ivermectin side effects?

ivermectin side effects?

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Brooklyn, NY

#1 Dec 3, 2007
i'm starting treatment w/ ivermectin today. what side effects have others on this drug experienced? any helpful hints?

Dallas, TX

#2 Dec 3, 2007
The side effects for me have been curing me after 8 long years of misdiagnosis. Ivermectin has allowed me to reclaim my life. No side effects. Best of luck to you.

Seattle, WA

#3 Dec 4, 2007
Ron wrote:
The side effects for me have been curing me after 8 long years of misdiagnosis. Ivermectin has allowed me to reclaim my life. No side effects. Best of luck to you.
There are side effects. Shortness of breathe, joint pains, rapid heart beats. Some people get side effects others don't. Take it with caution.

Deerfield Beach, FL

#4 Dec 4, 2007
lucas544 wrote:
i'm starting treatment w/ ivermectin today. what side effects have others on this drug experienced? any helpful hints?
the results of ivermectin far outweigh the side effects. one side effect is loose stools. headache. tummy ache. joint pain. grouchiness. tired feeling. one poster takes it at night, cause it makes them tired and sleepy and you can sleep well on it.


#5 Dec 5, 2007
please where did you get it
Ron wrote:
The side effects for me have been curing me after 8 long years of misdiagnosis. Ivermectin has allowed me to reclaim my life. No side effects. Best of luck to you.

Orlando, FL

#6 Dec 5, 2007
First my doctor prescribed it for me. I was given two doses - helped, but not enough.
He pretty much couldnt believe that it didnt solve this for me, so I wasnt able to get any more from him. Also its really hard to even fill the perscription, A pharmasist rang all over Boise and finally found it for me.

So with out any other option, and needing it as fast as possible I went to my local feed store - in Idaho its called Zamzows (in case its in your state too) You can also buy it online, I'm sorry but I dont remember the link.

Anyway in my opinion the human grade iver, and the horse paste do exactly the same thing for me.
I take mine with lots of oil capsules (I use fish oil) and grapefruit juice, which is a recommendation I found in other posts.

anyway any feed store should carry it, I have brought it as ivercare 1.87% or ivermectin 1.87% those have been the brands/names that work for us.

Shawnee, KS

#7 Dec 5, 2007
I don't know if this will help but what I found for me is that the side effects coincided with how large the kill was. For others that does not seem to be the same. I think it is different for each individual. There are many sites that one can access for information on Iver et al. If one is worried about taking it, access the research studies that have utilized it as well. It is used as a first line of treatment in many countries in which scabies is indigent to the area. Africa on a large scale.

For some, horsepaste did not work and for others, me included, it affected me the same as human grade. Also took with olive oil and grapefruit juice.(Olive oil is good in mono-unsaturated or good fats that fight bad fats) Fish oil is a good idea as well, beneficial too. Grapefruit juice does seem to prolong its effects for me as well as some others.

Please research the contraindications to taking it, ie. a blood-brain barrier disease. In animals, collie dogs are excluded from taking Iver. due to its ability to cross that barrier. In humans it is commonly excluded from pregnant women or children under a certain weight. Although, I did come across some internet articles that stated use in pregnant women in Africa although I can't remember the site.

If you are unsure of a feed store in your area, the internet has many available with timely deliveries. I found the paste to be more affordable, tastes awful.

Jefferspet.com Equine tab


Good luck!

Shawnee, KS

#8 Dec 5, 2007

Human Grade Ivermectin in 3,6,or 12mg tabs


Seems to have the most affordable prices for human grade Iver. Takes awhile to receive. May want to consider ordering enough for several doses.

Animal Ivermectin at above sites in previous poster.

Shawnee, KS

#9 Dec 5, 2007
Please let me clarify.....Ivermectin has been used many times without adverse events but I still like to see others know a little about what they are going to ingest.

Murfreesboro, TN

#10 Jul 28, 2008
How often did you take it?
MM-M wrote:
Please let me clarify.....Ivermectin has been used many times without adverse events but I still like to see others know a little about what they are going to ingest.
Itty Bitty Critters

Hollywood, FL

#11 Jul 28, 2008
James wrote:
How often did you take it?
<quoted text>
James: It depends on how infested you are. I know one person who is heavily infested and her doctor has her taking it every 3 days. That is very often. I have taken it once every 5 days. You have to time the hatching of the mite eggs. Also, I am not sure if ivermectin will kill the very immature mites, as their central nervous system is not fully developed when they are young. It DOES kill the adult mites. Ivermectin is very good at curing those with sarcoptic mites. The problem most people have is reinfection from fomites.


#12 Jul 28, 2008
James, No side effects for the Iver, for me, except at first itching from the die off. That makes a lot of people think it doesn't work, because you are going to be itchy at first. And will have allergens for a few days. Also, at some later point when all the ones on you are dead, when you are first "cured", you can get a massive itching on you from even one new mite that finds you in the enviroment.(Watch for this, one dose of Iver as a "morning-after" dose will help this reinfestation). Reinfestation is from an adult or junior mite, which Iver can get. This kind of mass itching is a warning. And it means you are down to no mites, that's the good news, and reinfestation is usually a huge itchy warning, so save a moring after dose for that occurance.(It's too bad Iver is not ovicidal. Then it would be a one dose thing, with a 9 day followup to make sure that all the environmental ones are either dead or back on you in time for the second dose). I think you should think in terms of a 28 day full life cycle if you've been infested for a while. If you had them over a month, you probably have a 28 day supply of eggs from the about-to-die-of-oldage mites. You also will have younger mites with fewer days supply of eggs. You will feel better in a few weeks, but the eggs of the oldest mites will still not have hatched yet. If you only have four doses of Iver, then take them seven days apart. We aren't talking about horse paste here are we? Because it's not even labled for mites. Ideally, I think that it is best to get all the adults with your first dose, then three days later, get a bunch more new hatchee adults, now the population is getting under control, then every five days for the rest of the month. That should also allow enough time to let the environmental mites back on and on and before the last dose.(Your environmental mites will really diminish by the end, dead or back on you). P.S. I strongly believe in topicals in between Iver doses. Perm or sulfer. Also, Iver works better if you grease up, with lotion or something to keep it in your skin. Get some plastic gloves to attend to your personal hygine. Better than washing your hands, as washing the skin also washes out the Iver. Don't shower for 24 hours. Drink grapefruit juice all you want. Eat a long, long time after, have the emptiest stomach possible. Good luck!


#13 Jul 28, 2008
I mean find a lotion you like and can use full body for the 24 hours of Iver. The lotion keeps the Iver better in your skin, but it should be something you like to use. I use the Perm midweek to cover that midweek hatch. I thought about using them at the same time, but I really like doing them separately and feel I get less mites evironmentally that way. I use sulfer the rest of the time, but I spot treat with that. Oh, if you have them in your scalp, a leave in conditioner when do the Iver will keep the Iver in your scalp better, too. Don't rinse that either for 24 hours. Or a little more. Like 30 hours if you can hold off showering.

United States

#14 Aug 12, 2008
Does anyone know if the ivermectin from Canadian Pharmacy is authentic? It seems to be helping, but my armpits are a stinkin' mess.


#15 Aug 24, 2008
Switch to a gel alchohol type of deoderant. Mites just can't survive that type. I use Secret. It really works on pits. They will relocate, I don't think it kills them, but it should move them to an easier to get area. P.S. Don't use any deoderant on the Iver days, let the Iver into the skin. Wash well with antibacterial soap, then moisturize with something to keep the Iver in the skin, then don't wash for 24 hours. if you prefer to use a topical, then don't wash that off for 24 hours either.

United States

#16 Aug 24, 2008
Flagyl won't let me use any alcohol! Can you believe it! Flagyl is like antibuse--I don't drink anyway, but I mean I can't use mouthwash! It's that toxic.
Now, alcohol in a spray bottle is one of my main spot tools. This 2 weeks is just crazy--getting rid of bacterial infection so I can get rid of mites--been feeling so bad--please say a prayer that flagyl helps and that I get strong enough to kill mites.
I will get Secret, if it's a spray. Don't like reusing sticks. But that sounds like a good product for us.

Goodyear, AZ

#17 Aug 27, 2008
Metronidazole (flagyl) is commonly used as an antabuse Janet. Secret does have a spray though, works wonderfully.

Has anyone ever used Iver & perm @ the same time?? Like, instead of using a lotion like Welty suggested, has anyone ever tried using perm/ascabiol/eurax during an Iver treatment?

Liège, Belgium

#18 Aug 27, 2008
It is antibiotics, right? Ivermectin is suggested to take 1h before breakfest, how does that affect on your stomach?

I've taken an antibiotics once on empty stomach and it all came out straight away.

Has anybody given it to children weighing less than the suggested limit. My daughter is two and quite light.

I am about to order Stromectol. Our fight has been going on for about 7 weeks, getting infested some time in June. Permethrin 5% worked well, but we all have it coming back. We've used it many times varying the number of days in between second doze. Perm also gave me some secondary skin rash which I've got rid of now.
Currently using sulfur soap, only I burnt my son and myself leaving on for too long. Now need to cure that (neem oil and cocoa butter are good for that). Will order sulfur cream though too.

Most of all I am very sad that my son (4) can not go back to school next week.

All laundry is done in hot 60C (added borax). Changing bedding every night. Clothes packed away.
Floors & mattresses are vacuumed and steamed etc.etc.

We may have a problem with toys and books, not all have been put away, but no soft toys laying around.
battle Please answer


#19 Sep 12, 2008
Can anyone please answer my previous question, how does ivermectin (as being antibiotics) react on taking empty stomach?
The thing is that we may be reinfested after being clear for about 3 weeks. At least I have all the supplies to attack them: perm, iver, sulfur and sulfur soaps.
Now we all have few bumps again.
There are not many many places we've got it back. From my husband's office or sons school (which).
If it is re infestation how fast will it get bad?

Erie, PA

#20 Sep 12, 2008
Does anyone know if i can take the ivermectin while nursing, i have a three month old? If not then what should i take?

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