of their finely tuned survival. which they are super good at... don't you think?

agree that not everyone feels this. but, some are highly sensitive to the mite infestation on their bodies.

4. not everyone is dousing ourselves with treatments day after day. we know our bodies and what our bodies can take and cannot take. you learn from experience.

7. you are lucky to have a minor case of this. nightmare it is!!! I vote nightmare!! I vote hell-raisers. I vote plague!! I vote we get off this ship and find some nice beach to relax...
littlemiss pissed off

Waltham, MA

#66 Sep 26, 2010
chris wrote:
Oh please help! I did an extra strong 10% permethrin dip on my sclp last night.. this morning I had bites on my face and eyebrows. Now, I have bites all over my face and by body is startingto itch-they are NOW on my body! I CAN'T give this to my cats and dogs-onedog has it and I gave her ivermectin on Sunday and she is now worse, too! Now, tonight, I just look1.7 mls of ivermectin 1% njectible for cattle, and I took it orally! I am scared. If it doesnt work I dont know what I'm going to do. What could have happened withthepermethrin? Did allthe scabies go running from my scalp because of the permethrin dip onmy scalp? previous to today I only had it on my scalp!
mean while u having the medication on did u sweep and clean everything , i think that is the big key u must clean for 3 days and wash wash wash I would was your bedding everyday for 3 days
joy posey

Huntsville, AL

#67 Oct 29, 2010
I've tried everything listed above. I still have them. I am so tired of washing sheets, blankets and anything else I touch. I take 3 baths a day. Spray my carpets everyday and my vehicle. I am miserable. Had a dr. give me lindane. I haven't done this yet. Little scared too. Plus you can only use once. I'm going to try the listerine. Going to get some now. Hope it works. I don't leave the house except to work. Im going nuts. I would not wish this on my worst enemy!

El Sobrante, CA

#68 Nov 2, 2010
If you still check this please help me!
Are you saying that your intense itching and pin pricks and scalp problem was a contagious foliculitis in the end? What medicine were you given?
mite hater wrote:
Hi everyone. I hope this changes some if not all of your lives: I have been battling scabies for 3 months now... or so I thought. I did contact scabies and so did my 2 toddlers and husband. We were diagnosed by my kids pediatrician. We all used the permitherin 5%, felt good then my husband and I would get bumps and bites about 4-5 days later... my kids a few days later. We used permitherin 2 more times with the same result. I started reading all the posts on this site and was seeing how everyone else was not being cured by all the treatments that thier doctors were perscribing. After our 3rd refill on permitherin the doctor said that we needed to see a specialist because the permitherin should have worked after the 1st time. We went to see a dermatologist, explained all this to the dermatologist, he quickly looked at us and said we did not have scabies and did not listen to what we had to say about getting bites and itching and all the classic signs of scabies. He just gave us hydrocortisone for the itch. We were irritated and scheduled another dermatologist appointment with a new doctor.In the mean time we ordered sulfur and was mixing it with lotions and vaseline and wearing it ( which was horrable). we just saw the new doctor a few days ago. This doctor looked very carefully at all of us. we told him how we had spent hundreds of hours studying about scabies and how we had all the classic signs. we said how we get the pin prick bites, more at night, intense intching, and all the treatments we had did. I was hoping he would perscribe ivermectin for us. He also said we did not have scabies. i had bites all over my scalp and neck and showed him. He said that scabies do not usually go on the head. I thought yah thats what they say but i beg to differ. He told us we had folliculitis which is usually caused from scabies and the treatment of scabies. He perscribed us a medication for it. I said the last doctor told us not to do anything and our bites got worse. the derm. told us thats because you need to treat your new condition. we prayed about it and hoped he was right,being that we had not seen any friends or family for 3 months and thanksgiving was just arounnd the corner. We have taken his advise and feel great! the itching is getting less and less and I finally felt secure enough to get my curtains and pillows etc. back out of bags. I can't believe i stressed that whole time about scabies when we probably had them for 1/4 of the time that we thought. if any one has questions i would be happy to answer them. I feel guilty now that i was putting toxic creams on my kids when we didn't even need them. I hope this helps someone. I know it would have saved me time, money and greif if i would have know months ago.

Hollywood, FL

#69 Nov 4, 2010
zuz88 wrote:
If you still check this please help me!
Are you saying that your intense itching and pin pricks and scalp problem was a contagious foliculitis in the end? What medicine were you given?
<quoted text>
Zuz88: You may have animal sarcoptic mite, which causes the crawling, pin pric bites, on scalp, face, etc. You can try revolution on your cat, but ivermectin is much better. Once a week for both of you. wash her in a mild cat shampoo once a week. pay special attentoin to bedding, clothes, shoes, carpet, computer area, etc. Have a look under a 60x pocket microscope and see if you see any tiny black specs. All the answers to everything is here in this forum. Try the Sardex Benzyl Benzoate spray by Happy Jacks on your scalp, etc.

Grand Rapids, MI

#71 Apr 22, 2011
Stumbled across this thread while researching scabies. My son has had them for almost 6 months, being repeatedly misdiagnosed by two different pediatricians. I know the thread is old, but this information is important to anyone who might read this in the search for answers. The fact that you say your dog also has them leads me to believe you do not have scabies at all. Scabies mites can only live on human hosts. After a couple days away from a human, a mite will die. Some say they can last up to a week. It can't be spread to pets.


#72 May 1, 2011
Maybe try tea tree oil?


#73 May 2, 2011
sally111 wrote:
Maybe try tea tree oil?
Tea Tree Oil for resistant scaibes doesn't do JACK!! Do you know Jack? He knows alot about resistant scabies, and all the so-called essential oils DO NOT work for resistant scabies.

Orlando, FL

#74 Jul 5, 2011
I been with scabies by 9 months now is a terrible experience specially at nigth because it is impossible to sleep and everyday i get to tired, desperate, depress and even agresive. I VE USED PHERMETRIN LIKE 15 TIME IN MY WHOLE BODY, IVERMECTIN LIKE 6 TIMES, I VE USED MANY THINGS TO KILL THIS PARASITES AND i still feeling bites and new bumps appear. and now I will use THE CLINDAMYCIN 1% for folliculitis and see if what i feel is the reaction of phermetrin in my body GOD HELP US!!!!
Herbal Girl

United States

#75 Sep 16, 2011
Even with my herbal endeavours this has been a bane to my existance. Contacted in service to the elderly I now go to serve with treatment...mad yes necessary , absoulely! I feel crazy, sick, sad, and hopeful..........researched unti I am blind.

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#76 Sep 24, 2011
Herbal Girl wrote:
Even with my herbal endeavours this has been a bane to my existance. Contacted in service to the elderly I now go to serve with treatment...mad yes necessary , absoulely! I feel crazy, sick, sad, and hopeful..........researched unti I am blind.
Try washing your hair and body while wearing plastic gloves all the time and when doing treatments. It still takes time depending how badly you have it and for how long. This is what I have been doing the past 2 weeks and I find it makes a huge difference. I treat my hands everday and feet, soaking either in one of the following, peroxide diluted in water, alchol, rubbing on hands while wearing plastic gloves always to prevent reinfection. I steam my face and treat it daily as well. I always wear plastic gloves whenever I apply anything to my body, treatment and or showers. I keep my hands off my body, face, hair etc as much as humanly possible. This seems to be working for me. I have not (knock on wood) seen any burrows for at least 3 weeks, I know I am not over it yet, but I am definetly making some serious strides I believe to getting over it. I have been dealing with this for a year and it takes time and its a learning experience. If you want any more tips from me let me know. Good luck!

Hanoi, Vietnam

#77 Mar 18, 2012
Star aniseed oil.
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#78 Mar 18, 2012
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Hyattsville, MD

#79 May 23, 2012
Can anyone direct me to a doctor in maryland willing to prescribe ivermectin. every Doc I talk to tells me no.

Ceres, CA

#80 Jul 4, 2012
go feed or pet shore. they sell it for horse wormers and dog wormers. All are IVERMECTIN You can buy cattle wormer too
As far as peroxide goes I know it will kill maggots in a heart beat. just pour in to sore where maggots are. have used on cattle and dogs.. So i am going to tell my sister about the borax and peroxide mixture for her scratchy dog.

Thanks her dog is misable.....
Kayleigh 22

Gloucester, UK

#81 Oct 19, 2012
Wow can't believe the post by mite hater, everything you've described is me to a T I'm in hell I contracted scabies for the first time last November and it took a while to figure out what it was by the time I realised it was so bad that I was literally up all night tearing my skin off! After a battle with doctors I finally rid of it with derbac m and lyclear.... anyway August this year it came bk! Since then I have had countless doctor appointments derma appointments and have spent over 150 on prescriptions and medication I am overdrawn bcos of it :( I work in a hair salon which is not ok when your itching all day! I can barely touch/see my boyfriend through fear of giving it to him I wash, sterilise and steam all my clothes and bedroom daily I literally feel like I'm in hell and no one can help, I feel disgusting and depressed and have had about 15 treatments now including ivermectin. The week I took iver it seemed to die down the derm only gave it me (to prove his point that it wasn't scabies but an allergy) since when do allergies bite you hey!? Now it's come back bad again giving him every reason to fob me off with creams for allergies once again. Im so desperate I don't know what to do my bf has read about something called neem? anyone heard of this? Im
now thinking maybe I could have the folliculitis too as I've had way too many treatments and am still feeling the biting crawling but no track marks at the moment? Im so scared of ending up with it as bad as some of you poor people its driving me mental as it is I just can't take any more..... HELP?:(
Sam M

Camden, NJ

#83 Mar 4, 2013
ThanQ 4 xtra info;Takes putting a lot of info 2gethr 2 make sense; Here're my 2 sense:[my mos. history of progression: scalp bumps (colonization starts)...pinprick small skin penetrations...several 1/4",2", then 1x8" linear tracks. 1) coated 100% in Permethrin cream=good night's sleep+in morning, 1 1/4" lesion furrow; 2)coated again=v. similar results to "1)", but added pinprick (smaller) skin penetrations, like symptoms first presented.
SO,people, 1)permethrin doesn't penetrate skin well
2) scabies mites are BOTH on top of skin and burrowed underneath...TIME LATER...3)laid egz UNDER SKIN HATCH. 4)Here we go again(cycle repeats) with a new generation.

Long Beach, CA

#84 Mar 9, 2013
Our family got scabies and the doctor gave us Premetherin 5% head to to and This pill called Stromectol 3 mg (Ivermecthin) which is used for parasites. We had to use the Premetherin after showering and bed, then take the pills (which are based on body weight) in the morning. Meanwhile clean house spottless, clean all bedding in hot water, hot dryer, put mattress in a zip cover, change sheets every day and wash hot water hot dryer, seal all pillows, couch pillows, comforters or anything that touches the skin in airtight trash bags for two weeks, vacuum every day and clean and empty the canistor or bag. Then in one week do the Premetherin 5% and the pill again for the second round. As it stands right now, we got rid of them. Also make sure you cut your nails short and put the premetherin under the nails as they love to hide there from what out dermatologist told us. Good luck everyone, I hope this information helps!!!

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#85 May 6, 2013
At a routine GP appointment, I mentioned to the doctor that I'd been itching, and that in particular my lower legs were unbelievably itchy. She took a look, said it was scabies (I worked out where I'd picked it up, some six weeks before) and gave me a prescription for permethrin. I followed the directions, bagged my clothes and bought new bedding. Some days later, I was still itchy, but the directions had said the itch could continue for four weeks. After a week, I was itching even more, and read OK online that it's best to reapply to kill any fresh mites. I was unable to pick some up, so I resigned myself to having to start again and make two applications a week apart. Whilst the second application was on, I had the strangest sensation - at the periphery of where the cream had been applied (ie my face and scalp, which had not been treated) it felt like millions of tiny bugs were migrating, almost like a mild but constant electric shock all around my face edge and scalp edge.
In the following days, the itch became worse. Now there were pin pricks, and intense crawling sensations which would come from nowhere and make me jump. I applied what remained of the cream to my lower legs, which by now were quite tender, almost burned, likely from the insecticide. Rewashing, rebagging etc recommenced. Reading horror stories here, I imagined I was going to be stuck with this for months or even years.
At some point, I decided to look at this logically. It didn't seem possible that the intense crawl sensation was being produced by a microscopic creature, such was the scale and intensity of the feeling. It felt more like something the size of a cockroach beneath my skin.
It seemed likely that as permethrin is neurotoxic to the mites, it could have a similar, though milder effect on human nerves. I think its neurotoxic effects on humans are probably systemic, and affect the whole organ (of skin) which is why we can feel the sensations on the scalp and face, which were left untreated.
I decided to bite the bullet and just ride it out, and thankfully, three weeks on, all symptoms have disappeared and I'm itch-free.
Really, it's the permethrin making you itch. Just ride it out for a month. Every time the paranoia kicks in and you apply it again, you're probably resigning yourself to another month of never ending misery.Good luck


Banner Elk, NC

#86 Jul 20, 2013
I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Permethrin) http://www.7-rx.com/catalog/Skincare/Acticin.... Good price and quality.

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